Monday, November 13, 2023

From Ian:

Aviva Klompas: United Nations fails again. It gives cover to Hamas while abandoning Israel.
The Oct. 7 slaughter of more than 1,200 Israelis was the single-largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and the second-largest terrorist attack since 9/11.

Antisemitism is an unending plague:My father, Elie Wiesel, survived Auschwitz. He'd ask these questions about Israel-Hamas war.

Since that horrific day, the U.N. has called numerous emergency sessions, held hours of debate, drafted hundreds of pages of draft resolutions – all of which amount to very little.

It has not passed a single resolution to condemn Hamas’ savagery, even though terrorists wore GoPros to document themselves slaughtering, raping and torturing civilians. Similarly, the U.N. has not called for the release of more than 200 hostages, including babies, children and the elderly. The walls of the old city of Jerusalem feature projected pictures of Israelis abducted by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7, 2023, and are currently held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

Instead, the U.N. has set its focus on conditions in Gaza, blaming Israel even as Hamas hides behind the civilian population and continues to fire rockets at Israel’s civilian centers.

U.N. officials are pressing for a cease-fire, knowing full well it would give Hamas the chance to regroup, rearm and renew its attacks. Back in 2014, there were a series of short-lived cease-fires, which Hamas breached.

The United Nations was founded in the wake of World War II to maintain peace and security and prevent atrocities like the Holocaust. It is failing to live up to that mission.

'We will kill you':I was held hostage in a war zone. Years later, the trauma remains.

UN provides cover for terrorists
Eight decades later, the U.N. is a clubhouse for dictators and a den of moral equivocation. It is a home for corrupt tyrants to stand in judgment of free democracies, where warmongers like Russia wield a veto and notorious human rights abusers like Iran get tapped to lead human rights forums.

By cultivating the appearance of a virtuous global body, the U.N. dangerously telegraphs to terror organizations and their state sponsors that there will never truly be a price to pay for committing atrocities. Worse, the U.N. gives them cover.

Jewish students are being vilified.Will our allies stand up to antisemitism?

After Oct. 7, the international outcry shifted from horror for Israel to horror at Israel in less than a week. While it is reasonable to expect Israel to abide by the laws of war, it is entirely unreasonable to expect nothing from Hamas.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the Security Council that the deadly Hamas attack on southern Israel “did not happen in a vacuum.” These six words were all the world needed to hear to decide that Hamas, genocidal in its intent and brutal in its action, was justified on Oct 7.

In one way, Guterres is right: The attacks didn't happen in a vacuum. Since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in 2007, the U.N. has watched the terrorist group steal billions of dollars in international aid, build command centers inside hospitals and store rockets in schools operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

On the U.N. watch, Gaza has become what the Israeli ambassador to the United States calls “the biggest terror complex in the world” – and Hamas has learned repeatedly that they can get away with murder.
Hamas, Israel and the Victimhood Ploy
Since the brutal attacks by Hamas on innocent civilians in southern Israel, photo evidence has come to light detailing the atrocities, including infants burned to death. Amidst the ensuing war, much of the world has turned from their brief moment of recognizing Hamas’s brutality to rounding on Israel over its retaliation – the precise reaction Hamas sought by attacking in the first place.

Misled once again by the idea that Israel seeks to commit genocide in Gaza despite consistent population growth, the United States, Israel’s long-time ally, has seen antisemitic acts rise by 400% in under a month. Unlike in previous wars with Hamas, these strikes by Israel came in response to 242 Israeli and foreign hostages still held in the Gaza Strip as well as the usual ongoing rocket attacks. Yet, thanks to Hamas’s victim complex and collective post-colonial guilt in the West, the image of Israel as the aggressor prevails.

As a result, civilian casualties reported by Hamas in Gaza, horrific as they are, have all but eclipsed the October 7 attacks. While this turn of events often stems from a higher death count in Gaza, another element seems at play here – the refusal of the world to recognize cause and effect. Since Hamas’s violent rule prompted the Israeli security blockade in 2007, Hamas has insisted that their alleged oppression justifies any atrocities committed against Israeli Jews. The political entity continues to use human shields for the sympathy ploy, knowing that onlookers will focus on Gazan fatalities over still-trapped hostages and murder of Israeli civilians.

Indeed, much of the international community – many of them nations that haven’t experienced on-soil war in decades — sees the death toll in Gaza and wonders why Israel has turned the Strip into a “prison,” either with no knowledge of or regard for Hamas’s role in the situation. Perhaps unique to the war beginning on October 7, Gazans’ impeded escape south to Egypt has been largely blamed only on Israel, despite Egypt’s reluctance to open its borders to refugees due to security concerns. Ironically, the Arab need for security hasn’t been questioned much at all. Moreover, thanks to this view of the militants as “freedom fighters,” silence remains on Hamas ordering Gazans to stay put despite Israeli calls to evacuate days in advance.

Posited from a Western standpoint by American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington as the “Clash of Civilizations” and from a non-Western perspective by Palestinian-American academic Edward Said as “Orientalism,” a conflict of ideologies has arisen between alleged racist perpetrator and racialized victim. When applied to Israel and Palestine, Israel as the “powerful Western oppressor” and Palestine as the “brave non-white victim” have captured the hearts and minds of many esteemed institutions. This oppressor/victim binary tends to dismiss any reference to the culpability of any Palestinian entity in events preceding Israeli retaliation. This bias appears in the popular view of Israel as an occupying power, an occupation resulting from several wars in which the Arab coalition attacked Israel despite Israeli land concessions.

Israel’s founding by Jewish refugees from Europe and support by a powerhouse like America might seem to justify the Jewish state’s reputation as “white” and “Western.” Notwithstanding, all Jews originate in the Middle East, a fact that many progressive Jews today either deny or minimize out of a guilt-ridden need to uphold the pro-Palestine (unfortunately coming to mean pro-Hamas) narrative.

Indeed, armed with the view that antisemitism is a form of opposing unjust power or “punching up,” many Jews in the West view themselves as the white privileged oppressors. This self-flagellation emboldens the narrative spread by those who oppose Israel in any fashion, including the right to defend and rescue its civilians. Some of these Jews even hold Israel’s very existence as the root cause of the October 7 attacks.

Arab ZAKA worker: ‘I had no idea where to start’; Oct. 7 massacre an affront to Islam ap

Israel said seeking to appoint UK’s Tony Blair as Gaza humanitarian coordinator

Dovid Efune: Israeli Control Is the Least Bad Option in Gaza
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has expressed his hopes for a "revitalized" Palestinian Authority governing Gaza after Israel concludes its military campaign. The Palestinian Authority assumed control of Gaza after Israel's 2005 pullout, only to be ousted in a violent coup by Hamas two years later. The Israelis can't be asked to roll the dice again. Their Gaza exit failed to deliver either the public-relations or national-security benefits that its proponents promised in 2005. Instead Gaza became a launchpad for death and destruction. There's no reason to believe a do-over would produce different or better results.

At the recent G-7 parlay, British Foreign Minister James Cleverly said he'd like to see control of Gaza handed to "a peace-loving Palestinian leadership." The idea, for now, is a fantasy. After a generation of indoctrination, it will take decades to reverse the culture of hate that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have meticulously cultivated.
Israel's Operation Has Already Transformed Gaza
The public in Israel does not fully understand just how powerful Israel's fist has been on Gaza.

What Gaza and Hamas are experiencing is unprecedented in scale: The devastation, intensity, and scope - all of these haven't occurred in the past.

It will take months to dismantle Hamas' power structure and years to ensure it doesn't reconstitute.

This is precisely what Israel did in Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 against Palestinian terror in the West Bank: an operation followed by sustained activity to preserve its gains.

At the end of the conflict, the average Gazan will have an opportunity to choose a better future for themselves, one that truly keeps war at bay for generations.

Let's hope they do. If not, we'll continue to fight. Fortunately, we're stronger, and we've learned the lessons. "Never again" means never again.

In Israel, all defense methods will change. There will be security and safety buffers within the Palestinian territory; there will be incursions, and there will be suspicion that will take years to dispel.
One-on-One With a Counterterrorism Soldier
Listen to this soldier from LOTAR—a counterterrorism special forces unit— as he shares how he aided in the rescue of hundreds of Israeli civilians from Hamas terrorists, who invaded their homes and slaughtered thousands.Our IDF soldiers will continue to protect Israeli civilians at any cost.

Hamas terrorists are 'losing their grip' on Gaza amid Israeli onslaught, IDF spokesman claims

Army sees sharp drop in rocket, drone attack warnings since start of war

NYTs: Hamas Has Built a Command Base under Shifa Hospital
Israeli security officials say Hamas has spent 16 years building a vast command complex under Shifa hospital in Gaza City, and setting up similar bases underneath other medical facilities.

American officials agree, citing their own intelligence.

Israeli officials said the hospital was spared in past Israeli operations out of concern for civilian life, but at the cost of leaving what is underneath it intact.

It is a mistake that Israel will not repeat this time. The complex under Shifa is one of the principal Israeli targets of the war.

Israel said Sunday it was securing a route for civilians and patients to leave Shifa.

Israel has released a 3-D representation of the Hamas command complex beneath the hospital, audio recordings of Hamas fighters discussing the tunnels under Shifa, and videos of captured militants discussing the tunnels.

A former senior official at the Israel Security Agency said the compound included several floors with spaces for meetings, living quarters and storage facilities. It can hold at least several hundred people.

Israeli military intelligence said "there are several underground complexes used by the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas to direct their activities."

Israeli intelligence officials showed the Times photos of secret entrances to the compound from inside the hospital.

American officials said they are confident that Hamas has used tunnel networks under hospitals, in particular Shifa, for command and control areas as well as for weapons storage.
What's really going on in al-Shifa Hospital?
Reports of al-Shifa Hospital coming under siege by the IDF are not the only fishy thing going on. The media has conveniently been leaving out the well-known fact that Hamas uses the site as a base of operations.

As Israel fights Hamas, Hamas hides behind civilians and has even been preventing the hospital from receiving fuel offered by Israel — all while Israel has been attempting to evacuate civilians from the tyrannical rule of Hamas terrorists.

The US must designate Qatar as a state sponsor of terrorism

Israel moves to block Lebanese, Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen

Hamas terror infrastructure found in Gaza university, mosque

IDF soldiers kill 21 terrorists in Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City

EU condemns Hamas use of hospitals and human shields

Qanta A. Ahmed: The Scenes of Genocide I Saw in Israeli Morgues
I arrived on Oct. 19 to spend 10 days in Israel as a human-rights observer with the permission of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As an observant Muslim, I felt a duty to come and bear witness. What I saw will remain with me forever. I examined bodies and ashes, incinerated teeth and bones. I saw toddlers, teens and adults, young and old, many of them bound, tortured and burned alive. One word continually came to mind: genocide.

This isn't the first time I have seen Islamist jihadism or even Islamist genocide. Yet the Oct. 7 genocide was more barbaric than anything before it. They revealed again that Islamism is a virulent impostor of Islam with intentions anathema to the faith. And there was no doubt of Islamism's guilt: I heard phone calls exclaiming the Shahadah - the Islamic declaration of faith - as Hamas commandos murdered, executed, burned, pillaged and then broadcast their crimes.

Article 6 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court defines genocide as a crime against humanity. Its essential element is intent "to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group."

The Oct. 7 attack was premeditated, organized and targeted, seeking to destroy as many Israelis as possible. This was a methodically planned genocide. Eyewitnesses told me the terrorists came with tablets loaded with maps of the kibbutzim, blueprints and floor plans of homes, names of families and specific knowledge of service records and where Israeli veterans were living. identifies location of Hamas’s victims

Hamas planned to push October 7 massacre to the West Bank border - report

Three-year-old American orphan is being held hostage by Hamas after his parents were killed, White House reveals - as Congressman raises nightmare scenario that other terror groups are keeping US citizens prisoner in Gaza

Call Me Back PodCast: Flipping the Script — with Haviv Rettig Gur
Haviv Rettig Gur returns for our weekly conversation from Jerusalem to provide real-time reporting and analysis on the war, and invaluable historical context. Today, we talk to Haviv about the hostage crisis in the context of Israel’s war fighting. And we also discuss Haviv’s contrarian view of how Israel is reacting to the growing international pressure it is encountering – what it means for Israel and what it means for Jews around the world.

Finally, last week we released our new book: “The Genius of Israel: The Surprising Resilience of a Divided Nation in a Turbulent World”.

Netanyahu on US TV: ‘Those who protest for Hamas, you’re protesting for sheer evil’

Sarsour: ‘Kidnapped’ posters are a Jewish conspiracy

Swords of Iron: Colonel Kemp on Israeli Bravery Amidst Hamas
Swords of Iron: Unveiling the Bravery of Israelis Amidst the Hamas Challenge – A Discussion with Colonel Richard Kemp

Military expert and great defender of Israel and the West, British Colonel Richard Kemp sits down with Im Tirtzu’s Chairman of the Board, Douglas Altabef, on Im Tirtzu’s Zionist Salon to analyze the course of the Swords of Iron War in Gaza, and its larger implications for Israel and for the West.

Kemp: "I was not shocked by the brutality of Hamas, but I am amazed by the extreme bravery and heroism of Israelis."

MUST-SEE INTERVIEW with Douglas Murray: Is the West Dead? | The Caroline Glick Show
Are the massive pro-Hamas rallies throughout the Western world a sign that the West is dead? What does Israel represent in the Western psyche? Why are all members of the Reg-Green alliance united in annihilationist hatred for Jews?
To discuss these and other pressing existential issues that have arisen since the Oct. 7 slaughter, bestselling author Douglas Murray was Caroline's guest on the Caroline Glick Show today.

Jewish community leader takes aim at response to violent Caulfield South protest

Protesters Fooled into Calling for Jihad Because They Don't Speak Arabic | Andy Ngo
Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Andy Ngo about the rise of radicalism and the spread of chaos around the world; the connections between the Free Palestine movement and Antifa and BLM; the long-term damage caused by the government's handling of the pandemic; his concern over the radicalization of American youth and their ignorance of historical conflicts; the stronger Islamist element in European protests compared to American ones; the lack of discussion about immigration policies in Britain and the failures of multiculturalism; the dangers of homegrown radicalization in America; and much more.

The lonely people of history

Anne Frank Murals Vandalized in Italy

Head of antisemitism watchdog says doctors, professors 'spew hate'

Stephen Pollard: The pro-Palestine protest on Armistice Day must have been the largest anti-Semitic demonstration in British history... but the BBC turned a blind eye

Melanie Phillips: Britain's civilisational emergency
The picture above was taken at Saturday’s pro-terrorism demonstration in London, which unleashed frenzied attacks across the capital upon Jews and others who support Israel’s defence against genocide, as well as those who wished to commemorate those who gave their lives to defend Britain in two world wars. The picture is a vignette of Britain’s tragic surrender of civilisation to barbarism. Two Metropolitan police officers, smiling benignly, pose for a selfie with a child dressed as a Palestinian terrorist.

The corruption of Britain embraces the corruption of innocence and a symbol of genocidal Jew-hatred.

At the same time, wrote Allison Pearson in the Telegraph, when a group of Israel supporters at that demonstration asked a couple of officers to pose with their group, the police turned this offer down.

After Saturday’s shocking events, how can anyone possibly say the Home Secretary Suella Braverman was wrong to call these demonstrations “hate marches” which should not be allowed to take place?

'I will have more to say': Suella Braverman fires warning shot to Rishi Sunak after being sacked as Home Secretary - while her supporters on the Tory Right fume at her losing her job for 'speaking the truth'

It's deluded to think the weekend's march will have the tiniest impact on leaders in Jerusalem and Gaza

Met Police faces new impartiality row as officers are seen posing with child protester holding Palestine flag and 'standing doing nothing' while protesters scrap - days after Suella Braverman accused the force of 'playing favourites'

Hunt for London's most wanted after pro-Palestine protest chaos: Police issue images of activists and counter protesters including woman screaming 'death to all Jews', men in 'Hamas headbands' and group who hurled racist abuse in Waterloo station

It's Time to See the Left for What It Is: A Bunch of Screeching Babies–and Those Afraid of Them ‘No Climate Justice on Occupied Land’: Greta Thunberg Takes a Shot at Israel During Climate Rally

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