Thursday, July 25, 2024

  • Thursday, July 25, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
The scenes from yesterday's anti-Israel protests in Washington should upset any decent person.

These are crimes by any definition. Vandalism of public property is illegal by all measures; incitement to genocide of a protected group is is generally illegal. 

Where are the police? There were plenty around - one even got attacked and dragged on the ground by the "peaceful protesters." How could they allow the public defacement of the statue, Freedom Bell and flags at Union Station?

During the 1980s and 1990s, the "broken windows theory" got a lot of attention. It says that visible signs of crime like broken windows and graffiti, antisocial behavior and civil disorder create an environment that encourages more crime, including more serious crimes.

Social scientists argue whether various experiments in policing to reduce low level crimes like vandalism have an effect on reducing bigger crimes. Other factors like changing demographics could have more to  do with reduction of crime in cities that tried this than the increased police vigilance. But no one who lived in an urban areas during this time period can argue that public spaces and mass transit feel safer when there is no graffiti, when trash is picked up and when lights are repaired quickly.

It appears that the protestors subscribe to this theory. Beyond the antisemitism that animates specific anti-Israel protests, the socialist Left that organizes many of these along with the BLM protests want to subvert American society - or, as they put it in the graffiti above, "abolish the USA."

The relative laxity of the responses, both  from police and from campus authorities, is encouraging these anarchists in their goal to destroy law and order. 

Based on what we saw yesterday, it looks like the broken windows theory compressed into a few hours.  The police didn't do anything about vandalism and arson. Protesters felt confident enough to do the crimes without their faces even covered. And then some physically attacked the police themselves.

The difference between the 1980s and now is that the vandals in the Bronx didn't have an agenda to destroy America, These criminals do. They are highly educated, well organized and law-savvy. They adjust their tactics based on how the authorities respond - or don't respond. Breaking the law is the point, not a side effect. 

Over the past nine months we have witnessed the failure of law enforcement to act forcefully and early when these well publicized protests occur. That has helped encourage further violence. 

And the upshot is creating an environment where ordinary people, let alone Jews, do not feel safe, just as things were in various city neighborhoods decades ago. 

The rules for legal protests must be enforced at the outset. Ignoring the violations brings us to what we saw yesterday in Washington.

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  • Thursday, July 25, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon

The Nation has an article defending anti-Israel activists using the keffiyeh to hide their faces, saying that it is merely a symbol of solidarity and has nothing to do with violence:

Protesters in the United States who wear the keffiyeh at protests are not doing it because they are hoping to engage in hate crimes without being identified. Rather, they know that if they do not protect themselves, in the same way Palestinian revolutionaries did during the British mandate, they will expose themselves to the dangers of state surveillance and doxxing.
Oh, so they aren't wearing them not to be identified - they are wearing them not to be, um, identified. Anti-Israel organizers say that they are to avoid getting into legal trouble. They recommend wearing a mask at all times - not a keffiyeh but anything that covers the face. 

These are exactly the same reasons white supremacists wear masks. 

When the article discusses "the rich, proud history of the keffiyeh" it pointedly avoids mentioning how Palestinians themselves associate the scarf with violence. 

The official Palestinian news agency said the keffiyeh is "a symbol of martyrs and prisoners" - meaning, terrorists.

More explicitly, decades of political posters by Palestinians and their supporters have directly associated the keffiyeh with weapons and violence.

Fatah poster, 1968:

Al Saiqa poster, 1968:

Leftist magazine cover, 1970:

Palestinian magazine cover celebrating the Savoy Hotel terror attack, 1975:

General Union of Palestinian Students rally, 1975:

1980 artwork:

2002, Fatah, during the height of the second intifada:

2007, Fatah:

The iconic photos of Leila Khaled:

And of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi:

And graphic artists are even associating the keffiyeh with violence today, as this poster celebrating October 7 shows:

It is entirely appropriate to compare the symbolism of the keffiyeh to the Confederate flag, or wearing it as a mask at rallies to KKK hoods. It means support for both Palestinian violence and protection for antisemitic protester violence and criminal activities. 

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  • Thursday, July 25, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon

Here is a selection of news sources and how they wrote their headlines of Netanyahu's speech to Congress on Wednesday:

News sourceHeadline
ForwardRidiculing pro-Palestinian protesters, Netanyahu addresses Congress
JNS‘Our victory will be your victory,’ Netanyahu tells US Congress
JTAIn speech to Congress, Netanyahu says Israel ‘will not relent’ until it defeats Hamas
Israel HayomBenjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress
Arutz-7Netanyahu to Congress: 'I promise, we will win'
YNetPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses joint session of Congress: Gaza war 'clash between barbarism and civilization'
Jerusalem Post'Unbowed, undaunted, unafraid': PM Netanyahu addresses US Congress
Maariv (Hebrew)Netanyahu in Congress: "Our enemies are your enemies, our victory - your victory" 
Times of IsraelAddressing Congress, Netanyahu lays out vision for post-war Gaza, anti-Iran alliance
HaaretzNetanyahu's Hollow 'Triumph' in Congress: Winning in Speeches, Losing in Wars
Washington PostNetanyahu dismisses critics, scolds protesters in defiant speech to Congress
APIn fiery speech to Congress, Netanyahu vows ‘total victory’ in Gaza and denounces U.S. protesters
NBC NewsNetanyahu compares Oct. 7 to Pearl Harbor and criticizes protesters in address to Congress
New York TimesNetanyahu Delivers a Forceful Defense of Israel to Applause in Congress
NPRPrime Minister Netanyahu urges U.S. to stand with Israel as war in Gaza nears 10th month
ABC NewsNetanyahu calls on Congress to give bipartisan support of Israel
USA TodayNetanyahu calls out Democratic critics and protesters in speech to Congress, lays out Hamas threats
ReutersNetanyahu sketches vague outline for post-war Gaza
CBS NewsNetanyahu thanks U.S. for support during "crossroads of history," calls protesters "useful idiots"
CNNIsrael’s Netanyahu slams critics and Iran in speech to Congress
Fox News'Chickens for KFC': Netanyahu rips cease-fire activists in speech to Congress as Tlaib silently protests
BBCNetanyahu defends Gaza war as protesters rally outside US Congress
The GuardianNetanyahu tells Congress Israel’s ‘fight is your fight’ amid boycotts and protests
Telegraph (UK)Netanyahu praises Trump in US congress speech boycotted by Democrats
Times of LondonNetanyahu condemns Gaza war protesters as ‘Iran’s useful idiots’
Naharnet (Lebanon)Netanyahu says Israel prefers diplomacy but will do 'whatever it must do' to secure border with Lebanon
Le Monde (France, French)Benjamin Netanyahu urges US to release new military aid to Israel
DW (Germany)Middle East updates: Netanyahu lays out 'vision for Gaza'
SadaNews (Palestinian, Arabic)Netanyahu before Congress: We will achieve complete victory over Hamas
Al Ahram (Egypt, Arabic)Hamas: Netanyahu's speech to Congress is a theatrical performance to justify his massacres against civilians in Gaza
Ammon News (Jordan, Arabic)

Netanyahu before Congress: We do not seek to displace the Gazans... and the Strip will be governed by a Palestinian civil administration

Many outlets preferred to talk about protesters than about the contents of Netanyahu's speech. Fox News was perhaps the worst in this respect, referring to the anti-Israel protesters as "cease-fire activists." Netanyahu spent maybe a minute on that topic it was hardly the most important part of his speech. 

The most accurate headline was probably the New York Times. Haaretz was arguably the worst. 

Most Palestinian and other Arabic media didn't even cover the speech to begin with, as of several hours afterwards. 

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Or order from your favorite bookseller, using ISBN 9798985708424. 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

  • Wednesday, July 24, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon

Here's the text of Netanyahu's speech to Congress on Wednesday.


We meet today at a crossroads of history. Our world is in upheaval. In the Middle East, Iran’s axis of terror confronts America, Israel and our Arab friends. This is not a clash of civilizations. It’s a clash between barbarism and civilization. It’s a clash between those who glorify death and those who sanctify life.

For the forces of civilization to triumph, America and Israel must stand together. Because when we stand together, something very simple happens. We win. They lose.

And my friends, I came to assure you today of one thing: we will win.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Like December 7th, 1941, and September 11th, 2001, October 7th is a day that will forever live in infamy.

It was the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. It began as a perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky. Thousands of young Israelis were celebrating at an outdoor music festival. And suddenly, at 6:29 a.m., as children were still sleeping soundly in their beds in the towns and kibbutzim next to Gaza, suddenly heaven turned into hell. Three thousand Hamas terrorists stormed into Israel. They butchered 1,200 people from 41 countries, including 39 Americans. Proportionately, compared to our population size, that’s like 20 9/11s in one day. And these monsters, they raped women, they beheaded men, they burnt babies alive, they killed parents in front of their children and children in front of their parents. They dragged 255 people, both living in dead, into the dark dungeons of Gaza.

Israel has already brought home 135 of these hostages, including seven who were freed in daring rescue operations. One of those freed hostages, Noa Argamani, is here in the gallery sitting near my wife Sara.

On the morning of October 7th, the entire world saw Noa’s look of desperation as she was violently abducted to Gaza on the back of a motorcycle. I met Noa’s mother Liora a few months ago. She was dying of cancer. She said to me, “Prime Minister, I have one final wish. I wish to hug my daughter Noa one last time before I die.”

Two months ago, I authorized a breathtaking commando rescue operation. Our Special Forces, including a heroic officer named Arnon Zmora, who fell in this battle, rescued Noa and three other hostages.

I think it’s one of the most moving things, when Noa was reunited with her mother, Liora, and her mother’s last wish came true.

Noa, we’re so thrilled to have you with us today. Thank you.

Many hostage families are also here with us today, including Eliyahu Bibas. Eliyahu Bibas is the grandfather of those two beautiful red-headed boys, the Bibas boys, toddlers. And they were taken hostage with their mother and Eliyahu’s son. The entire family was taken hostage. Two beautiful red-haired children taken hostage. What monsters.

And with us also is Iris Haim, whose son Yotam bravely escaped Hamas captivity with two other Israelis, and tragically they were killed making their way back to our lines.

We have with us also the families of American hostages. They’re here.

The pain these families have endured is beyond words. I met with them again yesterday and I promised them this. I will not rest until all their loved ones are home. All of them.

As we speak, we’re actively engaged in intensive efforts to secure their release, and I’m confident that these efforts can succeed. Some of them are taking place right now.

I want to thank President Biden for his tireless efforts on behalf of the hostages and for his efforts to the hostage families as well.

I thank President Biden for his heartful support for Israel after the savage attack on October 7th. He rightly called Hamas “sheer evil.” He dispatched two aircraft carriers to the Middle East to deter a wider war. And he came to Israel to stand with us during our darkest hour, a visit that will never be forgotten.

President Biden and I have known each other for over forty years. I want to thank him for half a century of friendship to Israel and for being, as he says, a proud Zionist. Actually, he says, a proud Irish American Zionist.

My friends, for more than nine months, Israel’s soldiers have shown boundless courage.

With us today is Lieutenant Avichail Reuven. Avichail is an officer in the Israeli paratroopers. His family immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia. In the early hours of October 7th, Avichail heard the news of Hamas’ bloody rampage. He put on his uniform, grabbed his rifle, but he didn’t have a car. So he ran eight miles to the frontlines of Gaza to defend his people. You heard that right. He ran eight miles, came to the frontlines, killed many terrorists and saved many, many lives. Avichail, we all honor your remarkable heroism.

Another Israeli is with us here today. He’s standing right next to Avichail. This is Master Sergeant Ashraf al Bahiri. Ashraf is a Bedouin soldier from the Israeli Muslim community of Rahat. On October 7th, Ashraf too killed many terrorists. First, he defended his comrades in the military base, and he then rushed to defend the neighboring communities, including the devastated community of Kibbutz Be’eri.

Like Ashraf, the Muslim soldiers of the IDF fought alongside their Jewish, Druze, Christian and other comrades in arms with tremendous bravery.

A third hero, Lieutenant Asa Sofer is also here with us. Asa fought as an officer in the tank corps, and he was wounded in battle. He was wounded in battle while protecting his fellow soldiers from a grenade. He lost his right arm and the vision in his left eye. He’s recovering, and incredibly, within a short time, Asa will soon return to active duty as a commander of a tank company.

I just learned there’s a fourth hero here – Lieutenant Yonatan, Jonathan Ben Hamo who lost a leg in Gaza and continued to fight.

My friends, these are the soldiers of Israel—unbowed, undaunted, unafraid.

As the Bible says, “עם כלביא יקום” —they shall rise like lions. They’ve risen like lions, the lions of Judah, the lions of Israel.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The men and women of the IDF come from every corner of Israeli society, every ethnicity, every color, every creed, left and right, religious and secular. All are imbued with the indomitable spirit of the Maccabees, the legendary Jewish warriors of antiquity.

With us today is Yechiel Leiter, the father of one of those Maccabees. Yechiel’s father escaped the Holocaust and found refuge in America. As a young man, Yechiel moved to Israel and raised a family of eight children. He named his eldest son Moshe after his late father. Moshe became an exemplary officer in one of our elite commando units. He served with distinction for two decades while raising six beautiful children of his own.

On October 7th, Moshe volunteered to return to combat. Four weeks later, he was killed when a booby-trap mine exploded in a tunnel shaft right next to a Mosque. At his son’s funeral Yechiel said this: “If the State of Israel had not been established after the Holocaust, the image engraved in our collective memory would have been the photograph of that helpless Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto holding his hands up in the air with Nazi riffles pointed at him. But because of the birth of Israel,” Yechiel continued, “because of the courage of soldiers like my son Moshe, the Jewish people are no longer helpless in the face of our enemies.”

Yechiel, please rise so we can honor your son’s sacrifice. And I pledge to you and to all the bereaved families of Israel, some of whom are in this hall today, the sacrifice of your loved ones will not be in vain. It will not be in vain because for Israel, “never again” must never be an empty promise. It must always remain a sacred vow. And after October 7th, “never again” is now.

My friends,
Defeating our brutal enemies requires both courage and clarity. Clarity begins by knowing the difference between good and evil. Yet incredibly many anti-Israel protesters, many choose to stand with evil. They stand with Hamas. They stand with rapists and murderers. They stand with people who came into the kibbutzim, into a home, the parents hid the children, the two babies, in the attic, in a secret attic. They murdered the family, the parents, they found the secret latch to the hidden attic and then they murdered the babies. These protesters stand with them. They should be ashamed of themselves.

They refuse to make the simple distinction between those who target terrorists and those who target civilians, between the democratic State of Israel and the terrorist thugs of Hamas. We recently learned from the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, that Iran is funding and promoting anti-Israel protests in America. They want to disrupt America. So these protesters burned American flags even on the 4th of July. And I wish to salute the fraternity brothers at the University of North Carolina who protected the American flag, protected the American flag against these anti-Israel protesters.

For all we know, Iran is funding the anti-Israel protests that are going on right now outside this building—not that many, but they’re there—and throughout the city. Well, I have a message for these protesters: When the Tyrants of Tehran, who hang gays from cranes and murder women for not covering their hair, are praising, promoting and funding you, you have officially become Iran’s useful idiots.

It’s amazing, absolutely amazing. Some of these protesters hold up signs proclaiming “Gays for Gaza.” They might as well hold up signs saying “Chickens for KFC.”

These protesters chant “From the river to the sea.” But many don’t have a clue what river and what sea they’re talking about. They not only get an F in geography, they get an F in history. They call Israel a colonialist state. Don’t they know that the Land of Israel is where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prayed, where Isaiah and Jeremiah preached and where David and Solomon ruled?

For nearly four thousand years, the land of Israel has been the homeland of the Jewish people. It’s always been our home; it will always be our home.

It’s not only the campus protesters who get it wrong. It’s also the people who run those campuses. Eighty years after the Holocaust, the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and I’m ashamed to say my alma mater MIT couldn’t bring themselves to condemn the calls for the genocide of Jews. Remember what they said? They said, it depends on the context. Well, let me give these befuddled academics a little context.

Antisemitism is the world’s oldest hatred. For centuries, the massacre of Jews was always preceded by wild accusations. We were accused of everything from poisoning wells to spreading plagues to using the blood of slaughtered children to bake Passover matzos. These preposterous antisemitic lies led to persecution, mass murder and ultimately to history’s worst genocide, the Holocaust.

Now, just as malicious lies were levelled for centuries at the Jewish people, malicious lies are now being levelled at the Jewish state. No, no. Don’t applaud. Listen. The outrageous slanders that paint Israel as racist and genocidal are meant to delegitimize Israel, to demonize the Jewish State and to demonize Jews everywhere. And no wonder, no wonder we’ve witnessed an appalling rise of antisemitism in America and around the world.

My friends,
Whenever and wherever we see the scourge of antisemitism, we must unequivocally condemn it and resolutely fight it, without exception.

And don’t be fooled when the blood libels against the Jewish State come from people who wear fancy silk robes and speak in lofty tones about law and Justice.

Here’s a case in point: The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has shamefully accused Israel of deliberately starving the people of Gaza. This is utter complete nonsense. It’s a complete fabrication. Israel has enabled more than 40,000 aid trucks to enter Gaza. That’s half a million tons of food, and that’s more than 3,000 calories for every man, woman and child in Gaza. If there are Palestinians in Gaza who aren’t getting enough food, it’s not because Israel is blocking it, it’s because Hamas is stealing it.

So much for that lie, but here’s another: The ICC prosecutor accuses Israel of deliberately targeting civilians. What in God’s green earth is he talking about? The IDF has dropped millions of flyers, sent millions of text messages, made hundreds of thousands of phone calls to get Palestinian civilians out of harm’s way. But at the same time, Hamas does everything in its power to put Palestinian civilians in harm’s way. They fire rockets from schools, from hospitals, from mosques. They even shoot their own people when they try to leave the war zone. A senior Hamas official Fathi Hamad boasted – Listen to this – He boasted that Palestinian women and children excel at being human shields. His words: “excel at being human shields.” What monstrous evil.

For Israel, every civilian death is a tragedy. For Hamas, it’s a strategy. They actually want Palestinian civilians to die, so that Israel will be smeared in the international media and be pressured to end the war before it’s won.

This would enable Hamas to survive another day, and as they vowed, to carry out October 7th again and again and again. Well, I want to assure you, no matter what pressure is brought to bear, I will never allow that to happen.

The vast majority of Americans have not fallen for this Hamas propaganda. They continue to support Israel, and I want to say: Thank you America, and thank you, senators and house members who continue to support us, continue to support Israel, continue to support the truth and see through the lies.

But as for the minority that may have fallen for Hamas’s con job, I suggest you listen to Colonel John Spencer. John Spencer is head of urban warfare studies at West Point. He studied every major urban conflict, I was going to say in modern history, he corrected me. No. In history.

Israel, he said, has implemented more precautions to prevent civilian harm than any military in history and beyond what international law requires.

That’s why despite all the lies you’ve heard, the war in Gaza has one of the lowest ratios of combatants to non-combatant casualties in the history of urban warfare. And you want to know where it’s lowest in Gaza? It’s lowest in Rafah. In Rafah. Remember what so many people said? If Israel goes into Rafah, there’ll be thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of civilians killed. Well, last week I went into Rafah. I visited our troops as they finished fighting Hamas’ remaining terrorist battalions. I asked the commander there, “How many terrorists did you take out in Rafah?” He gave me an exact number: 1,203. I asked him, “How many civilians were killed?” He said, “Prime Minister, practically none. With the exception of a single incident, where shrapnel from a bomb hit a Hamas weapons depot and unintentionally killed two dozen people, the answer is practically none.” You want to know why? Because Israel got the civilians out of harm’s way, something people said we could never do, but we did it.

These heroes here today, the heroic soldiers of Israel, should not be condemned for how they’re conducting the war in Gaza. They should be commended for it.

I want to thank all of you here today who have forcefully opposed the false accusations of the ICC and stood up for the truth. These lies are not only libelous. They’re downright dangerous. The ICC is trying to shackle Israel’s hands and prevent us from defending ourselves. And if Israel’s hands are tied, America is next. I’ll tell you what else is next. The ability of all democracies to fight terrorism will be imperiled. That’s what’s on the line. So let me assure you, the hands of the Jewish state will never be shackled. Israel will always defend itself.

My friends,
In the Middle East, Iran is virtually behind all the terrorism, all the turmoil, all the chaos, all the killing. And that should come as no surprise. When he founded the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini pledged, “We will export our revolution to the entire world. We will export the Islamic revolution to the entire world.” Now, ask yourself, which country ultimately stands in the way of Iran’s maniacal plans to impose radical Islam on the world? And the answer is clear: It’s America, the guardian of Western civilization and the world’s greatest power. That’s why Iran sees America as its greatest enemy.

Last month, I heard a revealing comment, ostensibly about the war in Gaza, but about something else. It came from the foreign minister of Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, and he said this: “This is not a war with Israel. Israel,” he said, “is merely a tool. The main war, the real war, is with America.”

Iran’s regime has been fighting America from the moment it came to power. In 1979, it stormed the American embassy, it held scores of Americans hostage for 444 days. Since then, Iran’s terrorist proxies have targeted America in the Middle East and beyond. In Beirut, they killed 241 U.S. servicemen. In Africa, they bombed American embassies. In Iraq, they supplied explosives to maim and kill thousands of American soldiers. In America, they actually sent death squads. They sent death squads here to murder a former secretary of state and a former national security adviser. And as we recently learned, they even brazenly threatened to assassinate President Trump.

But Iran understands that to truly challenge America, it must first conquer the Middle East. And for this it uses its many proxies, including the Houthis, Hezbollah and Hamas. Yet in the heart of the Middle East, standing in Iran’s way, is one proud pro-American democracy—my country, the State of Israel.

That’s why the mobs in Tehran chant “Death to Israel” before they chant “Death to America.” For Iran Israel is first, America is next. So, when Israel fights Hamas, we’re fighting Iran. When we fight Hezbollah, we’re fighting Iran. When we fight the Houthis, we’re fighting Iran. And when we fight Iran, we’re fighting the most radical and murderous enemy of the United States of America.

And one more thing. When Israel acts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons that could destroy Israel and threaten every American city, every city that you come from, we’re not only protecting ourselves. We’re protecting you.

My friends,
If you remember one thing, one thing from this speech, remember this: Our enemies are your enemies, our fight is your fight, and our victory will be your victory.

Ladies and gentlemen,
That victory is in sight. Israel’s defeat of Hamas will be a powerful blow to Iran’s axis of terror. Another part of that axis, Hezbollah, attacked Israel on October 8th, a day after the Hamas attack. It has launched thousands of missiles and drones against us. 80,000 of our citizens in northern Israel evacuated their homes, becoming effectively refugees in their own land. We are committed to returning them home. We prefer to achieve this diplomatically. But let me be clear: Israel will do whatever it must do to restore security to our northern border and return our people safely to their homes.

Last Friday, a third Iranian proxy, the Houthis, attacked Tel Aviv with a deadly drone. It exploded a few hundred feet from the American consulate, killing one person and injuring nine. On Saturday, I authorized a swift response to that attack.

All our enemies should know this. Those who attack Israel will pay a very heavy price.

And as we defend ourselves on all fronts, I know that America has our back. And I thank you for it. All sides of the aisle. Thank you.

My friends,
For decades, America has provided Israel with generous military assistance, and a grateful Israel has provided America with critical intelligence that saved many lives. We’ve jointly developed some of the most sophisticated weapons on Earth. I choose my words carefully: we’ve jointly developed some of the most sophisticated weapons on Earth, that help protect both our countries. And we also help keep American boots off the ground while protecting our shared interests in the Middle East.

I deeply appreciate America’s support, including in this current war. But this is an exceptional moment. Fast tracking US military aid can dramatically expedite an end to the war in Gaza and help prevent a broader war in the Middle East.

In World War II, as Britain fought on the frontlines of civilization, Winston Churchill appealed to Americans with these famous words: “Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job.” Today, as Israel fights on the frontline of civilization, I too appeal to America: “Give us the tools faster, and we’ll finish the job faster.”

My dear friends,
The war in Gaza could end tomorrow if Hamas surrenders, disarms and returns all the hostages. But if they don’t, Israel will fight until we destroy Hamas’ military capabilities and its rule in Gaza and bring all our hostages home.

That’s what total victory means, and we will settle for nothing less.

The day after we defeat Hamas, a new Gaza can emerge. My vision for that day is of a demilitarized and deradicalized Gaza. Israel does not seek to resettle Gaza. But for the foreseeable future, we must retain overriding security control there to prevent the resurgence of terror, to ensure that Gaza never again poses a threat to Israel.

Gaza should have a civilian administration run by Palestinians who do not seek to destroy Israel. That’s not too much to ask. It’s a fundamental thing that we have a right to demand and to receive.

A new generation of Palestinians must no longer be taught to hate Jews but rather to live in peace with us. Those twin words, demilitarization and deradicalization, those two concepts were applied to Germany and Japan after World War II, and that led to decades of peace, prosperity and security.

Following our victory, with the help of regional partners, the demilitarization and deradicalization of Gaza can also lead to a future of security, prosperity and peace. That’s my vision for Gaza.

Now, here’s my vision for the broader Middle East. It’s also shaped in part by what we saw in the aftermath of World War II. After that war, America forged a security alliance in Europe to counter the growing Soviet threat. Likewise, America and Israel today can forge a security alliance in the Middle East to counter the growing Iranian theat.

All countries that are in peace with Israel and all those countries who will make peace with Israel should be invited to join this alliance. We saw a glimpse of that potential alliance on April 14th. Led by the United States, more than half a dozen nations worked alongside Israel to help neutralize hundreds of missiles and drones launched by Iran against us.

Thank you, President Biden, for bringing that coalition together.

The new alliance I envision would be a natural extension of the groundbreaking Abraham Accords. Those Accords saw peace forged between Israel and four Arab countries, and they were supported by Republican and Democrats alike.

I have a name for this new alliance. I think we should call it: The Abraham Alliance.

I want to thank President Trump for his leadership in brokering the historic Abraham Accords. Like Americans, Israelis were relieved that President Trump emerged safe and sound from that dastardly attack on him, dastardly attack on American democracy. There is no room for political violence in democracies.

I also want to thank President Trump for all the things he did for Israel, from recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, to confronting Iran’s aggression, to recognizing Jerusalem as our capital and moving the American embassy there. That’s Jerusalem, our eternal capital never to be divided again.

My dear friends, Democrats and Republicans,
Despite these times of upheaval, I’m hopeful about the future. I’m hopeful about Israel because my people, the Jewish people, emerged from the depths of hell, from dispossession and genocide, and against all odds we restored our sovereignty in our ancient homeland, we built a powerful and vibrant democracy, a democracy that pushes the boundaries of innovation for the betterment of all humanity.

I’m hopeful about America because I’m hopeful about Americans. I know how much the people of this country have sacrificed to defend freedom. America will continue to be a force for light and good in a dark and dangerous world. For free peoples everywhere, America remains the beacon of liberty its extraordinary founders envisioned back in 1776.

Working together, I’m confident that our two nations will vanquish the tyrants and terrorists who threaten us both. As Israel’s prime minister, I promise you this: no matter how long it takes, no matter how difficult the road ahead, Israel will not relent. Israel will not bend. We will defend our land. We will defend our people. We will fight until we achieve victory. Victory of liberty over tyranny, victory of life over death, victory of good over evil. That’s our solemn commitment.

And we will continue to work with the United States and our Arab partners to transform a troubled region, from a backwater of oppression, poverty and war into a thriving oasis of dignity, prosperity and peace. In this noble mission, as in many others, Israel will always remain America’s indispensable ally. Through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, Israel will always be your loyal friend and your steadfast partner.

On behalf of the people of Israel, I came here today to say: Thank you, America. Thank you for your support and solidarity. Thank you for standing with Israel in our hour of need. Together, we shall defend our common civilization. Together, we shall secure a brilliant future for both our nations.

May God bless Israel.
May God bless America.
And may God bless the great alliance between Israel and America forever.


I thought it was well done, it was well organized, hit the important points, and was geared towards the audience. He did stumble on a few words which is unlike him.  

The people criticizing the speech are people who would have criticized him no matter what he would have said.

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From Ian:

Seth Mandel: The Olympian Self-Deception of Anti-Zionists
Mohamed Hadid tends to explain away his racism and anti-Semitism as the anger and passion of a Palestinian still seeking vengeance for Israel’s victory in 1948. But one aspect of Hadid’s back story is illuminating here. He was born in 1948 in Nazareth, which a few months earlier had gone from British to Israeli stewardship. In the Hadid family’s own telling, his father then took the family to Syria because he refused “to live under the Israeli occupation.”

As Hadid’s careful choice of words hints, Nazareth was not cleared of its Arab population by Israeli troops. Today it is a mostly Arab town of nearly 80,000. According to Hadid, his relatives remained there after the war. The “occupation” Hadid speaks of, then, is actually just Israeli sovereignty. This is helpful to know, because to Hadid all of Israel is illegitimate, as is Jewish self-determination. If the problem is Israel’s existence, what’s the solution?

In fact, the “Nazareth problem”—by which I mean the increasingly popular belief that Israel and Palestine both exist simultaneously, and one can go back and forth between these two planes of reality—has become a major obstacle preventing coexistence. The Nazareth problem is, in its own way, a solution. It just happens to be a solution that erases Jewish self-determination.

According to this mindset, the battle for Palestine rages until the Jews are defeated, and therefore Israel exists only as a figment of Jewish imagination. Thus we have the trend of media describing all Israeli Arabs as “Palestinians in Israel” or “Palestinian Israelis,” the latter a particularly nonsensical formulation for Arabs who have only ever lived in the state of Israel, to say nothing of Bedouin or Druze Arabs.

The more insidious version: ’48 Palestinians, or ’48 Arabs. You’ll find the term not just in Al Jazeera but in the Columbia Journalism Review and in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal and Foreign Policy magazine. The logical next step—simply referring to Israel as ’48—follows closely behind. The point of such semantic acrobatics is to erase the term Israel from the lexicon.

And so it becomes utterly ridiculous to describe the Hadids and others like them as “critical of the Israeli government,” or some similar wording. This war is between Israel and Hamas, and Hamas isn’t fighting for the Galilee; it’s fighting for Tehran. The Arabs in Nazareth vote in Israeli elections. They are not under occupation, they are citizens of a state—no matter how much anti-Zionist influencers wish they weren’t.
Melanie Phillips: Britain’s UNRWA disgrace
In response to the discovery of the 12 UNWRA pogromists, 18 top donor states to UNRWA suspended their funding. After Israel provided the agency with information alleging that several of its employees had participated in the Hamas pogrom, UNRWA’s Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini fired them.

In February the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, responded to the revelations by announcing the appointment of an “independent review” into UNRWA by Catherine Colonna, the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This, though, was a fix. UN Watch detailed Colonna’s conflicts of interest and bias in favour of UNRWRA; it pointed out that her aim was not to get to the bottom of the allegations but, in her own words, to “enable donors, the largest among them, but in fact everyone, to regain confidence, when they have lost it or when they have doubts, in the way UNRWA operates”.

In other words, this was a cynical snow job. Nevertheless, when UNRWA opened its latest fundraising campaign at the United Nations in New York, delegates from around the world signed a proclamation that the agency’s work was “indispensable” for Gaza, and many countries undertook to provide hundreds of millions more in funding. Now Britain has followed suit.

This morning’s Times of London (£) carries an article by Neta Heiman Mina — a member of Israel’s “peace movement” — whose 84 year-old mother, Ditza, was kidnapped from her home in Kibbutz Nir Oz during the October 7 pogrom and taken into Gaza. After she was released in the last hostage deal, Ditza revealed that her Hamas abductors had handed her over to a middle-aged Gaza resident called Abed. Mina writes:
Abed had kept my mother locked in a dark room of his home, with little food and no access to medication for almost two months. He told my mother that he was a teacher at a school run by UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees)…

It emerged that my mother was not the only hostage who had been kidnapped or held captive by UNRWA employees, but the ties between UNRWA and Hamas go much deeper than kidnappings alone…

Beyond the weapons, rocket launchers, tunnels, dead hostages and server farms found in and underneath their facilities, and octogenarians held captive by their employees, UNRWA has been funnelling significant sums of cash straight from donors to Hamas for years.

The money laundering works like this: UNRWA insists on distributing cash aid to Gazans in US dollars, a currency they have to convert to shekels in order to use locally. In the West Bank, Jordan and other countries, UNRWA distributes cash aid in the local currency. Hamas, controlling the only licensed money changers in Gaza, charges Gazans a 10 to 20 per cent commission to convert their dollars to shekels. For more than a decade, over a billion dollars in cash from donations has been diverted into Hamas’s coffers.

In New York, diplomats and world leaders like Secretary General António Guterres only decried the delegitimisation of UNRWA as a partner to Hamas, and urged further donations with no end in sight. There was no attempt to counter the money laundering. No path to countering Hamas’s systematic desecration of UNRWA’s neutrality. No resolution to have UNRWA work to promote a sustainable peace between Palestinians and Israelis. By funding UNRWA as it is, we will only meet the same problems in the next generation.

At the start of the next school year, Abed will go back to teaching in his UNRWA classroom while Hamas restocks its storage cupboards with guns. Printed with the UN seal, the textbooks he will teach from contain tasks like writing out the sentence “I will nourish the homeland with my blood”, and learning early mathematics by counting martyrs from past wars.
‘Poisonous Tree’: There are alternatives to UNRWA
IMPACT-se, the Israeli Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, the only NGO invited twice to testify before the U.N. panel investigating UNRWA, recently presented evidence on UNRWA’s education program to chair Catherine Colonna and the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Following the testimony, Colonna reached out to IMPACT-se requesting further information, and IMPACT-se provided a 245-page dossier on hate teaching and antisemitism in UNRWA schools and educational materials.

Despite this, the final report ignored the extensive dossier, which analyzed thousands of pages of teaching materials, showing institutionally created violent and antisemitic teaching materials self-produced by UNRWA’s education departments and bearing the agency’s logo, and including the names of schools and lists of contributing UNRWA administrative staff. These include school principals, educational experts and content supervisors involved in drafting, supervising, approving, printing and distributing hateful content to students.

Examples presented to the review panel include material celebrating a Palestinian firebombing of a Jewish bus as a “barbecue party”; glorifying as a role model Dalal Mughrabi, responsible for murdering 38 Israeli civilians; and maps displayed in UNRWA classrooms that erase the existence of Israel and mark cities in pre-1967 Israel as Palestinian.

IMPACT-se also shared a November 2023 report which documents links between UNRWA’s education program and the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas.

The report uncovers over 100 UNRWA graduates who are Hamas members responsible for murdering Israeli civilians, and evidence of links between textbooks teaching violent content in UNRWA schools and the Oct. 7 massacre.

It also reveals UNRWA school events celebrating the massacre, and UNRWA teachers and staff applauding the attack on social media.

But despite the evidence provided by IMPACT-se, the U.N. panel’s report described the existence of hate teaching as “marginal” and as a “small fraction.”

The report described UNRWA’s education policies that allegedly mitigate hate as “robust and fit for purpose,” and claimed UNRWA had initiated a range of initiatives to ensure the neutrality of its teaching material.

“No evidence was cited to demonstrate that this is the case,” according to IMPACT-se.

The problem of replacing UNRWA is not as simple as it sounds, and the United Nations itself will never agree to do so. Dismantling UNRWA or changing its mandate requires a vote at the UNGA, which is unlikely.

According to May, “the key to replacing UNRWA is drying up its funding.”

“UNRWA can functionally be dismantled by severing its money supply,” added May. “Dismantling UNRWA is part of a process of ridding the United Nations of its systematic anti-Israel bias.”
From Ian:

Michael Oren: Netanyahu’s Visit Is a Test for the Democrats
While many Americans would be hard-pressed to name the prime minister of Great Britain or the president of France, a very large number can identify—despise or admire—Netanyahu. His arrival in the United States, even in the midst of political chaos, will certainly be noted and his messages widely received.

In an address to a joint session of Congress (his fourth, breaking Churchill’s record), Netanyahu will certainly recall the horrors of October 7, along with the hostages’ continuing nightmare. He will describe northern Israel as a war zone rendered uninhabitable by Hezbollah. Most fervidly, the prime minister will return to his favorite theme: Iran. The world’s leading enabler of terror, he’ll say, Iran bears direct responsibility for the devastation of the past ten months. The same threshold-capable Iran, he’ll proclaim, is today only a decision away from producing nuclear weapons.

The speech, delivered in the shadow of Biden’s first public appearance since exiting the presidential race, might not attract the attention it might otherwise have garnered. But far greater attention will be focused on his three high-profile meetings—each for a different reason.

Sitting before the cameras with Netanyahu, Biden will have the opportunity to prove that he is still competent enough to complete his term. He can rebuff those calling on him to resign and allow Kamala Harris to run as an incumbent.

Should he receive Netanyahu, as planned, at Mar-a-Lago, Trump can smooth over his differences with him and reinforce the Republicans’ claim to be the true pro-Israel party.

Netanyahu’s most impactful meeting, though, will be with Harris. It will showcase her as a statesperson capable of interacting with a formidable foreign leader. It will facilitate her necessary movement from the progressive left to the moderate center. Ironically, one of Netanyahu’s most outspoken critics in Washington stands to benefit substantially from his visit.

The New York Times was wrong and so, too, was the State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol, which apparently failed to give Netanyahu a respectable welcome. No matter. His time in Washington will be nevertheless noteworthy and perhaps even fateful.
Seth Mandel: The Humiliating Cowardice of Schumer and Nadler
There are three things happening here, all of them deeply destructive. The first has nothing to do with the Jewish angle of this debacle. That is the diplomatic malpractice. America has a serious amount of power and lately an unserious way of wielding it.

Set aside the hysterical tone of Nadler’s post. Does anyone in Congress talk about any other ally this way? We have had a series of incompetent prime ministers in Britain over the past few years, one of whose term was outlived by a head of lettuce. We did not have members of Congress ranting about how Liz Truss was her country’s worst leader since Britain was Roman. That’s because they would look completely insane even publicly contemplating the question. If Nadler wants to retire to become a blogger at The Nation, he is more than welcome to. It’s a low bar, but more is expected of members of the United States Congress, especially those in senior positions.

Or we can turn to Canada, where the remedial-class prime minister likes to play dress-up more than think about politics, like some kind of ancient child-king. Is Schumer out on the floor ranting about how he loves Tim Hortons but the coffee will taste bitter to him until Justin Trudeau resigns to join the Ontario community theater?

The second and third problems here are related. The Democratic Party has made Israel so toxic that it is no longer possible to console ourselves with the fact that the overt anti-Semites are very few in number. Power is what matters, and Democratic floor leaders are terrified of the few but apparently scary bigmouths in the Squad and the legions of social media trolls they command. This, despite one Squad member losing his primary last month and another in danger of meeting the same fate next month. You don’t have to join them, you can just beat them.

Relatedly, it matters that Nadler and Schumer are high-profile Jews. Every time they dare to say anything nice about Israel or the Jewish people, they now caveat it to hell and back. The incentives are materially worsened by doing so, because those with even less power know they’ll be hung out to dry by leadership if and when they show a smidgen of Jewish pride.
Kamala Harris puts the ‘lie’ in allies when it comes to supporting Israel
Whatever Harris’ reason for missing the event, her record is full of harsh condemnation of Netanyahu’s prosecution of the war in Gaza.

Although Biden has run hot and cold in his support of Israel since the Oct. 7 terror attack by Hamas, Harris has been consistently critical.

As early as December, she said our ally “needed to do more” to protect Gaza civilians, saying in a Dubai speech: “The United States is unequivocal; international humanitarian law must be respected. Too many innocent Palestinians have been killed.”

Although she also said Israel had a right to defend itself, her remarks were widely regarded as coming close to accusing Israel of war crimes.

In March, she again went further than the White House by demanding an “immediate cease-fire.”

According to USA Today, she called the situation a “catastrophe” and claimed that “people in Gaza are starving.”

That is a false claim repeated endlessly by pro-Palestinian activists and Jew-haters at the United Nations.

The real problem in Gaza is that Hamas uses non-combatants as human shields and steals most of the international aid meant for civilians.

Oddly, Harris leveled that scurrilous attack in March while attending the 59th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, where Alabama troopers clubbed peaceful civil rights marchers as they tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

The place and timing of her comments suggested she saw a similarity between Jim Crow racism and the absurd claims that Palestinians are victims of Israeli apartheid.

Indeed, her comments consistently echo those from the Dems’ far left wing, which is dominated by harsh criticism of Israel and, often, blatant antisemitism.

It’s not a coincidence that the most virulent anti-Israel protests on college campuses took place in elite institutions dominated by leftists.

The White House was mostly silent, and it was only because of tough questioning by House Republicans, notably Elise Stefanik from upstate New York, that we learned of the cowardly excuses the presidents at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania used to duck their responsibility to protect Jewish students from threats and harassment.

Disclaimer: the views expressed here are solely those of the author, weekly Judean Rose columnist Varda Meyers Epstein.

When Bibi Netanyahu and his wife Sara got off the plane in DC, there were no dignitaries on hand to greet them. No president, and no vice president. The president was ill with COVID and far away, while Vice President Kamala Harris was, well, missing. Period. 

There can be no doubt that with her absence, Harris was signaling her contempt and disrespect for the Jewish State. We know this because the vice president let it further be known that she would not be attending Netanyahu’s address to Congress—which is actually her job. "Vice President Kamala Harris, who is now the presumptive Democratic nominee, will not preside in her constitutional role as president of the Senate during Netanyahu’s address," wrote CNN.

 Harris begged off with prior engagements. But the marked absence of the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee at the airport and the historic address to Congress wasn’t really about a speaking gig at a sorority in Indianapolis, and even Israel’s war on Hamas was only an excuse.

The reason Kamala Harris has been MIA on all things Netanyahu is because she doesn’t like Israel.  She would say she doesn’t hate Israel; she hates only Netanyahu. But “Netanyahu” is to “Israel” as “Zionist” is to “Jew.” One is only a code word for the other, a code that renders hatred kosher, via an adjustment in terminology.

The code makes it possible to read between the lines of what Kamala Harris has said about Israel over the years, and also how she has responded to Israel’s detractors, offering sympathy to Jew-haters for their “truth.” 

Over time, Kamala Harris has become ever bolder in expressing her anti-Israel sentiments. Or maybe she was always this way. She told a man accusing Israel and the US of genocide that she appreciated his leadership. 

In March she expressed her sympathy for antisemitic protesters. Harris said she understood how they felt (emphasis added):

They are showing exactly what the human emotion should be, as a response to Gaza. There are things some of the protesters are saying that I absolutely reject, so I don’t mean to wholesale endorse their points. But we have to navigate it. I understand the emotion behind it.”

In that same March interview, Harris issued a stark warning to the Jewish State. “We have been clear in multiple conversations and in every way that any major military operation in Rafah would be a huge mistake,” said Harris on ABC’s “This Week.”

“I have studied the maps. There’s nowhere for those folks to go,” said Harris, referring to the residents of Rafah.

This, of course, is a lie. The residents of Rafah do have a place to go, in fact multiple places to go. They could go to the humanitarian zones created for them by Israel, but Hamas won’t let them leave. They could go to Egypt, but Egypt won’t let them in. No one should believe that Kamala Harris does not know these things. She has been briefed on and sat in briefings about these things.

She knows about Hamas blocking the way of fleeing civilians, sometimes by beating and killing them. She also knows that Egypt has refused to take in the desperate Gazans. In spite of this knowledge, during the course of the interview, Harris went further even than Biden’s “Don’t.”

“We’re gonna take it one step at a time,” said Kamala Harris, alluding to what the Jewish State should expect should it fail to heed Biden’s warning. Shipments of weapons and ammunition would be “delayed.”

This, in fact, was what happened. A loophole was found and exploited by the Biden administration in order to withhold arms from the Jewish State. Senator Tom Cotton described how they did it in a June 24 letter to Joe Biden. It was now three months since Kamala had made her threat, and the weapons, so crucial to the Jewish State, had not been released:

“Your administration is engaged in bureaucratic sleight-of-hand to withhold this crucial aid to Israel during a shooting war. As you are aware, the Arms Export Control Act requires the administration to notify Congress before sending weapons to a foreign country. Your administration has manipulated this requirement by withholding this formal notification to Congress of approved weapons sales, including F-15s, tactical vehicles, 120-mm mortars, 120-mm tank rounds, joint direct attack munitions, and small diameter bombs. Your administration can then claim that the weapons are ‘in process’ while never delivering them.”

The confluence of world events right now is intriguing. It puts one in mind of the Book of Esther. Biden steps down from his bid for reelection and Harris assumes the role, just as Netanyahu arrives to plead his case. Can we predict how the story arc will play out? What will happen to Israel in the months to come, as a heavily-funded Kamala Harris veers ever more publicly further to the left?

Here is what will happen: Israel will refuse to stand down against the vicious Hamas terrorists, no matter what Kamala Harris does or doesn’t do. But should she continue to amass power, her distaste for Israel, may end up hurting the very people she means to help. Because the longer this drags on, the more Gazans will die.

The Biden administration has not advocated for US citizens held hostage in Gaza, and has fed money to Iran and its proxy, Hamas, all the while demonizing Israel. But when it comes to sheer public hatred of the Jewish State, Kamala somehow always takes it that one step further than Biden, letting the world know she’s not going to give the Jews of Israel the means to defend themselves. 

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  • Wednesday, July 24, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
After reading another tweet by a supposed journalist about how well Muslims treated Jews before 1948, I decided to look at the Palestine Post for July 24, 1934 and see if it reported on how wonderfully Jews were treated.

I found this:

A 2006 academic paper shows that the main instigator of the pogrom was a Turkish official, the inspector general of Thrace, named Ibrahim Tali Ongoren.  He had written a lengthy memo ahead of the pogrom, saying:
In Thrace it is absolutely necessary and of crucial importance for Turkish life, the Turkish economy, Turkish security, the Turkish regime and the revolution to abolish Jewry, which represents a hidden danger for us and wants to lay the groundwork for communism in our country, in collaboration with labour organizations, in the most radical manner.....It is urgently required that a careful solution is found to the Jewish problem, which only puts the Turks in harm’s way in all areas of life in Thrace."
The police did not interfere with the violence. In fact, some of the looted property was found in the home of the local police commissioner.

The paper concludes that "Tali very likely acted in accordance with the intentions of the Turkish government" and provides some evidence.

A violent pogrom, includng rapes, conceived by an antisemite, led by university students, with the goal of driving all Jews out of the area.  

Sounds way too familiar. 

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By Forest Rain

Beautiful, beloved Amit Man – words are not enough

Words are tools that describe and create reality. Powerful yet only representations, a reflection, not the experience itself. There is a gap between the two which usually goes unnoticed. But when the experience is profound the gap becomes sharp and painful. The words fall broken and twisted into the chasm that they cannot bridge.   

What words could encompass the whirlwind of evil that swept through this little building, snatching lives away and laughing the whole time?

The dental clinic in Be’eri was designated as a gathering place in an emergency. It was not equipped for the disaster that hit the community on October 7th. Who could imagine a full-scale invasion of monsters armed to the teeth and eager to rape and burn families alive?  

It was here that the Children of Light fought the Children of Darkness.

What words have enough truth in them, enough depth, to describe what happened in this little clinic? What words have enough light in them to describe Amit Man, beautiful and beloved, dedicated to life, choosing others above herself when the missiles began? She could have left the kibbutz. She could have stayed in the safe room. Instead, she took her paramedic’s bag and ran to the clinic. What words are enough to describe Dr. Daniel Levi, Amit, and a nurse battling for seven hours to treat the injured and save lives? What words are powerful enough to honor the two members of the kibbutz's emergency response team who stood guard, fighting off the monsters so that the healers could treat the injured?  

Seven hours, an eternity in hell.

Throughout the battle Amit, just 22 years old, kept her composure and constantly updated the Magen David Adom (MDA) headquarters about the condition of the wounded, pleading for evacuation. When the medical supplies ran out, she caressed the heads of the injured, gave them water, and encouraged them. Two of the survivors recounted that the assistance she provided saved their lives.

Around 2:00 PM the brave men battling to protect the clinic ran out of ammunition.

Amit managed to send a message to her family: "I don't think I will get out of here. Please stay strong if something happens to me."


“They’re here.”

Three little words. So much, unspeakable horror.

In her last call to her family Amit can be heard screaming “Shachar” the name of one of the men trying to protect her. Did she scream because she had already been shot in the leg or was it because she was watching his life run out of his body and she couldn’t help?

When Amit was found they saw she had been shot in the leg, managed to apply a tourniquet to herself, but was shot again and died.

There are no words profound enough to convey what it is like to stand in the place where evil swept through, snatching lives away and laughing.

The walls, riddled with bullet holes, are silent yet accusatory. Here the Children of Light shone in all their glory. Here their sacrifice, love, dedication, honor, and dignity were not enough to stop the evil, ravenous and hellbent on stamping out life. 

People whose loved ones were ripped from them here wrote on the walls, words doomed to fail in conveying the depths of their emotions.

The flatness of the words knocked the breath from my lungs. I saw words that attempted to infuse dignity and respect in a place where dignity was stolen. I saw words that attempted to express love and honor.  And then one little word jumped out at me: “Mom”.

Amit Man’s sister Haviva and mother wrote these words on the wall, in between the bullet holes:

In memory of Amit Man, our little sister,
the beloved of our hearts who was murdered while saving lives,
together with Dr. Daniel Levi,
Shachar Tzemach,
and Eitan Hadad.

We love you forever and ever.

Mom !

As time passes and others forget, we are left to pick up the debris left by the storm.

October 7th isn’t over. 

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