Sunday, October 25, 2015

From Ian:

JPost Editorial: Unwanted guest
The decision by South Africa’s ruling ANC Party to host a Hamas delegation last week should have aroused shock and dismay among countries truly committed to achieving a more peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians than is currently the case. Instead, the silence was deafening.
South African President Jacob Zuma chose to meet with Khaled Mashaal, the leader of the Gaza-based terrorist organization that openly declares its intention to establish an Islamic state upon the ruins of the State of Israel.
As Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote in a letter to Zuma, “This meeting serves to legitimize Hamas, an unabashed terrorist organization, whose ultimate goal is the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian state through the violent destruction of the State of Israel.” Indeed, during the current wave of Palestinian violence in Israel, Hamas has called for an escalation of attacks against Israelis, including reportedly suicide bombings, and has publicly cheered terrorist attacks that have killed and wounded Israeli civilians.
“The reception of Hamas by the leader of South Africa and its ruling party gives official legitimacy to this terrorist, pro-violence, anti-peace, anti-Semitic organization,” the ADL said.
“This meeting will likely be seen as an act of hostility towards Israel, and create significant discomfort and apprehension among South Africa’s Jewish community.”
'Pro-Israel' J Street says Jews not indigenous to Israel'
It would seem to be a fairly basic principle for a pro-Israel organization to accept: that the Jewish people is an indigenous nation to the Land of Israel.
Not so for J Street and several other self-defined "liberal Zionist" organizations.
At the World Zionist Congress last week, a proposal entitled “Recognition of the Jewish People as Indigenous to the Land of Israel” was proposed by LAVI, a relatively small but active group of newcomers to the World Zionist Organization's legislative body.
While it seemed to be stating the obvious, the authors of the bill emphasized that expressing the principle of Jewish indigenous status in such clear terms was necessary to "answer... the core anti-Israel accusation that Jews are foreign colonialists in the country and instead affirms that the Jewish people have indigenous rights to live in their ancestral home."
But instead of receiving the unanimous support one might expect, the proposal faced dogged and determined opposition from J Street and other liberal factions - much to the incredulity of its supporters.
Making the opposition all the more bizarre was the fact that the bill clearly expressed that it does not necessarily "does not negate the indigenous status of any other people."
Bibi’s critics must not commit ‘Mufti denial’
Those who claim that Bibi singled out the Mufti from among hundreds of Nazi fellow-travellers and antisemites to ‘delegitimise’ the Palestinian cause ‘for political gain’ are engaging in ‘Mufti denial’.
How many antisemites went as far as the Mufti and recruited tens of thousands of Muslims to his three SS Bosnian Muslim divisions? They committed crimes so unspeakable that Yugoslavia demanded that the Mufti be indicted at the Nuremberg trials. According to Dr. Yosef Sharvit, the Mufti was even considered a greater Nazi criminal than Adolf Eichmann.
The failure of the Allies to bring the Mufti to trial meant that the Arab world was never de-nazified. Instead, 2,000 Nazi war criminals were given shelter in the Arab world, there to take antisemitism to stratospheric heights.
Antisemitism is not a by-product of the Arab-Israeli conflict: it has deep ideological roots. The Mufti’s alliance with the Nazis and with the German-funded Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, was not a mere matter of anti-colonial expediency. Their legacy of religious bigotry is still with us today, in the beheadings committed by Da’esh in Iraq and in the stabbings on Israel’s streets.
Some good may come out of the current controversy: more people may be moved to focus on the Mufti’s hugely significant role, a role that academia and the media have hitherto been inclined to ignore or downplay.

David Collier: Stabbings, the Mufti and Enid Blyton – the week that was
Rarely has that been more in evidence that over the last few weeks, when a false and deliberately inciting claim regarding a religious site, led to publicly made religious calls for violence that in turn led to acts of brutal murder against innocent Jews. For those that have missed the trick, this isn’t an issue about Israel at all, this, as with previous slaughters of Jews on exactly the same false premise, is plain old religious hatred.
The cries of hatred were just as those that have gone before, and in predictable fashion articles written by those supporting the claims or condoning the violence appeared. Some even implying that just a few short days remained until Al Aqsa falls to the Jews. Whether in 1929 or 2015, the method is simple, the reaction violent and the result is always the same.
So the press-corps clamoured up Blyton’s tree, in a frenzied effort to stand on their heads. To ignore the deliberate religious incitement and to place moral responsibility for the deaths of the murdering terrorists at Israel’s door. All this of course, whilst down here in the real world, Arab attempts to deliberately change the status quo at UNESCO by claiming religious ownership over several of the most important Jewish religious sites were almost universally ignored. Edgar Davidson’s blog on how historical events would have been reported using the same system, may be amusing, but there is an undeniable truth to what he is saying.
But it was the world (re)discovering the ‘amazing Mufti’ that provided the most acrobatic and flexible displays of journalism. This didn’t come about by accident, there is an indisputable and vitally important link between the Mufti led slaughter of Jews in 1920, the Mufti inspired slaughters of Jews in 1929, 1936 and 1941 and the current slaughter of Jews we witness today. It was for this reason, Netanyahu made mention of him in his speech. *All the other noise* around that speech is just static. Of course in Blyton-land, the reverse becomes true, so the focus becomes the badly worded comments, and the actual relevance becomes the static; hence the international uproar and front page news.
Keeping two ideas in our head at the same time: 1) Bibi was wrong. 2) The mufti supported genocide
In their zeal to pounce on the Israeli prime minister, British journalists and contributors (such as Jukes) fail to examine the more important questions regarding of Husseini’s legacy.
1. What is the connection between Husseini’s legacy of incitement, antisemitic propaganda (and support for genocide) and the current endemic antisemitism within Palestinian society?
2. What role does Palestinian antisemitism, incitement and conspiracy theories (such the “threat” to al-aqsa) have on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict including the recent wave of attacks?
Of course, these question will not be explored by most foreign journalists covering the region because Palestinian racism – or, for that matter, any evidence demonstrating that Palestinian nationalism is not now and has never been a liberal movement – is simply not part of their desired narrative.
The Holocaust is OVER
In 2000, before the so-called "second intifada," the New York Times wrote about Yasser Arafat's summer "war-game camps" in Gaza, teaching young Palestinian children how to prepare for the battle they would fight. That is fifteen years of learning to kill Jews -- and fifteen years of creating child soldiers: a violation of the UN Convention on Child Soldiers, and one reason so many young Palestinians are primed for violence. Any Palestinian now under the age of, say, 23 could have had that "training." In the summer of 2015, tens of thousands of teenagers in Gaza participated in these "summer camps" to learn from their Hamas teachers to kill Jews.
Even before that -- since the Palestinians created their own school curriculum 21 years ago, in 1994, under the Oslo Accords -- Palestinian children have been exposed to lies, incitement to violence and raw anti-Semitism, in the schools of the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA. Palestinians under the age of 30 spend most of their formative years in schools that deny the legitimacy of the State of Israel and that deny any connection of the Jews to the land.
We are currently seeing the results of the long-term abuse of Palestinian children by their parents and teachers -- abetted by the United Nations.
There have been many calls for the U.S. to defund the Palestinian Authority, either completely or in part. This week Congress, in rare bipartisan agreement, took up part of the challenge, stripping $80 million from $370 million of U.S. economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.
History provides a framework for understanding today's politics. The Mufti of Jerusalem was not only a kindred spirit of Hitler; he spent much of the war in Berlin as the guest of like-minded practitioners of Jew-hatred. If what happened in the 1930s and 1940s, however, is allowed to turn our attention from the current threats to the Jewish State, we will have granted them a belated victory they do not deserve.
IsraellyCool: Blast From The BBC Past
This is from 2005. Ten years ago. Do you think anything changed with the schools for Arabs in Israel and Gaza? Do you think any part of the Koran and Koranic Jew hatred cited in this documentary has changed? Do you think the attitudes of Muslims toward Jews have changed positively or negatively in the last decade? I wonder where the smiling, Jew hating little boys at the school in Gaza are now? How many of them have already taken up arms and died trying to kill Jews?
BBC Documentary - Blaming The Jews (Muslim Antisemitism) (2005)

The UNRWA story which has not appeared on BBC News
Back in early September we reported here on a story which the BBC did not find newsworthy at the time.
“Thanks to a lot of hard work from blogger Elder of Ziyon and the NGO UN Watch, the issue of antisemitic images posted on social media by some UNRWA employees has recently been brought to public attention.
“UN Watch released a new report today documenting 12 different Facebook accounts operated by UNRWA officials that openly incite to antisemitism and terrorism, and urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UNRWA chief Pierre Krähenbühl to terminate the responsible officials, condemn the offending posts, and establish a commission of inquiry, comprised of representatives of top donor states to investigate the culture of impunity for perpetrators of racism and incitement that pervades UNRWA.””
At the time, UNRWA’s spokesman Chris Gunness claimed that the report made “baseless allegation about anti-semitism” and urged journalists to ignore it.
Hebron Hero Kills Terrorist, Prevents Knife Attack on Woman Walking to Morning Prayers
A woman on her way to morning prayers in Hebron was rescued from a brush with death late last week by a fellow Jew, CBS News reported on Thursday.
Tzipi Schlisel was approached by a knife-wielding Arab, when a man intervened and shot the attacker dead.
“This [is] where a terrorist came with a knife, and the Jew that saved my life stand here and shoot at him,” Schlisel said, pointing to the street still stained with blood. “I feel that it could be my blood here. And I bless God that it’s my enemy’s blood and not mine.”
The aftermath of the attack was caught on video, which shows the man who saved Schlisel, wearing a kippah and a prayer shawl. He holds the gun he used to kill the Arab, as he stands near the dead body of the attacker with Israeli soldiers who arrived at the scene.
Soldiers fend off attempted stabbing in Hebron
IDF soldiers foiled a stabbing attempt by a Palestinian woman at the Tzalbanit checkpoint near the Tomb of the Patriarchs holy site in Hebron.
The attacker was shot and killed in the attack, according to reports.
According to the army, the woman approached the Hebron checkpoint shortly after 1 p.m. When soldiers asked her to identify herself, she pulled out a knife and walked closer to them while yelling.
Earlier Sunday, one person was injured in a stabbing attack in the southern West Bank, and troops are searching for the attacker. The attack occurred near the settlement of Metzad, east of the Etzion settlement bloc south of Jerusalem.
One wounded after being stabbed by terrorist in Gush Etzion
A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and moderately injured an Israeli civilian in Gush Etzion on Sunday.
The incident began when Palestinians hurled rocks at an Israeli vehicle near the settlement of Metzad. The driver exited his vehicle and was stabbed in the chest by a terrorist.
IDF units are searching the area for the attacker.
The 58-year-old Israeli man was evacuated in moderate condition with a stab wound to the upper body and rushed to Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem.
Paramedic Ram Naimi said that when they arrived at the scene, there was a car pulled over on the side of the road with its rear-view window smashed. The stabbing victim was walking near the vehicle, fully conscious despite his wounds. He was also suffering from a head wound from a rock thrown at him. Naimi said that the man remained in a stable condition throughout the incident
Police: Beersheba attacker was in contact with Hamas, planned attack well in advance
An Israeli Beduin who carried out a deadly attack last week at the Beersheba central bus station was in contact with Hamas before the attack, which was planned well in advance, Negev police said Sunday.
Investigators working the case found that before the attack – during which Muhand al-Uqbi, a 21-year-old native of Hura, shot and killed IDF soldier Omri Levi and wounded several other Israelis – al-Uqbi had been in contact with Hamas for a long period of time before the attack and that on his phone he had pictures of Hamas members, weapons, and other materials.
That information came to light in a statement put out by the Negev police on Sunday, as they presented a pre-indictment motion against al-Uqbi’s brother, who will be charged with failing to prevent a crime, after investigators determined that he knew his brother had acquired a pistol and was “going through a process of radicalization due to the events on the Temple Mount and did not report it.”
The statement on Sunday also revealed a series of details about the attack that had been under a gag order up until then.
Jewish Group Warns Islamists in France May Seek to Emulate Palestinian Stabbings After 3 Wounded in Antisemitic Attack in Marseilles
A rabbi and two others were wounded in an antisemitic stabbing attack on Saturday morning near a synagogue in Marseilles, France, local media outlets reported.
According to the European Jewish Press, one of the victims, a woman in her fifties, was stabbed twice in the stomach and sustained serious injuries. Doctors say her wounds are not life-threatening. Immediately after the assault, the victims fled to the nearby synagogue where their wounds were treated.
The assailant, a North African man in his 30s, was heard shouting antisemitic slurs during and after the incident, and was arrested near the scene of the attack shortly afterwards. According to French daily Le Figaro, he was known to police and was found to be heavily intoxicated. He was also reported to have a history of mental illness.
French antisemitism watchdog the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) thanked the police for their swift response and said that the perpetrator should in no way be granted any leniency due to his mental state. The group pointed out that the attacker had the presence of mind to identify Jews, attack them and shout antisemitic slurs. (h/t Yenta Press)
Protesting terror surge, thousands march in anti-government rally in Tel Aviv
Thousands of left-wing Israelis turned out in Tel Aviv on Saturday night for a rally condemning the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for what they called its poor response to the current security situation. They demanded Netanyahu resign, and said security could not be restored without negotiations with the Palestinians on a permanent accord.
The rally, organized by the left-wing Peace Now organization, was held under the headline “No security without a diplomatic solution.” The group said some 6,000 people were in attendance. Other estimates put the figure at 3,000.
Marching from Rabin Square to the IDF’s Kirya headquarters, the protesters waved banners reading: “Bibi, go home” and “Stop the madness.”
The protesters also chanted slogans such as “Jews and Arabs don’t want to hate each other” and “Israel, Palestine, two states for two peoples.”
NGO Monitor: Greasing the wheels of hate
In order to maintain a prolonged terror campaign, it is imperative to cultivate a deep-seated hatred. This hatred reverberates with university graduate students, law students, phone company employees with a steady and decent paycheck, and even the minds of 13-year-old children. More than anything, however, such a campaign requires funding. Indeed, along with the Palestinian Authority, this terror industry is propelled by European elements, including those with affiliations to European Union governments. Despite their declared ambition of promoting peace and understanding, they are essentially providing this terror campaign with all the fuel it needs -- incitement, justification and glorification.
Imams in mosques and the leaders of Fatah and Hamas use the old libel of "Al-Aqsa is in danger" to incite the Palestinian masses. Other organizations, however, also contribute to this narrative, which has proved its effectiveness. For example, the Alternative Information Center, which is registered in Israel and is directly funded, among other sources, by the EU, published a call for "solidarity with the popular Palestinian resistance," while warning that "fanatical groups of settlers supported by the government ... are desecrating the [Temple Mount] compound ... and are calling to destroy the mosque." In addition to accusing Israel of colonialist policies of ethnic cleansing, it is also claimed that Israel and "Zionist militias" are responsible for the destruction of hundreds of churches and mosques since 1948.
H.Res.293 - Expressing concern over anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement within the Palestinian Authority passes
U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs has unanimously passed H. Res. 293, a bipartisan resolution that condemns incitement within the Palestinian Authority.
Sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), with 57 co-sponsors, the resolution urges President Abbas and Palestinian Authority officials to “discontinue all official incitement” and applauds attempts by both people at co-existence
Abbas demands 'incentives' to stem Arab terror wave
Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has demanded that Israel provide him political incentives in exchange for his efforts to stem the latest wave of Arab terror, Channel 10 reported Saturday night.
Israel, however, is reportedly reluctant to agree to Abbas' demands and has only offered the Palestinians technical solutions.
Abbas attended a series of meetings on Saturday with both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jordan's King Abdullah on calming tensions in the region.
According to Channel 10's report, Abbas made clear in the meetings his expectation that Israel release the fourth round of security prisoners - a condition for talks during US-sponsored negotiations a year and a half ago. Those prisoners contain several convicted murderers.
He also demanded an official statement from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announcing the resumption of negotiations under these agreed upon conditions.
PMW: Abbas honors cartoonist ‎who promotes hate and violence
As Palestinian terror attacks and rock throwing continue unabated, Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas has chosen to honor a cartoonist from the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam whose latest cartoons encourage Palestinian violence and rock throwing at Israelis, as shown by Palestinian Media Watch.
Abbas awarded Baha Al-Bukhari with the Palestine Order of Merit for Culture, Sciences and Arts. Abbas explained his choice, stating that Al-Bukhari received the award due to the fact that his work “fits Palestine and its resolute and full culture.”
“The president [Abbas] awarded the Order of Merit for Culture, Sciences and Arts to the creator and artist Al-Bukhari in recognition of his creative path in plastic arts and cartoons, and out of recognition of his life full of giving, actions, struggle, and beauty, in a way that fits Palestine and its resolute and full culture.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 22, 2015]
A recent cartoon (above) shows a whole Palestinian family prepared with rocks in their hands and ready to attack.
Text above the cartoon: "The rocks of 2015!!"
Text on man's arm: "Allah is with you, Abu Al-Abed." (name of cartoon character)

A map of "Palestine" next to the text on the arm includes the PA areas as well as all of Israel. [Al-Ayyam, Oct. 13, 2015]
Incitement to Violence from Gaza's Islamic University
From the Facebook Page of the Student Council of Gaza's Islamic University
The University held a festival, in front of a packed audience
Incitement to violence takes place in all levels of Palestinian society. Government, mass media, social media and the educational system are all complicit, and this remain a huge obstacle to a lasting peace in the Middle East
Gaza Preacher Raises Explosives Belt in Friday Sermon: We Will Turn You into Scattered Body Parts
In an October 23 Friday sermon in Gaza, Abu Hamza 'Ashur raised an explosives belt in the mosque, saying: "The next martyrdom-seeking operations will be carried out with explosives belts... By Allah, we will annihilate you with it. We will turn you into lifeless corpses and into scattered body parts." The sermon was posted on the Internet.

Gaza Soccer Commentary Continues to Praise Terror Attacks
In a recent Gaza League soccer game between the Khan Yunis and Al-Hilal teams, the commentator interjected praise for terror attacks in the West Bank. "Hebron is speaking with a machine gun. With its head held high, it attacks with bullets," he proclaimed during the game, which was broadcast on Amwaj Sport TV on October 24, 2015.

Gaza Parents Name Their Newborn "Knife of Jerusalem"

Palestinian leaders, Jewish activists reject cameras on Temple Mount
Less than 24 hours after US Secretary of State John Kerry lauded the idea of placing round-the-clock surveillance cameras on Temple Mount as a means of ensuring calm at the holy site, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki on Sunday called the idea “a trap.”
Speaking to Palestinian radio on Sunday, Maliki warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assurances Saturday that Muslims would be allowed to pray on Temple Mount while non-Muslims would only be allowed to visit the site were not credible.
Netanyahu, he said, had promised King Abdullah of Jordan and Kerry that Muslims would be granted unrestricted access to Temple Mount ahead of the month of Ramadan last June, only to restrict the age of men eligible to enter to above 40 or 50.
“We are falling into the same trap once again,” Maliki told the radio station. “Netanyahu cannot be trusted.”
“Who will monitor the screens of these cameras? Who will record the movements of those worshipers wishing to enter? How will these cameras be employed, and will the recordings later be used to arrest young men and worshipers under the pretext of incitement?” Maliki wondered.
Yehuda Glick: The world must accept Jews on the Temple Mount
Yehuda Glick, the head of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation which campaigns for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, has denounced news that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has agreed to tighten Jordanian control over the holy site, and maintain a blanket ban on any forms of Jewish worship.
"Prayer is a internal, spiritual act that no military or police can prevent," said Glick.
Despite the latest setback for the struggle for Jewish prayer rights on Judaism's holiest site, Glick sounded a defiant note, saying the fate of the Temple Mount would not be decided by diplomats.
"The reality on the Temple Mount will not be determined by speeches and not even by international pledges to cameras, but rather by facts on the ground, he said.
"So I am calling on all who want this country to continue and remain Jewish, to be connected to the traditional of Israel going back to Biblical times: come and show it on the Temple Mount. We must make condition the world to accept Jews as part of the natural landscape of the Mount."
Making sense of the Middle East, chapter 389
Jordan wants Israel to remove Aqsa surveillance cameras
- Agence France-Presse, December 17, 2013
Israel agrees to Jordan’s proposal to install cameras at Al Haram Al Sharif
- Jordan Times, October 25, 2015
Still waiting to see if anyone in the mainstream media thinks this is worthy of comment. (h/t Yenta Press)
British Rock Band ‘Status Quo’ Psyched for Upcoming Gig on Temple Mount (satire)
Saying they had no idea that Israelis and Palestinians were such passionate fans, members of British rock band ‘Status Quo’ said they were honored and excited by the wave of demand for them to play on the Temple Mount, one of the holiest sites in Judaism and Islam.
“We had no idea we had such a following in the Middle East until we saw [U.S. Secretary of State] John Kerry on TV saying ‘The only way to prevent violence is to have the Status Quo on the Temple Mount,” the band’s frontman, Francis Rossi, told The Mideast Beast. “Well, we’re certainly willing to do our part to bring peace.”
After hearing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say he was committed to the Status Quo on the site, the band purchased plane tickets and began packing their bags.
“We sort of wish the prime minister had called us directly,” Rossi noted upon landing in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. “But either way, we’re just happy to be here so we can finally bring this conflict to an end.”
Band members admitted they were disturbed to hear Palestinian officials urging their followers to stab and run over innocent Israelis in order to prevent Israel from changing the Status Quo.
Arab men indicted for gleeful posts hailing terrorist murders
Two Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem, Omar Hilwani, 18, and Mahmoud Abdel Latif, 23, were charged Sunday in the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court with supporting a terror organization and incitement to violence, for posting gleeful messages on Facebook after heinous terror murders.
The charges were filed with the approval of the Attorney General, as is required by law in cases like these, where some might cite freedom of expression as a factor against filing charges.
On the day after the murder of Eitam and Naama Henkin Hy"d, Hilwani posted Naama Henkin's picture, accompanied with the texts – "whoever is happy, let him write Allahu akbar," and "The Jewish settler woman who was murdered in the attack in which she cursed the prophet Mohammed at the Al Aqsa mosque, thank God and Allahu akbar."
He added: "You who cursed the prophet, a curse upon your father, you jerk. Thank God we got rid of you."
Attorney claims teen terrorist 'not responsible' for his actions
Jerusalem Magistrate's Court extended the remand of teen terrorist Ahmed Mansara on Sunday, keeping the stabber in police custody for another six days.
Attorneys Tariq Bargut lawyers and Leah Tzomel said that he was "humiliated" by the investigation and claimed Mansara - who carried out a brutal stabbing spree in broad daylight - is "not responsible for his actions."
"Although he had a knife, he did not stab anybody," they claimed. "His cousin stabbed. This is a 13-year-old boy not responsible for his actions."
In a stabbing attack two weeks ago, Ahmed and 15-year-old cousin Mahmoud first pounced on a 25-year-old man, stabbing him repeatedly and leaving him seriously wounded, before attacking a 13-year-old Jewish teen on his bicycle.
The Israeli boy was left fighting for his life and is still hospitalized in critical condition.
Mahmoud was shot dead by police after charging at them with a knife, but Ahmed Mansara survived after being hit by a car, as he ran across the street with a gigantic knife.
Mansara admitted to the press last week that he intended to kill Jews in the attack.
Bedouin Leaders to Jordanian King: declare war on Israel
More than 50 Bedouin leaders have published a joint statement in which they call on Jordanian King Abdullah to create a military unit tasked with "liberating" Jerusalem.
"Arab regimes in general, and the Jordanian regime in particular have shirked their religious, national, and ethical responsibility towards the most important Arab and Muslim problem, the Palestinian problem," the statement read, according to the Arabi 21 news site.
"The events in the occupied land and at the al-Aqsa Mosque would not have happened if it wasn't for the incompetence of governments and their actions in the service of the Zionists, Americans, and national enemies."
San Francisco Protest in front of the Israeli Consulate
In 2008, 8 students were massacred in the school library of Mercaz Harav, in Jerusalem. 15 were wounded. Jewish websites were filled with photos of the blood-soaked library. The rest of the media was strangely silent. The world, it seems, does not mourn dead Jews.
In a gesture near sociopathic in its scope, anti-Israel activists in the Bay area took to the streets to protest, lest anyone in the city pay attention to the dead Jews. I recall them standing in front of the Israeli consulate chanting “Stop killing our children”. Our hearts were broken over the lives lost, and still they taunted us.
They felt no compassion for the slaughtered children, who were, after all, only Zionists. Settlers. Anything to strip them of their essential humanity.
That scene was repeated last Thursday at 6, again in front of the Israeli consulate. I watched, from a safe distance, while local extremist groups called for the destruction of Israel. The usual chants of “From the river to the sea” were punctuated with “we support the Intifada” and "ba ruh, ba dam, nafdeek ya Filistin" ("with our blood we will redeem you Palestine”). In case their intent was unclear, a new chant “We don’t want 2 states. We want 48”, referencing all of Israel, pierced the air. Activists standing by the “Jewish Voice for Peace” banner did not blink an eye.
Muslim Family Hangs Israeli Flag in South Florida Store Window (h/t IsraellyCool)
South Florida's Jewish community is keeping a close eye on all the latest developments in Israel. In the heart of one of the most heavily populated Jewish neighborhoods, there's an unlikely show of support from one business.
You could say the Muslim family from Turkey running the tailor shop in Surfside is threading the needle. Threading it between cultures, religions and nations.They've hung an Israeli flag in their store window to make a statement.
"Actually, the Muslim people want peace and unfortunately, the only country in the Middle East that wants peace is Israel and that's why I want to support them," Duran Agba said.Agba, along with his brother and sister, said Turkey has felt a lot of pain from terrorism so they sympathize with the victims of the violence currently sweeping through parts of Israel.
Their shop is also in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, so to hang an Israeli flag is befitting. But Agba said that has nothing to do with it. "Let's say the Palestinians wanted to have peace in their homeland and the Israelis were attacking them the whole time, I would hang the Palestinian flag," Agba stated.

Israeli Arab paraglides over border into Syria to join fighting
A 23-year-old Israel Arab man flew a paraglider into Syria on Saturday, prompting Israeli military forces in the border area on the Golan Heights to go on high alert.
The incident took place around 5 p.m. on Saturday. An IDF spotter witnessed the paraglider crossing the border into Syria from the southern part of the Golan Heights. The spotter reported the incident and the IDF launched a large-scale search effort.
It turned out the paraglider was flown into Syria by a resident of the Israeli Arab town of Jaljulia, which is located in central Israel, near Kfar Saba. It is believed the man flew into Syria on his own initiative in a bid to join one of the terrorist groups taking part in the civil war there. The IDF said it appeared the man was "picked up" by someone on the other side of the border after he landed.
Residents of the Golan Heights noticed heavy Israeli Air Force activity in the area following the incident. Planes were seen circling the skies and illumination flares were dropped.
Oday Aboushi: Pro Football Player, Pro-Terror, Anti-Israel
On Sunday, October 11th, Aboushi retweeted a tweet that was made the same day by a personal friend of his, Linda Sarsour, the Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York. It was a photo of a Palestinian toddler holding a good-sized rock in each hand, walking towards Israeli soldiers. The message Sarsour wrote above the picture, which Aboushi also tweeted, was “The definition of courage. Palestine.”
Sarsour’s post drew the ire of Democrat Councilman of Queens, New York, Rory Lancman. Lancman answered Sarsour’s tweet with one of his own, writing “No, the definition of barbarism.” He then sent a message addressed directly to Sarsour, stating “You must be especially proud of the 13-yr-old Palestinian who stabbed the 13-yr-old Israeli. Barbarism,” and Lancman added a link to the story.
Councilman Lancman’s messages were understandable, given the violence that is currently taking place in Israel. Young Palestinians, at the behest of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), have been targeting Jews with death, via stabbings and shootings. Calls for a Third Intifada (uprising) have been ringing out. Sarsour and Aboushi’s tweets do zero to calm the situation. Indeed, they can only lead to more violence and deaths – and on both sides.
However, for people like Linda Sarsour and Oday Aboushi, death is justified and glorified, as long as it does harm to Israel. And lies are justified, as well.
IsraellyCool: Morgan Freeman In Israel: Driving BDSHoles Crazy
Welcome to Hollywood actor and director Morgan Freeman, here in Israel to shoot scenes for the upcoming National Geographic series “The Story of God.
This isn’t Morgan’s first encounter with Israel. A few years ago, he was honored with the Key of Knowledge Award at a gala reception hosted by Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for his dedication to combating racism and promoting knowledge and education worldwide.
He did this despite pressure from the BDSHoles.
Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Audience With ‘Hipster or Hasidic’ Beard Game
Wrapping up his “Back to Brooklyn week,” Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday tested the audience of his late-night talk show by having them distinguish between different bearded men.
After describing Brooklyn as “by far the most bearded spot in New York,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host introduced a segment called: “Hipster or Hasidic?”
This involved Kimmel showing a close-up photo of the bottom part of a man’s face, and the audience had to guess if it belonged to a hipster or a Hasidic Jew.
Some of the pictures were tricky, such as that of a Hasid wearing hipster glasses, and another of a Hasid smoking a cigarette. Kimmel joked about the latter, “He smokes salmon and cigarettes.” After one man identified himself as “kind of both,” Kimmel dubbed him “Hipsidic.”
Kimmel: Hipster or Hasidic?

This blog may be a labor of love for me, but it takes a lot of effort, time and money. For over 11 years and over 22,000 articles I have been providing accurate, original news that would have remained unnoticed. I've written hundreds of scoops and sometimes my reporting ends up making a real difference. I appreciate any donations you can give to keep this blog going.


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This blog may be a labor of love for me, but it takes a lot of effort, time and money. For over 19 years and 40,000 articles I have been providing accurate, original news that would have remained unnoticed. I've written hundreds of scoops and sometimes my reporting ends up making a real difference. I appreciate any donations you can give to keep this blog going.


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