Thursday, November 30, 2023

From Ian:

Melanie Phillips: Even now, the threat to British Jews is not being taken seriously
Classical antisemitism isn’t just prejudice or hatred. It’s based upon defaming Jewish people with the murderous lie that they are the source of all evil in the world.

If Israel (as implied by Cameron and Blinken) recklessly and needlessly kills huge numbers of Palestinian innocents, its behaviour is so abhorrent it doesn’t deserve to exist. If the Jewish state doesn’t deserve to exist, then Jews don’t deserve to exist. So there’s a direct line between defamation of Israel and attacks on Jews.

Moreover, this war against the Jews has been facilitated by the fantasies of western governments. The US and Britain deny the truth of the Palestinians’ war of extermination against Israel, because such a war requires not a “two-state solution” but the defeat of the Palestinians whom they refuse to acknowledge as aggressors. Similarly, the US and Britain have catastrophically appeased Iran in the inane belief that it could be tamed by extending the hand of friendship. Denying that Islamic extremism is rooted in an interpretation of Islam currently dominant in the Muslim world, the British government still refuses to outlaw Hizb ut-Tahrir, seen on the streets of London these past few weeks screaming for jihad, or ban the seditious and insurrectionary Muslim Brotherhood.

The more the Palestinians and the Iranian regime have waged war and terrorism again Israel, the more America and Britain have pressured Israel to compromise its security. The more extreme the violence perpetrated by Islamists against the west, the more the west fell over backwards to avoid any challenge to the Muslim world.

The result has been 100 years of Arab war against Israel, the empowerment of genocidal Iran, the progressive Islamisation of the west, the re-emergence of violent antisemitism and, exacerbated by Israel’s own catastrophic errors of judgment, the Hamas pogrom of October 7.

Those (of whom I am one) who have warned for years about these trends have been ignored, demonised and vilified as “right-wing,” “extremist” and “Islamophobic”, by Britain’s Jewish leadership no less than the wider establishment. And they still don’t get it.

The result is what we are now seeing playing out in front of our horrified eyes.
Howard Jacobson: Jews don’t need the cult of woke – it doesn’t care for us
Students of my work – supposing there to be any – will not, until today, have found a single reference to the phenomenon of “woke”. It’s not a word I care to use and the arguments it has incited are not such as I have wanted to join. Woke is the Softer Side of Radical Left Politics for Dummies and so all too easy to mock. Of course Gender Neutral Lavatories are nonsensical, especially when you’re in a hurry. Of course we snort when we get an email from someone advising us of his/her/their pronouns of choice. And of course we cannot contain our contempt when some fragile Bristolian tells us that having to pass a statue of a colonist make her/him/them cry. Try being a Jew having to negotiate a dozen churches every day, each a memorial to your infamy, each reminding you of who you were reported to have killed and what the consequences still are. But do we ask for them to be pulled down?

There’s a further compelling reason for Jews to shy away from woke. We don’t need to be given lessons in how to treat the poor, the repressed, the alien, the easily wounded, the neglected and the incoherent. Moses handed us a comprehensive ethical code we call the Ten Commandments, hot from the mouth of God, several thousand years ago. And we were given a sense of humour a thousand or so years before that. When a full-woke Minnesota librarian says we should stop teaching Shakespeare because his ‘works are full of problematic, outdated ideas, with plenty of misogyny, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism and misogynoir,’ we laugh not only because what makes writers problematic is precisely what we read them for, but because of the way woke invariably spirals into grievances most of us have never heard of. Misogynoir! What does Moses have to say about hating black women? Ask the black woman he married.

So why am I invoking what we neither need nor respect? Because woke doesn’t respect us. Because woke will trammel us in its nets if we are not careful.

Only think of the sorrow for Israelis and rage against Hamas we expected after October 7. Weren’t the woke so many snowflakes who fainted if someone made a cutting remark in their presence and didn’t dare go to the theatre for fear someone might die on stage? How would they survive the images of Hamas murdering babies? Well, here’s a surprise. They not only loved them, they called for more.
Stephen L. Miller: Chuck Schumer—Name the Antisemites in Your Party or Sit Down
So while I applaud Schumer's speech, he is approaching antisemitism as though it is a Never Ending Story-style black cloud of nothingness, driven by mysterious, unseen forces, and happening in random odd places. It is not. It is being driven and funded by the Democratic Party apparatus in this country—in government, activism, media and academia. It's being driven by people whose names Chuck Schumer well knows.

Dark money groups of his own party sponsoring activists like disgraced Women's March Director Linda Sarsour as well as Democratic House Members like Ilhan Omar, who has been admonished in the past for her antisemitic remarks, went nameless in Schumer's remarks. So did Congresswoman Tlaib. Even as Schumer made specific references to incidents like the Jewish teacher in Queens who was forced to hide from her own students, Schumer neglected to accept responsibility that this is happening in his own state. Queens, New York is not MAGA Country.

Until Schumer is willing to call out these elements stemming from his own state and jurisdiction and members of his own donor base and Democratic colleagues, he cannot simply be praised for doing the bare minimum. The closest Schumer came to admonishing his own party for their role in promoting and endorsing antisemitism was a passive reference to "people that most liberal Jewish Americans felt previously were their ideological fellow travelers."

Without standing up and naming names for fear of intra-party backlash and a "Dems in Disarray" media news cycle, Schumer's words, while eloquent, remain politically hollow.

Jewish Americans deserve real leadership
Seth Mandel: U.S. Support for Israel Is Based on the Facts
Public opinion on Israel’s conduct in its war with Gaza is split in ways both encouraging and dispiriting. But easily the most underappreciated is that Americans clearly support Israel when considering the category of information we’ll call Things We Know Are True.

Here’s what I mean. Overall, Americans support Israel over the Palestinians (in this case, Hamas). As David Leonhardt, who analyzed the various polls on this issue, notes this morning, “This finding holds across polls.” A Marist poll has Israel with double the support of the Palestinians; YouGov finds Israel with triple the support; and an NBC poll had Israel’s approval near 50 percent and Hamas’s at 1 percent.

Here’s part of the reason why: “Most people blame Hamas for starting the war — that is, they see the Oct. 7 killing and kidnapping of Israelis as the central cause.… In a Quinnipiac poll that asked Americans who was ‘more responsible for the outbreak of violence,’ 69 percent chose Hamas and 15 percent chose Israel.”

What we know about Oct. 7, we know. We don’t suspect, or feel, or assume, or hypothesize. We know. It’s on video. After a Senate screening of footage from the Hamas attacks, some of which Hamas filmed and publicized themselves, JTA’s Ron Kampeas found the U.S. senators “barely able to shape their mouths into a single word.” The most common response reporters got was to be waved away by senators with tears in their eyes.

Americans also know Hamas’s intentions. This is not mind-reading. Hamas’s charter calls for wiping Israel off the map, and its officials reiterate that goal whenever and wherever they can find a microphone and camera. During the course of the war itself, Hamas officials have been clear about this: Their aim is to kill all the Jews. It’s not complicated.

Where things get murkier, public opinion stutters a bit. Leonhardt points out that the Ipsos poll finds 76 percent agreeing with the sentence: “Israel is doing what any country would do in response to a terror attack and the taking of civilian hostages.” The same poll finds 68 percent support for the following: “Israel should call a cease-fire and try to negotiate.”

Leonhardt says readers should “avoid the temptation to focus on only one of these two patterns — the support for a cease-fire or for Israel’s military actions — and to ignore the other one.”

Paraded through the baying mob - the young Israeli woman freed by Hamas who looks nothing like her former self after Hamas kidnappers snatched her from festival seven weeks ago
This is the moment a 21-year-old Israeli woman who was snatched from the Nova music festival and then paraded in a chilling Hamas hostage video was reunited with her parents after spending seven weeks as a hostage.

Mia Schem was one of the two women released by Hamas today after the ceasefire deal was extended minutes before it was due to time out.

Six more hostages have since been released by Hamas, and are now in the hands of the IDF, which has taken the seventh group of freed hostages back to Israeli soil.

They have been named as: Aisha Ziyadne, 17, Bilal Ziyadne, 18, Nili Margalit, 40, Shani Goren, 29, Sapir Cohen, 29, and Ilana Gritzewsky, 30.

This brings the total number of hostages released in the seventh round of exchanges under the ceasefire deal, extended at the eleventh hour, to ten, according to Qatar's foreign ministry, which said that the two Russian citizens freed as a gesture to Vladimir Putin 'were counted on this list.'

The six new hostages are being taken to the Hatzerim Base for initial medical tests, before bring reunited with their families.

Hamas drugged children; burned legs with motorcycle exhaust for identification
On October 7, Hamas terrorists kidnapped children on motorcycles and were trained to create a specific sign on their bodies: they put one of the children’s legs in the motorcycle exhaust. In addition, according to an uncle of two of these children hostages who were freed, they were drugged - according to a report on N12. Yaniv, the uncle of Yagil, 12, and Or Yaakov, 16 from Kibbutz Nir Oz, who were released by Hamas, told foreign ministers in Europe. Hamas uses burns as identification method

According to the plan, published on N12, the kidnappers would recognize that the children 'belonged' to them by a specific sign. Beyond just marking a part of the body, a practice that revives traumatic memories from grim periods in history, the children were repeatedly drugged and shuffled from one location to another.

“The children have been returned to us and shared harrowing tales of their experiences in Gaza,” the uncle recounted. “'One particularly disturbing detail that shook me was how each child seized by Hamas was placed on a motorcycle. They positioned the child's leg against the bike's exhaust pipe, causing burns. This was done to mark the children, ensuring their identification should they try to escape or be rescued. They're now safely with us, although they were drugged and treated horrifically, but at least they're here with us now.'"
The depravity of the Islamo-left
Why do so many leftists struggle to condemn Hamas? Why do so-called progressives make excuses for Jew-killing, misogynistic, gay-bashing Islamists? It’s a long and damning story. Here, Tom Slater traces the history of the Islamo-left, an unholy alliance between left-wingers and Islamists that has once again burst out into the open following the pogrom in Israel on 7 October. Watch, share and let us know what you think in the comments.

Rejection of the UN Partition Plan of November 29, 1947, Was a Prequel to the October 7 Massacre
On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted to partition the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. While the representatives of the Jews expressed their support for the plan, the representatives of the Arabs rejected the decision, refusing to accept the creation of a Jewish state within any boundaries.

The events of October 7, in which all the Palestinian terror organizations participated, demonstrated that nothing has changed in 76 years. From November 1947 to May 1948, the Arab countries could have reconsidered their decision and given birth to an Arab state in "Palestine." They did not. Instead, they chose the path of war to annihilate Israel.

The Palestinian Authority messaging to the Palestinians for the last 30 years has been very clear: Israel, in all and any borders, is an illegitimate state; Israelis/Jews are responsible for all the ills of the world and Islamic imperative mandates their destruction; Palestinians are destined to annihilate Israel through the use of terror and violence in the end of days when "trees and stones will call to Muslim believers saying a Jew is hiding behind me" - to kill.

Hamas' messaging to the Gazans is precisely the same as the PA's messaging.

Palestinian leaders are not talking peace, nor are they talking about coexistence. What they are saying, in Arabic, to their own population has never changed: Israel has no right to exist, and we must do everything, including the genocide of Jews, to destroy it.

Being willfully blind and deaf to Palestinian incitement and denial of Israel's right to exist will not bring about peace. It will, however, guarantee that the October 7 massacre will happen over and over again.

David Singer: Biden recklessly pursues Thomas Friedman’s failed two-state solution

Genocidal Hatred of Jews and the West
Many Muslims living in the West remain under the influence of Islamist movements and the hatred of Israel and Jews that permeates their countries of origin. Hatred of Jews and Israel is therefore markedly present in Muslim communities in the West.

In the 1960s, when the Soviet Union wanted to gain more influence in the Arab Muslim world, its leaders decided to support what was at the time a sacred cause for Arab leaders: the attempt to destroy Israel. They... chose to invent a "national liberation struggle".... The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 with the task of "liberating Palestine," and the borders of "Palestine" on the maps used by the PLO showed that the goal was to erase Israel from the face of the earth.

Western leftists started vocally to express hatred of "imperialist Israel" and, ironically, the hard-won democratic freedoms they were at that moment enjoying to the fullest: freedom of speech, assembly, education, sexuality, and supposedly equal justice under the law.

The Oslo Accords only made everything worse. By signing them, Israel's then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin recognized... that a terrorist organization was somehow the legitimate representative of a people invented fewer than three decades earlier, and that this invented "people" had "rights" and deserved to have territory and self-government.

In reality, it was Israel that decolonized the land from the grip of the British, who governed it from 1917 until Israel's war of independence in 1948.

The recent pro-Hamas demonstrations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia show that hatred of Jews and Israel among Muslims living in the West has reached a degree where many of them openly support genocidal atrocities not only against Jews in Israel but against Jews anywhere.... These demonstrations also show that support for the "Palestinian cause" sometimes also leads Westerners to support genocidal atrocities so long as they are committed against Jews.

[I]f nothing is done to respond to the forces seeking to overturn Western civilization, all in the name of "democracy" of course – and Western values such as equal justice under law, equality of opportunity rather than of result, education from facts rather than from propaganda, a media that actually challenges authority rather than allowing itself to be suborned by it, freedom of speech with which one disagrees, the sovereignty of the individual rather than of groups -- the worst is bound to come.

Alan Dershowitz: Corporate Media Is Eagerly Gobbling Up Hamas’ Casualty Narrative

Jonathan Tobin: Who’s winning the Biden administration’s civil war over Israel?
The administration is trying to use its support for a two-state solution at the end of the war, whenever that happens, as the exit ramp from its current predicament. That the Oct. 7 atrocities—launched from territory that was an independent Palestinian state in all but name ruled by Hamas—demonstrated exactly why the overwhelming majority of Israelis will never consider giving up security control of Gaza, or Judea and Samaria, for the foreseeable future.

It was no small irony that Biden’s latest gesture of support for a Palestinian state occurred this week on the 76th anniversary of the 1947 U.N. partition resolution. That measure divided the British Mandate for Palestine into three parts: an Arab state and a Jewish state with Jerusalem under international control. The Jews accepted the plan, but Palestinian Arabs—supported by the surrounding states—rejected it, declaring that they would never countenance the existence of a Jewish state in the ancient Jewish homeland under any circumstances. They launched a war to ensure that the newborn State of Israel would be crushed. But they failed utterly with hundreds of thousands of Arabs becoming refugees and an even larger number of Jews forced out of their homes in the Muslim and Arab world.

The United Nations commemorates the anniversary of the partition plan vote with an International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, thereby repudiating their own effort to create a two-state solution. And Palestinians—whether supporters of Hamas or the supposedly more moderate Palestinian Authority that autonomously rules the Arab population in the West Bank—continue to reject two states if it means ending their long, futile war to destroy Israel.

Biden is wasting his time talking about two states, and not just because the Palestinians have repeatedly demonstrated that they will never agree to such a deal. What he won’t acknowledge is that the push for a ceasefire is not motivated by a desire for peace but implicit support for Hamas’s right to “resist” Israel and thereby pursue its destruction.

Biden has sought to appease the left by forcing the entire government to adopt the woke diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) catechism that grants a permission slip to antisemitism by labeling Israel and Jews as “white” oppressors of “people of color.” But he fails to understand that the forces he was mollifying believe Israel to be an illegitimate state and oppose peace. And the more he tries to navigate between their antipathy for Israel and his own desire to oppose Hamas, the more he will undermine Israel’s efforts to defend itself.

The Democrats’ political dilemma as the country moves deeper into the 2024 election cycle is real. The idea that Biden can convince both sides in the civil war going on among Democrats over Israel that he is with them is not a game that can continue indefinitely. Oct. 7 was an event that forced an administration trying to appease Hamas’s sponsor, Iran, and equivocal about its support for Israel into a laudable position of moral clarity. If it steps away from it, that will hurt, not help, him.

Contrary to the judgment of those in the White House who think that Biden can be all things to all people on the war in Gaza, the balancing act won’t win over the anti-Israel progressives while stymying his chances with the pro-Israel independents he needs to defeat Trump. This two-faced strategy hurts Israel. But the more Biden moves away from his principled stand behind the Jewish state and its just war to eliminate Hamas or pretends he is doing so, the worse it will be for his re-election chances.
Meet the Israel-haters at the top of Biden's pro-Iran governments

How dare these Western pro-Hamas liberals say they speak for me, an Arab who has suffered from Islamic terror
I will not sit back and watch Americans who can barely point out the Middle East on a map tell me what Hamas is or is not or what should happen in Palestine.

If this is a fight Oakland city wants to fight, I will be happy to help these Oakland “freedom fighters” trade places with hundreds of my family and friends in Lebanon and Iraq: Swap houses and bank accounts.

If the “Oakland heroes” want to fight, they’re welcome to go live in Lebanon or Iraq and “liberate Palestine” all they want.

After all, it is much easier liberating Palestine for free, from the comfort of their sofas in Oakland, than struggling to find basic medication, potable water and electricity in Beirut or Baghdad.

Cool and trendy is one thing.

Real life is another.

The “Oakland heroes” better educate themselves in ways other than watching 30-second clips.

A “unified Palestinian resistance” does not exist.

In fact, nothing “unified Palestinian” exists.

Palestinians are as divided as ever.

The Palestinian Authority and its leading party Fatah, which rule the West Bank, have not talked to Hamas since 2007, when Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in a coup.

When Israel engaged Palestinian Islamic Jihad in war in 2022, Hamas sat back and happily watched Israel decimate the leadership of its rival.

If in a couple of paragraphs I can debunk one central theme presented by one of the pro-Hamas “Oakland heroes,” then imagine how much misinformation I could correct if we went through all the false claims made at the Oakland City Council meeting.

These falsehoods are only the tip of the iceberg of the erroneous information circulating among Americans — who think they are brave and informed dissenters because they are pro-Palestinian and pro-resistance, but don’t know that their demand is an excuse for carnage and distraction of the oppression of Arabs by other Arabs and by the troublemaking Iranian regime.
What Norman Finkelstein Gets Wrong About Gazan Misery
“I, for one, will never begrudge—on the contrary, it warms every fiber of my soul—the scenes of Gaza’s smiling children as their arrogant Jewish supremacist oppressors have, finally, been humbled,” cheered Norman Finkelstein, one of Israel’s bitterest academic critics, when he heard about the October 7 massacre. “Glory, glory, hallelujah. The souls of Gaza go marching on!”

When I read his statement, the question I found myself asking was, why? What was it that excited Finkelstein so much about news of slaughtered people?

One might speculate that, as a self-described loner, Finkelstein is some sort of sociopath without any moral sense. But that can’t be quite right. In the very same essay, Finkelstein unmistakably conveyed ethical feelings such as his conviction that chattel slavery and Nazi antisemitism were wrong. Like many advocates for the Palestinians, moreover, he has always presented himself as a humanitarian, genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of oppressed people everywhere.

“For the past 20 years the people of Gaza, half of whom are children, have been immured in a concentration camp,” was how Finkelstein justified his celebration of Hamas’s pogrom. “Today [Oct. 7] they breached the camp’s walls. If we honor John Brown’s armed resistance to slavery; if we honor the Jews who revolted in the Warsaw Ghetto—then moral consistency commands that we honor the heroic resistance in Gaza.”

Or as he later told the podcaster Candace Owens, “Everybody thinks, ‘Yeah, we should start with October 7th, that’s when the story begins,’ but … that’s not when the story begins; that’s where the story climaxes: After being born into a concentration camp, and living in that inferno for twenty years, they finally resolved to revenge the curse that had been inflicted on their lives.”

What warmed every fiber of his soul, then, wasn’t a result of his lack of morality; instead, it was because his ethics are more pristine and consistent than ours. The revulsion we felt at reports of tortured Israeli families and kidnapped children was transcended in his higher consciousness by a more penetrating insight into their Jewish supremacism and systemic oppression.

But before we aspire to his higher moral awareness, let’s pause to ask two questions whose answers Finkelstein appears to assume he knows. The first is: Was life in Gaza really so accursed and wretched?

Recent data from the UN’s Human Development Report Office (HDRO), whose reports enjoy editorial independence from the politicized United Nation’s General Assembly, painted a rather brighter picture of life in Gaza and the West Bank. Last year, the Palestinian areas were given a Human Development Index (HDI) value of 0.715, “which put the country in the High human development category—positioning it at 106 out of 191 countries and territories,” according to the HDRO study (italics mine).

This “high” development score signifies that, prior to Oct. 7, the standard of life in the West Bank and Gaza Strip had surpassed nearly half the countries worldwide, when measured by such vital indicators as life expectancy at birth, mean and expected years of schooling, and overall economic prosperity measured in U.S. dollars. Obviously, the same could not have been said for the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto and Southern slavery.
Tackling Hamas Funding in the West

Proving evil

NYPost Editorial: The Times keeps making excuses for antisemitic outrages

The New York Times Sanitizes Palestinian Provocateur Ahed Tamimi

Daniel Greenfield: The Nazi Roots of Hamas

NGO Monitor: HRW’s Demonization, BDS, and Downplaying Antisemitism

PMW's Itamar Marcus blames EU MPs for Oct. 7 slaughter

Something is rotten in the state of higher education

This 'Abolitionist' Group Raised Millions To Support BLM. Now, It's Going After Jews.

‘Heinous’: Bloodstained Palms Protest at Top Berlin University Over Gaza War Fuels Antisemitism Fears

The useful idiots on American campuses

Dershowitz: I Volunteer 'To Be a Witness Against Harvard' over Antisemitism

The Gray Lady Quietly Retracts Yet Another Slander Against Israel

How the Washington Post Turned a Story about Israel Rescuing Palestinian Children into One about Israeli Cruelty
Time and again since the current war began, Western media have engaged in obfuscations, unfounded accusations, and absurd framings in their reporting. Robert Satloff carefully dissects one egregious, and especially insidious, example: a November 17 story in the Washington Post under the headline “Israel’s War with Hamas Separates Palestinian Babies from Their Mothers.” The purported horror this article seeks to expose is that Israeli hospitals are caring for ailing Gazan infants:

“Tragedy” is a much-used term in a conflict that began with Hamas’s murder and kidnapping of Israeli babies—a fact interestingly not mentioned in a story about babies and this war—but no one dies in this story; these Palestinian babies are all safe and protected. Indeed, the journalists could have written a wholly different story—“Despite war, Gazan babies safe and protected in Israeli and West Bank hospitals”—but they opted to focus on the alleged distress of the mothers instead of the well-being of the babies.

I say “alleged” because in this lengthy story, only one mother was quoted by full name and she was reached by phone in Gaza. Indeed, it’s not clear whether any of the journalists reported from Gaza. (The story was datelined Nablus, with one reporter in London.)

And then there is the uncomfortable fact that some of these babies are being cared for in Israel—yet the whole story rests on the inhumanity of Israel’s alleged policy of denying re-entry permits to some mothers, preventing them from reuniting with their children, but the reporters do not appear even to have sought comment from Israeli officials.

Strange story indeed—in a war filled with death, the Washington Post took a fundamentally good-news story about premature babies from Gaza cared for by compassionate people across enemy lines and turned it into a horror story, with diabolical Israelis lurking overhead.
Dear media, Hamas couldn’t do it without you

MSNBC Scraps Anti-Israel Host Mehdi Hasan's Show

The Economist Misleads With Flawed A-Z on the Arab-Israeli Conflict


GOP senators blast Voice of America for Hamas ‘militants’ terminology

Comparing English and Arabic versions of a BBC interview with a Hamas leader

Jeremy Bowen’s Radio 4 hostage deal claims do not hold water

Guardian grossly undercounts Hamas death toll

The New York Times, Obsessed with Gaza Hospitals

STEPHEN GLOVER: It's a charge the BBC can't ignore - That its reporting makes Jews in Britain feel less safe

Washington Post Column Gives Skewed Portrait of Israeli Administrative Detention

Toronto Star Commentary Claims Israel Is Committing “Ethnic Cleansing” In Gaza

Jewish MP writes furious letter to Sky reporter after ‘sick’ tweets about Israeli hostages

Israel Recalls Ambassador from Spain for Consultations Over ‘Outrageous Remarks’

Massachusetts Hate Crimes Task Force Member Accuses Israel of Genocide, Says Jews Control The Media

BEASTMODE: Ilhan Omar Challenger Says Anti-Semitic Rep 'Not Cute Enough' to Ignore Constituents
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) is "not cute enough" to make up for her failure to "be responsive and available" to the people she serves, according to her Democratic primary challenger.

Former Minneapolis City Council member Don Samuels is running again for Omar's seat after losing by just two percentage points in 2022.

"Who do you think you are? And who do you think you're working for?" Samuels said. "You're not cute enough. You don't dress well enough. Nothing about you is attractive enough to overcome that deficit."

Omar has a long history of using anti-Semitic rhetoric and promoting terrorist propaganda.

London council cancels Hanukkah celebrations due to ‘conflict in Middle East’

Daniel Greenfield: South Africa Demands Ceasefire Against Hamas, Deploys Military to Fight Miners

Leading candidate for president in Romania is pro-Israel

French ex-PM in ‘Jewish control conspiracy’ storm

Israel summons Spanish envoy, recalls own ambassador after Madrid criticizes Gaza war

Islamic Society Of Kingston Denies Israel’s Right To Exist By Publishing Statement Decrying “75 Years of Occupation”

Malaysian Pop Singer Harasses Pro-Israel Actor and Instagram Influencer, Tells Him ‘Hitler Should Kill All Israel’

Qatar Cancels DC Celebration in Solidarity With Hamas

PMW: PA: Israeli civilians murdered in Jerusalem terror attack were “colonialist settlers”

Khaled Abu Toameh: Hamas Also Slaughters Muslims
Awad Darawshe, 23, an Arab-Israeli paramedic, remained behind, refusing [on October 7] to abandon the wounded. "I speak Arabic. I think I can manage," Darawshe said, supposing that he could reason with the terrorists. Perhaps he thought they would not harm a fellow Muslim Arab. He was wrong.

"I never felt that I'm deprived in any way.... Stop the nonsense. It is empty whining. I don't believe in that. Everyone here can get where they want. What – the country doesn't let them study? Y'allah, be a lawyer, be a teacher. Does anyone stop you? Even in prayer. Does anyone stop you praying? We pray five times a day, five times no one stops us. Whoever wants to be successful can be successful. Whoever doesn't want to be successful blames the country, the government." — Ibrahim, an Arab-Israeli citizen, YouTube, February 23, 2014.

Where in the Middle East are Arabs thriving throughout society, not just in a privileged world of favors and nepotism? Israel.

"We are very proud of his actions... This is what we would expect from him and what we expect from everyone in our family — to be human, to stay human and to die human." — The family of the paramedic Awad Darawshe,, October 15, 2023.

"People from all over the country come to hug and support the family. The entire nation is one family now." — Ali Alziadna, an Arab-Israeli whose four family members are currently held hostage by Hamas,, November 13, 2023.

Hamas has repeatedly demonstrated that it cares nothing for the well-being of Arabs and Muslims. From their luxury homes and hotel rooms in the safety of Qatar and Turkey, Hamas leaders give the orders to attack Israel and then sit back and let the world weep over the destruction they wrought upon their own people.

Perhaps the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip should look at the Arab citizens of Israel and note how they enjoy equal rights, democracy, freedom of speech and a free media. If Palestinians wish to live well, like the Arab-Israelis, this is the time for them to get rid of Hamas and all the terror leaders who, for seven decades, have brought them nothing but one disaster after another.
A New War Has Just Been Declared on Hamas' Overseas Business Network
A new front in the Gaza war opened on Monday against Hamas' financial arm by a new task force comprising the U.S., Israel and 11 other countries.

Derailing the Hamas money train is important. Whether they are inspired by religion, nationalism, hatred or economic distress, terrorists have to eat and must be paid, and they need money for arms.

Hamas' global business empire includes mining companies in Sudan and real estate developers in the Gulf, Africa and Turkey.

Hamas companies built Sudan's first shopping mall and skyscrapers in the UAE.

Israeli sources told The Economist that Hamas businesses bring in $500 million annually.

However, Hamas constructed its business empire precisely in order to circumvent Western sanctions.

The great majority of its assets are located in countries like Turkey, Qatar, the UAE, Sudan and Algeria that are unlikely to cooperate with any Western crackdown.
Palestinian terror-tied fundraiser resumes taking credit cards thanks to software giant Stripe

To deter Iran, Biden must be bold
Since October 17, Tehran’s proxies have carried out 66 attacks on U.S. positions in Iraq and Syria, leaving 62 American servicemen injured. U.S. forces have struck back on four occasions, but only the last strike targeted actual enemy fighters, rather than munitions depots and empty buildings. What appears to have caused a lull in the attacks is the ceasefire in Gaza (achieved through Israeli military success), rather than the deterrent effect of these limited counterstrikes. Seth Cropsey and Shay Khatiri explain how America lost its deterrence, and what it would take to restore it:

Deterrence requires resolve and capabilities. Iran has feared Israel’s resolve and capabilities (though the October 7 attack might suggest a shift), but America does not instill fear, despite its capabilities. So, when Israel conducts military operations against Iran in Syria and Iraq and covert ones against its nuclear facilities, Iran in turn targets American forces in the Middle East in its double proxy war with Israel. To deter Israel, Iran has used its proxies to pressure the United States, expecting that the U.S. government would in turn exert pressure on Israel to de-escalate. Put simply, America has become the proxy for Iran to retaliate against Israel.

Could Iran succeed in pushing the Biden administration to ask Israel to cease operations in Gaza to end increasing attacks against U.S. military personnel?

The United States has never been successful in deterring or coercing Iran by punishing its proxies. But the only times that it [imposed a] direct, strategic cost on the Islamic Republic, it succeeded in enforcing deterrence. . . . Iran has no stomach for a direct confrontation with the United States.

Israel - Premier Tech cycling team given blank training kits amid fears of antisemitic attacks

Bigoted trio beats up 3 Jewish strangers, including 15-year-old boy, in 40-minute Brooklyn hate crime spree

Kanye West is slammed as 'particularly pathetic and sad' for his vile lyrics about Jewish woman in his new song 'Vultures' Jewish organizations have hit out

Same lies told during the Holocaust being 'hysterically screamed' now
Holocaust survivor Suzi Smeed says the same lies told during the Holocaust are being “hysterically screamed” amid a rise in anti-Semitism.

“To be told the same lies over and over again until it’s so familiar to accepted as the truth … it is terrifying,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“We are seeing something so similar here in this country.

“It makes my blood run cold.”

Ms Smeed is the author of the book ‘The Courage to Care’, where she’s written about her experiences from her time during the Holocaust.

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'Nobody can accuse me of doing this for popularity...what's the point of popularity if you don't have a soul, don't have integrity'

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