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From Ian:

‘Palestinianism’ – An Ideology of Genocide
Emrah Erken finally elaborated the connection between ‘National Socialism‘, ‘Palestianism‘, and ‘Wokism‘ in the fabrication of the fake-nation “Palestinian”:

“”Palestinian” inventors
- Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the SS, here with Heinrich Himmler. He is considered the inventor of the fake nation of the so-called “Palestinians”. The PLO charter adopted his ideas. He was the doyen and sponsor of the Egyptian terrorist Yasser Arafat
- Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian terrorist described himself as a “Palestinian.” Here with Khomeini. He was instrumental in the founding of the mullahs’ regime’s Revolutionary Guards. Arafat is the inventor of international terrorism.
- Edward W. Said. One of the main inventors of the woke left’s pseudo-scientific, racist, and anti-Western Postcolonial Theory ideology. Edward W. Said was also a supporter of the mullahs’ regime and an advisor to Arafat and is considered an ideologist of Palestinian terror.” (translation Naftali Hirschl)

In reality, we have to deal with Arab Muslims who started under the lead of the PLO to identify themselves as “Palestinians”. The “Palestinians” happen to be – according to the design given by Arafat, Soviet Communism, Nazis, and the Muslim Brotherhood – an antidemocratic antisemitic terrorist against Jews and the State of Israel. But not only: The ‘Palestinian‘ become the fabricated global enemy of freedom, democracy, and capitalism in the name of Allah: The Jihadist and his big business of drugs, slavery, and terrorism.

Even leading “Palestinian” leaders confessed quite frankly: “Palestinian spokesperson Ahmad Shuqeiri told the UN Security Council in 1956 that Palestine was nothing more than southern Syria. The head of the Military Operations Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Zuheir Muhsein, declared on March 31, 1977, “Only for political reasons do we carefully underline our Palestinian identity. …the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there for tactical reasons.” The PLO, in its own Charter or amended Basic Law (article 1), states that Palestine is part of the Arab nation.”

For Arafat, the “Palestinians” were first descendants of the Jeobites, then the Philistines, and finally a special Arab culture that no one had ever heard of before. Other representatives of anti-democratic Islamism see the “Palestinians” as the direct descendants of the Canaanites. There is no scientific evidence for any of these PLO/Fatah claims.

After all, the fact is that neither the Koran nor the Torah speaks of a “Palestinian” people. The “Palestinian” people happen to be unknown in about 4.000 years of history. It is safe to say, they never existed.

From this, we can derive that the “Palestinian” is neither a people, a nation nor a religion. The “Palestinian” is a fabricated ideology whose sole purpose and aim is to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jewish people.

Now, let us come back to my introductory argument which now falls into place:

An ideology finally can be forbidden on legal grounds such as for example ‘National Socialism’ is forbidden in Germany. The carrier of the ideology is the ‘Palestinian’. The ‘Palestinian’ does not represent a people, a nation, or a religion, but simply is a carrier of an ideology: The antisemitic and antidemocratic ideology of ‘Palestinianism’.

Like, to give an example, the ‘Socialist’. He is the carrier of the ideology of ‘Socialism’, but the ‘Socialist’ is neither a people, a nation nor a religion. The same holds true for the ‘Communist’ etc. I am sure you caught the idea.

Conclusion: ‘Palestinianism’ must be forbidden as an ideology of genocide where the main genocidal ideologies of the world found a synthesis: Communism, National Socialism, and Jihad/Muslim Brotherhood. If we speak of ‘Palestinians‘ we are not speaking about a people, a nation, or religion. We speak about the representative of a deadly, genocidal ideology.
Salman Rushdie: If there was a Palestinian state it’d ‘Taliban-like,’ ruled by Hamas
Salman Rushdie, the British-American author who narrowly survived an attempt on his life in 2022 by a suspected Islamist radical, said Sunday that if a Palestinian state were established today, it would be “a Taliban-like state” governed by Hamas.

The Indian-born novelist criticized anti-Israel student protests, saying in an interview with German tabloid Bild that it was “strange” that progressive youth would support a “fascist terrorist group” like Hamas.

Noting the protesters’ demand “to liberate Palestine,” Rushdie says he’s long supported a Palestinian state but warned it would become an authoritarian Islamist regime like Afghanistan.

“But if there were a Palestinian state now, it would be run by Hamas and we would have a Taliban-like state. A satellite state of Iran. Is this what the progressive movements of the Western Left want to create?” he said.

Rushdie said he understood the protests as an emotional reaction to Palestinian deaths, and that “any normal person can only be shocked by what is happening in Gaza right now.”

“That’s okay. But when it slides into antisemitism and sometimes even support for Hamas, then it becomes problematic,” he said, adding that he thought protesters should at least hold the terror group responsible for the war too.

“It all started with them,” he said, in an apparent reference to Hamas’s October 7 massacre that started the war, when terrorists rampaged through southern communities, slaughtering some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking 252 hostages to Gaza.
Dave Rich: The 7 October Hamas attack opened a space – and antisemitism filled it. British Jews are living with the consequences
This is not where Jews want to be, with this ancient hatred that ought to reside only in history books making headlines every week. A UK home secretary – who accused the police of handling pro-Palestinian protests too leniently - and mealy mouthed university presidents in the US – who seemed unable to unreservedly condemn those on campus who call for the genocide of Jews - lost their jobs in the throes of it. Political and media rows rage for days because of it. Past generations of British Jews have traditionally stayed well below the parapet, getting on with life in a very British way. Now it feels like we are permanently under the microscope.

This is not only a problem on the left, or just about Israel. Last month, a teenage neo-Nazi was convicted of planning to bomb a synagogue in Brighton. Elon Musk described as “the actual truth” the far-right conspiracy theory that Jews incite hatred against white people. Activists with huge online followings get millions of views for social media posts that would not be out of place in the Nazi propaganda rag Der Stürmer. When this much antisemitism is in the air, it’s hard not to breathe it in.

Why this happens demands a much broader answer. Many of the most common anti-Jewish myths and stereotypes – the association with money and power, of inhumane cruelty and blood lust, the belief that Jews kill children for fun or religion – are centuries old. Together, they offer a way of interpreting our world that depicts Jews as the antithesis, and the main threat, to whatever society deems to be good, moral and humane.

Given this history, it should not surprise us that a protest movement that treats the world’s only Jewish state as a transgressor of all moral and human norms attracts some people who do not like Jews. All those placards alleging a “Palestinian Holocaust”, the “Gaza” graffiti on a sign attached to the railings of the Wiener Holocaust Library in London, “SS IDF” daubed in red paint on my late parents’ synagogue: this particular slander is the latest version of the same old charge that frames Jews as a demonic presence that pollutes our world. Those who were once condemned as Christ-killers are now cursed as genocidal Nazis.

Jews know all of this, but it seems that everyone else has forgotten it. Like hikers following a well-trodden trail across unfamiliar terrain, most people who fall for these ideas are not cranks or fools: they are just part of our world where these assumptions and myths about Jews are woven into the fabric. Nor do you need to wander to the wildest fringes to find them: they reside in Shakespeare, Chaucer and Voltaire. There is the writings of Henry Ford. Or, for that matter, the comments of Kanye West (who talked of “going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE” and praised Hitler, before later offering an apology). Antisemitism is the product of some of history’s finest minds and most talented creators. No wonder it proves so popular and enduring.

There is a well-worn metaphor that Jews are the canary in the coalmine, with antisemitism an early indicator of invisible problems in society. I’m not a fan of this metaphor because it presumes the canary is expendable. Nevertheless, it reflects a deeper truth. Antisemitism has a fluid quality, filling whatever space is opened to it, seeping into the cracks and widening them further. It has dominated conversation among British Jews since 7 October to an unprecedented extent – but really, it is everyone else who needs to think about what it means.
Admitting Gazan refugees would be proof that Britain has a death wish
These MPs are advocating a scheme for Palestinians similar to the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship programme introduced in 2022. But it’s not a fair comparison. We took in Ukrainians in part because we have a security agreement with Ukraine and can be fairly certain that none of those fleeing the Russian invasion are terrorists.

Sadly the same cannot be said for occupants of a country run by Hamas. Regardless of their medical – or other – qualifications, we have no idea how many Gazans support their murdering, raping masters, or how many have been further radicalised by war.

It would surely be better if these Labour MPs focused on our own problems, without burdening Britain yet further with someone else’s. They could also be lobbying other countries in the Middle East to give Palestinians the help they need. The likes of Egypt have been reticent to open their borders.

It is also worth noting that a Palestinian student has already had her visa revoked after saying she was “full of joy” after the October 7 attacks. Dana Abuqamar, 19, a law student at the University of Manchester, said that she was “proud that Palestinian resistance has come to this point” after the atrocities. It would be naive to believe that the average Palestinian wishing to come to the UK thinks much differently.
  • Sunday, May 19, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
Salo Aizenberg, of Honest Reporting, has gone even deeper into the Gaza health ministry statistics - and found even the lower numbers of "verified" deaths from their database (compared to Hamas' media office)  includes many obviously faked entries.

As he writes, "On May 5 Hamas 'Ministry of Health' released 498 page PDF with 24,682 names (not 24,686) supposedly each person rigorously identified with valid IDs based on actual bodies as opposed to “unidentified” deaths which actually means bodies are missing too. "

Yet many of these "verified" deaths include details that are impossible or clearly incomplete, violating their own stated criteria for who they count.

1693  are missing an ID number altogether. 

836 have the wrong number of digits in their IDs, and some of them are absurdly using consecutive numbers, which is impossible.

Moreover, real Gaza IDs have a built in checksum mechanism where the ninth digit can be derived from the other eight. If you know the first 8, you can figure out the ninth with a formula. Clearly the people  adding this data didn't know that because 1522 of the names have the incorrect last digit, meaning they are faked. And some of them are also sequential, which is impossible - if the first eight digits are the same, the last one would be as well.

Aizenberg also identified duplicates, as well as people who were killed in 2014, 

This means that over 4,000 of the "verified" 24,000 deaths are not verified at all - and most of them appear to be deliberately faked. 

This is the only war in history where the number of fatalities keeps going down.

A 16^ error rate is not innocent mistakes. Thousands of deaths were added to the MoH statistics to inflate the total death count. 

But the Hamas media office is still claiming not 20,000 or 24,000 ut over 35,000 deaths. The ministry of health has been reporting the Hamas GMO numbers but has apparently stopped publishing its own detailed statistics that proved Hamas was lying with its claim that over 70% of those killed were women and children. It has now been over two weeks since the last detailed MoH update; my guess is that Hamas was embarrassed at the contradictions and instructed them to stop. 

Everyone's lying. And they are doing it because Western media dutifully parrots whatever they say. 

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  • Sunday, May 19, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
Muslim preachers in America have been publicly spreading antisemitic vitriol comparable to the worst things that you can see from neo-Nazis - but they are Muslim, so they are given a pass by the very "progressives" who claim to condemn antisemitism.

Here are several examples from only this past month, documented by MEMRI.

On April 26,  Imam Dr. Fadi Kablawi of North Miami invoked a modern blood libel by accusing the Israeli military of stealing the organs of Palestinians (and Haitians) and selling them. .

They steal the skin of the Palestinians. It is not enough that they stole their land, now they steal their skin. Organs missing, from children, from adults, organs are missing. Go and find who is behind organ trading in this country or this world. Go ask the Haitians, when they had the earthquake, what happened there with these Israeli organizations going under [the guise] of medical help. Go ask them, those who know. The guy will come limping into their tents for treatment, he will be carried out dead, organs missing. All that is because there is no God for these people. All that because these people look at you as nothing but a mistake, or at best, you were created for their service. That is what they believe. That is what they say. That is what they believe, and we don't spread propaganda.

He ended off praying for Allah to destroy the Jews: "Oh Allah, annihilate the tyrannical Jews. Oh Allah, annihilate them, for they are no match for You. Oh Allah, annihilate the brothers of apes and pigs. Oh Allah, demonstrate upon them the wonders of Your might. Oh Allah, cut off their seed. Oh Allah, break up their fellowship. Oh Allah, disperse them and rend them asunder.

At the Islamic Center of Fort Lauderdale, a series of speakers within the past month pushed Nazi-era invective against Jews. 

One compared Jews to a virus:

 What does a virus do to the cells of the body? It will come very calmly, next to the body... next to the cell, and it will come to the cell and inject the poison inside the cell....The virus is not even seen in the whole scene, and these are the Jews. So who are the Jews? You will not find them in clear battles like the Christians. They are always injecting the poison inside the communities to affect them.
Another said that the goal of "Zionists" is to subjugate all the Gentiles of the world:

Why do they want this social unrest? In order to push their agenda. And their agenda is about what? It is about totalitarianism. It is about control, it is about subjugating every human being on the surface of this Earth to one group, led by the Zionists of this world. That is pretty much it.

In another lecture at the same mosque,, the imam complained that "you cannot deny the Holocaust, and you cannot say that it is a genocide [in Gaza]." When someone in the audience yelled, "Yes, I can! Yes, I can!" he responded, "We all do, we all do."

In a May 3, Ayman Aishat, Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) director of mosque engagement, claimed that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were true. He said that the "devils are united" in a "big conspiracy" to prevent the Islamic creed from being implemented in Muslim lands. He claimed that Theodor Herzl presented his Protocol and strategy in the Zionist Congress in Basel, where he urged Jews to ensure that Muslims would fight each other: "We will appoint the worst of their own people on top of them, we will let them fight one another." 

He ended off by praying for Hamas. "Oh Allah, annihilate the plundering Zionist aggressors. Oh Allah, annihilate them and drive them out of Gaza defeated. Oh Allah, support our brothers in Gaza, stand by them and accept their martyrs."

In his May 10 sermon at the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Clifton, New Jersey, Imam Sheikh Osamah Salhia said that Israell controls the United States, a favorite theme of the far-Right: "These lobbies, funded by billions of dollars and powerful corporations, changed American politics in decades. .... Congress is more occupied than Palestine, exponentially more occupied than Palestine. That is how Congress is today, that is how our government is today. It is run by Israel. Israel annexed the United States of America by hijacking our entire political system."

All of these are identical to the invective seen in Stormfront or by the Goyim Defense League. Yet the same people who insist that they are only against real antisemitism and not anti-Zionism are silent when these Muslim American leaders in English, spout antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.

Which just is more proof that they really aren't against antisemitism - by anyone's definition. 

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  • Sunday, May 19, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
We've discussed "The Franklin Prophecy" before, where "President" Benjamin Franklin supposedly gave a speech to the Continental Congress warning that the new United States must expel all Jews or else they will take over the country.

This lie was first published in 1934 by an American fascist publication and quickly reproduced in Nazi Germany. Here's a Nazi poster with the lie, complete with a picture of someone who is definitely not Franklin

The supposed speech was debunked fairly quickly - there is no record of any such speech, it uses language that was not used in the 18th century, and Franklin was a philosemite.

But that hasn't stopped this supposed "Franklin prophecy" from being resurrected every couple of years in Arab media. 

The latest iteration comes from popular Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm. After describing the speech, the author goes on to say that Jews call it a forgery, but it is obviously true:

The lines taken from Franklin's speech have ended, and this speech was called the "Franklin Prophecy," which its Jewish opponents naturally call the "Franklin Forgery," citing the fact that there is no evidence of its existence in any source issued before 1934 when it appeared on the pages of William Dudley Bailey's book in his pro-Nazi magazine, the Silver Legion. Despite their rejection of the truth of the existence of the speech, the global reality and the Jewish presence in the decision-making centers and the lobby in the White House after that confirm that this speech was real, first because of their historical lies that stuck with them and remained with them and which the world is currently following daily regarding the events in Gaza, and second because all its warnings and predictions appeared on the Internet. The course of those years following it and the issuance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion after their conference in Basel 1897 AD, that is, 111 years after this speech .

The way they know it is true is because the Jews really are evil, as proven by the Protocols and confirmed by the Internet.

That's the pretzel logic that passes for analysis in major Arab media. 

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Saturday, May 18, 2024

From Ian:

Who benefits from the destabilization of the US?
No organization has done more to dismantle America as it is presently constituted than BLM. And to the surprise of no one paying attention, BLM chapters were an early and enthusiastic supporter of Hamas’s terroristic and orgiastic attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

Nor should it be surprising that the fiscal sponsors of the groups organizing today’s campus protests, such as Students for Justice in Palestine and Samidoun, are also philosophical and even fiscal backers of the different BLM entities.

But U.S. enemies supporting and benefiting from the street mayhem are not all domestic. China, America’s rising 21st-century adversary, and Cuba, whose sclerotic revolutionary rulers have been consumed with anti-American resentment for more than six decades, are two communist outposts implicated in the protests.

A new report by the Network Contagion Research Institute analyzed “the activities and foreign connections” of the Shut It Down for Palestine movement, “an anti-capitalist, anti-police, and anti-government protest movement that emerged after October 7,” the day of the Hamas massacre in Israel. Organizations “operating under the SID4P umbrella are members of the ‘Singham Network’ donor portfolio.”

That network is tied to Neville Roy Singham, a half Cuban, half Sri Lankan tech entrepreneur who was born in the U.S. and resides in Shanghai. A former member of radical Marxist groups, he sold his software company for $785 million in 2017 and now donates generously to Marxist causes.

Various publications, from the New York Times to the Free Press, say he has close connections to the Chinese Communist Party — something Singham denies.

But the NCRI report says that three of the Singham Network’s affiliates — the People’s Forum, the International People’s Assembly, and the ANSWER coalition — “serve as the conduit through which CCP-affiliated entities have effectively co-opted pro-Palestinian activism in the U.S., advancing a broader anti-American, anti-democratic, and anti-capitalist agenda.”

One of the leaders of the People’s Forum, the Dominican Republic-born Manolo De Los Santos, has received training in Cuba and meets regularly with the regime’s nominal president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, writes Mary O’Grady at the Wall Street Journal.

De Los Santos gave a rousing speech to more than 100 “masked and keffiyeh-clad activists” at the People’s Forum Manhattan office hours before they headed to Columbia to take over Hamilton Hall, according to Washington Free Beacon reporter Joseph Simonson, who attended via Zoom. De Los Santos urged the demonstrators to “give Joe Biden a hot summer” and “make it untenable for the politics of usual to take place in this country.”

The activists were then trained on “new methods of resistance” in a breakout session. “A few hours later, activists smashed the windows of Columbia’s Hamilton Hall and barricaded themselves inside,” noted Simonson.

We are constantly reminded that peaceful protests are constitutionally protected speech. But we should be equally reminded to ask of those subverting our peace and undermining our institutions: “Cui bono?” It’s not people who wish us well.
How Hamas became radical chic
Dostoevsky maintained that the suffering of Russian peasants before the elimination of serfdom exceeded any misery the Jews had ever experienced. His elevation of the Russians and demotion of the Jews reflects the zero-sum logic of the victimisation sweepstakes, in which every winner entails a loser, every plus a minus. Identity politics involves a similar logic. The theory of intersectionality recycles Marx’s idea that all forms of injustice are systemically interconnected. This means that no single category of oppression can be eliminated unless all are. And as with capitalists and the proletariat, opposed groups epitomise both injustice and its antithesis, sacrificial suffering in the cause of human liberation. A popular diagram explaining intersectionality contrasts categories of “Privilege” with those of “Oppression/Resistance” — a phrase that suggests noble opposition to tyrannical injustice. The diagram lists among the privileged those who are “white”, “European”, “credentialed”, “upper and upper-middle class”, “anglophones”, and “light, pale”. Most Jews in the West, where intersectionality originated, are all of these things, while almost all Palestinians are none of them.

This analytical framework binds the people of Israel with the Palestinians in a fateful struggle. Other Western groups (e.g. Episcopalians) are by the measures of intersectionality also highly privileged. But none threaten the Palestinians’ attempt to be seen by Westerners as the new proletariat — the Chosen People of cultural Marxism — as do the Jews, whose ancient claim to divine election has subjected them to endless persecution. This is why Hamas finds it necessary to deny both the Holocaust and the Jews’ historical connection to the land of Israel — a denial echoed in the charge of “settler-colonialism” that is falsely and uniquely level against the Israelis.

With calls to “globalise the intifada” echoing on the campuses of the West, it’s become clear that today’s cultural Marxists are playacting in the only drama they’ve been taught by their radicalised professors. Unburdened by knowledge of the past, unfamiliar with the sacrifices laid by so many on the altar of freedom and ordered liberty, unacquainted with any but anti-heroes, these anarchists, schooled in the likes of Herbert Marcuse, Edward Said, and Frantz Fanon, have learned to regard civilisation as little more than a set of unreasonable constraints on their appetites. Their feverish imaginations transform perpetrators of unspeakable evil, washed not in the blood of the lamb but that of slaughtered Jews, into innocent martyrs in the cause of human liberation.

And it’s not just Hamas that benefits from this demonic alchemy. Marx’s knowledge that he belonged to the “small section of the ruling class [that] cuts itself adrift and joins the revolutionary class”, and that he effectively called the proletariat into being as a revolutionary agent by endowing it with class consciousness, must have considerably assuaged his bourgeois guilt. Hamas’s supporters, including many students and faculty at expensive, elite universities, are buoyed by a similar knowledge as they attempt to launch the “intifada revolution”. (Perhaps some of them, having embraced antisemitic conspiracy theories, figure that if any cabal controls society, it should be them.) Glamping undergraduates who complain that “finger painting for Palestine is cancelled; these people are animals!” — a remark recently overheard at the University of Texas, as police broke up a demonstration — have taken the torch from jihadis and are trying to set the world aflame with it. In doing so, they confirm the truth of Marx’s observation that “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.
Shani Louk’s parents describe seeing daughter’s body 7 months after she was murdered and paraded through Gaza
The parents of Shani Louk, the 23-year-old tattoo artist killed by Hamas and paraded half-naked through Gaza like a trophy, described identifying their daughter’s body seven months after she was murdered by terrorists — hours after her remains were recovered in Rafah by Israeli soldiers.

“The body that we have now is complete and beautiful and looks like she’s alive actually,” said Shani’s father, Nissim Louk, telling The Post Friday that the condition of her body was “a miracle.”

“I think she’d been in one of the tunnels which was very, very cold…that’s why the body is complete and beautiful and the skin is still the same color, you still see the tattoos, it’s amazing,” he told The Post as part of a conversation with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Shani’s parents expressed relief that their daughter’s remains are back in Israel following the horrific Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel — which included a massacre at the Super Nova music festival Shani was attending.

“The army came and told us that the body of Shani was found and brought back to Israel…we’re happy that she’s back and can bury her properly,” said Shani’s mother Ricarda Louk.

“The body is back, we can bury her. It’s a little bit of relief we know where her body is and that she will be here in Israel buried,” she said, noting that they had been in the process of building a memorial statue in their honor when they learned she was coming home.

“So we feel she is always with us. We feel her. She is happy to come back to Israel and close the circle. I’m happy to have her close by.”

Friday, May 17, 2024

From Ian:

Seth Mandel: Only Israel Wants To End the ‘Forever War’
In 2000, Ehud Barak offered to Yasser Arafat a Palestinian state that included the Gaza Strip. Arafat turned down the offer of statehood. Five years after that, Israel left Gaza unilaterally, after decades of trying to walk away from the Strip. Hamas’s takeover of the Strip soon followed, and it was turned into a large military installation the entire of point of which was to keep Israel from walking away completely.

Attacks from Gaza did not begin in 1967, just as they did not stop after Israel’s disengagement in 2005. Hamas’s attacks have nothing to do with a supposed occupation. Whether or not there are Israeli boots on the ground in the Gaza Strip, there has been and will be war.

Which brings us to the second point: This is already a forever war. And that forever war was declared by Israel’s enemies and is re-declared each time Israel offers to end it. Hamas’s raison d’etre, in fact, is forever war. You can find this out by doing such things as: asking them; reading their statements; reading their essential documents; watching their interviews; opening your eyes; etc.

Hamas does not deny this. Since October 7, Hamas officials have been saying this with even more regularity than they did before. Just one example of about a million: “Hamas’s goal is not to run Gaza and to bring it water and electricity and such,” Khalil al-Hayya, one of Hamas’s top leaders, said in November. “Hamas, the Qassam [brigades] and the resistance woke the world up from its deep sleep and showed that this issue must remain on the table. This battle was not because we wanted fuel or laborers. It did not seek to improve the situation in Gaza. This battle is to completely overthrow the situation.”

Israel is not “walking into a forever war.” It has spent its 76 years as a state trying to get out of a forever war imposed on it by the enemies of its existence, some of whom, such as the Hamas leaders and soldiers involved in the October 7 attacks, are barbarian war zombies who have no other setting.

If you want to end the forever war against Hamas, you must destroy Hamas. President Biden’s opposition to that is, in essence, opposition to ending the forever war launched against Israel the day of its rebirth as a state. There isn’t another option. The twist here is that Israel is the only actor involved in this drama that wants to end the forever war. No one else seems to be in much of a rush.
One-third of journalists killed in Gaza were affiliated with terrorist groups
One-third of the Palestinian journalists listed by the Committee to Protect Journalists as being killed in the war in Gaza were employed by terrorist groups, Jewish Insider has learned.

The high number of journalists reported by NGOs killed in Gaza has made headlines in the Washington Post, The New York Times and elsewhere, without any mention of their affiliations with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Out of 100 Palestinian journalists on the list on May 17, 33 worked for “Hamas-affiliated” media, such as Al-Aqsa Voice Radio, Al-Quds Al-Youm, Quds News Network and others. Another two worked for Palestinian Islamic Jihad outlets Kan’an and Mithaq Media Foundation.

Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV was named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2010; the outlet employed 13 of those listed by CPJ.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) claims that 105 journalists were killed in Gaza, but only lists 23 of them. Several worked for terrorist organizations’ media outlets, but those affiliations are not listed on the RSF website.

These include Hassouna Salim, the director of the Hamas propaganda arm Quds News; Mohamed Khalifeh, director at Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa TV; Abdallah Iyad Breis, the lead photographer for the Hamas Education Ministry’s TV channel; and others.

RSF reported that Yasser Mamdouh El-Fady was killed while “reporting on the presence of Israeli tanks near the Al-Nasser hospital in Khan Younis.” It does not mention that he worked for Islamic Jihad through its Kan’an news agency, which CPJ reported on its list.

CPJ says Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi was shot and killed at the Erez crossing, while RSF said that he was “one of the first reporters to venture out in Gaza on the morning of 7 October.” Other Gazan news photographers who documented Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israeli civilians have been accused of having foreknowledge of the attack.

Both organizations say that they only included journalists “killed in connection with their work or where there is still some doubt that their death was work-related,” according to CPJ. RSF also noted in a statement to JI that they list journalists “killed in the line of duty or for reasons related to work.”
Alleged Paul Kessler Killer Will Stand Trial
A judge ruled on May 15 that Moorpark resident Loay Alnaji, who faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and battery with serious bodily injury in the death of Jewish man Paul Kessler, will stand trial on the matter.

Alnaji, 51, was present at a pro-Palestinian rally in Thousand Oaks on Nov. 5 in which an altercation occurred, resulting in the 69-year-old Kessler, a pro-Israel counterprotester and Thousand Oaks resident, fell and hit the back of his head; Kessler later succumbed to his injuries. Alnaji, who was arrested nearly two weeks later, is accused of hitting Kessler in the head with a megaphone, which allegedly caused Kessler to fall. Special allegations of greater bodily injuries were added onto the manslaughter and battery charges. Alnaji has plead not guilty to all the charges and is currently out on $50,000 bail.

According to reports from the Thousand Oaks Acorn and Ventura County Star, the ruling came after preliminary hearings were held on May 14 and 15. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Scientist Jeannine Aguirre testified that she found Kessler’s blood on the rim of the megaphone in question. Ventura County Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Othon Mena testified on May 15 that, in his opinion, abrasions on Kessler’s face were consistent with being struck with the megaphone’s rim and he believes that is ultimately what caused Kessler to fall. Mena is quoted in both the Acorn and the Star as saying that “being struck on the face caused him to fall” and that “there’s an event that occurs where he is struck in the head, and shortly after he falls. I cannot disconnect that event from having at minimum contributed to his falling.”

Alnaji’s attorney, Ron Bamieh, argued in court that Alnaji swung the megaphone at Kessler in self-defense, claiming that Kessler shoved a phone in Alnaji’s face and was recording him, and that Alnaji swung the megaphone in an attempt to keep the phone away from him; a sheriff’s deputy testified that Alnaji had also told her that he swung the megaphone toward Kessler’s phone and that it’s possible he hit Kessler’s hand. Bamieh further claimed that Kessler fell as a result of a medical condition; Mena did acknowledge that Kessler did have a benign brain tumor that might have affected his balance, but was steadfast in his belief that it was being hit in the face with a megaphone that caused Kessler to fall. Police officers testified that they spoke with a couple of witnesses who claimed they saw Alnaji swing at Kessler before Kessler fell. By contrast, Bamieh contended that video evidence shows that Alnaji was far enough away from Kessler at the time of his fall to show that he did not cause the fall and it was more likely a medical condition did. He also claimed that most witnesses were “confused” as to what they saw take place, per the Star.

  • Friday, May 17, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
From DePaul University:

The following is a selection of the many social media posts, images, data and quotes that exemplify the escalation of the impact of the encampment on DePaul’s Lincoln Park quad from a peaceful protest to an unsafe and intimidating environment for all DePaul and local community members. Data and images demonstrate the inability of the university to carry on normal, safe campus operations and also demonstrate hateful, discriminatory and intimidating signs and actions.

Some images on this page may be harmful or traumatizing and contain explicit or violent material. Viewer discretion is advised.

DePaul University and local community complaints and physical plant damages
625+ registered complaints from neighbors and community members

425+ registered complaints from students, faculty and staff, and parents

1 Death Threat
4 Credible Threats of Violence
12 Incidents of Criminal Property Damage 
34 Reports of Antisemitism
6  Disorderly Conduct Charges
25 Academic Disruptions
13 Harassment Allegations
77 Reports of individual safety concerns
16 Instances of Intimidation 
4  Allegations of Battery
48  Noise Complaints
184 Other Generalized Concerns

Complaints range from noise ordinance violations, to aggressive, intimidating, and violent speech, and the inability to peacefully enjoy the community around them. Registered concerns from parents, students, faculty, and staff captured from the Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs, Office of the President, and the Office of Public Safety. All reports have either been reported to the Chicago Police Department or are under investigation by our Dean of Students.

Data as of Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Claims continue to be reported.

Safety violations or physical plant damage
Spray paint on buildings and doors
Chained and locked library doors
Dumpsters used to block building entrances and exits
Etching on glass/windows
Removal of safety grates
Estimated $180,000 in physical plant damages to the quad and surrounding areas
Other community or university life disruptions
45 university events canceled
Oscar Mayer Elementary School canceled recess and other outdoor activities
The site includes a video of protesters throwing counterprotesters with Israeli flags to the ground and hateful slogans hurled at Jews.

Plus these:

Weapons found when clearing the encampment

Can we please stop pretending that Jews are safe on campuses?

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From Ian:

Lee Smith: Sinwar in Exchange for Rafah
Israel’s plans for the “Day After” are clearly irrelevant, since Biden and his aides have formulated their own scenario: Hamas “technocrats”—i.e., the leadership in Doha—will constitute the Iranian-backed component in a Palestinian unity government in tandem with the U.S.-backed faction that now rules the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas, therefore, is a pillar of the U.S.-Iran condominium in the Middle East. This includes Lebanon—where Washington funds the army and intelligence services, which are run by Iran’s asset, Hezbollah—as well as Iraq and Syria, where U.S. forces are deployed to protect Iranian allies and proxies from the regional Sunni majority.

If Israel finishes off Hamas, the Biden administration’s efforts to complete Obama’s Middle East security architecture will collapse. From that perspective, Team Biden prefers to sacrifice Sinwar and save Obama’s most important strategic initiative, which aims to override the traditional U.S.-led order of the Middle East and give birth to a new and unholy anatomy, tying America to an anti-American terror-state that embodies Jew hatred.

The problem for Biden is that he is trying to realize a vision that is fundamentally unstable, not to mention insane. Iran is weak, and so are its proxies—or else the White House wouldn’t have to expend so much energy deterring Israel.

It can hardly be lost on any careful reader of this recent White House information operation that the powers now being attributed to Sinwar belong rather to the American government. Sinwar, writes the Times, “has emerged not only as a strong-willed commander but as a shrewd negotiator who has staved off an Israeli battlefield victory while engaging Israeli envoys at the negotiating table.”

But Sinwar hasn’t been near any negotiating tables; he’s been hiding in tunnels inside Gaza. Rather, it is the White House that has prevented an Israeli victory, and it is Biden aides who have thwarted Jerusalem with their diplomatic entreaties to formulate a plan for feeding Palestinians, moving them to safety, and ensuring their political rights with a plan for the “Day After.” Were it not for Biden’s repeated interventions, Hamas might have been destroyed months ago—and many lives on both sides might have been saved.

The most important takeaway from Biden’s offer of Sinwar in exchange for Rafah is that Barack Obama’s vision of a new Middle East, which the Biden administration has insisted on following, entails tying the U.S. not only to an obscurantist anti-American and Jew-hating terror regime but to a military force and its proxy armies that, like U.S. policymakers, can’t win wars. Like his former boss, Biden is intent on saddling America with a deadly loser. Israel’s decision then isn’t just about whether to take Sinwar or forfeit Rafah, but whether to crash Obama’s project, or to let Hamas survive along with the programmatically apocalyptic delusions of its superpower backer.
A military expert on why the US view on Israel’s fight against Hamas is a turning point for the world
Since Hamas’ attack on southern Israel on October 7, military expert John Spencer has been carefully observing the Israel Defense Forces’ war against the terror organization, including on two trips he made to the Gaza Strip as an embed with the IDF over the winter.

Spencer tells CNN Opinion that he sees a military with the capability to rapidly eviscerate Hamas’ army being held back by the international community. He feels that the US bears some of the responsibility for the devastation in Gaza because of how it’s slowed down and limited Israel’s ability to win the war. It’s a restraint that he says the US hasn’t imposed on its own military campaigns, and it has the effect of increasing Palestinian casualties and suffering by dragging out the fighting.

Spencer makes these assessments after 25 years of service as an infantry soldier, including two combat tours in Iraq. He’s now the chair of urban warfare studies with the Modern War Institute at West Point, and his personal experience and research has been key to his perspective on Israel’s campaign and how it compares to American military operations.

The US pressure on Israel has come to a head in Rafah, the southern Gaza city believed to be Hamas’ last major stronghold and a key point for weapons smuggling across the Egyptian border. But the US is withholding some types of arms that it fears could be used by Israel in Rafah as part of a bid to prevent a major IDF offensive there, even as it is reportedly readying a significant sale of other weapons. The US is warning that a large-scale ground incursion is sure to cause more death and suffering among Gaza civilians, hundreds of thousands of whom have been taking refuge in the city.

Spencer argues that, by taking this approach, the US is inadvertently paving the way for a Hamas victory. “War is hell,” Spencer affirms. But, he notes, war is also deeply engrained in human nature. When democracies are attacked, as they inevitably will be, they must conduct wars in ways that quickly bring victory in order to achieve lasting peace.
Bassam Tawil: Why the Palestinian Authority Should Not Return to Gaza
The Israeli government, according to reports, is being pressured by the Biden administration to send the money to the PA. This addled and dangerous proposal amounts to expecting the Jews to support the same people who are murdering them. The Biden administration has also been launching a legal and diplomatic offensive to discredit, isolate, and penalize Israel for trying to defend itself against terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile, the PA, instead of acknowledging that it is terrified to go back to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, is trying to pressure Israel into accepting the creation of a Palestinian state and releasing the tax revenues. Unbelievably, the PA and the Biden administration apparently want Israel to grant Palestinians a state that will be ruled by the same murders, rapists and kidnappers who invaded Israel on October 7, 2023.

Abbas might one day return to the Gaza Strip – but only when he sees that Hamas has lost all military might and is no longer in control. Meanwhile, he feels safe and secure being in the West Bank, where Israel is in charge of overall security and is fighting against Hamas and other Iran-backed terrorist proxies. He knows that without Israel's security presence in the West Bank, Hamas would have killed him and toppled the PA long ago.

Allowing Hamas to win its war against Israel would delight two countries deeply committed to supporting terrorism. The first is Qatar, an oil-field protected by a US air base, and a country with which President Joe Biden's brother, James, according to court testimony, might reportedly have had business dealings

The second country is Iran, repeatedly designated as the "leading state sponsor of terrorism" and currently racing toward nuclear weapons capability. The Iranian regime – which presently controls four Middle East capitals in addition to its own -- Sanaa, Damascus, Beirut and Baghdad -- wishes to take over the Middle East, as well as oil-and-mineral-rich Sudan. Iran's rulers would undoubtedly not only pave the way for more October 7-style atrocities against Israel, but also other neighbors -- Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain -- especially if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.

Abbas, fearful of being called a traitor, is reluctant to take action against the terrorists. It might mean his death. Additionally, he is most likely not pursuing the terrorists because they do not directly threaten him or the PA.

If a Palestinian leader does not even have the bravery to condemn the unimaginable Hamas atrocities of October 7, how can one expect him to confront terrorism emanating from his Palestinian Authority?

The Gaza Strip needs moderate and pragmatic leaders who will embark on a process of deradicalizing and reeducating Gazans to lead peaceful, prosperous and constructive lives, freed of subjugation by their leaders, who will finally prepare their people for peace in the region. At the moment, unfortunately, among the Palestinians, no such leaders exist.

By Daled Amos

After the October 7th massacre, when Hamas murdered over 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped  240, US Secretary of State Blinken went on Twitter to suggest a ceasefire.

He may have realized later how grotesque the idea was because Blinken later deleted the tweet:

At least Blinken acknowledges the need for Israel to get back the hostages.

But in the first tweet, he suggests a ceasefire, meaning that Israel would have to negotiate with the Hamas terrorists in order to get the hostages "released," meaning Israel should come to terms with the terrorists that killed over a thousand people and kidnapped 240 hostages? We know that such negotiations would require the release of terrorists, likely with blood on their hands, from Israeli prisons. That makes Blinken's suggestion of a ceasefire all the more obscene.

What about Blinken's revised tweet?

He agrees that Israel "has the right to defend itself...and protect its citizens." That could refer to passive defense, like Iron Dome, as opposed to the approval of military action. But to say that Israel has the right to "rescue any hostages" -- that does sound like military action.

So what is US policy?

Now that the US is delaying the delivery of the weapons Israel needs to deliver a decisive blow to Hamas in  Rafah, we have our answer. Blinken originally suggested in October a solution that allowed Hamas terrorists to survive to fight -- and slaughter -- another day. And that is the policy the US is following now. Blinken has even threatened that the US will hold back additional military aid.

This past Sunday, Blinken went a step further. 

On Meet The Press, he declared that Israel cannot hope to defeat Hamas, and the best Israel can hope for is to demilitarize the terrorist group. He demanded Israel develop "credible plans for security, for governance, for rebuilding." Considering how Hamas has been able to arm itself over the years despite Israel's best efforts, it is not clear just how Blinken expects Israel to do that. Blinken has apparently forgotten what he said when he visited Israel in October:
No country can or would tolerate the slaughter of its citizens or simply return to the conditions that allowed it to take place. Israel has the right, indeed the obligation, to defend itself and to ensure that this never happens again.

That was then. But now he insists that Israel has no choice but to live with Hamas and its threat to create more October 7th's. So what does the US want: to eliminate the threat of Hamas or to have a ceasefire?

Apparently, the goal is to weaken Hamas so severely that it can never again attack Israel -- but at the same time, allow Hamas to remain in Gaza in some form when all of the fighting is over.

Which sounds crazier: the idea that Hamas will remain in Gaza in a demilitarized form -- or that the terrorist group will actually go along with the idea?

"But the American source said there are some in the administration and in Arab capitals who believe that Hamas will be willing to formally withdraw from governing responsibilities in Gaza if it is part of a reconciliation deal with PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement.
The more the idea is described, the crazier it sounds: a reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority?
This would likely mean a degree of Hamas approval of the individuals tapped to lead the transitional Palestinian government in Gaza, but the American source said that no Hamas members would be allowed in the government."
Remember when the experts said Hamas having control was a good thing because having responsibility would be a moderating influence? Now the experts think that Hamas will voluntarily relinquish all power and influence in the government and will sit back while Abbas and the PA take the reins.

Is no one paying attention?

Magid points out that if you look at Afghanistan, not the US's proudest moment, the Taliban demonstrated "the proven ability of once-decimated extremist groups to regroup, rebuild and reconquer territory from more moderate forces once an external powerful military pulls out."

And if you think that keeping Hamas out of the government is the answer, all you have to do is look at Hezbollah, "where the terror group is not formally part of the government, but holds massive influence over its decision-making and is the most powerful military force in the country."

The same thinking that allowed Iran to grow as a threat to Israel has turned its attention to Hamas. And it will allow nothing to stand in its way.

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  • Friday, May 17, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the Arab League summit in Bahrain. 
He referred briefly to October 7, and blamed Hamas for doing Israel's bidding with its attack.

Abbas stated
Sisters and brothers....

Before last October 7, the occupation government was working to consolidate the separation of the Gaza Strip from the West Bank and Jerusalem, in order to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and to weaken the National Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization. Hamas's position of rejecting ending the division and returning to the umbrella of Palestinian legitimacy came to serve this Israeli plan. 

The military operation carried out by Hamas with a unilateral decision on that day provided Israel with more pretexts and justifications to attack the Gaza Strip, killing, destroying and displacing it.
Yes, according to Abbas, the division between Hamas and Fatah is Israel's fault. They'd be so unified if it wasn't for Jewish schemes to divide them.

This comes straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion: "We must create ferments, discords and hostility.  [This way] we keep in check all countries, for they well know that we have the power whenever we like to create disorders or to restore order. All these countries are accustomed to see in us an indispensable force of coercion. "

And then, according to this speech before the Arab world, Israel was just itching to destroy Gaza and was quite satisfied that Hamas slaughtered so many Jews so it had an excuse to go in.

Hamas condemned Abbas' statements accusing the group of helping Israeli objectives. 

These kinds of conspiracy theories have replaced truth in much of the Arab (and wider) world. In another news story this week, a Palestinian political analyst said that Jews visited the Temple Mount on Yom Haatzmaut specifically to provoke people in Gaza. 

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  • Friday, May 17, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
Derek Grossman,   a senior defense analyst at RAND, writes in :Nikkei Asia:
Despite its own wide-ranging official campaigns against groups and individuals it has linked to domestic Islamist terrorism, Beijing offered no condemnation of Hamas' killings.

Ma Xinmin, a Foreign Ministry legal department official, set out Beijing's stance at an International Court of Justice hearing in February: "In pursuit of the right to self-determination, the Palestinian people's use of force to resist foreign oppression and to complete the establishment of an independent state is an inalienable right well founded in international law." Last month, Beijing even hosted a Hamas delegation.

Through the fighting since October, Beijing has put all blame on Israel, while Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat have suddenly filled with antisemitism. Noting this, Aaron Keyak, the Biden administration's deputy envoy on antisemitism, observed in January, "Because we know the Chinese internet is not free, that's a conscious decision by the Chinese government to allow that kind of rhetoric to be greatly increased."

 I did a quick search of "Jews" in Weibo, and this is no exaggeration.

Antisemitism in the West is wide-ranging but it has themes that are well known. Chinese antisemites doesn't have those traditions so they pretty much ascribe all evil to Jews, even in ways the Western antisemites have not yet thought of.

The first result was an antisemitic screed that goes beyond the Protocols. This has been posted multiple times with thousands of "thumbs up." 

What is a Jew?

If you had a piece of bread and gave half of it to a hungry Jew, he would not thank you when he takes the bread. Instead, he would turn around and kneel down to thank his God. After thanking God, he starts to try to get the other half of the bread left in your hand, and is thinking about how to get you to write an IOU for 100 more loafs of bread owed to him! If you don’t give it, when you turn around and leave, he will stab you with a knife, grab the remaining half of the bread from your body, put your bloody fingerprints on the IOU, and go to your family to collect the debt.

This is the real Jew!

International Jewish conspiracy theories:

The purpose of the United States in creating the war in Ukraine is to destroy Ukraine and let the Jews rebuild it. If Ukraine cannot pay the U.S. national debt, it will divide the land. Then the Jews will purchase Ukraine’s U.S. national debt. The Jews will legitimately buy the land of Ukraine and Ukraine will become a state for Israeli Jews, completely controlling the entire Ukraine. Why did the United States appoint Zelensky, a Jew, as the president of Ukraine? Everything was a conspiracy of the Jews and was executed by the US government. So regardless of everything, regardless of the life or death of the Ukrainians, they will not negotiate with Russia even if they die. This is the reason.

There is a lengthy post that says Leo Frank, the Jew falsely convicted of raping a 13-year old girl in 1913 and then lynched, really was guilty, and he represents Jewish evil.

A video of a masked white supremacist in America saying that Jews control America. 

Another is sympathetic to the Nazis: "Why did Germany hate the Jews in the first place? Goebbels' speech is appropriate.
If Jewish newspapers think they can hide the truth to scare us, come to bully us, they better watch out.
There is a limit to the patience of our German people. One day we will shut up their filthy Jewish lying mouths"

A post showing a counter-protester shouting at a woman with a keffiyeh, pointing out his nose is large and writing: "The ancients said: A harrier's eyes and an eagle's nose are hooked, and you should not interact with them. Such people are often vicious, unscrupulous, and have no moral bottom line. Figure 1 shows the Zionists protesting  against the Gaza region with vicious eyes and extremely impolite fingers. Let’s take a look at what a Jewish nose is. The comparison between the two is clear. If you encounter a humanoid creature with such an appearance, you must stay away"

And even with that, another claims that Jews are censoring  Chinese social media - because a post about how Jews had blocked the sale of squid in a market was removed.

Based on my sample, about 90% of the posts on Weibo that mentions Jews are explicitly antisemitic. Many have thousands of "Likes." 

I only saw one that tried to distinguish Jews from Zionists, who are of course obviously the worst people on Earth. 

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