Wednesday, October 28, 2015

From Ian:

Losing Palestine
It’s not hard to understand why the Palestinians have struggled to come to terms with the Jewish presence in this sense. The barriers to recognition are immense. If the Jews can’t be made to leave, if the foundational strategy of scaring them off wasn’t rooted in an understanding of what that might entail – that is, of how the alternatives to this homeland might appear in the Jews’ collective psyche – then what is the value of Palestinian sacrifices made on the altar of this misbegotten strategy?
Indeed, if the Jews of “colonialist” Israel cannot be dislodged, does that mean they are not like other colonial projects that could be made to collapse? If they are not colonists who can be pushed back to Germany or Russia or Iraq or Morocco from whence they came, what are they? What is to be done with the fact of the enemy’s implacable claims to nationhood, which clash so directly with Palestinian claims?
Nations have rights, and do not lose these rights when they err. That is why Palestinian leaders are so fearful of acquiescing to Israel’s demand that they recognize Jewish nationhood; among their arguments against the demand, one is paramount: it amounts to recognition of Jewish national rights, a vastly more profound concession than Palestinian moderates’ acknowledgment of Jewish power.
Failure has not yet led to any serious consideration that the premise at the heart of the Palestinian strategy may be wrong. No Palestinian who matters, who shapes opinion or controls militias, is willing to be the first to acknowledge defeat.
And so even as Palestinian public opinion grows weary of the pointlessness of the current struggle, Palestinian politics remain trapped in the lingering uncertainty, an uncertainty that is Hamas’s lifeblood and validation: What if we are giving up too soon? What if a little more pain, a little more sacrifice, will yet redeem and restore all that has been lost?
Few really believe that anymore in Palestine, but none are yet willing to seek another path.
Extremists no longer welcome
The Arab world's silence during this recent wave of terrorism, led mostly by knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers, is deafening, and it represents a certain lack of support for the Palestinians.
The Arab nations seem willing to leave these radical elements to deal with the mess they have cause by themselves. This time, the wave of terrorism not only fails to represent the Arab struggle against Israel, it fails to represent even the Palestinian themselves.
The Arab world's roaring silence is actually commendable. In the past, the slightest of incidents in Judea and Samaria, let alone on the Temple Mount, would have been enough to see masses take to the streets. Now these streets are empty, even in places prone to unrest like Cairo or Amman.
Arab media has also marginalized the story, toning down the rhetoric, with the exception of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera, where incitement is a reflex. Even Ankara is reluctant to chime in. Arab media outlets have all but refrained from condemning Israel over the current unrest, and it seems that this time, it is in their best interest not to fan the flames.
13-year-old critically hurt in Jerusalem stabbing released from hospital
A 13-year-old Israeli boy who was critically wounded in a terror attack on October 12 in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood was released from the hospital on Tuesday.
The boy was one of two Israeli victims stabbed by Ahmed and Hassan Manasra, 13 and 15, respectively.
He was taken to the hospital in life-threatening condition, placed in an induced coma and connected to a respirator. He woke up and began communicating with medical personnel and family members over a week ago.
Last week, as the boy regained consciousness, Prof. Ahmed Eid, head of the hospital’s Department of General Surgery, who operated on the boy, said he “has a long path of rehabilitation still ahead of him.”
Eid on Tuesday told Israel Radio the boy had been clinically dead upon his arrival to the hospital. (h/t Yenta Press)

American who died in Jerusalem terror attack was peace activist
Richard Lakin, 76, died of wounds sustained on October 13 when two Palestinian men boarded a bus in Jerusalem and began shooting and stabbing passengers. It was one of the bloodiest attacks in recent violence in which Palestinian attackers killed 11 Israelis. In that time, 55 Palestinians have been killed, including 35 identified by Israel as attackers and the rest in clashes with security forces.
Lakin was originally from Newton, Massachusetts, and a longtime principal in Glastonbury, Connecticut. His Facebook page displayed an image of Israeli and Arab kids hugging under the word “coexist.”
Micah Avni said his father was a beloved educator and author of a book on teaching. He was an elementary school principal in the US and taught English in mixed classes of Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem after moving to Israel in 1984.
In the 1960s, Lakin was active in the civil rights movement in the US, marching with Martin Luther King and bringing students from Boston to the South for sit-ins, Avni said.
“He was a big believer in people and in peace and in being kind and he never hurt a soul in his life,” Avni said, adding that thousands of people from around the world have contacted him to express their shock and condolences after his father’s death.
Widow of Israeli Terror Victim Delivers Message of Hope, Not Hate
Keren Lakin, Richard’s widow, spoke to TPS (Tazpit Press Services) prior to her husband’s passing, and urged the Israeli and Jewish people not to seek revenge or embrace feelings of hate.
Keren described Richard as a man who had been dedicated to advancing freedom and peace his entire life. He was active in the U.S. civil rights movement before making aliyah to Israel 32 years ago, and once in Israel, he worked tirelessly to advance Israeli-Palestinian relations.
Keren recounted how an Arab doctor had come to visit her in Hadassah Medical Center, reminding her that not all Arabs and Palestinians are involved in the current wave of violence.
“Our family wants to get the word out that this was tragic and brutal,” Keren said, “but our feelings are what Richard’s [were]. We must individually, as a Jewish people and as a country look for options — and hate is not one of them. … We have to look for options so we can live here peacefully,” she said.
“[Assassinated Israeli prime minister Yitzhak] Rabin said to build a new Middle East together. This hasn’t happened yet, but we can’t lose hope,” concluded Lakin.
Israeli woman stabbed, moderately hurt outside West Bank supermarket
An Israeli woman was in moderate condition after being stabbed in the back in the Etzion Bloc in the West Bank.
The terror attack took place outside the Rami Levy supermarket at Etzion Junction.
The woman was conscious as she was treated by rescue personnel at the scene.
The Palestinian attacker fled the scene after the stabbing, but was caught and subdued by police. Initial reports did not indicate his condition, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.
“When I arrived to the scene, I saw an approximately 40-year-old woman sitting in her vehicle,” MDA paramedic Wally Wolfstahl said. “She was fully conscious and suffering from a stab wound to the upper body. People on the scene told me they put her in the vehicle after she was stabbed by a terrorist.”
Soldiers foil stabbing, kill would-be attacker in Hebron
A Palestinian was shot and killed in Hebron as he attempted to stab an Israeli soldier, the Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday night.
The would-be attacker drew a knife and tried to stab a soldier as his ID was checked at a “crossing” in the West Bank city, the army said in a statement.
“The force responded to the immediate danger with fire towards the attacker, resulting in his death,” the statement read.
The thwarted attack took place in the small Israeli enclave of Tel Rumeida in the divided city. The soldier was not injured in the attempted attack.
Violent demonstrations break out again in Hebron
Dozens of Palestinians rioted near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron on Wednesday morning, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at IDF and Border Police troops in the area.
In response, the soldiers employed various riot-control munitions, including rubber bullets and tear gas, to disperse the crowd of approximately 80 Palestinians, but the demonstration continued, an IDF spokeswoman told The Times of Israel.
“At this point we have not received reports of any injuries,” the spokeswoman said Wednesday morning. “However, this is still ongoing and there may be developments as the day goes on.”
Violent demonstrations have become a nearly daily occurrence in Hebron in recent weeks. Unlike other Palestinian cities in the West Bank, Hebron contains a Jewish population of several hundred people and, consequently, an increased Israeli military and police presence for their protection. Those soldiers and the checkpoints they operate become flashpoints for protests and riots.
Campaigners up in arms over 'wave of arrests' of soldiers
Legal rights campaigners are up in arms over a string of arrests and interrogations of IDF soldiers after allegations made by terrorists and far-left NGOs of "excessive force."
Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday, five soldiers from the Shaked Brigade of the Givati infantry battalion were questioned over allegations that they had used undue force against Arab rock-throwers in the El-Bireh area, close to Bet El in Samaria.
The five were eventually released after it was determined that they had in fact used reasonable force given the circumstances.
But attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu legal aid group, who represented the accused soldiers, had harsh words for their treatment nonetheless.
"Specifically during these days we are witnessing a wave of arrests of IDF soldiers at the hands of the military police, under suspicion that they used force against terrorists. We are talking about a scandal," he said.
"Why are the military authorities saying "amen" to the versions of events presented by terrorists or far-left organizations, instead of supporting the soldiers of the IDF?"
PreOccupiedTerritory: In Quirk, None Of Amnesty Witnesses To Violence Are Jewish (satire)
Amnesty’s eyewitnesses also, by coincidence, uniformly question the other evidence regarding the episodes, notably the use of knives or other sharp implements to attack Jews. To a man, the Arab eyewitnesses insist the knives were planted afterwards by Israeli police or military personnel, and that, despite ample video evidence of the attacks, the footage has all been doctored to support Israeli allegations. The uniformity of the testimony is triply striking given the constant glorification of stabbing on official and unofficial Palestinian social media and television, as well as Imams in mosques exhorting their flocks to go out and attack Jews. Statisticians are calling the data “uncanny” and “amazing,” noting that they have not seen such consistent results from random samples since documenting the sartorial fashion choices of inmates at the Buchenwald concentration camp.
“I’m at a loss to explain it,” said Professor of Mathematics Cora Layshin of Rutgers University. “You’d think that with so many Jews also in the vicinity – soldiers, security guards, passers-by, whoever – that, statistically, at least a few of the eyewitnesses consulted by Amnesty to provide testimony about these events would, naturally, be Jewish, but that’s not what we have here. It’s a fascinating indication that sometimes, random chance does the oddest things.”
A similar phenomenon occurred with Mr. Burns’s other recent work involving civilian casualties from the 2014 Gaza conflict, a coincidence that likewise flummoxes statistics experts. The reports and witnesses consulted by Burns somehow missed every single instance of the presence of legitimate military targets where the report’s victims were when killed, an occurrence that statisticians put at a likelihood of one in seventy billion. “This fellow Burns should buy a lottery ticket, stat,” said statistician Nate Silver. I’ve been in this field a long time, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing coincidences, but this is positively incredible.”
At press time, Burns was seen to be immersed in his favorite pastime, painting bull’s eyes around arrows that had been shot into trees.
Abbas urges Security Council to ‘protect’ Palestinians from Israel
Speaking to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Abbas also said Ramallah would continue its state-building efforts, including joining the International Criminal Court, and rejected any bid to reach an interim peace deal with Israel.
Abbas called on the UN, “more urgently than any time before, to set up a special regime for international protection for the Palestinian people, immediately and urgently.”
“The Security Council is requested to shoulder its responsibilities and to establish a special regime of protection for the Palestinian people,” Abbas told the body, adding that his people “can longer bear all these attacks” by Israel.
“Protect us, protect us, we need you,” he added.
He accused Israel of carrying out “extrajudicial killings against unarmed civilians and detaining their corpses,” a reference to a recent government decision to not release bodies of terrorists killed during attacks to their families for burial.
Temple Mount cleric calls to restore Caliphate, annihilate Jews
A Palestinian preacher held a rally calling for the Muslim Caliphate to return and 'annihilate' Jews on Saturday, as he stood at Judaism's holiest site.
"Allah willing, the Caliphate will be the one to liberate Jerusalem very soon, after annihilating the rulers of the wicked [Arab] mini-states,... and it will annihilate the Jewish entity," Palestinian preacher Ali Abu Ahmad said, accusing the Jews of "storming the place of the Prophet's nocturnal journey and defiling it."
He further called upon Allah to "annihilate the Jews" and to "bring the whip of torment cracking down upon them."
Footage of the rally was translated by the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (MEMRI).
Ahmad also incited against the West - including the US, Europe, Russia, and even Muslim states, stating that they are "killing Muslims everywhere" and that the "armies of the Islamic nations are our guns" against them.

Fathi Hammad Encourages "Plunging Knives in the Chests and Bellies of the Enemies"
Speaking at a Gaza rally, former Hamas interior minister Fathi Hammad said that Allah had created Man "only to wage Jihad, only to move forward, only to plunge the knives in the chests and bellies of the enemies." His address aired on the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV channel on October 19, 2015.

MK Tibi: Nothing More Exalted than our Terrorists
MK Ahmed Tibi, speaking at a Palestinian Authority event on September 1, 2011, carried by Palestinian Authority TV, told his audience: “Nothing is more exalted than those whom Israel dubs ‘Terrorists-Shahids,'” as seen in a video clip uploaded by Palestinian Media Watch (below).
The term Shahid is translated as Martyrs, but the meaning of the word in Arabic is deeper and more militant. Shahid, pl. Shuhadaa, is a religious Muslim term which literally means “witness.” This is the title given to a Muslim after his death, if he died while carrying out a religious commandment, or during a war for the faith. Arab countries use this term when referring to slain soldiers. In local Arab culture, the term is always used to describe Arabs killed in the Intifada, especially suicide bombers. The suicide bombings themselves are called amaliyat Istishadiah,” meaning acts through which one became a shahid.
In the enclosed video, MK Tibi says,
“In the history and struggles of nations, the shahid is the ultimate glory. There is no value more august than the Shahada (dying for Allah). The shahid is the trailblazer, drawing with his blood the path to freedom and liberation. The shahid is the symbol of the homeland. I extend my blessings to the thousands of Shaids in the homeland and abroad, and blessings to our Shahids and yours, inside the green line, those the occupier wants to dub Terrorists, while we say there is nothing more exalted than those who died for the homeland.”

Ceremony at East Jerusalem High School Includes Prayer for Martyrs ‘Who Sacrificed for Their Country’
The prestigious Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi girls’ high school in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah recently held a ceremony which seemingly expressed support for terrorism.
The official video of the event, which was posted by the school, featured a student reading a text which included a prayer for the souls of the shaheeds (martyrs), followed by a moment of silence in their memory. A sermon which included Koranic verses in honor of the “martyrs’” souls was read during the ceremony
Clarfield & Mansur: Then and now in Jerusalem
There is, however, another history of Muslim rulers over Jerusalem. It is contrary to Al-Husseini’s jihad against the Jews that became embedded in the politics espoused by Palestinians over the past century. Though this history has been deliberately obscured by advocates of political Islam or Islamism in recent years, it is all the more necessary today to hold Palestinians accountable for shredding their own Muslim tradition that holds the promise of religious coexistence and mutual respect among Christians, Jews and Muslims.
When the first Arab armies conquered Palestine, or the land of Israel, in 637, Jews stood witness. Muslim and non-Muslim sources recount the surrender of Jerusalem by the Byzantine Patriarch Sophronious to Umar, the second of the righteous Caliph of Muslims and a close companion of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. There were Jews in the company of Umar when he visited the Temple Mount and ordered the removal of filth accumulated on the site.
Jews were granted permission by Umar to live in Jerusalem and pray on the Temple Mount. They were allowed to build a synagogue there. Even after the completion of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Umayyad caliphs based in Damascus, the 10th century Jewish writer Solomon ben Jeroham (a Karaite) recorded that Jews prayed on the Temple Mount.
Khaled Abu Toameh: Jordanians slam Palestinian Authority for rejecting idea of security cameras at Temple Mount
Jordanians on Tuesday criticized the Palestinian Authority for rejecting the idea of installing security cameras at the Temple Mount.
The Jordanians noted that the idea of installing the cameras was aimed at “protecting the Aksa Mosque by documenting what’s happening at the site.”
PA officials have over the past few days dismissed the idea, arguing that Israel would use the cameras to arrest Palestinians “under the pretext of incitement.”
PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki said earlier this week that the Israeli-Jordanian agreement to install the cameras, which was reached under the auspices of US Secretary of State John Kerry, was a “trap.”
The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad quoted Jordanian politicians as denouncing Malki’s remarks as “inappropriate and unfair.” They said that the PA leadership should have relayed its position on the cameras directly to the Jordanian government instead of making such “inflammatory” public remarks.
Jordan seeking to stream Temple Mount footage online
Israeli and Jordanian officials said Tuesday that new surveillance cameras should be installed within days at the Temple Mount, with the goal of streaming the footage live on the Internet for maximum transparency.
The idea to install the cameras emerged during separate talks late last week between US Secretary of State John Kerry and the three sides with a stake at the shrine — Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians.
The details are to be worked out between officials from the site’s Jordanian controlled administrator — the Islamic Trust, or Waqf — and Israeli authorities, said a senior Jordanian government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with briefing regulations.
He said he expects the cameras to be installed in “days, not weeks.”
Defying ban, Arab Knesset member visits Temple Mount
A Knesset lawmaker from the Joint List of Arab parties ascended the Temple Mount Wednesday morning, breaking an order by the prime minister for Knesset members to stay out of the flashpoint holy site in a bid to ease spiraling tensions.
MK Basel Ghattas said on Facebook that he went to the site to send a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he can’t stop people from entering the compound.
“Netanyahu and Israel cannot prevent us from entering the mosque and it continues in altering the status quo and bolstering Israeli sovereignty and occupation of the site,” Ghattas, who is Christian, said.
According to the Ynet news website, Ghattas sneaked onto the site while wearing a disguise.
Netanyahu: Joint List MK ascended Temple Mount to provoke, not to pray
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on lawmakers to behave responsibly, after MK Basel Ghattas (Joint List) ascended the Temple Mount Wednesday in defiance of the prime minister's orders.
"The Temple Mount has been quiet for two weeks and we are making every effort to keep it quiet, but that bothers some people," Netanyahu stated. "I can assure you that Ghattas did not go up to pray, he went up just to provoke and inflame the atmosphere."
Netanyahu said he will "not let any MK, on either side, to light the Temple Mount on fire."
Disguised as a tourist, Ghattas said that he was able to enter the compound "smoothly and naturally," and that he visited all of its different areas, despite Netanyahu's instruction to police earlier this month to keep MKs off of the site.
Livid MKs call to bar Arab MK from Knesset
Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) called on Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein to remove MK Basel Ghattas (Joint List) from the Knesset on Wednesday, after he ascended the Temple Mount despite a blanket ban for all MKs.
"I call now to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein for the removal of Basel Ghattas from Israeli Knesset," Regev said. "Ascending the Mount against the Prime Minister's orders is a provocation that could cost human lives."
"We cannot let him and his friends take advantage of democracy to harm Israeli citizens."
NPR: Tracking Violence In Jerusalem: Here's What's On The Table
EMILY HARRIS, BYLINE: The idea, Steve, is to put 24-hour surveillance cameras in the holy site in the center of Jerusalem's Old City that is sacred to both Muslims and Jews, the Temple Mount or the Haram al-Sharif, Noble Sanctuary. The idea is that this would be video material that both sides would have access to. And one of the reasons that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he supports this idea is because he says this will help establish who's really starting problems in the compound.
INSKEEP: This is an area that's already fairly secure. You've taken me there. I remember gates. I remember some barbed wire. But you're saying they want to make it more like London - right? - where there are just cameras everywhere.
HARRIS: Well, there's cameras already everywhere throughout the Old City. What Israeli officials are saying is there's no sharing of video information, and they may not right now be able to see into certain areas of the compound - like inside the mosques and so forth. There's been a less enthusiastic response to this idea from Palestinian officials. There have been a couple Palestinian officials out there over the weekend saying that they worry that this would be a way for Israelis to track people - Palestinians - and then lead to their arrests. But it's obviously an idea that's been mooted with Secretary Kerry, with the king of Jordan, who has special authority here on this site, with Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the - the president of the Palestinian Authority. So what happens next is a technical team gets together, and we'll see where it goes. It is a political idea, and it's possible that there will be some road blocks to actually getting it implemented.
Arab, Jewish stabbers face attempted murder charges
Alaa Raed Ahmad Ziwad, who seriously wounded an IDF soldier and moderately injured three others in an attack earlier this month, is being charged with four counts of attempted murder, police said in a statement Wednesday.
Ziwad admitted to ramming his car into a female soldier on Route 65 near the entrance to Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, northeast of Hadera, and then stepping out of the car and stabbing three others at the scene.
Ziwad admitted to investigators his attack was “nationalistically motivated,” a police term indicating a terror attack. His confession marks a retraction from his initial claim that the attack was an accidental car collision, and the stabbings an act of self defense after he was attacked by onlookers.
An Israeli Jewish man who police say stabbed another Israeli Jew he mistook for an Arab in an attempted revenge attack, was also facing charges for attempted murder on Wednesday at the Haifa Magistrate’s Court.
Police said that Shlomo Pinto admitted to the attempted hate crime after he stabbed Uriel Razkan in an Ikea parking lot in the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Ata on October 13 because he mistook him for an Arab.
Poll: 58% back stripping Jerusalem Arabs' resident status
No less than 58% of the Israeli public supports canceling the resident status and its accompanying rights for Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem, according to a new poll released Tuesday.
The poll, conducted by the Midgam Institute under Dr. Mina Tzemach's supervision, comes after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu suggesting stripping residency from Jerusalem Arabs this week and announced he may take a tour of the area to consider the move.
Only 35% of the public oppose canceling the residency rights extended to Arab residents of Israel's capital, according to the poll which was conducted for the Knesset Channel.
Another question in the poll yielded troubling results regarding the status of Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital.
According to it, a 56% majority said they supporting transferring Arab majority neighborhoods of the capital to the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA), while 34% opposed.
Hamas official says Israeli Arabs aid the intifada
Senior Hamas politburo official Fathi Hamad has called for an increase in the terror wave sweeping Israel, and said Arab citizens of Israel are using their status to betray the state and facilitate the attacks.
Hamad, who previously served as Interior Minister in the Hamas terrorist government in Gaza, made the statements in an interview to the Hamas paper Palestine.
In it, he said the Palestinian problem has been abandoned and the intifada terror wave has come to remind Arabs and Muslims of their obligations towards "occupied Palestine."
"The intifada continues, and this is a popular intifada of residents of Jerusalem and the West Bank that enjoys support and aid from the Palestinians inside the occupation, in the diaspora and the Gaza Belt," said Hamad.
The term "Palestinians inside the occupation" is regularly employed to refer to Arab citizens of Israel. A number of attacks have in fact been conducted by Arab citizens, such as the lethal shooting and stabbing attack in Be'er Sheva's central station last Sunday.
PMW: PA daily cartoon urges women to become rock-throwers
The above cartoon from the official Palestinian Authority daily shows a masked woman swinging a slingshot with a stone in it, creating the Arabic letter Nun, which indicates the female form in Arabic verbs. The cartoon shows a Palestinian woman taking an active part in rioting and rock-throwing and encourages it. [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 27, 2015]
Recent photos published in Palestinian newspapers have shown the role of women in the current wave of violence. The official PA daily published a picture of a keffiyeh-masked young woman swinging a slingshot, with the text: "El-Bireh: A young woman throws [rocks] at them with a slingshot." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 27, 2015]
Another Palestinian daily published a photo on the front page showing a girl using a sling shot. Text below image: "A photo from the confrontations in Bethlehem." [Al-Ayyam, Oct. 14, 2015]
PMW: Fatah glorifies the knife
Abbas' Fatah movement continues to glorify stabbing attacks. The image above, showing a masked man brandishing a knife and holding up two fingers in a V for "Victory" was posted on the official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement with the text: "We'll be victorious or die." [Oct. 23, 2015]
In the same spirit of support for terror, Fatah publicized its admiration for a terrorist stabber.
The movement announced that it "escorts its Martyr son," Raed Jaradat, "who carried out the stabbing operation at the Beit Anoun Junction" to his "wedding," alluding to the Islamic belief that Martyrs marry 72 Virgins in Paradise:
"The path of the struggle Palestinian National Liberation movement Fatah, North Hebron branch, escorts its Martyr (Shahid) son to his wedding Raed Saket Abd Al-Rahman Jaradat who carried out the stabbing operation at the Bet Anoun Junction"
[Fatah Movement Official Facebook page, Oct. 26, 2015]
Whereas, in this case Fatah glorified the stabber, most of the time the PA repeats the libel, documented by Palestinian Media Watch, claiming Israel fabricates the stabbing attacks as an excuse to kill "innocent" Palestinians and plants the knives at the scenes of the attacks to frame them.
ISIS Posting Pics of Babies with Knives to Celebrate Jewish Stabbings
Social media is one of the tools ISIS uses to push its propaganda to the widest available audience. The Islamic terrorist group is not one to shy away from utilizing extreme shock value to proselytize its message of "death to the infidels." And that is never more apparent than in its latest spreading of images of very young children brandishing knives and adorned in Palestinian garb -- an obvious ode to recent stabbing attacks against Jews in the West Bank.
UK's Express published a few of the photos from Twitter and Instagram. Captions attached to the photos read:
"Teach your children to love Palestine and take up knives. Oh people of Palestine. The next generation will be the generation of stabbings and slaughter.”

“my little girl rebelling and rising up."
World Jewish Congress slams Palestinian 'culture of hate'
The World Jewish Congress issued a scathing rebuke of the Palestinians on Tuesday, lamenting what it termed a “culture of hate in the Palestinian media, in schools and on social networks.”
In a resolution passed during the organization’s Governing Board meeting in Rome, the international Jewish representative body both reaffirmed its endorsement of a two-state solution while casting blame for a recent escalation of violence on the Palestinian leadership.
“The series of attacks against Jews in Israel is the direct result of incitement by radical elements who call upon Palestinian youth to murder Jews,” the board asserted.
The WJC urged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, along with the leaders of regional Arab states, to refrain from the spreading of “malicious claims against Israel, especially using inflammatory rhetoric.”
Such rhetoric is used to “treat terrorists as heroes.”
Wiesenthal Center condemns ‘disturbing’ anti-Semitism in Morocco
The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed concern this week at what it described as a proliferation of expressions of anti-Semitism in Morocco.
Shimon Samuels, the center’s director of international relations, conveyed the concern Monday following the airing of videos from Sunday’s mass demonstration in Casablanca in support of Palestinians, which featured men dressed ultra-Orthodox Jews destroying a model of the Al-Aqsa mosque before being led as prisoners by armed men wearing kaffiyehs to a fake execution.
“These disturbing scenes come on the heels of other expressions of anti-Semitism we’ve seen in Morocco and may have a destabilizing effect not only in North Africa but among the Muslim communities in Europe, where Moroccans make up a large share of the population,” Samuels said.
He noted the presence in February of anti-Semitic literature such as Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and Henry Ford’s “International Jew” at Casablanca’s International Fair of Publishing and Books, which is billed as the most important book fair in the Arab world.
PMW report on PA education presented today in Israeli Parliament
Today, Palestinian Media Watch's director Itamar Marcus appeared before the Education Committee of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) to present PMW's report on Palestinian Authority Education. The committee convened the meeting to discuss the problem of incitement in Palestinian Authority education.
Marcus explained that PMW researched formal and informal PA education to assess the prominent educational messages impacting on peace with Israel. Tragically, the report documents that killers of Israelis are depicted by the PA Ministry of Education as heroes and role models for children. In addition, Marcus explained that the PA teaches that Israel has no right to exist and eventually will be replaced by "Palestine."
The members of the committee were shown that the PA has named at least 25 schools after terrorists, including mass murderers. For example, three schools are named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who led the most lethal terror attack in Israel's history, the Coastal Road massacre in 1978, in which 37 civilians were killed, 12 of them children.
Committee members were also shown a film from PA TV in which students expressed what Dalal Mughrabi means to them:
Egyptian Activist Hangs Israeli Flag, Calls for End to Media’s ‘Dishonest Reporting’ About Jewish State
An Egyptian-Muslim peace activist expressed strong support for Israel on Monday and called on major media outlets to halt their biased coverage of the Jewish state.
In a video posted on Facebook, Ahmed Meligy criticized the media’s “dishonest reporting” and “brainwash methods” in relation to the current wave of violence in Israel. Filming from Egypt, he spoke to the camera with Israeli and Egyptian flags hanging on the wall behind him. After proclaiming his passion for his home country, the activist said he hung the Israeli flag as well because Israel has the right to be recognized “in a proper, decent, honest way.”
Meligy specifically mentioned the BBC and The Washington Post for “undermining what’s going on in Israel to the point that they are trying to bury it, so the world won’t know.” He cited specific headlines from both media outlets, which report on Palestinians being killed, but fail to identify them as terrorists and attackers.
“Israel has the right to be recognized. What’s going on has to be mentioned fairly without these cheap tactics,” he said. “This [the biased reporting] has nothing to do with honesty. This has nothing to do with integrity and it’s a shame.”
The Egyptian activist urged the public to become the “true news reporters,” saying, “It is our duty to act and show the world what’s going on in Israel.”

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