Friday, May 24, 2024

  • Friday, May 24, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
From the start of the war, the Gaza Ministry of Health has been maintaining two separate, contradictory sets of statistics on the "martyrs" of Gaza.

One started out as daily video briefings and then became press releases on their Facebook and other social media. Those statistics were identical to the ones released by the Gaza Media Office of Hamas.

The other one was a far more detailed report that had been issued every few days for months. The most recent one was 45 pages long. 

Those two sets of statistics contradict each other. 

The health ministry tried very hard to reconcile the two in the detailed report. During April, it divided up the "martyrs" into three categories: those who were counted directly from hospital visits, those who were reported by families of the victims that were deemed credible, and the amorphous category of "martyrs who do not have complete data." 

On the last detailed report, the ministry described these categories this way:
The cumulative number of martyrs since the beginning of the aggression has reached 34,654 martyrs, of whom 24,691 have complete data with the Ministry of Health (20,976 are listed in the Ministry of Health’s records and 3,715 have been reported by their families), in addition to 9,963 martyrs who do not have complete data.
The last category is largely fictional. On every report, the difference between the "complete data" and "incomplete data" deaths magically added up to exactly what the Hamas media office claimed that day. Yet the media office would also claim 72% of the victims were women and children, while the detailed MoH statistics showed that they only counted about 51% women and children - and even if every single one of the "martyrs who do not have complete data" were women and children, a statistical impossibility, it still wouldn't add up to 72%.  

In other words, the Hamas media office makes up numbers every day, and the health ministry has no choice but to report them so as not to call their bosses liars. 

That became increasingly impossible over time as independent researchers started pointing out that the two sets of books were irreconcilable and Hamas must be lying. This called into question the oft-cited total that Hamas made up of 10,000 more "martyrs" than had actually been counted. 

So the health ministry stopped reporting the detailed statistics publicly. Their last report was released on May 3. They now only parrot the Hamas media office numbers and no longer embarrass Hamas with their other report that contradicts Hamas numbers. 

Like crooked accountants, the health ministry maintains two sets of books, and one of them is now secret. 

The media has never been interested in the the "verified" MoH statistics. They have only reported on the higher media office number repeated by the MoH, thereby  giving it more authority, even though the MoH knows it is lying when it parrots the Hamas numbers.  For example, today's New York Times repeats its boilerplate statement, "The situation in Gaza remains dire. More than 34,000 people have died and more than 77,000 have been wounded, according to health authorities in the territory."

The existence of two sets of books is public knowledge. The old detailed reports are still available for any news organization to read for themselves and see for themselves that the two sets of numbers are irreconcilable. 

Yet, for all the thousands of articles on the Gaza war, no major media organization is interested in this clear case of how Hamas is manipulating them with false statistics. They simply ascribe the highest casualty counts to "health authorities" who are knowingly, provably lying.  

Reuters recently looked at the issue, and only briefly alluded to the inconsistencies, falsely claiming the "incomplete data" 10,000 were actual bodies that had been counted, based on a PA health ministry statement. Instead of looking at the actual numbers to see the contradictions, it airly reported:
In May the ministry updated its breakdown of the fatalities to be based only on the 24,686 bodies it said had been fully identified, and not on the more-than 10,000 bodies it said have not yet been identified.
When it made this change, the numbers appeared significantly less, prompting Israel to raise further questions over the figures.

This didn't happen in May - they had been keeping this other set of books for months. The Gaza MoH never claimed it had 10,000 bodies, or else it would have broken down them by gender and age

Reuters is not interested in the truth. 

 I am not even discussing the thousands of alleged "martyrs" whose names the MoH released with missing or impossible IDs. Which means that even the 24,000 number is exaggerated, by as many as 4,000 people.

If Israel's estimate of killing 14,000 militants is accurate, that means one of two things:

1. The 14,000 dead are included in the 20,000 - which would make civilians only 30% of the total casualties, which would be astonishing.

2. As in previous wars, Hamas is not admitting its own dead during the war, which would mean that there are indeed 34,000 killed of whom 14,000 are jihadists, which is still a very low civilian to militant ration for any urban war. 

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  • Friday, May 24, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
The  ICC "Report of the Panel of Experts in International Law" has an interesting paragraph:

The Panel has operated pro bono and independently. It has unanimously reached all of the views contained in this Report. It will set out its key reasoning below, but notes that it cannot disclose any material that is currently confidential.
What confidential material could they possibly have?

After all, in Gaza, the only news that comes out is from Hamas media, people quoting Hamas media, and Palestinian stringers for news media and NGOs who are either supporters of or frightened of Hamas.

This panel of "experts" did not send anyone to Gaza. It relied on two major sources of information.

One was public news sources, Hamas press releases, Gaza health ministry statements, NGO reports, and similar.

The other is submissions from the public at large.. Anyone in the world could submit "evidence." 

And in fact, there is at least one site dedicated to soliciting and submitting anti-Israel material to the ICC:

The "Justiceforall" site encourages everyone and anyone - not just Palestinians -  to submit whatever evidence they have. Or pretend to have. Or made up. Or Photoshopped. Or created with AI.

The Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has opened a digital platform to enable people to submit complaints online to the ICC with the option to add pictures and videos that show the crimes of the Israeli occupiers against them for the court to consider them and to take a stance against Israel. Those with information relevant to current events in Israel and Palestine are asked to provide submissions. Information submitted under this portal should relate to alleged crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC, namely War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, or Aggression.

Anyone can submit information through the portal. You do not necessarily need to be a victim or witness of the alleged crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC listed above. Information can also be submitted collectively or through an organization (for example an NGO, your masjid, a church), as long as there is an identifiable sender.
This is a concerted campaign to flood the ICC with "evidence." It was publicized in anti-Israel social media groups.  

How much of those submissions came from any verifiable source? How much of it was biased? How many submissions included Pallywood photos and videos, or photos from other conflicts, and said they were from Gaza?

We don't know. Because they are "confidential." Any submission by a pro-Israel source about the war in Gaza would be public information, since the IDF is transparent with what is happening. 

So virtually all of the "confidential" evidence that we cannot review will be, by definition, anti-Israel. And as such, it is not evidence that Israel could defend itself against until a potential  trial, by which time the damage has already been done. It is unlikely that anyone submitted to the court "we think the other side will accuse Israel of X, therefore here is the rebuttal" - you need to know the accusation before you can answer it. 

In this way, anti-Israel activists could - and clearly did - stack the deck. The ICC "experts" are not experts in verification of facts, or investigating the social media posts of the submitters to detect a pattern of lies or bias or looseness with the facts. If a Gazan is shot near an aid truck, they don't know if it was from Gaza gunmen or Israel, but you can be sure they will only blame Israel and the ICC has no mechanism to verify or discount their testimony.

To give a simplistic example, many people might have submitted "evidence" that Israel bombed the Al Ahli hospital. Pro-Israel people would probably not have submitted evidence that it was a misfired rocket by Islamic Jihad and that the death toll was highly exaggerated, as the news media reported.. If the prosecutors only saw the fake evidence from the haters, and there were few or no evidence to the contrary, and the prosecutors were not familiar with the case, then that would become - under ICC rules - evidence for Israeli war crimes. 

Multiply that by a thousand, or ten thousand. Hamas issues reports that are filled with obvious lies every day, that probably got submitted in different forms many times. At best, the IDF's own statements might be submitted (or solicited) once. The "experts" do no have the skill to investigate the facts, and they would tend to believe the majority fo submissions - even if they did not have an anti-Israel bias of their own to begin with,

There is normally very good reason why submissions should be confidential. Whistleblowers under a cruel regime would want to ensure that their submission never becomes public which could endanger their lives. .But that same mechanism to protect witnesses can be subverted to submit tons of bogus "evidence" that will be considered  credible by default.

In short, the ICC submissions process is inherently biased when one side uses lies and propaganda as an essential part of their war strategy. 

(h/t Irene)

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Thursday, May 23, 2024

From Ian:

Melanie Phillips: How the Hamas pogrom galvanized Israel’s enemies
Britain’s foreign secretary, David Cameron, is a conservative in this mold. In recent months, he has accused Israel of killing too many civilians in Gaza, of deliberately obstructing the supply of humanitarian aid and of not abiding by international law. He has threatened to cut off the United Kingdom’s (very small) supply of arms to Israel and even implied that the country might unilaterally declare a Palestinian state.

This week, however, there was an abrupt change of tone. In the House of Lords, Cameron not only roundly condemned the ICC prosecutor’s move. He also softened his approach to Israel. Urged again to suspend arms export licenses, he noted that just a few days after the last time he was asked to do so, Iran attacked Israel “with a hail of over 140 cruise missiles”.

Cameron isn’t an ideologue. With woolly liberal ideals largely uninformed by factual evidence, he has generally gone with the flow of fashionable consensus. Now, however, he may be starting to realize that things are rather more complicated than he had assumed.

He has apparently been taken aback by the fierce reaction to his softer tone from within the Foreign Office, where his officials are viscerally hostile to Israel and are currently demanding that the government throw it to the wolves.

Moreover, in the wake of the U.N.’s drastic reduction of its Hamas-dictated and falsely inflated numbers of Gazan civilians killed in the war, Cameron has begun to realize that the evidence he was given by his officials that fueled his threats against Israel was fabricated.

Whether this signals a more general shift towards Israel by Britain’s foreign secretary is now almost irrelevant. For unless the Conservative Party somehow reverses the near-universal contempt in which the public currently holds it, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will become prime minister on July 5.

Although he is falling over himself to reassure the Jewish community that he has now cut out the antisemitism in the party associated with his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, few British Jews believe him. Starmer may have purged Labour of the most egregious offenders, but too many members of parliament and others in the party remain viscerally anti-Israel.

Starmer will also be keen to appease the Muslim community, which presages a harsher attitude towards Israel and may also mean an unwillingness to tackle extremist imams or Muslim antisemitism. The main problem, however, is that support for the Palestinian cause serves as the defining foreign-policy issue for progressive circles. This support drives Jew-hatred and a wish to destroy Israel.

That’s because Palestinianism is itself driven by Islamic Jew-hatred and is constructed entirely on the desire to annihilate Israel, erase the history of the Jewish people in the land and appropriate it for itself.

And that’s why the belief in the “two-state solution” is itself such a lethal error. Its premise is that the “Middle East conflict” is a dispute over the division of the land between two peoples with legitimate claims to that land. But that is simply wrong. The “conflict” is, in fact, a war of extermination waged by the Palestinian Arabs against Israel’s existence, in which a state of Palestine is to be a final solution to the existence of the Jewish homeland.

The failure of America, Britain and Europe to acknowledge this war of extermination has led to their sanitizing, incentivizing and funding Palestinian terrorism. Without this backing, the Palestinian cause and its terrorist strategy would not exist.

The requested arrest warrants and the performative posturing over “Palestine” are all part of the pincer movement of genocidal terror, brainwashed street insurrection and “human rights” lawfare aimed at the destruction of Israel. And this infernal process only exists because for decades, Britain, America and Europe have willed it so.
Seth Mandel: Hamas Has Exposed a Sickness in Western Society
Indeed, there is something very dark bubbling up to the surface of society these days. The people who latched on to semantics in the video translation look absolutely insane. Not strange, not silly, not eccentric, not unpleasant. Actually insane. The fact that some of these people teach in universities is a dirty trick committed against humanity itself.

Then today the Daily Mail released a video of an Israeli intelligence officer’s interrogation of two Hamas fighters captured on October 7, a father-and-son duo. The father describes, in detail, raping one of the Israeli women he encountered while murdering innocents that day. Then his son says this: “My father raped her, then I did and then my cousin did and then we left, but my father killed the woman after we finished raping her.”

I’m sure the same folks are out there trying to find a missing punctuation mark in the translation.

Why are people, some of whom are educators or otherwise part of the intellectual class, out here shredding their souls with a cheese grater? Why? I think one answer is that the only way to make Israel the bad guy here while still being able to sleep at night is to pretend Hamas doesn’t exist. Everything the civilized world has said about Hamas is true. Its barbarism has no limiting principle. And it does nothing but promise to continue carrying out these family rape-and-murder outings the way other people might take their kids to the renaissance fair on a lazy weekend.

There is simply no argument against the immediacy of Israel’s obligation to destroy Hamas.

At some point, we in the West are going to have to grapple seriously with the fact that, yes, the protesters and their faculty supporters are pro-Hamas, just as they say they are. The same is true of a shockingly important segment of the national political media. It’s even true of the odd politician here and there.

It is not true of the majority of this country, no matter what one might think reading the New York Times or watching the BBC. And our best chance at keeping it that way is by being brutally honest about the depths to which some in our society have sunk.
The Viciousness of the Left’s Turn against Israel
Naturally, neither the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez nor his political ally and compatriot Josep Borrell—who was as quick to express his sorrow over the death of the Iranian president as he has been to condemn Israel for war crimes on flimsy evidence—would admit any hostility toward Jews. These two socialists would instead fall back on the rhetoric of progressive internationalism, and their defenders would rush in to complain of the “weaponization of anti-Semitism” to stifle any criticism of Israel. Susie Linfield, a scholar of leftwing anti-Zionism, has some thoughts on this matter:
There is . . . something almost laughable—though also deeply irritating—about the increasingly talmudic debate over whether anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. [The magazine] n+1 published an open letter signed by many leftist Jewish writers, insisting that the two “anti’s” aren’t the same. But they couldn’t bring themselves even to mention the Hamas attacks by name, instead putting forth a sort of wimpy “all lives matter” line. So let’s stipulate: no, anti-Zionism isn’t always anti-Semitism. You’re not an anti-Semite? Mazel tov! Unfortunately, the political positions of many self-professed anti-Zionists are atrocious nonetheless.

And what’s so weird about all this is that in the aftermath of October 7, it’s become crystal clear that anti-Zionism is often anti-Semitism, and deeply so. The loathing, the resentment, the vilification of Jews is viscerally palpable in so many of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations, articles, statements. The n+1 statement was titled “A Dangerous Conflation.” It seems to me that what’s dangerous is the vicious, unhinged anti-Semitism that is circulating all over the world and all over this country, including in its elite spaces.

This is one of the many striking passages in an interview with Linfield by Robert Boyers for the left-leaning journal Salmagundi. Boyers, although admirably open-minded, comes to the conversation with the assumptions of someone steeped in progressive assumptions about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, for which Linfield has little patience. For instance, to the insistence that the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel (BDS) isn’t anti-Semitic even if “some BDS supporters envision a total undoing of the Zionist project,” Linfield responds:
What does it mean to “totally undo” a national project—in this case, one that saved millions of Jewish lives? Who the hell is BDS to undo a national project? Are there other national projects on its hit list—France? Bangladesh? China? Why is eliminationism considered a valid “project”—a progressive project!—when it comes to the state of the Jewish people? What will the “total undoing” of Israel look like? We know the answer: it will look like October 7.

Our weekly column from the humor site PreOccupied Territory.

Check out their Facebook page.

Rafah, May 23 - Video production specialists in the Gaza Strip whose work focuses on the staging of heartstring-tugging, rage-inducing clips of innocent Palestinians killed, injured, or otherwise harmed by alleged Israeli attacks have yet to produce material with enough verisimilitude for the entertainment industry to take them seriously as marketable creators, motion picture industry insiders disclosed today.

Actors, directors, producers, and effects specialists in the Gaza Strip noted with frustration Thursday that their ongoing efforts to create content to buttress Palestinian claims of genocide and war crimes by Israel, while resonant in the media and online spaces, have failed for far to impress Hollywood, where executives and casting experts see the Gaza propaganda material as amateurish, failing to convince the viewer that it represents anything real to which they can relate.

"I spend hours each day staging these scenes of carnage," lamented crisis actor Saleh Aljafarawi. "I've played and filmed myself as a rendered homeless by bombing; as a surgeon treating people injured in Israeli bombing; as a corpse; as distributor of much-needed food and medicine to suffering children; as a child receiving distributed food and medicine; and a dozen other roles. I think my acting was top-notch. Certainly my sponsors in Hamas think my performances were good enough to keep paying me to make them. It's a but of a slap in the face to have those creative efforts shot down as 'amateurish' by a bunch of West Coast suits."

"I should have remembered the Jews control Hollywood," he spat.

Editors, cameramen, makeup artists, and other contributors to the "Pallywood" phenomenon voiced similar disappointment. "I love Gaza, I would never leave Gaza," insisted filmmaker Edwood Saïd. "I stay here to I can show the world our story, how beautiful this place was as an open-air concentration camp under blockade where we were all starving, before Israel came in and made it into an open-air concentration camp where we're all starving. I would never leave. And Hollywood won't let me, because apparently my art 'isn't convincing enough' or 'doesn't meet the most rudimentary levels of realism.' Total BS. This was going to be my ticket out of here. Did you know Hamas charges like five thousand dollars to let you out?"

Hollywood decision-makers defended their assessment of Pallywood as unpromising. "Maybe if it were animated," suggested a Universal Studios vice president. "That's approximately the intellectual level of the productions we've seen. In children's programming no one much cares how unrealistic the depictions are and caricature is the name of the game."

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From Ian:

Andrew Fox Israel Is Succeeding in Gaza
So how does the IDF plan to achieve the aim of defeating Hamas? Through a political solution? Definitely not. No one on the international stage has expressed any interest in helping with governance in Gaza. Nor is there any evidence that these nonexistent partners would do anything other than act as human shields for Hamas, making it impossible for Israel to attack its foes when necessary. The idea that there exists some magic device to convert any sizable number of Gazans to embrace a political alternative to Hamas that would be in any way favorable for Israel can be generously termed a fantasy. According to polling, 2% of Gazans support an Israeli-backed administration. The majority want Hamas back.

Israel’s war cabinet has received significant domestic and international criticism for their lack of a “day after” plan for governance in Gaza, which has been echoed in recent days by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and war cabinet member Benny Gantz. IDF planners are therefore faced with designing operations to achieve a loosely defined goal, with no clearly articulated strategic end state for the operation from their political leadership—in part perhaps because the “end state” may be unsatisfying to Western ears. So how have they met this challenge?

If you look at what is possible, what the best version of “success” looks like, and what Israel is doing, I contend that in Gaza we are seeing a masterpiece of operational design within severe politically imposed limitations. The IDF is not trying to clear Gaza. With no ability to impose a political arrangement in Gaza, and a Gazan desire for continued Hamas rule, the IDF answer is: Let them have Hamas. But the version of Hamas that Gazans will get is one heavily degraded militarily, and, most importantly, with vast swaths of their tunnels and civilian-embedded infrastructure destroyed. In other words, the IDF aims to replace Hamas 3.0—the version that fought three wars against Israel and then launched the brutal Oct. 7 surprise attacks—with Hamas 1.0, which took over the Gaza Strip from Fatah in June 2007.

To accomplish that end, the IDF has methodically razed what Hamas infrastructure they could find in Gaza City, Khan Yunis, and now Rafah. They have secured the Netzarim corridor to control freedom of movement from south to north. It looks like they are trying to do the same thing along the Philadelphi Corridor and Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, to cut off the inflow of weapons and supplies to Hamas.

Facial recognition software in controlled areas allows the IDF to stop known Hamas commanders moving around. This posture also allows the IDF to strike when concentrations of Hamas are identified, to degrade their manpower, and then withdraw again: And that is what we saw at Shifa hospital and are seeing now in Jabalia.

At the same time, the IDF has methodically destroyed buildings to create a 1-kilometer buffer zone around the Gaza border—a measure that if enforced would indeed prevent a repeat of Oct. 7. If Israel has its way, nobody in Gaza is getting anywhere near the border again. However, whether Washington will come down against this policy remains to be seen, which is why for Israel, the key strategic goal in Gaza is arguably to limit as much as possible the internationalization of the Strip through fantastical plans for “the day after.”

As things stand, the operational end state looks like significant Hamas infrastructure is destroyed, its fighting capability severely degraded, and the border secured, with the IDF retaining the capability to strike into Gaza at will. All of this has occurred while shifting hundreds of thousands of civilians out of harm’s way and minimizing innocent casualties (Hamas’ human shield tactics aside). As John Spencer, chair of urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute at West Point, has repeatedly pointed out, the efforts the IDF has made to protect civilians is unprecedented in modern urban warfare.

Both the tactical and strategic accomplishments of the IDF campaign in Gaza are entirely real. The operational design that allowed for these accomplishments does, of course, come with disadvantages. First, the destruction of civil infrastructure will require a massive reconstruction effort. While innocent civilian deaths are real and tragic, the almost 1-to-1 combatant-to-civilian death ratio remains very low compared to other conflicts. Second, the Egyptians have been very twitchy about Israeli control of the southern border.

However, we now know why. Since the start of the Rafah operation, the IDF has uncovered some 50 tunnels that run from Gaza into Egypt, suggesting a high and ongoing degree of complicity between the Hamas leadership and the military and political leadership in Cairo.

Militarily, the IDF is hamstrung by international pressure to slow operations, and uncertainty about what comes next in Gaza—a choice that may at least partially lie outside of Israel’s control. For our part, Western critics need to eat humble pie and accept that, on the evidence of the last 20 years, our tactics are not to be recommended. What we are seeing in Gaza is not a failure. It’s a quite brilliant IDF operational design, within the bounds of what is realistically possible.
Caroline Glick: Egypt must pay a price for sponsoring Hamas
According to an investigative report in Tablet magazine, in exchange for its “moderating” role in mediating the war between Hamas and Israel, Egypt has received loans and investments from the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the United Arab Emirates totaling more than $50 billion. While Egypt was on the brink of insolvency on Oct. 6, this inflow of money has now secured Egypt’s financial viability for the next several years.

There is no objective reason that el-Sisi’s extortionist pro-Hamas policies should succeed. U.S. leverage over Egypt is considerable. Use of but a fraction of that leverage by the U.S. can induce a significant shift in Egypt’s actions, at least in the immediate term. But rather than use it, the Biden administration to date, has rewarded el-Sisi for siding with Hamas against Israel.

Egypt would not have received its cash infusion from the IMF, the European Union and the UAE without a green light from Washington, which also provides Egypt with $3 billion in military aid per year. Rather than demand that Egypt follow international humanitarian law and permit Gazans to flee the war zone to Egypt, the administration has firmly supported el-Sisi’s refusal to permit them to cross the border. Similarly, Washington has been as critical of Israel’s operation in Rafah as Egypt.

Given the administration’s policy, it is time for American lawmakers who understand the danger Hamas’s survival poses to begin criticizing and Egypt’s nefarious role in facilitating Hamas’s weapons build-up and its success in building its warren of more than 400 miles of underground tunnels across Gaza and into Egypt. Egypt should see its aid tied to an end to its sponsorship of Hamas.

If Hamas survives, its perceived victory over Israel will of course inspire Hezbollah, the Houthis, the Shiite militia in Iraq and Syria and Iran itself to step up their assaults on the Jewish state. But it will also be an adrenalin shot for Islamists in the Western world to expand their terrorist attacks and other forms of political violence against Westerners and home and worldwide.

U.S. elected officials must express their disapproval of Egypt’s policies. They need to take action to undermine el-Sisi’s ability to maintain his pro-Hamas policies and anti-Israel brinkmanship by, among other things, tying U.S. fiscal support and military assistance to Egypt to an end to its cooperative relationship with Hamas; its political warfare against Israel; and threats to abrogate the peace treaty with the Jewish state.
Seth Frantzman: A Hamas lobby emerges in the Middle East
A Hamas lobby that will affect the West

This is also important in the West. There are networks of activists with links to NGOs that are basically fronts for the Brotherhood. As such, Hamas has a lobby that stretches across the West.

A lot of this was known before October 7. Hamas was backed by Iran for years. Hamas leaders lived in Qatar since 2012. Egypt had mediated between Hamas and other Palestinian factions and Israel for years.

Doha had transferred cash to Hamas-run Gaza via Israel for years. Whenever there were tensions in Gaza, such as in May 2021, activists in the West would be galvanized to support the Palestinian cause.

In many cases, this was a thinly veiled form of support for Hamas. In fact, in recent years, there has been a quiet attempt to move Western activism away from backing two states and the Palestinian Authority to back Hamas and “resistance” and one state.

However, there are actors in the current conflict that appear to have remained behind the curtain until now.

Russia surprised Israel with its apparent support for Hamas after October 7. Because of the Ukraine war, Moscow viewed the Hamas attack positively as a way to create trouble for the US and US partners.

China sees the war the same way, and China’s backing of Palestinians has rapidly increased in recent years as Beijing has invested more in Tehran.

Egypt’s role is now in the spotlight. What did Egypt know about smuggling to Hamas? How did Hamas stockpile so many weapons despite supposedly being under blockade?

More difficult questions need to be asked about why Egypt didn’t want Israel operating in Rafah and what was done during the hostage talks that dragged them out and may have misled Israel.

For instance, why was Israel pressured to move to a lower-intensity war in Gaza and pause fighting for Ramadan? Was this really a US request, or was it based on Doha and Cairo asking the US to ask Israel to pause the righting?

This essentially gave Hamas a ceasefire in March and April so that it could recover. Hamas didn’t change its stance at the hostage talks and refused to even hand over a list of living hostages.

Israel doesn’t seem to have pressed for the list, leaving questions about whether the hostages were the top priority for Israel’s leaders as well.

However, the overall picture that emerges is that Israel was played by Doha and Cairo in the talks.

The problem Israel faces is the immense lobby for Hamas behind the scenes. Hamas not only has its official backers and the fact it is hosted in Doha, a Western ally, and backed by Turkey, a NATO member, but Hamas also has partnerships with many NGOs.

It has members who have infiltrated NGOs that work in Gaza. It has also brought their silence through threats or other means.

This means that most NGOs, whether those who deal in food health or other forms of aid, never mention Hamas's role in Gaza.

Hamas infiltrated hospitals and schools, and it is not critiqued by the NGOs. This is all part of a very complex lobby that makes Hamas very strong and hard to remove from Gaza.
  • Thursday, May 23, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
Naharnet reports:
Lebanese school children on a minibus had a narrow escape Thursday when a drone strike killed a Hezbollah fighter in the car ahead, blowing out the windscreen of their vehicle and wounding three pupils.

The injured children were hospitalised with cuts from flying glass after the aerial attack, which state media and a source close to the Iran-backed militant group blamed on Israel.

"At first, we didn't understand what was happening, and there was panic among the children," said Ahmad Qubaisi, 57, who was driving the bus with 18 children on board.

"Suddenly a strike hit the car in front of us" near the town of Nabatiyeh, about 13 kilometres (eight miles) from the Israeli border, he said.

"The bus's windshield shattered... I backed up and that's when the second strike hit the car" in front of him on the Kfar Dajjal-Nabatiyeh road, Qubaisi added.

Five paragraphs on how three children were lightly injured and very scared. Awful. Then, we get more of an idea of who the target was:

 Hezbollah announced the death of one of its fighters, Mohammad Farran from Nabatiyeh.

Farran was a 35-year-old high school teacher and was heading to the Hassan Kamel al-Sabah School where he teaches Physics, media outlets said.

The Israeli army said Farran was in charge of manufacturing strategic weapons belonging to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

"In recent years, Farran has been working on manufacturing unique, strategic weapons for Hezbollah," the army said, adding that Farran's assassination aimed at striking the growing capabilities of Hezbollah's weapons which are designed to target Israel.

In other words, Israel successfully eliminated a major military threat with minimal civilian injuries or damage even though he was embedding himself with schoolchildren.

But no one will report it that way.

Farran is the 313th Hezbollah member to be eliminated so far this war.

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  • Thursday, May 23, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
UNRWA tweeted earlier this week:

"'It is not a technical issue to get people fed. It's a political issue – unfortunately, yet again, in the midst of this politics, it's the people of Gaza' who continue to suffer, UNRWA's  Sam Rose tells  RTE."

A day later they tweeted, "As a result of the ongoing military operation in eastern Rafah the UNRWA  distribution centre and WFP warehouse, both in Rafah, are now inaccessible. Food distributions in Rafah, southern Gaza, are currently suspended due to lack of supplies and insecurity."

Yet, as the IDF COGAT unit chided them, other organizations have managed to get aid into Rafah:

Remarkably, other humanitarian NGOs and the private sector have been bringing in food trucks and distributing in Rafah and the rest of Gaza. 

Maybe you should reconsider calling yourselves “the backbone of humanitarian aid in Gaza” since others are able to do what you cannot.
Indeed, COGAT has coordinated  hundreds of truckloads of food every day this week while UNRWA insists it cannot get any. 

If there is a political component, it is UNRWA's desire not to cooperate with COGAT.

That was not the only absurd UNRWA claim recently. Honest Reporting reports:

A May 13 broadcast of Your Morning, a CTV program, interviewed Louise Wateridge of UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency with ties to Palestinian terrorism, for her thoughts on Israel’s counter-terrorism operations in the Gaza region of Rafah.

The segment entitled: “Humanitarian corridor desperately needed in Rafah,” featured Wateridge telling her host that Israel’s recent evacuation order in Rafah, which informed civilians in the area of Israel’s expected military operations, had “caused panic and anxiety” among the population.

Wateridge described the mood in Rafah as “eerie” and “scary,” adding that “the speed at which people have had to flee for their lives is something I struggle to explain.”

What Wateridge struggled to explain is in actuality quite straightforward: Israel’s providing of advance warning of counter-terrorism operations represents a laudable and virtually unheard-of step among militaries, which is aimed at minimizing civilian casualties in an urban warzone, even as Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist group, aims to maximize civilian deaths by using Gazans as human shields.

Despite heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Rafah, the last major holdout of the group in Gaza, Wateridge said that “we are not evacuating Rafah,” a statement which on the surface appears noble and even perhaps brave, but in actuality is reckless and irresponsible.

Rather than helping Gaza’s civilians find safety elsewhere, UNRWA is deliberately keeping them in an active warzone.
UNRWA really is worse than useless.

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  • Thursday, May 23, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon

Arab and Iranian media media are publicizing photos and video of some Neturei Karta "rabbis,"sporting keffiyehs, who participated in the funeral procession of Iran's president Ebrahim Raisi, the "Butcher of Baghdad."

Neturei Karta has been condemned by every major Jewish group, including all Hasidic groups. Even other Hasidic groups critical of Zionism like Satmar signed a letter excommunicating Neturei Karta from their synagogues, calling them "evil" and sinners.

Their presence at Raisi's funeral is being trotted out as "proof" that Iran isn't antisemitic. (Some of the news articles think that these are part of Iran's Jewish community.) 

I'm reminded again of the Verband Nationaldeutscher Juden and its leader Max Naumann in 1935.

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  • Thursday, May 23, 2024
  • Elder of Ziyon
On Wednesday, AP published two stories about how two of the narratives of rape from October 7 were found out not to be true.

I first read this one:
Other accounts from that day, however, proved to be untrue. They include two debunked testimonies from volunteers with the Israeli search and rescue organization ZAKA, whose stories helped fuel a global clash over whether sexual violence occurred during the attack and on what scale.

Some allege the accounts of sexual assault were purposely concocted. ZAKA officials and others dispute that. Regardless, AP’s examination of ZAKA’s handling of the now debunked stories shows how information can be clouded and distorted in the chaos of the conflict.

The accounts have encouraged skepticism and set off a highly charged debate about the scope of what occurred on Oct. 7, one still playing out on social media and in college campus protests.

I expected the story to continue saying that despite the mistakes by volunteers who were not experts, there is overwhelming evidence of rape and sexual crimes on October 7, and then to detail some of that evidence and perhaps link to the film "Screams Before Silence" that shows what people witnessed firsthand on that horrible day.

But the article didn't go there. 

It just ended, giving the impression that Israelis are a bunch of liars even though it mentioned that the UN said there is "credible evidence" of sexual crimes. No details of those were reported in the article.

It is shocking.

It turns out that this is a companion article to another which is only marginally better. There is no link to the other article, so the one linked above, as a standalone piece, is ghastly. 

The larger article mentions a little bit more about the evidence, but gives far more than equal time to those who deny the rapes.

Some critics of Israel’s war, meanwhile, have raised questions about the weight of the evidence, using debunked testimonies, including from ZAKA volunteers, to do so. The site, which says its aim is to combat “atrocity propaganda” that could “justify military or political actions,” has repeatedly challenged investigations in mainstream media about sexual violence.

The site, which is run by a loose coalition of tech industry employees supporting Palestinian rights, says it has not yet reached a conclusion on the occurrence of gender-based violence. It has alleged that ZAKA members are “behind many of the Oct. 7 fabrications.” The site has also highlighted other debunked accounts, including about a baby found in an oven and a hostage giving birth in captivity.
The website Oct7factcheck is completely anonymous. No one has any idea of the biases or qualifications of the authors. It is quoted uncritically. Yet while it casts doubt on every single Israeli witness to sexual assault, it uncritically accepts Palestinian claims of alleged Israeli war crimes. And almost unbelievably, it cannot find anything negative to say about Hamas. 

That is not a fact-check site. It is an anti-Israel site that cherry picks facts to reach a foregone conclusion. Yet it has now gained huge amounts of publicity by AP.

Tariq Kenney-Shawa, a U.S. policy fellow at Al-Shabaka, a Palestinian think tank, said a long history of what he calls Israeli disinformation and propaganda has fueled global skepticism over the claims. The debunked ZAKA stories, he said, contributed to the sense that Israel exaggerated accounts of atrocities committed by Hamas to dehumanize Palestinians as its military continues its deadly offensive.

“Skepticism of all claims made by the Israeli military, a military that is being investigated for genocide at The Hague, are not only justified but should be encouraged,” he said. “That’s why Palestinians, and much of the international community, are asking for thorough scrutiny.”

Tariq Kenney-Shawa's very first tweet on October 7 justified the massacre.

There is no skepticism about whether  the people quoted have an agenda, or a history of lies, or anything. They are "experts" to the reader of AP.

Both articles give far more credence to the supporters of Hamas than to the victims.  

There is nothing wrong with tracking down the origins of discredited stories. We all want the truth. But without reporting on the huge amounts of evidence being gathered that leave absolutely no doubt as to the sexual assaults on October 7, AP has turned the facts of sexual assault on October 7 and afterwards into a mere "he said/she said" story. 

When it comes to rape, that is unforgivable. 

I don't know how much is the fault of the two evidently Jewish reporters, Tia Goldenberg and Julia Frankel,  and how much from AP editors, who are known to have a serious anti-Israel bias. But these articles are absolutely disgraceful and disgusting.

No doubt the reporters would point to the paragraphs that say, in general terms, that evidence is strong supporting the sexual assault.  But the way it is written is the opposite - specific allegations from October are debunked, allegations that the Israeli government stopped making as soon as it was discovered that they were mistakes in the chaos and fear of the first days after the massacre.  In this AP piece, the door is left open that every accusation might be a lie.

The main point should have been the evidence that proves that Hamas and other Gazans abused women, and then the article should note how some of the stories that were reported immediately were inadvertent errors that came about because ZAKA responders are tasked with recovering body parts and blood, not forensics, and there was simply no manpower to treat each murder as a proper crime scene when Jewish law mandates treating the body with respect and burying it quickly. 

Beyond that, has AP or any major new organization ever systematically shown that Hamas knowingly lies in its own statements, a pattern from the beginning of the war that would show that lying is part of Hamas' very strategy and the media has been its puppet?  Hamas lies by default and Israel tells the truth by default - has AP ever investigated their relative track records? Of course not. It still gives them both equal weight,and in fact puts Israeli statements through much more rigorous tests than it does for Hamas. This story is not written in a vacuum - it implies Israeli disregard for the truth while I cannot recall any major media writing about Hamas the same way.

Indeed, Hamas is thrilled with the story, putting out its own press release saying that AP has now debunked all the evidence of sexual assault on October 7. 

The [Hamas] movement indicated, in its comment on the American agency’s report, this evening, Wednesday, that the Israeli allegations about sexual violence were used for the purpose of demonizing the resistance, and to cover up the humanitarian behavior that appeared to the world regarding the resistance’s good treatment of Zionist prisoners during their detention in Gaza . 

The movement stressed that this report, as well as many reports issued by international media and human rights bodies, which refuted these allegations and proved that they are pure lies and blatant fabrications, requires US President Biden and other officials in some European countries to apologize and stop repeating these false accusations against the resistance and the Palestinian people.

In its statement, the movement called on Ms. Pramila Patten, the UN Special Envoy for Sexual Violence in Conflict Areas, to re-evaluate and review its report in which it accused the Palestinian resistance of committing sexual violence, after relying on Zionist narratives that were proven to be baseless, and without conducting any professional investigations into these false allegations.
Even here Hamas is lying, since the story did not debunk every accusation and, at least elliptically, mentions that the evidence for sexual assault is strong. Will AP issue a statement refuting Hamas' interpretation of the story? Or will it allow itself to be an instrument in spreading pure hate even further?

AP's reporting is as unconscionable as a report cherry picking inconsistencies in accounts of the Holocaust over the years without stating clearly that the Holocaust is an incontrovertible fact and that its deniers have a track record of hate. Just as with the Holocaust, antisemites denied the rape reports first and looked for evidence to justify their position later - their motivations are not seeking truth but attempting to cast doubt on it.

As it is, AP has just increased the amount of antisemitism in the world. And it seems inconceivable that the reporters and editors were not aware that this is how the story would be used. 

(h/t Ben)

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

From Ian:

Seth Mandel: The European Bid to Save Hamas
There’s a moment in the novel The Parisian in which a bunch of Arab Palestinians in Nablus in 1920 read a newspaper report that King Faisal has declared himself head of an independent Greater Syria. Most of the group cheers, but one man turns to another and says: “Does it say where Syria is?”

What he wants to know is: What are the borders of this magically declared new independent state, and do they extend to where he is standing?

That’s the question everyone should be wondering today, as the governments of Ireland, Norway, and Spain have taken the rare step of recognizing the state of Palestine. And where is this existing state of Palestine? Well, according to Irish prime minister Simon Harris, it doesn’t physically exist yet: “We had hoped to recognize Palestine as part of a two-state peace deal, but instead we recognize Palestine to keep the hope of that two-state solution alive.”

In other words, the Irish government hoped to recognize a real state, but for the time being it will recognize an imaginary one.

If the Irish premier is right, however, he just solved the conflict. There’s no need to worry about keeping the two-state solution alive, because he just recognized the two states. Of course, if he doesn’t believe the state has borders yet, where is he going to put the embassy? Never mind.

Recognizing the state of Palestine while Hamas is in power explicitly and literally empowers and legitimizes Hamas as a governing entity. There is no wiggle room there. So, asked why he would legitimize Hamas now, Harris made clear that he didn’t really think about that part: “Hamas is not the Palestinian people, and here in Ireland, better than most countries in the world, we know what it’s like when a terrorist organization seeks to hijack your identity and seeks to speak for you.”

Now, it may sound from these comments that the trio of European leaders have made a rather thoughtless and dim move. But in fact Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez took great pains to clarify that the intentions behind this joint recognition announcement were evil, not stupid: “Spain will be accompanied by other European countries. The more there are of us, the sooner we will achieve a ceasefire. We are not going to give up.”

So the point of timing the announcement now was to save Hamas by stopping the war before the terror group loses control of the Gaza Strip. The three governments sought to legitimize Hamas, yes, but even more so they wanted to take action that might rescue Hamas from defeat and keep it in power in this new state of Palestine.
Caroline Glick: The ICC’s war crimes
The ICC’s lack of jurisdiction is only part of the legal problem with its move against Israel. In his statement on Monday, Khan drew a false moral equivalence between the crimes against humanity and acts of genocide Hamas committed on Oct. 7—meaning, the terror group’s invasion of Israel and slaughter, rape, torture and abduction of thousands of civilians and soldiers on the one hand, and the lawful acts of war that Israel has conducted against the Hamas terrorist regime and its terror army in response to that invasion and commission of atrocities.

Hamas is bound by its charter to commit genocide against the Jewish people worldwide and to annihilate the Jewish state. Khan’s allegations against Netanyahu and Gallant—and against the State of Israel more broadly—are predicated on blood libels originating from the Hamas regime in Gaza. In so acting, the ICC is providing material support for Hamas. That is, it is providing material support for a genocidal terror group engaged in a genocidal war against the Jewish people.

Unlike the libelous accusations Khan raised against Israel’s elected leaders, Khan’s provision of material support for Hamas’s war of genocide is an actual war crime.

Both houses of Congress are now advancing bills to sanction the ICC and its personnel for their illegal prosecution of Israel, a U.S. ally. It is essential that these bills be fast-tracked through the legislative process.

But two more actions should be taken.

A threat to the free world
First, the United States should indict Hamas’s terror masters, including senior leaders Yahya Sinwar, Mohamed Deif, Ismail Haniyeh, and other top Hamas terrorists for the murder, rape, kidnapping and torture of U.S. citizens on and since Oct. 7. Not only should these war criminals not get a free pass for their actions, they should be held criminally liable by real courts, as opposed to the ICC’s kangaroo court, which is only advancing charges against them to criminalize a liberal democracy carrying out a war for its national survival.

Second, Khan and his associates should be charged with extortion of U.S. elected officials. Following the news late last month that Khan intended to pursue false charges against Israel’s leaders, several American lawmakers announced their intention to advance legislation sanctioning ICC officials. In response to those announcements, on May 3, the ICC issued a statement that Khan posted on his X account, threatening action against anyone acting against them.

The statement claimed that “threats” of action against the ICC and its personnel “may … constitute an offense against the administration of justice under Art.70 of the Rome Statute.”

Although Israel is a small state and the only Jewish one, now isolated in the international community, prejudicial actions taken against it pose a threat to the free world as a whole.
Do You Actually Hate Jews?
In 2024, antisemitism generally evidences itself in two forms. The first is your classic Protocols of the Elders of Zion, “Hitler was right” sort of neo-fascist fabulism. The second is the kind who buys every lie coming out of Al Jazeera and the rabidly antisemitic Arab press. The thing about both of these kinds of hate is that they have been watered down to a level of acceptability in many circles. The watered-down Protocols crowd accurately points to the number of Jewish influencers in Hollywood and the media, as if that somehow validates an unspoken blood libel. These people are the Joe Rogans of the world—avowedly “fair” while actually speaking from highly bigoted assumptions.

The second crowd—the watered-down Al Jazeera crowd—hides behind “anti-colonialism” as an excuse for quaint chants in favor of exterminating Israel’s Jewish population. Unfortunately, that second kind of watered-down antisemitism is mirrored in the great majority of the mass media in the U.S. and globally. CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, Reuters and the like will buy every line coming out of the Gaza Health Ministry and every staged Pallywood video without question, and will flood the zone endlessly with stories supporting the myth of Israeli fascism and “genocide.” When you see Jewish students on college campuses across America being terrorized by their Hamas-sympathizing peers, that phenomenon is fueled almost completely by that second sort of antisemitism—let’s call it the “media narrative of Israel.”

When someone starts demonstrating outside the Jewish dry cleaner because of that mustard stain—whether they’re politically on the right or the left—there are only two possible explanations:
1. They bought the media narrative of Israel.
2. Consciously or subconsciously, they hate Jews.

I can almost forgive people who fall prey to No. 1, especially if they are young and/or stupid. College students who don’t know any better are immersed in a nonstop barrage of the media narrative of Israel, and as college students their brains are mush anyway, so I sort of get how they could be so easily misled. Your average, working, adult American who does not pay much attention to politics or international relations can also be driven into this belief set—their media bombards them with unbalanced, anti-Israel propaganda, and if all those kids are protesting on campus, there must be something to it, right?

But it’s people like my fellow soldier on X who trouble me more. When you know that Israel is the freest, most liberal state in the region; when you know that war is hell and civilians die in all wars; when you know that the IDF engages in state-of-the-art mitigation measures to protect innocent civilians; when you know all of these things and still engage in the blood libelish lies of “Israel is committing genocide,” No. 2 is the only logical conclusion. The only stain is the one on that person’s soul—a black stain of Jew hatred that goes back millennia.

The hate of the well-informed stands out because it’s purposeful. Ultimately, antisemitism is a mind virus. Any so-called influencer or self-styled intellectual who spreads it to fellow Americans, under the guise of informing them, is a predator.
A Response to the New Antisemitism: Independence of Thought
Considering the way the anti-Israel left combines its peculiar ideas of morality with its peculiar brand of anti-Semitism, Yehoshua Pfeffer explains the challenge it poses:
In a world that cares only about power inequality, the Jew loses all status. Abraham was chosen by God for his dedication to justice; he cannot live in a justice-free space. Moreover, when seen through the binary progressive lens of oppressor and oppressed, the Jew represents the quintessential evil: he becomes the epitome of whiteness, colonialism, imperialism, and patriarchism; he is oppression incarnate, and the oppressed Arab (or Palestinian) is goodness personified. . . .

Right-wing anti-Semitism drove us, decades ago, to physical independence in the Jewish state. Today, left-wing anti-Semitism inspires us to build on our spatial freedom and achieve a type of independence we have yet to develop and cultivate: intellectual independence.

To achieve such independence, writes Pfeffer, Jews must be willing to reject the recent trends of the world of ideas, and try to recover modes of thought and moral ideals rooted in their own tradition:
Notwithstanding its political independence, Israel has not made concerted efforts to cultivate a parallel [intellectual] space free from the shackles of academic uniformity. On the contrary, core institutions have copied the liberal ideas that 20th-century Jews had become so enamored with. In its early years, socialism was a dominant force in Israel’s economy and social models. Though socialism has declined and the kibbutzim mainly privatized, Israel’s universities, popular media, state institutions, and significant elements within branches of government (in particular the legal system) continue to reflect the same left-progressive principles that are breeding anti-Semitism worldwide.

Today, in an age of Jewish sovereignty and a period of unprecedented crisis, we must ensure that these study halls, haredi and otherwise, devote significant energies to the great questions of human life that contemporary academia [seeks to answer]. Israel must become the countercultural reaction against the anti-Semitism-breeding academic orthodoxy.

Disclaimer: the views expressed here are solely those of the author, weekly Judean Rose columnist Varda Meyers Epstein.

Bambie Thug represented Ireland at Eurovision, one might even say admirably so. The singer’s hatred for the Jewish people and their state indeed typify the Jew-hating sensibilities of Irish society. Ireland only yesterday in fact, announced that it would recognize a terrorist state run by Jew-hating rapists and baby killers on sovereign Israeli soil. So one can’t really blame Thug, who prefers the pronouns “they” and “them,” if they cried when Israel qualified for the Eurovision finals.

“I cried with my team,” they said.

@newstalkfm “I cried with my team" - Ireland 🇮🇪 Eurovision finalist, Bambie Thug's reaction to Israel qualifying for the Eurovision Grand Final #eurovision2024 #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #bambiethug #ireland #israel ♬ original sound - Newstalk

How exactly did Bambie Thug use the Eurovision song contest to express their hatred of Jews?

The non-binary singer took an aggressive anti-Israel stance, including calls to remove Israel from the competition, wearing a keffiyeh, smuggling a watermelon-shaped plushie to the grand final, and attempting to go on stage with the word "ceasefire" written on their face.

Oh, well. Perhaps Bambie Thug felt a bit better this week when the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it would be issuing arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Of course, the singer’s relief would have been tempered by the knowledge that arrest warrants would also be issued to Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Ismail Haniyeh, and Mohammed Deif. But Thug would understand why drawing a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas was important. Which is why the intention of the court was first broadcast to the media by ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan, and sensationalized by CNN’s own Jew-hating Christiane Amanpour.

Bambie Thug would be feeling better still when three countries, including Ireland, announced they were to recognize Palestine as a state, only two days later. “Recognition is an act of powerful political and symbolic value,” said Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris at a special news conference in Dublin.

Israel understands that symbolism quite well. Ireland is rewarding Gaza for the October 7 massacre by gifting it with Israeli territory. Or put another way, symbolically stealing Israeli territory for Hamas, archenemy of the Jews. Think of it as an Irish, Spanish, and Norwegian love note to the terrorists who gang rape and torture Jews and burn Jewish babies alive.

Back in March, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar paid a visit to the U.S. At his first stop, in Boston, he spoke at the JFK Library, and used the occasion to accuse Israel of imposing “collective punishment” on Palestinians, and reacting in a manner that he claimed was out of all proportion to the October 7 massacre. These events prompted a short piece in Mosaic Magazine on Why Ireland Hates Israel:

[Retired Jewish Irish politician Alan] Shatter cited the close relationship between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the IRA, which dispatched its operatives to the Middle East for military training in Palestinian camps, as a key factor. “Their strong bond, which still exists, was reflected in these huge murals in nationalist areas expressing solidarity with the Palestinians,” he said. . . . Central to this position was the refusal of the IRA and Sinn Fein, its political wing, to recognize that Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel. . .

 . . . Anti-Semitism in Ireland has become “blatant and obvious,” Shatter said. There is little sympathy for the right of the Jews to national self-determination, despite the fact that “Sinn Fein fights for exactly this for the Irish,” he noted. Although he is a storied writer who has published several books, Shatter’s latest manuscript—provocatively titled So You Have a Problem with Jews?—remains unpublished, with one imprint informing him that he was being turned down because “there’s no interest” in Ireland on the topic of anti-Semitism.

Perhaps the greatest irony in Irish antisemitism is that there are also almost no Jews in Ireland. According to the Institute for National Security (INSS), “Ireland has a small Jewish community, numbering about 2,700 (of which close to 500 are Israelis who have moved there in recent years) and totaling about 0.05% of the country’s total population.”

Such a tiny community to be the target of so much Irish hate. No wonder Ireland has to look farther afield at Israel to get its Jew-hating jollies. Bambie Thug, for example, had to travel all the way to Malmö, Sweden. But Thug could have just as well stayed home, permeated as Ireland is with hate for Jews and Israel.

What drives all this Irish hate, and how does it manifest? David Collier wrote an investigative report on antisemitism in Ireland. The report begins with an executive summary of Collier’s conclusions:
➢ In Ireland, anti-Jewish racism spreads within the corridors of power and unlike in the UK or US, appears to be as much driven from the top down as the reverse.

➢ Some Irish politicians are obsessed about attacking Israel and Zionism, treating it in a manner different from the way they treat all other international issues.

➢ Irish politicians share material that is clearly fake and that comes from social media accounts that are blatantly antisemitic.

➢ One TD even liked a post that seems to suggest Hitler ‘may not have been too far wrong’.

➢ The argument that allegations of antisemitism are about stifling ‘criticism of Israel’ is used to shield some of the most horrific anti-Jewish racism imaginable.

➢ The problem stretches across politics and NGOs and spills onto the street. There is little political will and few voices to counter it. This has led to a proliferation throughout the Irish mainstream.

➢ In almost every town analysed, many of the key ‘activists’ have a history of sharing antisemitic content or giving voice to antisemitic ideology. There is even little or no reaction to activists sharing Holocaust Denial.

➢ Antisemitism is a key motivator in anti-Zionist activity. The people who share antisemitic ideology are often those handing out leaflets, organising the protest and starting groups in their local areas.

➢ These anti-Zionists view Zionists as ‘global manipulators’, ‘thieves’, ‘bloodsuckers’ and as people ‘intent on destroying the world to fulfil their own evil agenda’. It is undeniably antisemitism.

➢ Traditional Christian antisemitism plays a significant role in compounding the problem in Ireland and Christian NGOs facilitate the spread of antisemitism there. ➢ In anti-Zionism, far-right and far-left merge. The report confirms the findings of previous research. It establishes beyond doubt the indivisibility of anti-Zionist protest and antisemitism. Antisemitism in all its guises must be called out. It has no place in public discourse

I asked Collier what he thought about Ireland’s recognition of Palestine as a state, and of Bambie Thug’s tantrum. “For years Ireland has been the most visibly antisemitic nation in Europe, and it comes as no surprise they would be leading the charge to recognise Palestine as a state – even after the Hamas atrocities of October 7. Ireland is now a country whose two most recognisable exports are antisemitism and Bambie Thug – and this says far more about them than it does about Israel."

There is a hugely ironic backstory to Bambie Thug’s obsessive Jew-hate, and it comes by way of “their” name. Some believe that the storybook, “Bambi: a life in the woods,” first published in 1922, by Felix Salten, is meant to be read as an allegory for Jewish persecution.

Screenshot from Instagram

Jack Zipes, a professor of German and comparative literature wrote a new edition of Bambi for its centennial birthday, “The Original Bambi: The Story of a Life in the Forest.” He stresses that Salten’s story was not meant to be the children’s classic we know from the silver screen. It was not even meant to be read by children:
Zipes explains that the original story was “’a book about survival in your own home.’ Disney's adaptation washed out much of the original meaning, he said.”

“All the animals have been persecuted. And I think what shakes the reader is that there are also some animals who are traitors, who help the hunters kill.”

In the book, Bambi does not suffer the same fate as in the Disney film. He ends up completely alone. In reality, it is a tragic story of the loneliness of Jews and other minority groups in early 20th century Europe.

Salten, the son of a rabbi who worked as a journalist in Vienna, changed his birth name from Siegmund Salzmann in his teens to obscure his Jewish identity.

"I think he foresaw the Holocaust," Zipes said.
Felix Salten at a young age


A later portrait of Felix Salten

The first edition of Bambi

In “Bambi Was Jewish” Judy Gruen writes that Salten was a Zionist:

The antisemitism he endured growing up and its growing menace during that era drew him to the writings of Theodore Herzl, particularly his pamphlet Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State). He viewed Herzl as a symbol of resistance and began contributing articles about Jews and anti-Semitism for Die Zeit as well as Herzl’s own weekly, Die Welt. He eventually traveled to Palestine to investigate how Jews were managing to realize the Zionist dream.

His professional success brought him wealth, and he summered with his family near Austrian forests, intensifying his lifelong affection for animals. He later owned a hunting preserve, but as his daughter, Anna, wrote, “Only very rarely did he fire a shot—and then only when the principles of game keeping demanded it.” His stories and novels about animals emphasized their powerlessness, a theme he continued for the rest of his life.

But his own assimilation was no help once the Nazis occupied Austria in 1938. The following year, Salten and his wife fled to Zurich, after the Swiss extracted a promise from him to stop writing about cultural politics. This limited him to writing far less marketable animal stories.

Salten had already realized that the assimilation he embraced would not protect him from rising antisemitism. He reveals this through the character of Gobo, a childhood pal of Bambi but much weaker physically and emotionally. Long assumed to have been killed, Gobo shocks the forest population by returning, very much alive, and bragging about having been rescued by “Him,” whom Gobo insists is not the evil threat everyone else imagines. Gobo wears a braided ring around his neck, placed by Him, which the deer believes is a special mark that will immunize him from any further danger.

After Bambi and the others scoff at his claims, he tells another friend, “He (Bambi) still can’t deal with the fact that I’ve become someone different. . . There’s no danger for me on the meadow! . . . What does he mean by danger? He means well enough and cares for me, but danger is something for him and the likes of him, not for me.” His confidence that his assimilation will protect him will soon prove as tragically naïve as that of Jews throughout the generations who made similar bargains.

Zipes writes that based on the author’s life experiences with antisemitism, “Bambi is indeed Salten, and Salten is Bambi. . . Just as Bambi becomes an intrepid roebuck, Salten rose to fame and then was belittled and alienated from Austrian and German culture. He was treated just like all the other European Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.”

Felix Salten with his children

Salten's books were banned by Nazi Germany in 1936. But his allegory for Jewish persecution lives on, not least of all in the form of Bambie Thug.

A thug whose lifeblood is "their" hate for the Jewish people.

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