Thursday, April 30, 2009

  • Thursday, April 30, 2009
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From the Saudi Gazette:
An official source has categorically denied some news agency reports quoting US Foreign Ministry Undersecretary William Burns that King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, had greeted Israeli President Shimon Peres on the sidelines of the UN Cultures for Peace Conference in New York last November.

The statement made by Burns was false, baseless and untrue, emphasized the source.

The source also demanded the US Foreign Ministry to deny the news and issue an explanation and clarification to this misleading news report which will not serve the good relations between the two friendly countries.
From the vehemence of the denials, one would think that he was denying rumors that Abdullah raped a small boy.

Apparently, to the Arabs, greeting an 85-year old ceremonial leader of the Jewish state is just as bad.

And, yes, the name of the conference was indeed the Cultures for Peace Conference.

By the way,
Peres and King Abdullah did not shake hands or speak privately at the conference, though much ado was made in the press about the fact that they sat in the same room. This was the first time Abdullah remained in his seat while an Israeli leader spoke.
  • Thursday, April 30, 2009
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Iran has an earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale today.

As we've noted before, Iran is one of the most seismologically active areas on the planet. Over 7000 earthquakes have been recorded there. Here is a map showing where some of them have occurred, and when:

Is this the smartest place to build nuclear reactors, even for peaceful purposes?
A rare moment of diplomatic candor and truth:
Britain criticised Wednesday a report by a UN human rights investigator on Israel's Gaza offensive as "unbalanced", but insisted it was extremely concerned by the situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

Last month, the UN special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, said in a report that there was "reason" to conclude that Israel's massive military offensive on Gaza in December and January was a war crime, but the Jewish state slammed the report as "one-sided".

"The report of the UN Human Rights Council's Special Rapporteur is unbalanced and contributes little," junior foreign minister Bill Rammell said in a written reply to a parliamentary question published Wednesday.

Of course we already knew that. Nevertheless, this is a very good step towards discrediting the UN's serial liar and inveterate Israel hater Richard Falk.

  • Thursday, April 30, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
Two Palestinian Arabs were killed in another collapse of a smuggling tunnel today. Three others are missing.

There was also a stabbing death in Jenin on Tuesday night.

The 2009 PalArab self-death count is now at 72.
  • Thursday, April 30, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
The International Institute of Counter-Terrorism has released a comprehensive report of the discrepancies between the PCHR report on "civilians" killed in Gaza and the number of them that were militants.

It is a very nice report and the goals are identical with what Suzanne, PTWatch, Leon, Marc El and I have been trying to do here. And there is some fantastic information there in identifying Hamas and other "civilian" Gazans killed who were in fact terrorists.

However, at this time we've identified more militants than they have:
ICT’s research—based both on Hamas websites and on investigation into the circumstances under which people were killed—has so far individually identified at least 314 combatants; as this effort is ongoing, the number will almost certainly increase. 18 of these identified combatants were younger than 18, and thus counted as ―children‖ by PCHR. (Detail: 1 14-year-old, 4 16-year-olds, and 13 17-year-olds.)
We have identified 461 (226 that we found plus the 235 PCHR identified) of whom 12 were children.

Read the report, plus an adjunct report by Dr. Tal Pavel that lists every casualty mentioned in a Hamas website and the specific terminology given to describe the "martyr."

I will try to contact the team responsible for that report so we can swap information.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009
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Q. When is a news story about an international ring that removes kidneys from children and selling them on the black market not newsworthy?

A. When the ring is run by Arabs!

From the Yemen Observer:
The Egyptian authorities arrested members of an international gang accused of trading human body parts. The gang was captured by Egyptian authorities in collaboration with the Yemeni community in Egypt. The gang is accused of seducing ten Yemeni children to Cairo where their kidneys were removed in a hospital to be transplanted to patients in the hospital or be exported to other countries.

The gang is composed of 5 members headed by a Jordanian citizen named Fawaz Yosuf. The other four members of the gang are 3 Palestinians and a Yemeni national.

The gang was discovered when a Yemeni family living in Egypt informed the head of the Yemeni community there that their son was seduced by some people who took him to a private hospital and removed his kidney in return for US $5000.

However al-Gahmi affirmed that the arrested gang had links with an international criminal network that works in trading human body parts in Arab countries and in other foreign countries. adds:
The ring had already kidnapped ten Yemeni children and brought them to Cairo, he noted, but did not say whether the children had their organs removed.
And those are pretty much the only news stories about this crime to be found.
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
YNet mentions:
Thousands attended a Palestinian rally on Israel's Independence Day in the abandoned village of Kafrin, now a part of the northern town of Ramot Menashe.

The rally was in honor of the Nakba, a holiday marking the expulsion of Palestinian refugees from their land during the War of Independence.
Palestinian Arabs could have chosen to celebrate their Nakba Day on any day of the year. They could have chosen the day of the Deir Yassin massacre, or the day that Jordan annexed the West Bank. They specifically chose the day that Israel gained its independence - in order to detract from Zionist celebrations.

So we have the ironic situation where the major day to commemorate Palestinian Arab nationalism is timed to be staged to coincide with Yom Ha'atzmaut - a holiday based on the Jewish calendar!

To be sure, they will also "celebrate" their utter incompetence and track record of missed opportunities on May 15th, on November 29th, and on every other day they can find to gain photo-ops.

As we've seen before, the very essence of Palestinian Arab national identity is based not on anything positive about their own pseudo-history, but entirely on the negation of Zionist history. PalArab nationalism is by definition a negative movement.

(I expanded on this theme last year.)
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
From the Saudi Gazette:
The arranged marriage of an 8-year-old girl to a 50-year-old man, who has two other wives, has been annulled in an out-of-court settlement, court sources said Wednesday.

The settlement, mediated by a new judge at the court, was not without lengthy negotiations between the girl’s lawyer and the husband who clung on to the legality of the marriage until the end of the working day, when he finally agreed to divorce the child wife.

The parties involved were tight-lipped about the settlement. The lawyer, who was hired by the girl’s mother, was not allowed to talk about the settlement to the media until an official announcement of the divorce.

The previous judge in the case, Sheikh Habib Al-Habib, had first refused to annul the marriage last year. But he later said he would reconsider the case upon the girl’s appeal on reaching the age of puberty or upon her mother’s appeal.

Earlier this month, Sheikh Al-Habib ruled for the second time that the girl’s marriage to a friend of her father’s was legal and binding. The father is said to have married off his girl to his close friend to pay off a debt.

The divorce settlement will hence annul Sheikh Al-Habib’s verdict on the case that is being reviewed by the Court of Cassations.
The word "settlement" means that the new judge wouldn't annul the "marriage" until the "husband" was paid off and agreed to it...meaning that if the pedophile didn't agree, she would still be his.

Exactly like slavery.
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
Today, both the Firas Press and AlQuds Arabic websites are unavailable.

Given that both of those news sites are pro-Fatah, this seems to be a bit more than a coincidence.

The pro-Fatah Palestinian Press Agency was hacked a while back, and I know Firas had been hit previously as well.
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A couple of people decided to look up Nael Barghouti, the person I mentioned in my last post as supposedly the record-breaking prisoner. The only place we see that name mentioned is as the architect of the Park Hotel bombing that killed 20 in 2002.

If he is in fact that same guy, then the article quoted was even more of a lie than I thought. Barghouti would have only been in prison a maximum of 7 consecutive years and calling him a "political prisoner" would also be an outright lie.

Par for the course.

(h/t Soccer Dad and Henrik)
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
Ma'an writes:
On Friday, 1 May, Palestinian prisoner Nael Barghouthi will become the world’s record-holder for serving the longest running prison sentence in the world.

Barghouthi will have completed more than 31 years in Israeli custody by May, said Abd An-Nasser Farawna, a Palestinian specialist in prisoners affairs. On Friday, Barghouthi will break the Guinness World Record, which is currently held by Sa'id Al-Ataba, a Palestinian who was also in Israeli custody.

According to Farawna, Barghouthi was detained on 4 April 1978. He became the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner after his fellow prisoner, Sa’id Al-Ataba, was released on 25 August 2008 after efforts made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Al-Ataba spent 31 years and 26 days in Israeli custody.
The world record for longest time served in prison is only 31 years? And this is in the Guiness Book of World Records?

That might be news to this guy who served 64 years in an American prison. And that's just the American record.

Sorry, Nael, you'll have to work a lot harder to get into Guinness.

(It would be nice if Ma'an let us know the terror attack Barghouthi did, but, alas, that detail must not be relevant to the story. )
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
MEMRI has another horrific clip of pure anti-semitism - from our friends the Egyptians:
Egyptian Cleric Teaches a Child to Memorize Antisemitic Messages on Al-Rahma TV and Explains: The Understanding of What He Said Will Come

Following are excerpts from an Islamist children's program, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on March 6, 2009:

Child: Oh Allah, completely, destroy and shatter the Jews. Oh Allah, torment them with a disease that has no cure or remedy. Send a thunderbolt down upon them from Heaven. Oh Allah, torment them with every kind of torment. Oh Allah, send upon them flocks of ababil birds1 that will pelt them with stones of baked clay, and turn them into straw that has been eaten. Oh Allah, turn their women into widows – just like Muslim women were widowed. Allah, turn their children into orphans – just like Muslim children were orphaned. Oh Allah, bless the efforts of the mujahideen. Oh Allah, bring victory upon us soon. Amen, amen. Peace and blessings upon you.

TV host: Well done. Well done. I let him end the program on purpose. Of course, he memorized this, and the understanding will come, Allah willing. But this is one stage in becoming a future preacher.

1 Ababil birds are described in the Koran as dropping red clay bricks on the army of elephants sent by the king of Yemen to attack Mecca in 571 CE
I wrote the original essay around 2002 and I have been adding to it since then. Here is this year's edition:

In prayers every morning Jews say a phrase praising G-d, describing Him as המחדש בכל יום תמיד מעשה בראשית - He who continually renews the act of Creation. In other words, the Jewish concept of G-d has him in an active role keeping the universe running, and as such it is appropriate to praise Him.

It is a little hard to conceptualize this idea, that the very laws of physics, of the world turning and revolving around the sun is not automatic, but only occurs due to the constant will of G-d. But perhaps it is easier to understand this phrase if we apply it to the modern state of Israel.

Every single day that the Jewish state continues to exist cannot be explained adequately with historical or social or military reasons. Which means that we are witnessing a miracle every day.

The most recent years have been very hard for Zionists, as well as for religious Zionists. Yet when we step back and look at the big picture, Israel remains something to be very proud of.

Yes, I am a Zionist and I am proud of it.
I know that Israel has the absolute right to exist in peace and security, just like - and possibly more than - any other country.

I am proud of how the IDF is conducting itself during the current war on Palestinian terror. There is no other country on the planet, save the US, that would try to minimize civilian casualties in such a situation where innocent Israelis are being threatened, shot at, mortared, rocketed, and murdered in cold blood. At times there are discussions whether the IDF's moral standards end up being counterproductive - and what other army could one even have that conversation about?

I am proud of how the IDF performs while doing the most difficult type of battle, urban warfare, while maintaining amazing professionalism under fire and minimizing its own casualties. I defy anyone to find any other nation who has performed as well -- and as ethically -- under similar circumstances as Israel has done during the current conflict. I challenge anyone to find an example of a country that was as restrained under these circumstances as Israel has been.

I am also proud that Israel will investigate any mistakes that happen on the battlefield and keep trying to improve its methods to maximize damage to the terrorists while minimizing damage to the Palestinian people. Even when everyone knows that the world will accuse it of "war crimes," the IDF retains an incredibly high moral standards.

I am proud that Israel remains a true democracy, with a free press and vigorous opposition parties, while in a constant war situation. Any other nation, again besides the US, would have imposed martial law to maintain peace.

I am proud of how the IDF responded to the terror attacks of the early days fo the intifada, managing to bring deadly suicide attacks from 60 in 2002 down to a single attack in 2007 and one in 2008. The enemy has not stopped trying, and if Israel hadn't acted decisively things would look like Iraq today. For every "successful" attack (if you can use such a term) there have been many failed attempts, and these are truly miraculous.

I am also proud of how ordinary Israelis responded to the dark days of 2002-2004. People who lost loved one created charities in their honor; responding to horror with amazing strength and selflessness.

And, of course, I am proud of Israel's many accomplishments in building up a desert wasteland into a thriving and vibrant modern country, with its many scientific achievements, world class universities and culture. A tiny nation, under constant siege, with almost no natural resources besides breathtaking beauty, has used its brains - and strength - to build a modern success story. In a short period of time Israel made itself into a strong yet open nation that its neighbors can only dream of becoming.

I am proud that the vast majority of Americans support Israel as I do, and that the rabid terror-lovers we see on the Internet are the aberration.

There is a right and a wrong in this conflict, and I am proud that Israel is in the right.

Right after the Jewish prayer phrase I quoted above is this one: מה רבו מעשיך ה , "How great are Your works, O G-d." It is easy to find faults but in the big picture, the accomplishments are remarkable and need to be highlighted.

The word "Zionist" is not an epithet - it is a compliment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New York Daily News writes why Joseph Massad should not get tenure at Columbia, and they choose an interesting angle:
To the board of trustees of Columbia University we recommend reading a book titled "Desiring Arabs," written by a faculty member who aspires to a tenured, lifetime appointment.

The volume should also be of interest to gay and lesbian activists because author Joseph Massad accuses them of being anti-Arab conspirators.

Massad is associate professor of Arab culture and politics. His abhorrent views about Jews are well known. Now, his book reveals a man whose professed scholarly expertise amounts to crackpot racialist paranoia.

In a central thesis, Massad targets a movement he calls the "Gay International," made up of "white male European or American gay scholars" and advocates. He accuses this Gay International of, in effect, creating homosexuality in the Arab world.

He writes: "It is the very discourse of the Gay International, which both produces homosexuals, as well as gays and lesbians, where they do not exist, and represses same-sex desires that refuse to be assimilated into its sexual epistemology."

Echoing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's infamous claim on a visit to Columbia that Iran has no homosexuals, Massad attacks the Gay International for assuming that "homosexuals, gays and lesbians are a universal category that exists everywhere in the world."

Massad also asserts that the "white Western women's movement" had similarly tried to force gender equality onto "non-Western countries."

Columbia stands for respect regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation. Believing that the military's don't-ask-don't-tell policy discriminates against gays, the school bars ROTC from campus.

It is preposterous then that the university would consider tenure for a man who espouses that homosexuality may not be a global human phenomenon and argues based on race. Massad's scholarship is lunacy.

That he is personally unfit for tenure at Columbia has been clear. He has likened Jews to Nazis and written that they suffer from a kind of psychosis that makes Jews persecute Palestinians. His idea of academic freedom is throwing a student out of class for questioning his picture of Israel as the great Satan of the Middle East.

When last we wrote about Massad, it appeared Columbia President Lee Bollinger and the trustees had granted tenure. But that may not be so.

While the university refuses comment, it may not be too late for the board, composed of leaders like Chairman William Campbell, Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit and real estate magnate Philip Milstein, to do the right thing: Deny Massad tenure.
We took apart articles written by Massad here and here.
Just an everyday capital crime in the quasi-Palestinian Arab government.

You know, the one that accuses Israel of "racism."
A special Palestinian Authority (PA) military court in Hebron in the sentenced a Palestinian man to death by hanging after he was found guilty of selling land to Israeli settlers on Tuesday.

This is the first time a Palestinian court has handed down a conviction for treason in a case relating to land sales. The suspect is from the Hebron area.

PA courts have convicted Palestinians for collaborating with Israel in the past, usually for providing information about resistance fighters to the Israeli intelligence services. These convictions are based on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Revolutionary Code.
"Settler" is the latest code-word for "Jew" in the Palestinian Arab media. It is better than "Zionist" because everyone hates settlers. So,for example, stories about how Jews "desecrate" the Al Aqsa mosque by visiting it invariably refer to them as "settlers."

Since saying that it is a capital crime to sell land to Jews sounds suspiciously anti-semitic, it is easier to just call them "settlers" - as if a Jew from Los Angeles or Moscow would have any more right to buy land from Arabs who happen to live in the West Bank.
Nothing says friendship like giving gifts.

And nothing says more about the gift-giver than his choice of gifts.

For example, Barack Obama's gifts to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Queen pretty much screamed "clueless."

But that is trivial compared to the symbolism of other recent gifts given by prominent Arabs.

Jordan's King Hussein presented President Obama with a gift of a "royal weaponry set," including four daggers and an axe.

Because nothing says "peace" like instruments of war!

Last year, Abdullah gifted Defense Secretary Robert Gates with a steel dagger, and Bahrain gave him a $3200 Arab knife.

In 2006 and 2007, Prince Charles received a number of gold swords from Gulf states.

And last week, a group of Palestinian Arab Christians presented the Pope with a keffiyeh:
At the end of the service, two youths from the group were brought to the pope and draped the checkered black-and-white scarf on his shoulders. Benedict chatted briefly with them while wearing the scarf, which an aide later removed.
Now, what could a keffiyeh symbolize? According to Palestinian Arabs themselves, it represents nothing less than support for terrorism (a.k.a., "resistance"), something that the Left admits candidly among themselves - as this description from a socialist website shows:
In the 1960s, the kaffiyeh was renewed as a symbol of resistance as Palestinians escalated armed resistance in response to Israel’s 1967 invasion and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The resistance captured the world’s attention when Leila Khaled and other members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine—a Marxist group —wore kaffiyehs while hijacking five international airliners. These operations drew attention to the Palestinian struggle.

The kaffiyeh was made most popular by the late Yassir Arafat. He wore it draped around his head in the shape of historic Palestine throughout his years of participation in the resistance movement, then as president of the Palestinian National Authority.

...Thousands of women and men, young and old, now wear the kaffiyeh proudly as a symbol of resistance and solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.
What a great gift for a pope!
  • Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
Firas Press reports that suddenly, Ramallah and other West Bank towns are being covered in posters depicting Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen. No one is taking credit for this proliferation, but it is irritating residents and prompting uncomplimentary graffiti.

Message boards are trying to guess at the reasons for this, some suggesting that since he spends so much time traveling, it is to remind people what he looks like.

Abbas' people deny being behind this.

One analyst is quoted as saying that this is an attempt to solidify Abbas' (perceived) leadership, not only of the PA but also of the PLO, which Hamas had recently threatened to subvert by creating an alternative.

Either way, some towns in Fatah-ruled territory are starting to look like Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
  • Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
About a month ago, Hamas offered $3000 for men in Gaza to marry widows of "martyrs" as additional wives.

According to an article in today's Al Quds, they even had a date set for the group wedding in June.

For some reason, though, the grieving widows aren't rushing to become secondary or tertiary wives for strangers. The article interviews a number of the women, most of whom have no interest in this brilliant plan that is meant to "contribute to the reduction of social, psychological and economic problems in the Palestinian society," as one of the advocates of the idea says.

It sure is a mystery why women wouldn't be receptive to being pressured into marrying men who would get a few thousand dollars.

Perhaps more interesting is a sarcastic comment written in response to the article, by someone who clearly is not a fan of Hamas:
I have the solution!

I don't think we need an organization to solve this problem. All what you need is to find TEN men like EL RAYAN [I am assuming that he is referring to Nizar Rayyan, Hamas leader who forced his wives and childrens to die for his own entry into Paradise - EOZ], and there are plenty of them in Hamas, and have EACH marry nine like what EL RAYAN DID, and you will solve the problem. 100%10=10. you see, easy. and they will be happy to do it, because this is the only way to paradise. fast and easy way. and then, if he decides to get rid of them, he goes and sits in the house and wait for the enemy to blow the house up with every body in there, including children. then he goes to janah, and get another sixty to make seventy for his VIRGIN QUOTA. and that is it. la hawal wala quata ela belah. ["there is no power or strength except through Allâh ] they widowed those women, in conspiracy with the enemy and others in the region and now they want to help them by doing so.
  • Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
From Ma'an:
Fatah leaders Hakam Bal’awi and Nasser Yousef brawled on Monday in Jordan as the two attended a planning meeting ahead of the Sixth Fatah conference, sources inside the movement said.

A heated argument nearly came to blows during a late afternoon session of the planning committee, which has been preparing for a party conference set to re-think the structure and purpose of Fatah. As a result of the argument meetings for the conference were postponed.

According to insiders the fight broke out when Bal’awi suggested younger generations of Fatah members join the conference to ensure fresh ideas at the conference. Yousef categorically rejected the idea saying the meeting, which could have participants in the hundreds of thousands, in favor of keeping the meeting to the central leaders of the party.
When the barest suggestion of change causes old time Fatah members to freak out, what does that say about the possibility that they could ever compromise with their enemy?

Keep in mind that when Fatah says "younger generations" they are referring to the leaders of the intifada - of 1988.
  • Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  • Elder of Ziyon
(For an update and a summary, see this posting. A video summarizing this posting can be seen here.)

Using various public websites, PTWatch, Suzanne, t34zakat and I have identified no fewer that 363 terrorists killed by the IDF that have been reported as "civilians" by PCHR. 22 of them are called "children" by PCHR.

Out of 279 policemen killed, 209 have been identified as terrorists - 75%.

Here they are. The numbers represent the position they were on the PCHR list of casualties, and the links go to sites that prove they were not civilian (many of the ones at almoltaqa and alqassam include pictures of them with rockets and in uniform):

#2 Reziq Jamal Reziq al-Haddad (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member (photo) more
#3 Ali Mohammed Jamil Abu Riala (policeman) Al Qassam - South Battalion "struggling martyr"
#4 Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Badawi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades "fighter"
#5 Mahmoud Khalil Hassan Abu Harbeed (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#10 Mumtaz Mohammed Ramiz al-Banna (policeman) "Shahid Mujahid"
#11 Ahmed Hamdi Youssef al-Dreimly (policeman) listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, Al Qassam member
#12 Fares Isma’il Helmi al-‘Ashy (policeman)
#16 Ibrahim Mahmoud Abdul Hafiz al-Farra (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member since 2005
#17 Mohammed Abdul Karim Ramadan al-‘Aklouk (policeman) Al Qassam member picture
#19 Ra’ed Nazmi Mohammed Dughmosh (policeman) PRC/Saladin Brigades member
#20 Munir Mansour Ahmed Esbeita (policeman) Al Qassam member
#21 Deya'a Talal Kamel al-Habil (policeman) mentioned as al Qassam member
#22 Mayssara Hamed Mohammed Bulbul (policeman) "Hero Shahid" in ICT Al Qassam member
#25 Mahmoud Mtaw’e Mahmoud al-Khaldi (policeman) "Hero Martyr" in ICT Al Qassam member more
#26 Mohammed Khamis Hassan Habbush (policeman) Al Qassam member
#27 Shadi Jawad Khalil Qweider (policeman) - Al qassam member picture
#28 Jihad Ziyad Badawi al-Gharabli (policeman) Qassam Brigades member since 2006
#29 Mohammed Khamis Mohammed Baker (Zughra) (policeman) "al-Qassam Shahid"
#30 Ahmed Mohammed Nafez Abu Hadayed (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member (Ahmed Hamad Nayef Abu Haddaid)
#33 Adham Hamdy Al-‘Udeini (UNRWA student) Al Qassam Brigates Deir al-Balah Battalion
#34 Wafa'a Marwan ‘Ali al-Dsouqi (female) "martyred mujahid"
#40 Diab Rebhi Diab al-Haddad (policeman) Qassam Brigades member since 2007 picture
#41 Mohammed Tawfiq Mohammed al-Nemra (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member since 2003 (autotranslated as "tigress")
#42 Ziyad ‘Adel Mustafa al-Najjar (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member since 2006
#43 43 Sa'ad Mohammed ‘Antar Esleem (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades
#44 Mohammed Ziyad Sadiq al-Nabih (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member ("Shahid Fighter" on ICT)
#45 Hatem Khader Mohammed ‘Aiyad Al Qassam Brigades member
#47 Mohammed Baker Mohammed al-Nims (policeman) "Shahid" on Qassam sites (ICT)
#48 Mohammed Nabil Mohammed Barghouth (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member (Barghouth translates as "flea")
#49 Mahmoud Mohammed Hilmy al-‘Amarin (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#51 ‘Umar Baker Musa Shamaly (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#55 Mahmoud Juma'a Mohammed al-Labban (policeman) "Shahid" on al-Qassam sites (ICT)
#59 Akram Mohammed Ahmed Abu Zriba (policeman) Al Qassam member
#60 Ramadan Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Kheir (policeman) t=10158 also member of Al Qassam
#61 Adib Hassan Abdul ‘Aziz Abu Harb (policeman) PRC/Saladin Brigades commander
#62 Ahmed Hani Ahmed Qannou'a (policeman) t=10183 ("soldier" in Al Mezan)
#63 Salim Khalil al-Banna (policeman) appears to be Al Qassam member (picture)
#64 Tha’er Mohammed Hassan Madhi (policeman) Al Qassam member (picture)
#65 Mohammed Sa'adi Mohammed al-Qatati listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list also on Hamas list
#71 Wisam Abdul Majid Ibrahim al- Quqa (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#72 Farouq Fou’ad Mohammed Esleem (Salim) listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#75 Ahmed Mohammed Shreiteh al-Kurd (policeman) listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#77 Amjad Maher Ahmed Mushtaha (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member picture more
#79 Belal Mohammed Hussein ‘Umar (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member (more)
#80 Bassam Issa Qasem al-‘Akkawi listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR, Hamas member
#82 Mohammed Talal Kamel al-Habil Al Qassam Brigades member picture picture more
#83 Abdul Rahman Nizar Zuhdi Shahato (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member picture
#84 Suhaib Fawzi Salman Abdul ‘Al(policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member (and singer!) picture
#85 Yousif Rafiq Mohammed al-Deiri Al Qassam member (policeman) "Shahid Fighter" in ICT list
#86 Maher Isma’il Diab ‘Azzam (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member (a/t as "Beamsgirl")
#90 Yehia ‘Awni ‘Awad Muheisen listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR Al Qassam member
#92 Jamil Nasri Mohammed Abdul- ‘Al listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#93 ‘AliYahia Mohammed Banat listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#95 Hussam Mohammed Hammad al-Majayda (policeman) Al Qassam member since 2005
#96 Fayez Fayeq Ahmed Abu al-Qumsan (policeman) PRC/Saladin Brigades member more
#97 Walid Jabr Mohammed Abu Hein listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#98 Naser Abdullah Sha’aban al-Gharra (policeman) Qassam Brigades member
#99 Mohammed ‘Adnan Salim ‘Attallah (policeman) "Hero Shahid" in ICT (different location)
#100 Tala'at Mukhlis Khalaf Basal listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#101 Sha’alan, Abdul Latif Khalil Abdul Salam listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR, Al Qassam member
#102 Majed Tawfiq Mohammed Mteir listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#105 Mohammed Zuheir al-‘Aydi Abu Sha’aban listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#106 Ibrahim Yousif Ahmed Nofal listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#108 Rami ‘Amer Deeb Abdul Halim listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list picture web
#111 Ala’a Fadel Mohmmed ‘Afana (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#113 Tawfiq Jabr Mohammed Yousif(policeman) ID=34293 "Hero Shahid Major-General" (ICT)
#114 Ahmed Abdul Majid Hussein Abu ‘Oda listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR, Al Qassam Brigates Nuseirat Battalion more
#115 Hassan Isma’il Hassan Abu Shanab (policeman) "Mujahid"
#116 Abdul Rahman Ahmed Khamis aL-Shweiki listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#117 Ra'afat Nabil Sha’aban Shameya (policeman) Qassam Brigades member (Chamie) more
#118 Amjad Kamel Abu Jazar (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#121 Nahiz Salim ‘Awwad Abu Namous(policeman) postcount=8 Hamas member since 2007 "Qassami Shahid Fighter" in ICT
#122 Basil Jihad Mohammed Dababish (policeman) - "Mujahid" "Hero Shahid" (ICT) Al Qassam member
#123 ‘Asim Ahmed Hassan al-Sha’er (policeman) Al Qassam member since 2002
#124 Sami Tayseer al-Sayed al-Halabi listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, member of Al Qassam Brigades, policeman on PCHR
#126 Mohammed Khaled Asa'ad Shuheibar (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#131 Na’im ‘Ashour Ahmed Al Ghifary (policeman) "Shahid Mujahid" on almoltaqa
#132 Mohammed Hafiz Mohammed al-Kharoubi (policeman) postcount=14 "Shahid Fighter" on ICT
#133 Mohammed Salah Hassan al-Sawaf(policeman) mid=245, Al Qassam member
#134 Mustafa Mohammed Mustafa al-Sabbagh (policeman) "Qassami Fighter Shahid" in ICT (al-Zabai)
#135 Sharaf Mohammed Abu Shammala (policeman) Al Qassam member "Shahid" (ICT)
#136 Ahmed Mohammed Jamil Ba’alousha listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR, "hero shahid" by Hamas (ICT)
#137 Yousif Fawzi Salman Abdul ‘Al listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list "hero shahid" by Hamas (ICT)
#143 Isma’il Ibrahim al-Ja’abari (policeman) Al-Qassam commander Khan Younis more
#144 Hisham Mohammed Ali Abu Sharar (policeman) Al Qassam field commander, picture, picture
#145 Ahmed Abdul Kader Ibrahim al-Haddad (policeman) "Mujahid"
#146 Tamer Mohammed ‘Asafa (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al-Balah Battalion "Qassami Shahid Field Commander" (ICT)
#147 Rabi' Mahmoud al-Muzayan (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#148 Mohammed Salem Mohammed Abu ‘Abda (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Bureij Battalion
#153 Ibrahim Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu al-Rous (policeman) Al Qassam member (ICT "Hero Shahid" Ibrahim Abu Alrus)
#154 Wisam Ibrahim ‘Ayyash (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al-Balah Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT) - Ismail Haniyeh's nephew
#155 ‘Awwad Nafez ‘Awwad al-Qatshan (policeman) Saladin Brigades picture
#156 Mohammed Yahya Mhanna (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al-Balah Battalion "Qassami Shahid" in ICT
#157 Suheib Mohammed ‘Asafa (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Deir al Balah Battalion video "Qassami Shahid" (ICT)
#158 Hakim Rajab Mansi "Shahid" on al-Qassam sites (ICT)
#159 Hassan Sa'adi Hamdan Abu ‘Arbas (policeman) Al Qassam member
#160 ‘Umar Sa’id ‘Umar al-Lahham (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al Balah Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#161 Ahmed Salah Ahmed al-Lahham (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al Balah Battalion
#163 Yaser Mohammed Deeb al-Lahham (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al Balah Battalion
#164 Wasim Ibrahim Hassan ‘Azara (policeman) Saladin Brigades member
#165 Anas Sbeih Abdullah Abu Nar (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#167 ‘Imad Abdul Hamid Mohammed Abu al-Haj (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Nuseirat Battalion
#168 Mohammed Mesbah Hussein Hamad (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Nuseirat Battalion
#169 Mohammed Isma’il Abed al-Ghamri (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Maghazi Battalion
#171 Ramzi Rajab Khader Tanjara (policeman) "Hero Shahid" (ICT)
#172 Khaled Abdul Fattah Ali Abu Hasna (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Bureij Battalion
#174 Samer Heidar Hussein al-Qreinawi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Bureij Battalion
#175 Ahmed Mohammed Salama al-Qreinawi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Bureij Battalion
#176 Tamer Heidar Hussein al-Qreinawi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Bureij Battalion
#177 Majdi Nader Juma’a Jabr (policeman) Al Qassam member (sniper)
#179 ‘Issam Nabil Mohammed al-Gherbawi (policeman) Al Qassam member picture video
#180 Usama (Sami) Hassan Mohammed Abu al-Rish Al Qassam Brigates Maghazi Battalion
#181 Ala’a Nasri Mohammed al-Ra’i (policeman) Saladin Brigades member
#182 Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Abu ‘Amer (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Nuseirat Battalion more
#184 Abdul Rahman Nazmi Abdul Rahman Hamdan (policeman) "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT) more
#185 Mahmoud Hisham ‘Azmi Abu Dalal (policeman) "Shahid Fighter" in ICT (Dallal)
#186 ‘Azmi Hisham ‘Azmi Abu Dalal Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" in ICT (Dallal)
#187 Khaled Yousif Jabr Shahin (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion
#190 Shadi Abdul Majid Abdul Jalil al-Sabakhi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT) more
#192 Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim al-Jamal (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion more
#193 Yousif Mohammed Mahmoud Diab (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion more
#195 Ala’a Addin Ibrahim Abdul Rahim al-Qatarawi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" in ICT more
#196 Abdul Karim Sa’id Abdul Karim Wahba (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion more
#197 Mohammed Abdul Fattah Ahmed al-Qatarawi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion "Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#198 Tawfiq Ali Hassan al-Fallit "Hero Qassami Shahid" (ICT)
#199 Mustafa Yousif Mustafa al-Khatib (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion "Qassami Fighter Shahid" in ICT more
#202 ‘Adnan Ahmed al-Bheisi (policeman) "Qassami Shahid Fighter"(ICT) (al-Bakhizi) more
#203 Ahmed Jamal Ahmed Aal-Nuri (policeman) Al Qassam member picture
#204 Mohammed Hisham Salem Zahra (policeman) Al Qassam member
#209 Abdul Karim Isma’il ‘Ali Abu Jarbou’a (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Nuseirat Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#210 Rami Suleiman Ahmed Abu al-Sheikh (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Maghazi Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#211 Na’im, Aal-Sayed Abed Rabbu Mbit (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Bureij Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" in ICT
#212 Mohammed ‘Awad Yousif ‘Awad "hero martyr" in al-Qassam website (Abu Adbullah)
#213 Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Rahman Tabasha (policeman) "Hero Shahid" on ICT list
#214 Ghassan Mahmoud Isma’il Abu ‘Awwad (policeman) Al Qsssam member picture
#215 Ashraf Hamada Mustafa Abu Qwiek (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Bureij Battalion
#217 Mazen Mahmoud Abdul Aziz ‘Aleyan (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member video
#218 Hassan Atallah Mohammed Abdullah "Shahid Fighter" ICT (Chasan Ata Ala)
#219 ‘Asem Mohammed Sa’id Abu Kmeil (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#220 Tala’at Mahmoud Salman Salman listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list Al Qassam Brigades
#221 Reziq Mahmoud Salman Salman (policeman) "Shahid" (ICT) picture Al Qassam Brigades
#223 Ali Hassan Ahmed al-Mabhouh (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#224 Yousif Tayseer Harb Sha’aban "Al Qassam mujahid"
#225 Isma’il Jihad Isma’il Ghneim (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#226 Ni'ma Ali Ahmed al-Mghari (female) "martyred mujahid"
#230 Mohammed Mahmoud Hammad al-Najra (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member "Shahid Fighter" in ICT list
#232 Hashim Faris Hashim ‘Uweida "Al-Mujahid"
#234 Ahmed Maher Ahmed Abu Mussa (policeman) Al Qassam member
#237 Mohammed Na’im Shakshak (policeman) Al Qassam member bodyguard to #143
#238 ‘Ammar ‘Oda Faraj Shamali (policeman) "Shahid" on ICT
#243 Ahmed Naser Ahmed Tbeil (policeman) Al Qassam member
#244 Ali Abdul Rahim Mohammed ‘Awad (policeman) Al Qassam member since 2004
#245‘Umar Salman Salim Darawsha "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#248 Mahmoud Jamil Fakhri al-Khaldi (policeman) Al Qassam member (Mahmoud Khalil al-Khalidi)
#252 Yousif Ibrahim Mohammed Thary (policeman) Al Qassam member picture more
#254 Hassan Salem Hammed (Ali) al-Rahhal (policeman) Al Qassam Brigates Maghazi Battalion
#255 Zeyad Daoud ‘Oda Abu ‘Eyada (policeman) "Mujahid"
#256 Heidar Mahmoud Mohammed Hassouna (policeman) Al Qassam member
#257 Ayman Fou’ad Eid al-Nahhal(policeman) mid=252 Al Qassam member photo
#258 Hamdan Khamis Rabi' Abu Nqeira (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#259 Anas Fawzi Nafez Hamad (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades "Shahid Fighter-Corporal" (ICT - Chamad)
#260 Ahmed Abdullah Salem Al-Khatib PRC-Saladin Brigades field commander
#261 Hamada Ahmed Msallam Abu Daqqa listed as "resister" in PMoH list (#988)
#262 Mohammed Fou’ad Abu Sabra (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Deir al-Balah Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" more
#263 Qareeb ‘Umar ‘Abid "Shahid Fighter Karib Amar Abed" (ICT) "Mujahid"
#264 Shehada Abdul Rahman Hussein Kuffa (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Maghazi Battalion (Abu Mohammed Kuffa)
#265 Hatem Adnan Abu Sha'ira (policeman) "Shahid" on al-Qassam sites (ICT)
#266 Nizar ‘Ateya Hassan Abu Salem (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades/Nuseirat more
#267 Abdullah Talal Ibrahim Aal-Sane' (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades picture more
#268 Arafat Faraj Allah Sleiman Faraj Allah (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades/Nuseirat "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT) more
#269 Isma’il Ahmed Mohammed Salem (Hamdan) (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#271 Mohammed Yunis Abu Libda (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member Deir al-Balah Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" in ICT
#272 Khaled Radwan Ali Inshasi "member of Al Qassam Brigades" in PCHR; "resister" in Al Mezan
#273 Suleiman Subhi Mohammed al-Ghariz (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades/Nuseirat "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#277 Nabil Ahmed Mahmoud al-Beiram "Mujahid"
#279 (Mohammed Nour) Mohammed Reziq al-Fayoumi (policeman) t=10410 also member of Al Qassam brigades
#280 Ahmed Rasmi Mohammed Abu Jazar "Mujahid" 16 years old
#282 Mo’in Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Aal-Qen "Fighter Shahid" in ICT (Alkan)
#283 Salman Fahmi Hassan al-Astal (policeman in PCHR) listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#286 Haitham Yaser Ahmed al-Shaer (policeman in PCHR) Al Qassam member video
#288 Ihab Jaser Ahmed al-Sha'er "Mujahid"
#292 Salem Zeyad Mohammed al-Hallaq (Malalha) PRC/Saladin Brigades member
#293 Mohammed Hussein Abdul Ra’ouf al-Mabhouh (policeman) al-Qassam member
#295 Ali Abdul Ra’ouf Hassan Rihan listed as "resister" in PMoH list (#577)
#298 (and#344) Ahmed Abdul Latif Hussein Sa’ad Eddin (policeman) "soldier" in PMoH list #822, member of "Security and Protection" of Hamas, Al Qassam member
#300 Hamid Ahmed Mohammed al-‘A’araj (policeman) al-Qassam member since 2003
#301 Abdul Hai Shafiq al-Dahshan (policeman) al-Qassam member more
#302 Mohammed Fahmi Abdul Fattah Fahmi Tafesh "Shahid" (ICT) Al Qassam member
#303 Taysir Abdullah Mohammed Weshah (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#305 Basem ‘Umar ‘Awad Jundeya (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#306 Tareq Salah Diab Rahmi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member since 2005
#307 Samer Ahmed Deeb Ahmed (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#308 Belal Ghazi al-Raqab (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member since 2006
#309 Amin Fou’ad Mohammed al-Zerbatli (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member since 2006 photo
#310 Izz Addin Rafiq ‘Eleyan ‘Atallah (policeman) "Hero Shahid" (ICT) ( Az al-Din Rafik Alian Atallah)
#311 (and #317) Islam Mohammed Abdul Rahim al-Sahhar (policeman) Al Qassam member
#312 Anwar Rafiq ‘Eleyan ‘Atallah (policeman) Al Qassam member "Shahid Hero" in ICT
#315 Khalil Ramadan Salim al-Muranakh (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades listed as "soldier" (ICT)
#321 Mohammed Khalil Hassan Al Mukayad (policeman) "Shahid" on Qassam sites (ICT)
#324 Mohammed Farid Abdul Fattah Abdul Nabi (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#325 Mohammed Suheil Mohammed Hassan (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#326 Iyad Sha’aban Ibrahim al-Maqousi(policeman) ID=34972 Al Qassam member
#329 Ashraf Zuheir Mahmoud al-Sharbasi (policeman in PCHR) Al Qassam Brigades member
#330 Wa’el Yahya Mohammed Abu Ni’ma (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades field commander (Wael jdmef) more
#331 Hisham Ibrahim Salman al-Msaddar (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Maghazi Battalion
#332 Yaser Mohammed Hijazi al-Zarqa (policeman) "Shahid Fighter" in ICT list
#334 Abdul Azim ‘Adel al-Jadba Al Qassam Brigades infantry
#337 Ramiz Talal Ahmed Hamdan (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades Nuseirat Battalion "Qassami Shahid Fighter" (ICT) more
#340 Ahmed Fou’ad Mahmoud al-‘Askari (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#343 Mohammed Ahmed Helmi Jarada (policeman) Al Qassam member "Qassami Shahid" (ICT)
#349 Mohammed Nafez Sha’aban Mheisen listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#351 Tamer Saleh Abdullah al-Gherbawi Al Qassam Brigades member picture poster more
#353 Nabil Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Ti’eima "Shahid Mujahid" 16 years old
#362 Khaled Khaled Ahmed al-Huwari Al Qassam Brigades member
#387 Ayman Yousif Khalil al-Majayda listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, Al Qassam member
#398 Hussein Na’im Hussein ‘Abbas listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, as policeman on PCHR
#399 Mohammed Sa’id Mohammed Abu Hassira apparent Al Aqsa member (picture)
#401 Ihab ‘Umar Khalil al-Madhoun t=10244
#404 Sha’aban ‘Adel Hamed Hanif 16 years old "al Mujahid"
#405 Tareq Yaser Mohammed ‘Afana 16-years old Al Qassam Brigades member
#406 Ali Zuheir Mahmoud al-Houbi (policeman) mid=249 Al Qassam
#408 Mohammed Isma’il ‘Abed Abu Daqqa Fatah "mujahid"
#409 Mahmoud Majed Mahmoud Abu Nahla 16 years old "Shahid Fighter" in ICT
#410 Nafez Kamal Abdul Jawad Abu Sabet Fatah "mujahid" on a Jihad mission together with 408
#412 Nizar Abdul Kader Mohammed Rayan ID=34460
#415 Ghassan Nizar Abdul Kader Rayan 16 years old (Nizar Rayyan's son) "Al Qassam shahid" (his siblings are not mentioned)
#439 Wa’el Yousif Matar Abu Jarad listed as "resister" in PMH list
#458 ‘Umar Abdul Hafez Mousa al-Silawi journalist with Al Aqsa channel Al Qassam member
#459 Ra’ed Abdul Rahman Mohammed al-Msamha "martyr" picture with gun
#462 Sa’id Salah Sa’id Battah member of Al Qassam Brigades
#468 Mahmoud ‘Adnan Mahmoud Abu Ma’arouf (policeman) ID=34516 Al Qassam member "suicide bombing unit" in ICT
#478 Muhannad Ibrahim ‘Ata al-Tannani Islamic Jihad/Al Quds member
#484 Ibrahim Mousa Issa al-Silawi Al Qassam member
#493 Ahmed Khalil Saleh Abu Daf Al Qassam member (ICT - The Qassami Shahid-Commander of the Area)
#505 Qusai Reyad Mohammed al-Batrikhy "resister" in PoMH list (#375)
#511 Yaser Kamal Shbeir Al Qassam member
#519 Anas Fadel Na’im postcount=10
#520 Ra'afat Sami Ibrahim (Muharram) Al Qassam member
#524 Mohammed Khader Yousif Hammouda listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#526 Ala’a Addin Yahya Mohammed Zaqout listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list Islamic Jihad member more here
#527 Mohammed Hassan al-Baba listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list Islamic Jihad member
#529 Belal Abed Rabbu Mohammed Shehab listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, Al Qassam member picture #873 on PMoH
#532 Mohammed Khamis Hussein al-Kilani listed as "resister" in PMoH list (Mohammed Khamis Aqilan)
#533 Abdul Rahim Helmi al-‘Abed al-Ashqar listed as "resister" in PMoH list (#680)
#542 Mo’in ‘Ata Mohammed Hussein listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#547 Ghassan Ali Ali Abu al-‘Amarin listed as "resister" in PMoH list (#400, last name "al-Arabid")
#551 Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Ali al-Hila ID=34600 Al Qassam member
#553 Adham Na’im Mohammed Abdul Malik (17 years old) Islamic Jihad spotter
#563 ‘Usama Mesleh Suleiman listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, also on PMoH list
#568 Mohammed Akram Mohammed Abu Harbid member of Al Qassam Brigades
#569 Ahmed Hussein Abed Rabbu al-Mabhouh listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#571 Mohammed Mu’in ‘Ateya Abu al-Jedian listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#573 Mohammed Bashir Mohammed Khader member of Al Qassam Brigades in 2000
#576 Ayman Mohammed Mohammed ‘Afana (policeman) mid=248 Al Qassam member
#583 Mohammed Abed Hassan Barbakh ID=34600
#595 Usama Jihad Ali Abu Jbara Al Qassam member
#610 Basel Jihad Ali Abu Jbara Al Qassam member
#616 Issa Ahmed al-‘At’out listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#642 Mohammed Ibrahim Helmi al-Samouni Islamic Jihad member
#646 Ghazi ‘Awni Abdul Fattah Jaddoua’ PRC/Nasser Brigades member
#669 Mohammed Naser ‘Ateya Hamdona listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#674 Younis Mohammed Abdul Wahab al-Ghandour (policeman) listed as "resister" on PMoH (#788)
#678 Rami Yousif Mohammed al-Ghandour listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, #868 on PMoH list as "resister", more
#679 Suheil Ahmed Rashad al-‘Asali listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#681 Ahmed Hassan Abdul Karim Abu Zour listed as "resister" on PMoH site (#226)
#689 Mousa Mohammed Suleiman al-Jatali al-Qassam Brigades member
#722 Radwan Fayez Mesbah Al- Daia member of Al Qassam Brigades
#739 Sa’id Jamal Sa’id Abdul Dayem "Presidential Guard"
#747 Mohammed ‘Ayesh Mansour Abu Naser ID=34690
#761 Tareq Mahmoud Yousif (Hussein) "Presidential Guard"
#771 ‘Ateya Hassan Mustafa al-Madhoun DFLP National Resistance Brigades
#772 Zaher Mohammed Mahmoud ‘Abed "Al Qassam martyr" more
#773 Zeyad ‘Ateya Hassan al-Madhoun ID=35141 DFLP National Resistance Brigades
#782 Khaled Mohammed Fou’ad Abu ‘Askar "Abu Ezz" "al-Qassam Shahid"more
#783 Belal Hamza Ali ‘Ubeid "Abu Khalid" 17 years old Al Qassam member more
#804 Ahmed ‘Abed Hamad al-Hasanat listed as "resister" (policeman) on Al Mezan list, Hamas member
#805 Hassan Ahmed Masmah listed as "resister" (policeman) on Al Mezan list "Qassami Shahid Fighter" in ICT
#814 Abdul Rahman Jamil Badawi (Qasem) Al Quds member (mentioned in his brother's obit)
#823 Rezeq Sami Rezeq Sbeih listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#832 Mohammed Maher Nemer Badawi (Qasem) on "martyr's poster" Al Quds/Islamic Jihad member
#833 Ihab ‘Isam Rajab al-Harazin listed as "soldier" on Al Mezan list, al Qassam member
#834 Basel Nabil Ibrahim Faraj Al Aqsa Brigades "Shahid Mujahid"
#841 Ahmed Yousif Mohammed Hassanein Al Aqsa Brigades
#847 Abdul Karim Shafiq Hussein Hassan Al Qassam member
#857 Hamza ‘Oda Mohammed al-Khaldi (policeman) PRC member picture picture
#864 Tareq Mohammed Nemer Abu ‘Amsha ID=34746 member of Islamic Jihad also see here
#866 Jihad Rashad Mohammed al-‘Asali listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#876 Yousif Zeyad Ahmed Zaqout (policeman) Al Qassam Brigades member
#877 Jihad ‘Awwad ‘Oda Abu Mdeif ID=34777
#898 Mohammed Ali Hassan al- Sultan Al Qassam member
#901 Usama Sa’id Mohammed Lubbad Islamic Jihad member/recruiter
#908 Jamal Ahmed Hussein Nashwan hanou
#913 Sa’id Mohammed Yousif Abu Matar "Hero Fighter Shahid" on ICT list
#924 Sha’aban Mohammed Sha’aban Mushtaha (policeman) Al Qassam member
#936 Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Weshah listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list , policeman on PCHR (Wishah) more
#945 Mohammed Othman Khalil Ishteiwi Islamic Jihad/Al Quds member
#946 Mazen Sa’id Mohammed Abu Matar listed as "resister" (policeman) on Al Mezan list (h/t Suzanne)
#956 Sufyan Abdul Hay Juda Abed Rabbu "Presidential Guard"
#959 Amir Yousif Mahmoud al-Mansi Al Qassam member
#961 Samed Mahfouz Mahmoud Abed Rabbu, Islamic Jihad member, 16 years old
#964 Yusri Mahmoud Juda Abed Rabbo Islamic Jihad member
#969 ‘Ahed Kamel Shehada Banar listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list and PoHM list (#305)
#970 Shadi Fathi Ahmed Jneid listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#973 Sami Bashir Abed Sa’ad listed as "resister" (policeman) on Al Mezan list and PoHM list (#304)
#974 Ahmed Juma’a Suleiman al-Sha'er ID=34819 al-Qassam member
#975 Rashid Hamdan Shehda Dheir Islamic Jihad member
#978 ‘Ata Kamal Abdul Rahman al-Dahdouh (policeman) ID=34873 more
#979 Mohammed Mustafa Rebhi Abdul Khaleq Hussein Abed Rabbu Islamic Jihad member
#980 Abdul Mu'ti Rateb Abdul Mu'ti Salman member of PRC/Jihad Jibril Brigades
#982 Ibrahim Mohammed Ghali ‘Asaleya member of Al Qassam Brigades
#987 Ahmed Hamed Hassan Abu ‘Eita (policeman) member of Al Qassam Brigades
#992 Mohammed Jaber Mohammed ‘Eleyan 16 years old member of PRC/Nasser Brigades
#993 Rami Jamal Ramadan Salman member of PRC/Jihad Jibril Brigades
#1010 Ibrahim ‘Ayesh Taha Suleiman listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list picture #871 on PMoH (resister)
#1031 Munther Mahmoud Mohammed al-Jundi Islamic Jihad member
#1040 Mustafa Juma’a Ibrahim al-Basha Al Qassam member picture more
#1046 Issa Abdul Rahim Saleh Al Qassam member
#1047 Ahmed Ibrahim Mohammed Abu Jazar id=33598 Islamic Jihad member see also here
#1052 ‘Anan Nemer Sha’aban Mansour listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1054 Sa’ad Mohammed Abdullah Hassan ID=34937 also on PMH list
#1060 Abdullah Sa’id Saleh al-‘Imawi t=10309
#1067 Mamdouh Walid Asa’ad Shhiebar "Qassami Shahid" (ICT) (Shahibar)
#1068 ‘Eid ‘Oda al-Shandi listed in Qassam Brigades "field commander"
#1085 Ala’a Hamed Mohammed Abu Rida Islamic Jihad member
#1088 Hani Mohammed Abdullah Abu Rayyan listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1113 Amjad Fadel Abdullah Abu Rayyan listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1124 Feras Fayez Kamel Abu Samra 17 years old "hero martyr" on Paldf forum picture
#1128 Nedal Mohammed Hussein Abu Rida listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list; more
#1140 Ahmed Juma’a Ahmed Abu Jamous Al Qassam member
#1153 Walid Hamouda Mohammed al-za’about listed as "field commander" on Qassam Brigades site (h/t Suzanne)
#1156 Hammam Mohammed Hassan al-Khudary 16 years old Islamic Jihad member
#1162 Belal Jamal Isma’il Abu ‘Awwad 17 years old Al Qassam member
#1175 Seif Addin Mohammed Ibrahim al-Firani "Abu Hamza" Al Qassam Brigades member
#1178 Fares Mohammed Khalil ‘Abdeen listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1185 Hamdi Saleh Mohammed Hamada ID=34972 Al-Rish Brigades (Hamdi Farid Abu Hamada) Al Qassam member
#1193 Ahmed Mohammed Ayoub Khella listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1204 Khader Abdul Ghaffar al-Jadba Hamas "Shahid Fighter" (ICT)
#1211 Diab Abdul Kader Rajab Mkat Al Qassam Brigades "shahid fighter" (ICT)
#1213 Medhat ‘Abed Ali Banar listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list and PMoH list (#328)
#1216 Mohammed Nawwaf Ahmed Na’im listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1219 ‘Ahed Mazen Abdullah al-Ghura (policeman) Al Qassam member
#1229 ‘Imad Maher Saleh Ferwana (Ammar Maher Farwana) 17 years old listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, Al Qassam member
#1248 Jamal Taha Mohammed Mghames "Presidential Guard"
#1269 Abdullah Abdul Hamid Hussam Abu Mu’ammar listed as a "martyr" in Qassam Brigades Arabic site (h/t Suzanne)
#1275 Samer Mohammed al-‘Abed Abu ‘Aser, 17 years old, Islamic Jihad member (Saraya site down now, data from ICT)
#1289 Hussam Mohammed Ali Abu Daqqa listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1290 Ra’afat Khalil Hamdan Abu al-‘Ela listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list, Islamic Jihad member
#1294 Naser Yusif Abdul Hadi al-Siefi listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1300 ‘Umar Mahmoud Ramadanal- Mranakh Al Qassam Brigades member
#1311 Usama Jamal Mohammed ‘Ubeid "Qassam Martyr" more
#1314 Ashraf Rebhi al-‘Abed Banar
#1317 Abdullah Nawwaf Ahmed Na’im listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1333 Shadi al-‘Abed Ali Banar Islamic Jihad member
#1340 Jabr Mohammed Mohammed al-Dawawsa listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1346 Eyad Abdul Hay al-Najjar listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1358 Wa’el Khalil Mesbah Aal-‘Attar listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1359 Akram Khader Abdul Kader Ma'arouf listed as "resister" on PMoH list (#464)
#1367 Mohammed Abdul Hadi Mohammed Daher (policeman) listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1368 Amjad Majed Subhi al-‘Attar listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1379 Mohammed Naser Hashem al-Tatar Al Qassam member
#1388 Rezeq Salim Hussein Abu al-Kas listed as "resister" on PMoH list (#809)
#1393 Mahmoud Hussein Mohammed Matar listed as "resister" on Al Mezan list
#1402 Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed al-Bori’ (policeman) Al Qassam member since 2005

Terrorists with the word "Battalion" in their description comes from a list in an Al Qassam message board, describing them all as "Qassam martyrs" from various Qassam Brigades battalions. PCHR verifies their home location consistent with - although their deaths were not necessarily in the same places.

Obviously not every terrorist name is easily found on Arab websites, not the least because it is difficult to transliterate the Arabic consistently. At the very least, however, this proves that the PCHR definition of "civilian death" is a lie, and there entire methodology must be questioned.

Other notes:

#231 Salem Ahmed Salem Abu Shamla apparently killed by Hamas
#311 and #317 appear to be the same person (Islam Mohammed Abdul Rahim al-Sahhar, policeman)
#1366 and #1395 appear to be the same person (Khamis Nemer Abdul Latif Zughra, 22)
#504 is blank
#851 and #898 appear to be the same person
#298 and #344 appear to be the same person
#173 and #289 are the same person

Total PCHR victims 1408

#304 might be الشهيد القسامي/ يحيي شيخة Shahid Alksami / Sheikh Yahya


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