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From Ian:

A Radical Romance with the Palestinians
A Shadow over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America. By Keith P. Feldman. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2015. 312 pp. $24.95, paper.

In August 2014, protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, after police killed Michael Brown, Jr., an African American teenager who had stolen some cigars. Meanwhile in Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were negotiating a ceasefire with Hamas following Operation Protective Edge, attending the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers. But the slogan at Black Lives Matter protests in Missouri read “Ferguson is Palestine.”

Feldman’s A Shadow over Palestine is a detailed but deeply flawed account of the origins of the radical romance between American Black nationalists and Palestinian rejectionists in Gaza, Beirut, and the faculty lounges of Columbia University. The current cant of “intersectionality” and “resistance” revives the post-1967 alliance between Black nationalists and the New Left in the United States and among anti-liberal nationalist and Islamist movements in Arab societies.

The outcome of the 1967 Six-Day War deepened the Kennedy-era U.S. support for Israel into a Cold War alliance but also coincided with dramatic shifts in American political life. The legislative victories of the civil rights movement tipped American politics towards a Tocquevillian “revolution of rising expectations” and a radicalization that would break the Black-Jewish coalition of the early 1960s. The New Left, its expectations of working-class revolution thwarted by prosperity, found new allies in Frantz Fanon’s “wretched of the earth,” the peoples of the postcolonial Third World.

In his first chapter, Feldman of the University of California, Berkeley, traces how the definition of Zionism as “a new offshoot of European Imperialism and a new variety of racist Colonialism” made its way from the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Palestine Research Center (PRC) in Beirut to the 1975 United Nations General Assembly resolution identifying Zionism with racism. Significantly, Feldman does not mention that Faeyez Sayegh and other theorists at the PRC were merely regurgitating Soviet propaganda from the 1950s. He does, however, characterize diplomat Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s campaign against the resolution as an attempt “to delink racism from history” and to export “racial liberalism” as the imperial face of neoconservatism.

Next, Feldman describes how the Black Panther Party and the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) disseminated propaganda for the “colonial analogy” linking race revolution in America with the Palestinian cause. SNCC’s 1967 position paper on Zionism, “Third World Round-Up,” was “purportedly drafted within the organization.” In fact, it reproduced “almost verbatim” the PRC’s 1966 pamphlet “Do You Know?: Twenty Basic Facts about the Palestine Problem.”
‘Non-Violent’ Palestinian Rock-Throwers Murder Another Israeli
Another Israeli has been murdered, after having been struck in the head by what Haaretz described as a “heavy brick.”

For years, major American news media outlets have portrayed Palestinian rock-throwers as “peaceful” protesters, even when they throw rocks and bricks.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman infamously once included rock-throwing in his list of types of “non-violent resistance” that he hoped Palestinians would carry out. Well, I guess Friedman got his wish.

On May 24, an Israeli counter-terror unit entered the al-Amari refugee camp near Ramallah in pursuit of fugitive terrorists. Apparently, the absurdly large Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces, which are headquartered in Ramallah, had no interest in arresting the terrorists, so the Israelis had to enter PA-occupied territory to do the job that the PA promised to do in the Oslo Accords.

For years, groups like J Street and Peace Now have been telling us that ordinary Palestinian Arabs are just like ordinary Americans — they’re moderate, peace-seeking, opponents of terrorism.
Major French-Muslim website tweets ‘hit list’ featuring famous Jews
A French Muslim anti-colonialism activist on Thursday denied posting a “hit list” of Jewish groups and individuals while referncing a popular TV character.

Sihame Assbague last week posted a list of names of individuals and groups, accompanied by a GIF of a character from the series “Game of Thrones,” from a scene in which she lists the people she intends to kill.

It included the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities; the Socialist Jewish politician Julien Dray; former prime minister Manuel Valls — a supporter of Israel, whose ex-wife and children are Jews; and the radical left-wing politician Jean-Luc Melenchon, who is not Jewish.

But Assbague told the Times of Israel on Thursday that her post “was absolutely not a ‘hit list,'” and was a joking reference to a meme used by many online to denote “people or things that have upset them.” She said the names on her list were those of people or bodies who “distinguished themselves by their Islamophobia.”

The tweet by Assbague — whom the LICRA civil rights watchdog has accused frequently of spreading racist views on Jews – prompted a reply from the official Twitter account of Al Kanz, which is one of France’s best-read Muslim news websites.

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  • Elder of Ziyon
Palestine Today reports about how electricity from Israel is no longer being set to Gaza (without mentioning that it was Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket fire that caused the lines to go down to begin with.)

The article also mentions that the "Egyptian lines are still idle."

It has been nearly a year Egypt sent electricity to Gaza. While their contribution was modest, right now it would have been very useful to have the extra 16 megawatts.

I'm not certain if Egypt's lines are off because of damage that no one is bothering to fix, or because no one is paying Egypt for the electricity. Either way, no one is pressuring Egypt to resume its supply of power.

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 Vic Rosenthal's Weekly Column

Here it is Wednesday midday, and some 180 mortar shells and rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza in the last 48 hours, including rockets that reached farther north than any since 2014. The IDF responded in the usual way, bombarding military targets in the Strip that Hamas and Islamic Jihad personnel had evacuated. At this moment, there seems to be an informal cease-fire in effect. It may or may not hold; we could be on the verge of yet another “grass-cutting” operation in Gaza, or the whole thing could just be a minor blip. Meanwhile, a lot of people who would rather have been somewhere else spent their mornings sitting in bomb shelters.

The usual suspects in the Western media are committing their usual crimes against the truth. Yesterday, NPR ran a story entitled “What Has The Unrest In Gaza Meant For Palestinians?” Really. I won’t bother to link to it, but I thought about writing a piece about what the unrest at Pearl Harbor meant for the Japanese.

The objective of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), is to conquer the land now occupied by the Jews, preferably killing as many of them as possible. It is a religious imperative, an obligatory jihad, and so will not end until one or the other side overcomes its enemy. It’s been a long war, and our enemies have taken different political forms over the last 100 years; but the motive has always been the same. Some periods are more violent than others, but there has never been peace. 

When the battle goes against our enemies, they offer a hudna modeled after Mohammed’s treaty of Hudaybiyyah with the Meccans, a temporary truce to give them chance to prepare for the next round. That is the closest they can get to a peace offer.

Our enemies aren’t stupid, and they understand the overriding importance of cognitive warfare for the physically weaker side in an asymmetric struggle. The recent attempt to invade Israel through the border fence with Gaza was, on its surface, a failure. They did not succeed to breach the fence in great numbers and “tear out the hearts” of Jews in nearby communities, as Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar exhorted them to do. But in the cognitive war, it achieved more than one goal.

The main target is popular opinion, in the world and even in Israel. Liberal Western media like NPR are not exactly pro-Hamas. But they are anti-Israel. And Hamas orchestrated the “March of Return” to induce these media to cover the events in a way that portrayed Israel in the worst possible light. NPR jumped to attention and followed the script perfectly. They referred to the attempted invasion as a “protest,” claimed that “thousands” of people were wounded in their legs by Israeli snipers, and referred to this production as a “Palestinian cry for help,” as they “[try] to break out of an area that people inside often regard as an open-air prison.”

It also brought the Palestinian struggle and in particular the demand for a “right of return” to the forefront of international consciousness, at a time when other concerns had pushed it out of view. In recent years the idea that this issue is at the center of the problems of the Middle East had receded to some extent, replaced by the conflicts created by Iranian expansionist ambitions on the one hand, and Sunni extremism on the other. Hamas wants it center stage so that its allies in Europe will continue applying pressure to Israel and supporting the various NGOs and other groups gnawing away at her.

Finally, it gave them an opportunity to suffer what they can present as civilian casualties, so they can accuse Israel of war crimes, or even try to bring her to the International Criminal Court (for internal political reasons, Hamas admitted that most of the dead “protestors” were its military operatives, so this may not work as well this time).

Hamas, PIJ and the PLO understand the West quite well. They know that their propaganda will find fertile places to grow in Europe and even the US, where they have been preparing the ground for an abandonment of Israel for years. And they also know that the last thing that Israel wants is a ground war in Gaza, which will create even more opportunities for propaganda while our society is torn apart with grief for the young men and women who would be killed or injured, and which will end indecisively like all the others.

So we continue trying to tamp down escalation, while allowing the terrorist leaders of the Gaza Arabs the freedom to continue to plan new marches, launch rocket and mortar barrages, set our fields on fire, and who knows what else that grows out of their implacable hatred. 

This is the status quo that is considered acceptable, or at least less unacceptable than the alternatives. But the status quo is not static. Hamas is now supported primarily by Iran, like PIJ and Hezbollah. Someday perhaps they will join in a coordinated attack with Hezbollah in the north. Perhaps at the same time there will be an American Administration with an outlook more like that of the Europeans, and which – like the Obama Administration – will act to restrain us from defending ourselves. And thanks to the cognitive warfare that our enemies have been successfully waging, we won’t find support among the American people or their Congress. At that point, the status quo won’t look so good, but there will be little that we can do about it.

Right now, this moment, is one of the most dangerous times in recent history, at least for folks that live in the Middle East. Nevertheless there are positive factors. The final days of ISIS seem to be at hand, and maybe the map of post-war Syria will shortly take shape. Iran is being pushed back in Syria and losing influence in Iraq. The economic bonanza of the nuclear deal is coming to an end for Iran. Russia seems to be uncomfortable with an Iranian Shiite crescent in the region. And for the first time in many years, there is an American administration that seems fully supportive of Israel (but which also appears politically unstable). 

It’s impossible to predict what will happen when there are so many players, each with their own interlocking interests and concerns, but there may be an opportunity for Israel here that will not reoccur in the near future. There are two ways to approach a chaotic situation: you can hunker down and try to keep from getting hurt, or you can try to exploit it and achieve objectives that are impossible in normal times. 

I think we have grown too comfortable with what we allow to exist next door to us, in Gaza and also in Judea/Samaria. Would we be so comfortable if they wore Nazi uniforms? Probably not, but their ideology is no better; worse, perhaps, because of its religious underpinnings.

Now could be the moment to crush Hamas in Gaza for good.

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From Ian:

NY Post Editorial: Who’s really behind the latest attacks on Israel
Both Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad are inspired by and closely coordinate with Tehran. And the mullahs are looking for ways to recover their mojo after President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

This month, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard fired 32 rockets from Syria toward the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. This week, Islamic Jihad launched some 200 mortar shells at communities in southern Israel.

It was by far the largest attack from Gaza since the 2014 war. In retaliation, Israel bombed dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets, including a terrorist supply tunnel, drone facilities, weapons caches and a rocket-making plant.

And rightly so. As UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told the Security Council Wednesday: “Who among us would accept 70 rockets launched into your country? We all know the answer to that: No one would.”

Hamas’ decision to stop the attacks suggests it means to avoid another war, one that might well end its control of Gaza.

But Iran, an Israeli defense official said Wednesday, “doesn’t want stability.” No: It wants to send its own message to “deter people from putting more pressure on them.”

It isn’t working. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows that Israel will continue to pursue Iran and its terrorist proxies and make them “pay dearly.” Which is the most important message of all.

Sohrab Amari: The Zarif Mask Falls
Javad Zarif was recently caught on video chanting “Death to America!” and “Death to Britain!” and “Death to Israel!” at a rally in Tehran. That should come as no surprise to Americans who understand the nature of the Iranian regime, its history, and the anti-Western animus that pulsates at its heart. Yet numerous American political and media figures have spent years promoting Zarif as something other than what he is: a pure product of Khomeini’s hateful revolution.

Here’s the footage in question. Watch it—and re-watch it—as you join me on a guided tour of Zarif hagiography, courtesy of the American prestige press.
Death to America! Death to Britain! Death to Israel!

Fareed Zakaria, speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations, Sept. 23, 2016:
My guest needs no introduction. He has a favorability rating in Iran which has declined now to 75 percent. (Laughter.) I don’t think it’s quite that high in the United States. (Laughter.) But Mohammed Javad Zarif is the foreign minister of Iran. He was ambassador to the U.N. He’s a career diplomat. He is also an academic with a Ph.D. I think fair to say that he is the most distinguished diplomat Iran has had for many decades, and we have all seen him as he spearheaded Iran’s negotiations for the nuclear deal.
Death to America! Death to Britain! Death to Israel!

Robin Wright, writing in Time magazine, Oct. 28, 2016:
Zarif has . . . built a following in Washington. ‘He doesn’t play games,’ says Senate Select Committee on Intelligence chair Dianne Feinstein. . . . [H]e has also been lauded by the likes of Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Chuck Hagel when they were in the Senate. And he earned a University of Denver doctorate under the same professors who taught Condoleezza Rice.
Death to America! Death to Britain! Death to Israel!

I could go on and on. Will this latest footage finally shatter the liberal foreign-policy establishment’s illusion of Javad Zarif the moderate? Don’t count on it.

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  • Elder of Ziyon
The US State Department, in its annual human rights report, says in its section on Algeria:

In August the private newspaper, Echourouk El Youmi published a cartoon depicting a Jewish man with a Star of David on his sleeve clutching the surface of a globe, appearing to promote stereotypes of Jewish world domination. Also in August, Echourouk El Youmi published an article claiming that Jews had been plotting against Muslims for centuries, that Jews were responsible for most of the disasters that have befallen Muslims, and that Jews controlled the media, cinema, art, and fashion.
A columnist in that same newspaper is very upset at the allegations - and proves how antisemitic he is.

Rachid Ould Bouceifa writes about the Jews of Algeria as if they were never part of the country to begin with, and then complains that they took the side of the French. Proof of this is that after Algeria gained independence. most Jews emigrated to France. It couldn't have had anything to do with how they were treated, right?

He adds how some Jews blackmailed Arabs in Algeria.

And then he says that the cartoons are not antisemitic, ridiculing the idea that one cannot make fun of Jews in a symbolic way by means of caricature (I guess he means that everyone knows that Jews aren't literally holding the entire planet in their hands, duh.)

Bouceifa is also upset at the idea that antisemitism is even looked upon as a human rights issue. The very idea that someone would be concerned over it shows that Jews position themselves as being somehow superior to other humans.

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  • Thursday, May 31, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon

The Arab Organization of Human Rights issues what appear to be weekly press statements, usually condemning Israel for something or other.

This week was no different.

But buried within the items calling on the ICC to prosecute Israel and for the world to boycott Israel one sees this:

The International Legal and Communication Committee calls on the Palestinian President and the Government to immediately begin lifting the punitive and illegal measures imposed on the Gaza Strip and taking the necessary measures to support the steadfastness of the citizens and secure a decent life for them.
While this is mild language an purposefully vague as to exactly what Mahmoud Abbas is doing (limiting fuel, medicines, salaries, goods, paperwork for Gazans to travel to the West Bank) it is interesting to see that it calls his actions "illegal."

A tiny drop in the tsunami of hate.

As far as I can tell, the AOHR isn't concerned about any Arab human rights issues except in Palestinian areas. 

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  • Thursday, May 31, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon

An online poll at Ma'an Arabic asked its Palestinian readers who the most dangerous and most hostile leaders are towards their cause.

Nearly 85% said that Arab leaders "who were striving to normalize with the occupation" are the most dangerous and hostile ones, with the remaining 15% divided in their anger at Trump and "the government of settlers and Zionist extremists."

This poll was taken after the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem.

It is not a scientific poll by any means but it does give an indication of how, despite the PR successes from the Gaza riots, the Palestinians feel more isolated than ever before.

The Arab world has been fed up with Palestinian refusal to make peace with Israel as well as the continuing Hamas/Fatah split for a decade now, and this has not gone unnoticed among Palestinians, even as this story is still woefully underreported in Western media.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

From Ian:

Survivors to appeal to have Farhud seen as a Nazi event
Survivors of the Farhud pogrom in Iraq are to appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court after their failure in the lower courts to have the 1941 pogrom recognised as a Nazi-inspired event, writes Ofer Aderet in Haaretz. The judge seems to fear that such an indictment would let Arabs 'off the hook' for antisemitism.

The Supreme Court in Jerusalem will hear the Farhud survivors' appeal

Until now, however, the Israeli government has refused to recognize any ostensible connection between the Farhud and the Nazi regime, and as a result has not granted monetary compensation to its victims in the context of the Victims of Nazi Persecution Law. In February a panel of judges in the Haifa District Court rejected a lawsuit filed by about 2,000 survivors of the Farhud, who demanded legal recognition as Nazi victims. The judges sided with the government, ruling that the Farhud was not a pogrom whose roots lay in Nazi Germany.

“Nazi Germany’s responsibility for the Holocaust of the Jewish people is not under discussion,” wrote Judge Ron Shapira in his ruling, although he also noted that Nazi Germany should receive “all the blame for pogroms against Jews everywhere.”

He added: “Anti-Semitism, in its various forms, existed prior to the rise of the Nazi regime, and didn’t disappear from the world after Nazi Germany was defeated. There are many causes for the phenomenon of anti-Semitism and some change from one period to the next.”

The judge criticized the attempt to blame the Nazis for the Farhud, and said that anyone who does so “is missing the mark and removing responsibility from any others who championed anti-Semitism and racist theories and xenophobia – and do so to this day.”
Please join me here for my discussion with Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired on the media response to the Hamas attack on the Gaza border fence, Israel’s strategic failure to make its own case, the British government’s attitude to Jerusalem and the on/off/on US/North Korea summit.

Kuwait blocks US bid to condemn Gaza rocket fire at Security Council
Kuwait on Wednesday blocked a US-drafted UN Security Council statement that would have strongly condemned Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on Israel.

The United States had circulated the draft text ahead of an emergency council meeting, to be held later Wednesday at Washington’s request, on the rocket and mortar attacks by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups.

Kuwait, a non-permanent council member that represents Arab countries, said that it was blocking the statement to allow for consideration of a draft resolution it has put forward on the protection of Palestinian civilians.

In an email to the US mission seen by AFP, Kuwait said: “We cannot agree to the text put forth by your delegation especially as we are considering a draft resolution that deals with the protection of civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip.”

Kuwait earlier this month blocked another US-proposed statement that criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s remarks about Jews as “unacceptable.”

Two other draft statements expressing concern about the violence in Gaza were previously blocked by the United States, laying bare the sharp divisions on the Security Council over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Security Council statements are adopted by consensus by all 15 members.

Haaretz’s Strange Tale About ‘Spying’ on Linda Sarsour
Why is it so important who wrote the document that Uri Blau obtained?

First, because this is not the case of an “Israeli organization” that “spies on an American citizen,” but an American organization collecting open source information on a fellow American.

Second, while Blau alleged that Shelson Adelson, a close associated of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, funded the “spying,” the Forum maintained that it never received any funding from Adelson.

Third, the letter against Sarsour is not a part of a campaign against the BDS movement, but a part of a project of an American organization to counter Islamists in America.

Fourth, nothing clandestine was done (as phrases such as “spying” and “collecting intelligence” suggest). All information was gathered from open sources in order to serve a clear agenda.

And so, a story – certainly not the one that Haaretz‘s Uri Blau set out to tell – emerges from a non-story. Haaretz pedaled a false story about a shadowy Israeli organization spying on an American citizen. But the real story became about the journalist’s false accusations, and his erroneous attribution of the document to the wrong organization.

Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew department, sent Uri Blau and Haaretz editors the following questions and also asked for response on the points made here:

Why was the report published only in English, an anomaly among Blau’s investigative pieces?

Do you intend to correct the report and/or apologize, per the Middle East Forum’s request?

As of this writing, no response has been received. Nor has Haaretz addressed or made any reference to the Middle East Forum’s statements.

He was only 20 when the heavy concrete or marble slab was dropped from above, ending his life. Three stories up, a young Arab male flexed his hands. He’d held that slab for five full minutes, studying the situation, making sure his aim was true. He’d developed a cramp. But he’d completed his mission, born of hatred nursed for years. He’d dropped the slab. Seen it connect.
Everything that was bad in his life, he’d learned to blame it on the Jews. This is what his parents had taught him, because everyone whose life is hard needs a target for blame and fury. Everyone needs an outlet for the things that can’t be changed, doors that cannot be opened.
For this Arab youth, that outlet, that target, was an anonymous 20-year-old. He would do, this boy who’d never know hardship, who’d never known life as his murderer experienced it. For the Jew wore the uniform of the IDF. The uniform of the people the Arab youth had been taught to hate.
He didn’t know Ronen. Didn’t know if he loved fried chicken, or chocolate ice cream, his brother, his parents. He didn’t know that Ronen may have once had sensitive skin that reddened in the hot intensity of the Israeli sun as he stood guard over his people, a rite of Israeli passage. The Arab youth knew only that the pieces were laid out on the chessboard, had been laid out ages ago, perhaps before the players had been born. The Arab youth on the roof, holding a slab of white marble, three stories up. The Jew on the ground below, in clothes representing all that had ever gone wrong. A symbol. Something to hate.
Ronen, on the other hand, had no symbols of hate as he stood there in his IDF uniform. His energy was not directed that way, but to opening doors.
“You fought. Throughout your life you chose all of the closed doors and were better than everyone else. I’m sure you chose this moment too,” said his brother Arik at the funeral attended by hundreds, for a boy who lost his life too soon, because he’d worn a hated symbol.
Did Ronen see hate as a door closed against him? Something that must be opened?
We will never know. Because the slab came down, down, down, closing a door forever. A door that might have, could have been a bridge between peoples. But was not.
It was just a door slamming firmly shut, sealed by hate. Hatred of someone the Arab youth didn’t know, hadn’t met. He didn’t have to know Ronen to hate him. Didn’t have to know a thing about him. Clothes make the man, they say. The IDF uniform had marked Ronen for death, because of something the Arab youth had been told all his life.
Told at his mother’s breast, imbibed with her milk. Because everyone needs a focus for hate and blame. It helps to let out the fire in the wound, like lancing an abscess, the pus needs to out.
How do you hate someone enough to kill? How are you strong enough to end the life of someone you’ve never met? Only there on the ground beneath you in clothes you don’t like as you hold a heavy concrete or marble slab.
A symbol, that IDF uniform, like a red hot poker, poking you in the eye, nudging you from behind inexorably forward.
A symbol for all you’ve been taught to hate that uniform and the boy wearing it until it boils up, boils over, the hate. Red hot, touching everything you know, poisoning everything in reach.
Did the slab feel heavy in your hands as it waited for the moment you would anoint it killer? Or did it feel light as a feather? Could you have held it for hours until just the right moment when the Angel of Death whispered in your ear, saying, “Now.”
What did it feel like, the moment the slab left your hand? How did you feel watching it plummet from your high perch on a building, unseen and undetected, to watch your missive crash on the head of the unsuspecting Jew?
Or did you run away so you wouldn’t get caught?
No. I think you stood there. You wanted to see, needed to see. Vindication for all you’d ever suffered: poverty, unemployment, hard work, food insecurity. Like the murderer attending the funerals of his victims. Like collecting a trophy, you needed this moment to soothe and calm you, this visual picture, the culmination and full flowering of the hate you’d been raised on all your life. You would see the moment over and over again in your head, an instant replay of the moment Ronen’s young head was smashed like a sharp knife plunging into a ripe melon, splitting Kevlar and steel until you could see the soft, sweet meat that once directed hands to move turn the pages in a book, ears to hear birdsong, a throat to swallow the favorite dish his mama always made him when he came home on leave for Shabbat.
With that slab in your hand, from high above, you were all about ending things and the finality of hate. But Ronen was about possibility, a door-opener. His brother Arik said so at his funeral. He would have done great things, Ronen, opened many closed doors in his life. While you stood there, your mind seething with hate and contemplating evil, Ronen saw doors and challenges and ways to move forward.
Incurable cancer. Could that have been Ronen’s great challenge? The closed door that no one else could open?
Might Ronen have someday discovered the cure for the cancer that would one day take the life of his murderer, or perhaps the life of his murderer’s beloved mother? The one who taught him to hate? To throw heavy slabs of stone on the heads of people wearing a uniform she didn’t/he didn’t like?
Or maybe the great closed door in Ronen’s life would be ending the violence: The Arab war against the Jews. Perhaps that was the unbudgeable door that was closed to Ronen, the door he felt he must open, the door that challenged him above all others. Might he have come up with the plan that would open the door? The plan that would end all the violence forever and all the hate?

The plan that would mean no more marble slabs thrown from three stories up, to slam down on the head of a boy too young to die. A boy who would have opened doors, ended hate, cured cancer, loved well, fathered children. Who might have opened doors, ended the violence, stopped the people who target those in a uniform they don’t like with refrigerators, washing machines, furniture, and marble slabs, while telling all those who hate like them that they have no arms, no guns to defend themselves, as they stand on rooftops above the exposed heads of those they hate, holding things too heavy to fall on the heads of boys.

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Our weekly column from the humor site PreOccupied Territory

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NBA logoOakland, May 20 - Activists accustomed to co-opting every popular issue or cause for anti-Israel advocacy purposes have admitted hitting a metaphorical wall in attempting to do the same with the championship basketball series between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Representatives of Jewish Voice for Peace and local advocated of the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement against Israel disclosed to reporters today that despite intense efforts to associate the climax of the National Basketball Association's 2017-2018 season with Palestinian aspirations to destroy Israel, they have enjoyed no noticeable success. Members of the groups attributed the failure to multiple factors.

"It might have been different if [the] Houston [Rockets] or Boston [Celtics] had made the finals," surmised Reem Assil, a restaurateur and Palestine activist in the Warriors' hometown. "As it is, though, this is just a rematch of last year's series, so it's not as compelling a story to hijack. Not as much buzz."

"Also we no longer have the Israelis associated with each team who could have served as lightning rods for our efforts," noted Pardi Pupr, a leader of the Berkeley chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. "Omri Casspi isn't on the Warriors anymore, which in itself is good news, but paradoxically, that deprives us of a figure on whom to focus our venom and make any connection with the cause. The same goes for David Blatt, who no longer coaches the Cavs. Without those two, it becomes much harder to find an emotionally resonant way to show everyone everything is really about us."

Academics in the San Francisco Bay area cited another factor. "My colleagues and I have been advising student activists how to handle this, and we realized one of the important reasons for the challenge," explained SFSU Professor of Gender Studies Hugh Briss. "Specifically, it's that neither of these two teams is a clear underdog. Both are recent champions and have been more or less unbeatable during the regular season. Fighters for justice in Palestine don't really have a way to depict one team as parallel to the plucky, underdog  and therefore virtuous, Palestinians, and the other as the more powerful, and therefore evil, Israel."

Other activists perceived actual human intent behind the frustration. "The head of the NBA is a Jew," stated Stephanie Lind, a sophomore at UC-Berkeley and a member of the campus chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. "Adam Silver obviously set things up so no one would be able to bring any important issues into the arena. We see the same thing with the NFL and kneeling, and the unjust way in which the owners, many of whom are Jewish, manipulate things to the detriment of justice."

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From Ian:

Caroline Glick: There is No Peace Plan That Would Satisfy Palestinians
Two recent Palestinian developments show that peace plans, no matter how well-intentioned, are both doomed to fail and counterproductive.

First, there are Hamas’s concerted efforts to swarm Gaza’s border with Israel.

Since late March, Hamas has massed terrorists interspersed with civilians along the border. It has made repeated efforts – many successful – to destroy Israel’s border fence and penetrate Israeli territory. Hamas terror operatives have destroyed thousands of acres of Israeli farmland with incendiary devices flown over the border on kites and drones.

During operations to protect its territory, Israeli military forces have killed some one hundred Palestinians — the vast majority affiliated with the Hamas terror organization. Early Hamas reports of mass civilian casualties were later retracted.

For the U.S., the main strategic implication of Hamas’s ongoing operation is that the terror group, sponsored by both Iran and Turkey, is firmly in control of Gaza.

With Gaza operating as a miniature Taliban-controlled Afghanistan at war against Israel and Egypt — America’s two most powerful Middle East allies – the notion that there is any chance of achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians is absurd.

If the Palestinian Authority (PA), which runs an autonomous Palestinian regime in Judea and Samaria (otherwise known as the West Bank) were ever to strike a deal with Israel, two things would happen. First, the Hamas regime in Gaza would open major hostilities against Israel. And second, the thousands of Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria would immediately rise up against the PA.

In other words, so long as Hamas controls Gaza, it has the power to veto any peace deal, and it can be expected to use its power to achieve that goal.

The second development in recent weeks that lays bare the futility of any prospective U.S. push for peace is the medical condition of PA leader-for-life Mahmoud Abbas.

On Monday, Abbas was released from his third hospitalization this month. He was being treated for pneumonia. Although he walked out of the hospital with no assistance, and announced he would be returning to work the following day, Israeli and Palestinian officials acknowledge quietly that the 83-year-old leader, with a history of heart disease and prostate cancer, is not long for this world.

Abbas served as Yassir Arafat’s deputy in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) for forty years before succeeding Arafat in power after his death in 2004. Like Arafat before him, Abbas controls all the power centers in the PA. He serves as chairman of the PLO, chairman of the PLO’s ruling Fatah party, and as chairman of the PA. He was elected to the latter position for a four-year team in 2005. He controls the international donor funds and the American- and European-trained-and-financed Palestinian security services.
PMW: Terrorist funerals – glorification and incitement by the PA
The Palestinian Authority's practice of glorifying terrorists is a daily occurrence, well documented by Palestinian Media Watch. Funerals of terrorists provide an additional opportunity for the PA to laud them as heroes and often set the scene for incitement.

To combat this phenomenon, Israel's government decided that, as a general rule, the bodies of terrorists would not be transferred to their families, but rather buried in designated cemeteries in Israel.

In a rare divergence from this policy, in February this year, the bodies of two Palestinian terrorists - Nimr Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Jamal, murderer of 3 Israelis, and Hamza Zamaarah who after serving 14 years in prison for previous terror offences, attempted to stab an Israeli security guard - were transferred to their families.

The release of their bodies resulted in mass glorification of these terrorists.

During its coverage of the funeral of terrorist Al-Jamal, PA TV praised him as a "Martyr" who "ascended to Heaven" when he was killed during his attack:

Official PA TV narrator: "In an atmosphere of sadness and grief, masses of our people accompanied the body of 37-year-old Martyr Nimr Al-Jamal to his final resting place... Martyr Nimr Al-Jamal ascended [to Heaven] on Sept. 26, [2017] while carrying out an operation (i.e., terror attack) at the entrance to the settlement called Har Adar, during which 3 occupation army soldiers were killed. Since then his body was kept [by Israel], until he returned today borne on his friends' shoulders to embrace his town's soil and join the processions of Martyrs." [Official PA TV News, Feb. 17, 2018]

Here is a great example of how anti-Israel academics can get their propaganda spread by pretending to write about something altogether different.

Annabelle Lukin is an Associate Professor in Linguistics at Macquarie University. She has decided to spread her hate under the pretext of critiquing the verb usage on stories from Gaza as not being adequately pro-Israel.
The recent killing of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli forces has sparked not only a reasonable outcry, but commentary on the language journalists use to report these events.

[O]ne of the most important but contested roles of modern journalism [is]the act of putting political violence into words.

The bad news for journalists is there is no neutral mode. If your words sound neutral, it’s likely you’ve simply avoided laying responsibility for the killings, or have imputed responsibility only indirectly.
She illustrates the story this way:

The entire article uses Gaza, and only Gaza, to make her point. Her Twitter account is littered with anti-Israel posts.

But it is ostensibly not an anti-Israel story but a critique of how journalists cover violence.

Maybe I'm just a rube, but while I agree that the wording of stories is important, accuracy should be far more important than "imputing responsibility."

Lukin's desired headline implies that those who were killed were merely protesters, the kind you might see in London or New York.

It is obvious that killing peaceful protesters is abhorrent.

But the Gazans were rioters, not protesters. Throwing firebombs, setting fields on fire with Molotov kites, gunfire and active attempts to invade another country are all military actions, not peaceful protest. Her suggested headline is deceptive, and knowingly deceptive.

Some 85% of those killed were linked to terror groups. That information is now known, and Lukin cannot claim ignorance since she clearly researched all the Gaza stories she could find. To portray them as mere "protesters"  - which most media did and continues to do is irresponsible journalism.

The offensive part of the Gaza stories isn't the grammar - it is the lies of omission in not describing the actual context of the riots as being a military operation, planned and executed by a terror group, using civilians as chaff to draw fire while the terrorists attempt to mount an invasion that would include murder and kidnapping. All of this is admitted to by Hamas itself.

To Lukin, the use of passive voice is a bigger problem than the media not doing their actual job of reporting.

Lukin is not concerned with facts - if they go against her hated of Israel.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
  • Wednesday, May 30, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
Here is a poster going around Palestinian media of students who were mowed down in the prime of their lives by evil Israelis so they couldn't attend final exams.

One Gazan translated this propaganda to English:

Every single one of these students were associated with terror groups.

Details of the first two can be seen in the most recent report by the Meir Amit Center

The student on the left is Bilal Badeir Hussein al-Ashram, who was a Fatah operative according to his Fatah branch in Gaza. Here's their martyr poster for him:

The middle photo is of Ibrahim Ahmad al-Zarqa, 18, who spoke often of his desire to become a martyr and who was active in Hamas' media bureau. Here's another photo of him:

The last student, Muhannad Bakr Abu Tahoun, 21, succumbed to his wounds last Thursday in a Hebron hospital (yes, Israel allowed him to leave Gaza to be treated in Hebron.)  He was also linked to Fatah and he was buried in a Fatah flag, as uniformed Fatah militants kissed him:

Three high school seniors killed. Every single one associated with terror groups. 

The coincidences keep piling up.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
  • Wednesday, May 30, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon

From AFP:

Tickets for an Israel-Argentina friendly in Jerusalem next month with Barcelona star Lionel Messi expected in the line-up sold out within 20 minutes, the Israeli company handling sales said.
The Le'an agency said on its website that nearly 100,000 fans applied for 20,000 tickets when they went on general sale Sunday evening.
"No sporting event has ever caused such hysteria in Israel," it wrote.
Prices ranged from 44 shekels (about $12, 10 euros) for children and soldiers to 825 shekels in the VIP area.
Another 5,000 places went to supporters of the Israeli national team in a pre-sale reserved for them and over 4,000 tickets were to be distributed to children from needy families.
The game will take place on June 9 at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem which has a capacity of 31,733 seats.
Palestinians, predictably, are freaking out, especially since the game is being played in Jerusalem.
The Fatah movement called on the Argentine government and people to cancel their friendly match with the team of the occupying state in Jerusalem, saying that conducting this match in the occupation state and in Jerusalem specifically is an attack on the rights of the Palestinian people, meant to mislead international public opinion, and exploit the sport and this game in particular in order to break the law and international legitimacy for the oppression and oppression of the Palestinian people.
A member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and its official spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi said in a press statement that Israel is exploiting a noble sport. One of [football]'s goals is to build bridges of love, peace and communication among the peoples of the earth, but Israel is turning it into racist political goals and to persecute others and create hatred. In Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian state, we are recalling that the blood of our children, our young men and women in Gaza whose blood has not yet dried up as a result of Israeli bullets, backed by an unjust American decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Sure Teddy Stadium is inside the 1949 partition lines, but apparently the Palestinians don't care about that any more. Anything that happens in Jerusalem is illegal unless they approve.

What really upsets them is that the entire idea of going to Israel came from star player Lionel Messi for good luck in the World Cup:

:If Argentina win the World Cup this summer, Israel can take some of the credit.
The Argentinian players — Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero et al — are due in Jerusalem on June 9 to play a friendly match in the Teddy Stadium, seven days before they kick off in their first match in the World Cup finals against Iceland in Moscow.
Many of the players are devout Catholics who believe that the opportunity to pray in Jerusalem will boost their World Cup chances.
Pope Francis, an enthusiastic fan of the Argentinean team, will reportedly send a personal emissary to conduct a special mass for the team in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Messi, the team captain, is in no doubt about how important the trip could be. He said: “I really want to visit the Holy Land and for Argentina this will be an important professional and spiritual journey and I’m convinced that coming to Israel ahead of the World Cup will do us good.”

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
From the Facebook page of Rima Najjar, an American-educated retired professor of English literature at Al-Quds University now living in Bloomington, Indiana.

Can't you feel the love?

This is the kind of peace that the BDSers and "moderate" Palestinians want. A desire for all Jews in Israel to rot in hell.

And, no, she isn't antisemitic in the least. She just believes that every other people can have a state but the Jews.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
From Ian:

France Is Hypocritical on Israel, the U.S., and ‘International Law’
Along with several other European countries, France has strongly opposed America’s decision to relocate its embassy to Israel’s capital. To support its position, Paris has claimed, on the basis of various UN resolutions, that international law militates against recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. These legal claims, writes Michel Gurfinkiel, are muddled—at best:

Both France and the EU claim that the 1949 cease-fire lines between Israel and Jordan in the Jerusalem area (the “Green Line”) are an international border. If this were indeed the case, those sectors in Jerusalem held by Israel [following the cease-fire] would be internationally recognized Israeli territory; accordingly, Israel would have every right to turn them into its capital, and the United States, or any other country, to locate its embassy there.

Likewise, France and the EU countries [already] recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s de-facto capital, since they routinely visit the Israeli government or the Israeli parliament there. Under international law, a de-facto recognition is as valid as a de-jure recognition. . . .

Paris and Brussels [therefore] point to Security Council Resolution 470, passed on August 20, 1980, which condemned the enactment by Israel’s parliament of a constitutionally binding law enshrining Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called upon the governments that had already established embassies in that city to withdraw them. Resolution 470 was largely based on the . . . General Assembly’s Resolution 303 of December 9, 1949.

However, Gurfinkiel argues, France refuses to apply the same logic to itself, as evidenced by the case of the island of Mayotte. Mayotte had been a French colony along with the other Comoros Islands, but when the Comoros became independent, its populace repeatedly voted to remain part of France, which to this day treats the island as its own:
Trump’s Israel Policies Compared To The Last 12 Presidents
With President Donald Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, his moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, his subsequent refusal to ratify the Obama administration’s Iran Nuclear Deal, and official statements from the White House twitter account such as:

"The U.S. condemns the Iranian regime’s provocative rocket attacks from Syria against Israeli citizens, and we strongly support Israel’s right to act in self-defense." – @WhiteHouse, May 10, 2018

(and all of this in just one year!), Trump has set the foundations for what could be the most stalwartly pro-Israel American foreign policy since Israel’s birth in 1947.

With religiously anti-Trump pundits (see here, or here) insisting that Trump’s policies and rhetoric are actually damaging to Israel and somehow worse than those of his predecessors, it’s worth taking a stroll down memory lane to see how past presidents perceived Israel, and how they conducted their foreign policies.

Barack Obama (Democrat) (January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017)
Barak Obama made strong statements in his campaign for the oval office, marketing himself as an ostensibly pro-Israel candidate. He even called Jerusalem the capital of Israel: "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided. I have no illusions that this will be easy."

When speaking with Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy bewailed Israel’s PM saying, "I can’t stand Netanyahu; he is a coward and a liar." Rather than defend Netanyahu, Obama replied, "You can’t stand him? I have to deal with him more than you."

Obama also signed 38-billion-dollars in aid to Israel. The 10-year foreign aid package came on the heels of Obama’s Iran nuclear deal which Israel warned would only further empower Iran and do nothing to mitigate its funding of terrorist organizations or pursuit of nuclear weapons. Moreover, under a provision of the deal called, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Israel is barred from receiving any additional funds with the notable exception of wartime.

As one of his final actions as US president, Obama refused to exercise the United States’s veto power in the United Nations, allowing a virulently anti-Israel resolution calling for a halt to Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem (a region Obama previously stated was without question part of Israel’s undivided capital).
Gaza electricity cut off after rocket strikes supplying facility
One of dozens of rockets launched Tuesday by terrorists from the Gaza Strip hit facilities supplying electricity to the Gaza Strip.

Due to the damage to the facilities, three lines supplying electricity to the southern Gaza Strip were stopped.

The electricity company said it would take several days to repair the equipment for a regular supply of electricity.

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz instructed the Israel Electricity Company (IEC) not to endanger its employees and to repair the problem only after a lull.

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
A Gaza newspaper shows this interesting image:

The article says that "a group of rabbis and settlers"  took a group of Chinese tourists through the Temple Mount area, describing where the Temple stood.

According to the article, "this is the first time that a foreign delegation has participated in breaking into the Aqsa Mosque." Obviously there are foreign tourists at the site all the time, but only when Jews walk around the periphery is it called "breaking into Al Aqsa Mosque."

It is a great idea for Jews to show Christians and other tourists the truth about the Temple Mount.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
Here's one of the more cynical PR moves by the anti-Israel crowd:

Activists Monday laid out 4,500 pairs of shoes in front of the Council of the European Union in Brussels to represent every person killed in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict over the last decade.

Members of the activist group Avaaz covered Jean Rey Square with shoes, donated by citizens across Europe over the last week.

It was part of what the group said was a "growing call for EU governments to protect Palestinian lives by reining in Israel’s government violence".

"Citizens across Europe have one clear message for our governments: Palestinian lives matter to us and they need to matter to you," said Avaaz Campaign Director Christoph Schott.

 If Palestinian lives matter to Avaaz, then why don't they count the nearly 4000 Palestinians killed in Syria in only the past five years? Not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have been forced to flee Syria and Lebanon or the institutional discrimination they suffer throughout the Arab world.

I fixed their banner to be a bit more accurate:

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
From Ian:

Findings of the ITIC’s examination of the identity of Palestinians killed in the events of the “Great Return March” (March 30, 2018 – May 15, 2018)
After preparations which lasted for about two months, mass riots began to take place every Friday near the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. The declared purpose of these demonstrations and riots, organized and orchestrated by Hamas, was to break through the border fence and have masses of people enter into Israeli territory. According to the Palestinians, this should symbolically realize what the Palestinians refer to as the “right of return” of the Palestinian refugees (i.e., the destruction of the State of Israel). Another objective was to bring the severe economic situation of the Gaza Strip into public awareness and exert pressure to “break the siege.” The demonstrations and riots still haven’t ended. Hamas intends to pursue them also during the forthcoming weeks, even at the cost of more fatalities.

Hamas aspired to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Gaza Strip residents to participate in these events. However, eventually, the number of participants did not exceed several tens of thousands. In the two peak events, on March 30, 2018 (Land Day, the opening events) and on May 14, 2018 (the day on which the US Embassy was relocated to Jerusalem), about 40,000 residents took part in the demonstrations and riots. On other Fridays, Hamas could not mobilize that many residents. During the rest of the week days, several thousands of people took part in the riots and there were also a number of attempts to carry out terrorist attacks.

The riots culminated in the events of May 14, 2018, with attempts, halted by IDF soldiers, to penetrate en masse into Israeli territory. The attempts to break into Israeli territory were accompanied by intentionally increased violence, throwing pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers; attempting to cut the fence; and sending Molotov kites, which set fire to fields in Israeli communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip. As a result of the increase in the number of rioters and the extensive violence on their part (which was unusual compared to previous incidents), the number of fatalities reached its height. Those fatalities consist of Palestinians who were in the front line of the rioters, most of them Hamas operatives.

PMW: Birthday in Paradise – suicide bomber’s preferred way to celebrate, says Fatah
Emphasizing the message to Palestinians that “sacrificing” oneself for “Palestine” and dying as a “Martyr” while carrying out a terror attack against Israelis is an admirable act, the Bethlehem branch of Abbas’ Fatah Movement lauded the female suicide bomber Andalib Takatka, who murdered 6 when she carried out a suicide bombing in 2002.

Fatah stated that the suicide bomber hurried and carried out her attack a few days before her birthday because she “preferred” celebrating in Paradise, and that “her desire to take revenge against the Jews” was stronger than her desire to blow out birthday candles:
Posted text: "Sixteen years ago, on April 12, 2002, heroic self-sacrificing fighter Andalib Takatka carried out a self-sacrificing operation in occupied Jerusalem that led to the death of 6 Zionists and the wounding of another 85...
It was a deeply moving sight to see Andalib read her will... while holding Allah's book and saying: 'This life is fleeting, pointless, and worthless, and the best thing man seeks is a dignified life in Paradise.' ... Andalib carried out the April 12, 2002 self-sacrificing operation, and did not wait until Sunday, April 14, in order to celebrate her 20th birthday. This was because she preferred to celebrate it in a different place and a different manner, and she hurried to extinguish the flame of her desire to take revenge against the Jews instead ofextinguishing her 20th candle in her father's house...
We all bow in admiration and appreciation before the soul of heroic Martyrdom (Shahada) seeker Andalib Takatka."

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement - Bethlehem Branch, April 12, 2018]
Peaceful Palestinian Terrorists Fire Peaceful Mortars At Jewish Kindergarten, Attempt Peaceful Murderous Border Breaches Against Israel
On Tuesday, Hamas fired an enormous wave of mortars into Israel, striking an Israeli kindergarten but causing no injuries. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis were forced to bunkers to weather the attack. That wave of mortars followed an attempt over the weekend by Islamic Jihad terrorists to cut through the Gaza border in order to murder Israelis in their beds; during the chase, terrorists fired at Israeli troops. One terrorist was killed, and another injured. The Israeli Defense Forces also announced that several days ago, Hamas attempted to fly a drone loaded with explosives over the border.

Israel has retaliated with targeted strikes against Islamic Jihad positions in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted out:

The media coverage of Hamas’ and Islamic Jihad’s latest acts of terrorism has been skimpy at best, even though just two weeks ago, the media went full-coverage over terrorist-organized riots on the Gaza border during the US’ Jerusalem embassy move. During those riots, Hamas announced that the vast majority of Palestinians killed had been Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, and stated openly that they were attempting to use protests at the border as a cover for paramilitary action. Nonetheless, the American and European media insisted that Israel was firing indiscriminately at peaceful protesters, and that the Jerusalem embassy move had been the cause of the violence.

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Agency Interpol intersectionality interview intifada intransigence IOTPA iran Iran International Iranian Labour News Agency Iranian proxies Iraq Iraqpundit Iron Beam Iron Dome Isa Qassim ISGAP Islam Islamic Action Front Islamic Jihad Islamic Jihad war crimes Islamic Judeophobia Islamic Nationalist Congress Islamism Islamophobia Ismail Haniyeh Ismat Mansour Israel Israel Hayom Israel is Apartheid Israel lobby Israel Loves America Israel Shahak Israel Space Agency Israel under attack Israeli Arabs Israeli culture Israeli Embassy Israeli high-tech Israelis Isreal Isser Coopersmith Izz al-Din Shuheil al-Masri J Street Jabalia jabalya Jabari Jabriya Abu Qinas Jacky Rosen Jalal Aref James Zogby Jamil Youssef Al-Shaboul Jan Grabowski Janina Struk Jared Kushner Jassem Al-Jurid Javaid Rehman JCPA JCPOA Jedwabne Jeff Benay Jenin Jeremy Appel Jeremy Ben Ami jeremy bowen Jerusalem Jerusalem Arabs Jerusalem Declaration Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Jerusalem Post jew hatred Jew in Name Only Jewish Agency Jewish Agency for Palestine Jewish Agency for the Land of Israel Jewish antisemite Jewish bankers jewish fiction Jewish geography Jewish Institute for National Security in America Jewish Lives Matter Jewish lobby Jewish prayer Jewish privilege Jewish refugees Jewish soldiers Jewish State Jewish supremacy Jewish Voice for Peace Jews Jews control the world Jews for Andy Jews for Rashida Jews from Arab lands Jews have always been Zionist Jews of Cairo jihad jimmy carter jinn JINO JINSA Jody Barrett Joe Biden John Fetterman John Hycranus John Kerry jokes jonathan cook Jordan Jordan is Palestine Jordanian Bar Association Joseph Massad Joseph's Tomb JTA Juan Cole Judaism judaization Judea-Samaria Judean Rose Judenfrie Judith Butler justifying antisemitisnm Kairos Kamel Abdallah Alawneh kangaroo court Kanopus-V Karama karate Karen Bekker Karen Hajioff Karish gas field Karl Vick KashmirWatch keffiyeh Keith Ellison Ken Burns ken roth Kenneth R. Stern Kerem Shalom Kevin Macdonald Khaled Abu Toameh Khaled Mansour Khaled Meshaal khalid amayreh Khalil Attia Khan Younis Khaybar Khaybar Sheikan Khayyam Khazar Khazar libel kill jews King Abdullah King herod King Hussein Bridge Kiryat Arba kleptocracy knife intifada Know How to Answer Kohanim Kohelet Policy Forum Koran Kotel Kotel HaKatan Kristyan Benedict KSA Ksenia Svetlova KUNA Kurdistan Kurdistan 24 Kuwait Kweansmom lab-grown meat Lahav Harkov land for peace laser defense Latrun Law Students for Justice in Palestine Lea Hadad League of Nations Lebanon Lech Yerushalayim leftists legal combatants legitimate military target lemonade Levant 24 life after wartime Life Of Jews In Arab Lands Linda Sarsour Linkdump Lior Hiaat Liverpool living with shame Liza Behrendt LOAC logical fallacy Long War Journal losing the war lost in translation lumish Ma'aan Maarat HaMachpelah Maariv Made in Israel Madees Khoury Madina Mahmoud Abbas Mahmoud al-Habbash Mahmoud Shtayyeh mahmoud zahar Maimonides Institute for Medicine Ethics & The Holocaust Mairav Zonszein Maj. Bar Falach Majed Faraj Majid Al-Fatiani Malaysia male violence Malki Roth Manchester Guardian Manchester United Maor Zemach Marc Lamont Hill Marcia Freedman Marietta Marjorie Taylor Greene Marty Gilbert martydom Martyrs Fund Martyrs of Uhud Marwan Bishara Masafer Yatta mashup mass grave Matan Peleg Matt Duss max blumenthal Maysir al-Dahamsheh Mazen Adi Mazen Al-Jabari Mazen Ghanem McGraw-Hill meat production media media bias media silence medical school Medina Mehdi Hasan Mehr News memes memri Menachem Begin MEP MEPPA Methodist Michael Lynk Michael Ross Michel Bahum Miftah Mike Pompeo Miloon Kothari mind control missiles Missionaries moderate Islam Moderate Palestinians Modern Diplomacy Mohamed Abdalrasool Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Al-Madhoun Mohamed Ahmed Saleh Hussein Mohamed Kharroub Mohamed Salah Mohamed Shtayyeh Mohammad al-Mahdi Mohammad Shtayyeh Mohammed Ahmed Nasrallah Mohammed Assaf Mohammed Barham Abu Draz Mondoweiss moonbats Mordechai Morningstar Morocco Mosab Shtayyeh Moshe Dyan Moshe Patel Moshe Zak Mossad Mounir Chafiq Mowaffaq Matar MSNBC Mudar Zahran Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad al-Durrah Muhammad bin Abdul-Karim al-Issa Muhammad Hamid Muhib Nabulsi Mukhareq Ibn al-Nadir Munich Munther al-Hayek murder Musa Rahhal music Muslim antisemitism Muslim Brotherhood Muslim education Muslims Mustafa Nasrallah mutual agreement Muwaffaq Sahweil Nabil Abu Rudeineh Nablus Nadia Fawaz Nadim Khoury Naftali Bennett Naharnet Nahum Shahaf Nakba Nan Greer Naomi Paiss Nasr Mahdi Nasri Shtayyeh Nasser al-Atefi Nasser al-Lahham Nassim Yassin Nation of Islam National Union of Judges Natural gas Navi Pilly Nazi Nazi Eagle Nazi Germany Nazi memorabilia Nebi Musa Ned Price Negev negotiations nepotism Netanya Netanyahu new york city New York Daily News New York Times News newspeak nftp NGO NGO lies NGO monitor NGO silence Nick Cannon Nidaa al-Watan NIF Nimr Yassin Madhoun Nizar Banat NLRB No Jews No News no-go zone Noah Phillips None is too many Noora Jebreal normalization norpac Northern Cyprus Norway NPR NSU Matrix NYT Occupation occupied Palestine occupied territory Oded Yinon offbeat olive oil Olympic massacre Omar Barghouti Omri Boehm One Day in September Online Journal Only in Israel op-ed open air prison Open Society Foundations Operation Benjamin Operation Breaking Dawn Operation Guardian of the Walls Opinion opinion poll osama bin laden Oslo Accords oxfam PA corruption paid trolls Pakistan PalArab lies Palestine palestine media watch Palestine Museum Palestine Papers Palestine Resistence Committees Palestine Times Palestine Today Palestinian Palestinian antisemitism Palestinian Authority Palestinian Bar Association Palestinian Constitutional Court Palestinian culture Palestinian education Palestinian Information Center in English Palestinian Legislative Council Palestinian media Palestinian National Covenant Palestinian Press Agency Palestinian propaganda Palestinian Return Center Palestinian Security Forces Palestinian sovereignty Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council Palestinian territories Palestinians pallywood palwatch Park Hotel parkour Passover pay for slay pchr PCPSR PCUSA peace Peace Now peace treaty Peel Commission Pesach Peter Beinart Peter Chamberlin Peter Pomerantsev Peter Thomas Petra Petra MB Pew survey PFLP Philippe Lazzarini philosophy PIJ Pioneers of Tomorrow pipe dream PLC PLO PMO Israel PMW poetry pogrom Poland political lobbying poll Popular Resistance Movement in Palestine positive reinforcement Poster poverty Preoccupied President Biden President Trump Priscilla Roberts Prisoners pro-Palestinian Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Prof. David Weisburd Project Nimbus propaganda protest Proud to be Zionist proxy war psychological projection Psychology Today Puar Purim purimshpiel Putin Qaradawi Qassam calendar Queen Esther quiet rewards Quora quotas Rabbi Jacob Herzog Rabbi Levi Duchman Rabbi Natan Ofner Rachel Ehrenfeld Rachel's Tomb racism Radzilow Rafael Rafah Rahalah Rai al Youm Rai al-Youm rally Ramallah Ramallah Live Ramon Airport Ramy Abdu Rashid Hassan Rashida Tlaib Ray Hanania Raya real liberals RealJerusalemStreets Reconstructionist Judaism recycled news reference refugees rejectionist religious tolerance Reporters without Borders Republican Jewish Coalition Republicans resistance Retribution is Life Reuters revisionist history Rex Tillerson Richard Falk Richard Landes Richard Silverstein Right of return Rina Shnerb Rivkah Lambert Adler Riyad Al-Maliki Roa Yora Robert Werdine rocks Roe vs Wade rogel alpher roger cohen roger waters Rome Statute Ronald Lauer rules of engagement running shoes Russia Rutgers Ruth bat-Seraph Saba Saba news Sabbath Laws Saeb Erekat Saed Abu Ali Safa Safwat Higazi Said Arikat Salah Hamouri Saleh Abu Muslim Salfit SAM Sam Ben Sheetrit Sama News Sanad Abu Atiyeh Sander Gerber Sarah Schulman Sarah Yocheved Rigler Sasson Somekh Saudi Arabia Saudi Council of Senior Scholars saudi vice Sawaleif Sbarro Pizza SC Res. 2334 scam second intifada See Shoot self-death self-death palestinians self-defense self-identity selling land to Jews Senator Cotton Senator Lindsey Graham Senator Ted Cruz Seraph Seth Frantzman Seth Rogen settlements Settlers sex crimes SFSU Shahar Saad Sharia Shawan Jabarin Shebab News Agency shechita Shehab News Sheik Jarrah Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi Sheikh Dr. Bassam Jarrar Sheikh Dr. Saad bin Nasser Al-Shathri Sheikh Hefzy Abu Sneina Sheikh Hussein Bridge Sheikh Ikrima Sabri Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek Sheikh Omar Al-Kiswani sheikh tamimi Sheikh Waheed Abdul Salam Bali Sheikha Hind bint Faisal Al Qasimi Sheikha Mai bint Mohammed Shelly Yachimovich Shield of David Shireen Abu Akleh shofar Shujaiyeh Simchat Torah Simin Fahandej Simona Sharoni Sinai Sir Lauterpacht soccer SodaStream Solomon's Stables sons of apes and pigs sorcerers sorcery Souq Al Qattanin South Africa Southern Syria Sovereignty Soviet Union Soyuz-Victan Speech Spencer Cox sports federations spy ring stamps Stanley Fischer Star of David Starbucks state of emergency StateDept Steven Bondy StopAntisemitism storming Al-Aqsa substandard construction Suhair Fahd Jaradat suicide bombing summer camp Superman superpowers supporting terror surface-to-air missile Suria El Jenobia sustainability Syria Syria Justice and Accountability Center Szczuczyn Taha Ghayyur Talumdic rituals Tamer Abu Bakra Tarabin Tawfiq Al-Tirawi Taybeh Taybeh beer television Temple Mount Temple Mount Sifting Project terr terror attack terror training terror victims Terrorism terrorist attack terrorist settlers Terrorists in Suits The Adventures of Robin Hood The Arc of a Covenant The Economist the Founder The Jewish Welfare Board The Laws of Armed Conflict The Media Line The New Arab The pawns of the Middle East The Rise of Ideologically Motivated Violent Extremism in Canada The View This is Zionism Thomas Friedman TikTok Times of Israel TIPH Tisha B'Av Tlaib Tohar Butbul TOI Tomer Ilan torture Tour de France Tourism toxic masculinity TPUSA trade deal Transjordan Trump Trump Lame Duck Test Trygve Lie tsunami of lies Tunisia Turkey two-state solution UAE UAE Accord UAV UCI UK Ukraine Ultrapal UN UN Human Rights Council UN OCHA UN Special Rapporteur UNCOI UNDP UNDRDP unesco UNGA 181 UNHCR unhrc UNICEF UNIFIL unintended consequenses United Arab Emirates United Nations United States Security Coordinator Unity University of Bern University of Vermont University of Wisconsin-Madison unrealistic unrwa UNRWA hate unrwa reports UNRWA-USA UNSCOP UNSCR 1701 UNSCR 242 unwra USA USAID useful idiots USSC vaccination Varda Vermont Vic Rosenthal victimhood violence against women Visa applications Vladimir Putin vodka volleyball Wadi Haddad Wafa Wafa News Agency Walid Fayyad Walter Russell Mead Wansee WaPo Waqf Washington Washington Digest Washington Examiner Washington Institute for Near East Policy Washington Post Watanserb Western Wall wheelchairs Whoppi Goldberg wikileaks William Bruckart Willy Brandt wine Winstanley Winston Nagan Witchcraft women in combat women's rights work accident work permits World Bank World Federation of Moroccan Jewry World Jewish Congress World Press Freedom Day World War I X-washing Y. Ben-David Yahya Sinwar Yair Lapid Yair Ramati Yamit Yaser Khalaf Yasser Arafat Yatta Yehuda Glick Yehuda Gluck Yemen Yeshiva Reuta Yevhen Korniichuk Yitzhik Ben-Israel YMikarov Ynet yoga Yom Kippur Yom Kippur War Yossi Melman Youseff Romano Youssef Qaddoum Youssef Salman Muhammad Qaddoum z can't make this stuff up zahran Ziesel Zionism Zionist zionist attack zoo Zionist entity Zionist invasion Zionist project Zionist propaganda Zionist spies Zionophobia Ziophobia ZOG ZOG lies Zvi

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