Monday, July 15, 2013

As we have seen numerous times in recent years, Muslims (and their useful idiots) are trying their hardest to say that the Temple Mount never housed either Jewish Temple.

However, a 15th century book by Jalal-addín [or Shams al-Dîn] al Síútí, translated in 1836 by James Reynolds, shows that Muslim tradition believed without a shred of doubt that the Al Aqsa mosque was built on the spot of both Jewish Temples.

The title of the book is "The history of the Temple of Jerusalem." It is some 600 pages long. It is filled with Islamic distortions of Jewish traditions, as can be expected, but it leaves no doubt that the Temple preceded the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Here are a few excerpts:
Know that there are many names, all expressive of the Glory of the place in question. Thus, to use the words of the author of the ' Descriptive Characters of the Mosques,' for forming a judgment upon mosques — " I have collected seventeen names of this Temple, all bearing upon the precious privileges (and pre-eminence) attached to the Masjidu- l-Aksa. It is called Al Aksa, because it is the most distant mosque towards which pilgrimage is directed.....Moreover, it is called the Consecrated House, (Baitu-l-Mukaddas,) ... signifying a pure place, sacred from idols. [Note the similarity between Baitu-al-Mukaddas and Beit Ha-Mikdash, the Hebrew term.]

...Al Makatil observes, In the land of the Baitu- l-Mukaddas did God call David and Solomon (peace be with both !) unto repentance. In the Baitu-l-Mukaddas God sent his angel to Solomon ; in the Baitu-l-Mukaddas God announced joyful tidings to Zacharias and to John ; in the Baitu-l- Mukaddas the angels showed a descriptive paint ing of the Tower to David ; in the Baitu-l-Mukad das God put all that walked the earth, or flew in the air, under subjection to David ; in the Baitu-l- Mukaddas, the prophets (God's peace and blessing be with them !) offered sacrifice ; upon the Baitu- l-Mukaddas the angels (peace be with them!) descend every night ...

Now we are told by Ibn Almubarak, from Othman, When God commanded David (with whom be peace !) to build this Temple, he said, O Lord, where shall I build it ? Who said, Where thou shalt see the angel with a drawn sword. David then did see the angel in that place. David there fore fixed the corner-stones of its foundation, and raised the walls ; but when the walls were raised, they were pulled down again. David then said, O Lord, thou didst command me to build a house for thee ; and now that I have raised the walls, thou dost pull them down. Then he said, O David, it is because I have not appointed thee my vicegerent among created beings; nor must thou alienate the place from its possessor without a price. As to that building, a man of thy sons shall construct it. Again, it has been said that the meaning of the building being pulled down after it had been raised, was, that the place be longed to the whole community of the children of Israel, every one of whom had a right in it.

...All this happened when he had reigned eleven years : but he died before he had accomplished the building, and enjoined his son Solomon (peace be with him !) to build it ; which he did, and built it in nine years : and when he had finished it, the children of Israel feasted therein upon twelve thousand oxen. It is again said, that the cause of this was, that David (peace be with him !) saw angels, with flaming swords, ascending by a golden ladder from the Rock unto heaven. Then said David, This is a place whereon it is fitting that a Mosque should be built to God Almighty. Thus therefore he built it ; but,dying before it was completed, he enjoined Solomon to build it ; who built it, and finished it.

...Again, by another tradition, Solomon, when he had built the Consecrated House, and finished it, closed up the gates, and fastened them, lest they should open : nor were they ever opened until he said, after the words of the prayer of his father David, " Open ye the gates ! let the gates be opened ! " Also, Solomon constituted ten thou sand companies of Readers of the children of Israel; five thousand for the day, and five thousand for the night; that there might not be one moment, by night or by day, wherein God was not adored....

Also, from the beginning of the building by David, unto the destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, and the overthrow of the dynasty of the sons of Israel, elapsed 454 years. Again, from Abu Abdallah Almubarek, the Temple re mained in ruins until it was built by a Persian king, named Kushak ; for Al Baghooee says Kooshan-Ibn-Kushak-lbn-Achundash, built it seventy years after its demolition by Nebuchadnezzar. Then certain weak kings conquered Syria; the kings of Rome giving them the government thereof. These kings caused Syria to embrace their Christianity, until God brought Islam. Among these kings was Jabil-Ibn-Al-Ayham. And God gave the Moslem an entrance into Syria, at the time of Omar-Ibn-Al-Khattab, (God rest content with him !). Then the Temple was surrendered to Omar by capitulation, and continued in the hands of the Moslem from the Omarian conquest until the Franks seized upon it, and wrested it from the hands of the Moslem, and ruled over it, under the dynasty of the Fa- themites, until God again opened Syria to the hand of the Sultan of Islam and of believers, Salah-ud-din, (God show mercy to him !) according to the victories and the great events which will be accurately embodied (please God!) in a chapter of this book, which is to follow.
The translator is unsure of the exact identity of the author, but apparently he is a well-regarded commentator on the Koran.


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