Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fourth of July Links

From Ian:

Guitar solo ‘Hatikva’ a highlight as Guns N’ Roses returns to TA - VIDEO
"19 years after last visit, hair metal band plays songs from its long catalog for 10,000 fans"

Leaked UK Foreign Office documents reveal attitudes towards Netanyahu and Palestinian incitement
“Documents seen by The Commentator have revealed disturbing attitudes towards the Israeli Prime Minister and the British Government’s analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.”
“Philip Hollobone MP, the Member of Parliament for Kettering told The Commentator, “There is a growing body of well documented evidence that official Palestinian organisations – some funded by the UK, the EU and the UN – are promoting terrorism and martyrdom in an attempt to aid the Palestinian cause, and yet the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and DfID appear surprisingly slow to explore this evidence and condemn its perpetrators. Now we know why.”

Benny Morris: The Arab Mentality is the main obstacle to Peace, Not the Settlements - VIDEO
"In this interview with David Frost, Israeli historian Benny Morris cites "the Arab mindset" that "Israel is illegitimate and shouldn't exist" as the major obstacle to peace. He thinks peace will not be forthcoming in his lifetime."

Honest Reporting
Faked Photo? What Faked Photo? - VIDEO

Illuminating the Situation of Palestinians in Syria
“The article describes a recent spate of assassinations of Palestinian officials in Syria. One victim was a Hamas official. Another was an officer in the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA).”

Beirut banks funneling illicit funds for Hezbollah

Also, Final Battle by Richard Landes

CAMERA: Fake Mandela Quote Gets Past Eight PC(USA) Forums