Tuesday, November 14, 2023

From Ian:

Nikki Haley: DC March for Israel flags key truth The West now faces a moral test
For generations, when we in the West talked about the Holocaust, we boldly declared: “Never again.”

Now we must prove we meant it by helping Israel defeat those who would do it again.

America, Europe and every civilized nation must give Israel everything it needs to eliminate Hamas, which has promised to never rest in the slaughter of Jews.

There can be no cease-fire. Letting terrorists go guarantees they’ll perpetrate another Oct. 7 — or worse.

But victory on the battlefield is only part of the solution.

We must root out the moral cancer that has crept into our own society.

In its place, we must regain the strength that comes with clarity — specifically, we need clarity on the truth of our principles and the nature of the enemies who threaten us.

The future of Western civilization depends on us recognizing evil and confronting it with good.

This is why the United States must stand with Israel.

But Israel is not the only place in which civilization is challenged today.

In Iran, Russia and Communist China, we face an unholy alliance that gladly sacrifices innocent civilians for the sake of domination.

These regimes seek to destroy freedom and spread tyranny.

Their ultimate goal is to destroy America.

If we lack the courage to defend freedom or distinguish between good and evil, our enemies will win. First in their own backyard and eventually in ours.

We in the West face a great moral test. Whether we pass it will determine our civilization’s survival.

We can either unite once again around the timeless principles of human dignity and freedom or we can reject them in favor of passing fads and the pursuit of power, which paradoxically weakens us.

A look at college campuses suggests we are closer to making the wrong choice than at any point in the past century, yet there’s still time to remember who we are and what we stand for.

It will be on full display in Tuesday’s March for Israel.

For the United States, as the leader of the free world, must always stand for civilization over barbarism.
Israel will not bow to international pressure
The laws of war acknowledge that collateral damage is unavoidable in armed conflict. Indeed, according to UN statistics, the global average ratio of civilian-to-combatant deaths is a disturbing 9:1. In Israel’s last operation in Gaza, in May this year, the IDF achieved a civilian-to-combatant ratio of 0.6:1. Hamas’s use of Palestinian civilians as human shields consistently seeks to undermine Israel’s unparalleled efforts in this regard.

The IDF goes further than any army in the history of warfare to protect civilian lives. By giving advance notice of its military targets, the IDF provides civilians (and, of course, the terrorists) with opportunities to evacuate, often at the expense of achieving military objectives. By contrast, Hamas has used roadblocks to prevent civilians from evacuating, cynically increasing casualties in an effort to pile international pressure on the nation to cease its self-defence. Awful footage from Gaza shows Hamas gunning down its own people as they evacuate southwards.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is a lawful response to Hamas’s well-documented use of Humanitarian supplies to support its terrorist activities. Water pipes are used to build rockets, ambulances to transport terrorists, and fuel stolen from hospitals and UNRWA compounds supplies 300 miles of Hamas terror tunnels.

There is no requirement in international law for any state to supply its enemies with electricity. Hamas has claimed for three weeks that hospitals in Gaza are running out of fuel. Since the October 7 attacks, 10,000 rockets have been fired on Israeli civilians, powered by resources intended for Gaza’s civilians.

In accordance with international humanitarian law, Israel distinguishes between Hamas terrorists and Gazan civilians. This is a distinction that, unsurprisingly, the Hamas-run Gaza “Health Ministry” does not make when it announces casualty figures. Their figures – if they are to be believed at all – likely include many legitimate military targets. They also include civilians killed by the hundreds of Palestinian rockets that have fallen short in Gaza, such as the one that hit the Al-Ahli hospital car park, which was initially, without any evidential basis, blamed on Israel.

Distinguishing between civilians and legitimate military targets in Gaza is no easy task. Some of the 18,000 Gazan “civilians” with permits to work in Israel collected valuable intelligence for the Hamas attack on October 7, down to whether or not families had dogs, and how many children were in each household. CCTV footage and eye-witness accounts indicate that, after the initial wave of terrorists, ordinary Gazan “civilians” descended on the ruined southern Israeli communities to kill, kidnap, loot, and vandalise.

International humanitarian law was developed after the Second World War to prevent Nazi atrocities from being committed ever again. These same laws are now being abused in an attempt to discredit Israel’s legitimate response and prevent the only Jewish state from ensuring “never again”.

We are seeing the same “lawfare” conducted against Israel that we have seen in every conflict it has endured with Gaza. But this time, there is a crucial difference –this time, Israel will not succumb to international pressure. This time, it will eliminate Hamas.
Richard Goldberg: Hamas commits war crimes in hospitals and mosques, but world says nothing
The Hamas supporters in the street blame Israel for civilian deaths in Gaza. But for those paying any attention, Hamas demonstrates every day that those civilians are dead because of Hamas, not Israel.

Rather than condemn Hamas for violating the laws of war, the World Health Organization’s director-general accused Israel of targeting hospitals in Gaza and called for an immediate cease-fire.

WHO has not condemned Hamas for using hospitals as human shields, basing its headquarters under Shifa or denying a hospital access to fuel. No outrage can be found over Hamas using ambulances to transport terrorists and weapons.

Like the rest of the United Nations, WHO does not recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.

This is nothing new from WHO, a China-influenced agency that castigates Israel on an annual basis at its World Health Assembly. Now, with Syria and North Korea on its executive board, it is nothing more than a Hamas mouthpiece — albeit a mouthpiece funded generously by the United States taxpayer.

The IDF late Monday released video footage from inside a Hamas terror tunnel that ended in the basement of Gaza’s Rantisi hospital. Israel reportedly found diapers in the basement alongside rope used to hold Israeli hostages.

A baby bottle found on top of a box bearing the WHO logo completed the indictment of a United Nations that is actively working against its founding promise: Never again.

Hamas’ daily war crimes extend beyond the health-care sector. On Sunday, the IDF released footage of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices found inside a kindergarten in northern Gaza.

Israel is also finding major terror infrastructure in and under mosques. Weapons were seized from the Abu Bakr mosque while four IDF soldiers were killed in a booby-trapped tunnel under another mosque in Beit Hanoun.

Sadly, as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques hosted a summit of Arab governments in Riyadh to discuss the crisis in Gaza, not one leader condemned Hamas for desecrating mosques or using Muslims as human shields. Honored guests at this summit included Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

But there was no condemnation for Assad’s mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Syria — or Raisi’s mass murder of thousands upon thousands of Muslims in Iran. Only the Jewish state — the one party actively evacuating Muslim civilians from Hamas’ evil clutch — was singled out for condemnation.

During his remarks, Raisi unveiled a new final solution for the Jews: “From the river to the sea,” the very same chant American and British citizens heard this weekend from pro-Hamas demonstrators.

Hearing it from Hamas’ chief terror sponsor should remove any doubt what that phrase means — and why it’s imperative Israel succeed in destroying the Tehran-backed cancer on its borders.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Hamas Must Go
In 2012, freezing the conflict in Gaza was an outcome we and the Israelis were willing to accept. But Israel’s policy since 2009 of containing rather than destroying Hamas has failed. A cease-fire now that restored the pre–October 7 status quo ante would leave the people of Gaza living in a besieged enclave under the domination of terrorists and leave Israelis vulnerable to continued attacks. It would also consign hundreds of hostages to continued captivity.

Cease-fires can make it possible to pursue negotiations aimed at achieving a lasting peace, but only when the timing and balance of forces are right. Bosnia in the 1990s saw 34 failed cease-fires before the Clinton administration’s military intervention prompted all sides to stop fighting and finally negotiate a peace agreement. It is possible that if Israel dismantles Hamas’s infrastructure and military capacity and demonstrates that terrorism is a dead end, a new peace process could begin in the Middle East. But a cease-fire that leaves Hamas in power and eager to strike Israel will make this harder, if not impossible. For decades, Hamas has undermined every serious attempt at peace by launching new attacks, including the October 7 massacre that seems to have been designed, at least in part, to disrupt progress toward normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia. (Those negotiations also aimed to bring important benefits for Palestinians.)

By contrast, the humanitarian pauses advocated by the Biden administration and tentatively accepted by the Israelis can save lives without rewarding Hamas. There is precedent: During previous wars in Gaza, Israel and Hamas agreed to a number of pauses so that relief could get into the area. Recent conflicts in Yemen and Sudan have also undergone brief humanitarian pauses. Whether for hours or days, breaks in the fighting can provide safety to aid workers and refugees. They could also help facilitate hostage negotiations, which is an urgent priority right now.

Rejecting a premature cease-fire does not mean defending all of Israel’s tactics, nor does it lessen Israel’s responsibility to comply with the laws of war. Minimizing civilian casualties is legally and morally necessary. It is also a strategic imperative. Israel’s long-term security depends on its achieving peaceful coexistence with neighbors who are prepared to accept its existence and its need for security. The disaster of October 7 has discredited the theory that Israel can contain Hamas, ignore the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, and freeze Israeli control over Palestinians forever.

Going forward, Israel needs a new strategy and new leadership. Instead of the current ultra-right-wing government, it will need a government of national unity that’s rooted in the center of Israeli politics and can make the hard choices ahead. At home, it will have to reaffirm Israeli democracy after a tumultuous period. In Gaza, it should resist the urge to reoccupy the territory after the war, accept an internationally mandated interim administration for governing the Strip, and support regional efforts to reform and revive the Palestinian Authority so it has the credibility and the means to reassume control of Gaza. In the West Bank, it must clamp down on the violence perpetrated by extremist Israeli settlers and stop building new settlements that make it harder to imagine a future Palestinian state. Ultimately, the only way to ensure Israel’s future as a secure, democratic, Jewish state is by achieving two states for two peoples. And in the region, Israel should resume serious negotiations with Saudi Arabia and others to normalize relations and build a broad coalition to counter Iran.

For now, Israel should focus on freeing the hostages, increasing humanitarian aid, protecting civilians, and ensuring that Hamas terrorists can no longer murder families, abduct children, exploit civilians as human shields, or start new wars. But when the guns fall silent, the hard work of peace building must begin. There is no other choice.

‘We Stand Together’: US Jewish Groups to Hold Major Pro-Israel Rally in Washington, DC on Tuesday
Pro-Israel rally in Times Square, New York City, US, Oct. 8, 2023. Photo: REUTERS/Jeenah Moon

Tens of thousands of people are expected to participate in a “March for Israel” in Washington, DC on Tuesday to demand the release of hostages held captive by Hamas in Gaza and to show solidarity with both the Jewish state and the Jewish community amid a global surge in antisemitism that has followed the Palestinian terror group’s Oct 7. massacre across southern Israel.

Since last month’s terror onslaught, and amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, there has been a sharp rise in antisemitic incidents worldwide, especially across the US and Europe.

A report published by the Anti-Defamation League on Monday recorded 832 outrages targeting American Jews between Oct. 7 and Nov. 7 — an average of 28 incidents per day and a 316 percent increase on the same period in 2022. The majority of these incidents have been tied to the Hamas atrocities and protests over Israel’s military response to them.

Such a tense climate for the Jewish community has made necessary a mass demonstration showing unity among Jews — Orthodox and secular, conservative and progressive — “in these crazy times,” organizers of the march told The Algemeiner.

“As antisemitism began increasing in the United States, there was a strong desire for the Jewish community and supporters of Israel to come together and make a very strong and powerful statement and say we stand together with each other, with Israel, and against antisemitism,” said Gil Preuss, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. “I think it’s important for everyone to understand that the Jewish community is strong and united in its support for Israel, is strong and united that Hamas free the hostages, and is strong and united in its fight against antisemitism in all of its forms.”

Preuss added that the American Jewish community is also calling for support from US leaders and policymakers, a plea that has increased in volume in recent weeks.

Jews around the world have become a target amid the Israel-Hamas war, not just the Jewish state, according to Natan Sharansky, the famed refusenik and international campaigner against antisemitism.
Hostages’ families to be hosted by Congress on Capitol Hill
Family members of hostages being held in Gaza, along with Israelis whose loved ones were murdered in last month’s deadly Hamas attack, will be hosted on Capitol Hill on Monday in a show of solidarity with the State of Israel.

The event, which is being organized by the bipartisan Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, will follow the major rally in support of Israel being held in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 14, and comes five weeks after the worst single attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

“The bi-partisan nature of faith-based diplomacy can be felt in legislatures around the world as we fight the bias and distortions we see in the United Nations,” said Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan.

The Congressional event, which will be hosted by Caucus co-chairs Reps. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), Brad Schneider (D-Ill.), and Chris Smith (R-N.J.) together with other members of Congress, will include Israeli, Jewish and Christian leaders, who will join together for a discussion on the war in Gaza and rising antisemitism in the United States.

The event’s featured speakers will include family members of hostages being held in Gaza as well as familes of the victims of the Oct. 7 massacre. Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Erdan and Economy Minister Nir Barkat are also scheduled to address the event.

At least 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed in the Hamas assault, while roughly 240 others were taken hostage to Gaza.

‘Ceasefire with terror org isn’t a peace agreement,’ Ritchie Torres tells 200,000 at DC rally: Watch Live
Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.), one of the most vocal pro-Israel voices in the U.S. Congress, addressed an estimated 200,000 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., at the “March for Israel” rally on Tuesday.

“I want to be crystal-clear: A ceasefire with a terrorist organization is not a peace agreement. It’s a death sentence for Israelis,” Torres said, in a speech that drew much applause. “Everyone who wants Israel to cease to exist is calling for a ceasefire. Our answer to them is ‘No!’”

Torres noted that his district includes a large Jewish community but said he attended the rally “as an American to defend one of our greatest U.S. values, the U.S.-Israel relationship,” which is “an American value encoded in our national DNA.”

The congressman said the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks were “a crime against the Jewish state, indeed against humanity, so barbaric it cannot be ignored.”

“It cannot be unpunished. Hamas must be brought to justice,” he said. “Israel has a right to defend itself, and America has a duty to stand with Israel in her struggle for survival and self defense.”

Torres called on Israel to do to Hamas what the United States did to ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Nazis.

“No one expected the U.S. to enter a ceasefire with Japan after Pearl Harbor or al-Qaeda or the Taliban when 3,000 were murdered on 9/11,” he said. “Those who insist that Israel should no longer defend itself are holding the Jewish state to a dangerous double standard that no other country would ever impose on itself.”

Torres noted that the junction of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the modern Israeli state and the 60th anniversary of 1963 March on Washington, during which Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

‘The realization of a dream’
“Those two anniversaries remind me that the Jewish people have long had a dream of Jewish liberation. Theodor Herzl had a dream of emancipation from antisemitism. The Jews who were driven into exile for years had a dream of one day returning to their homeland,” the congressman said.

“We are here to tell the world that Israel is the realization of a dream. Israel is the manifestation of the words ‘Never Again,’ he added. “Israel is the realization of a dream that will live on for the next 75 years and beyond.”

Torres concluded his speech by yelling Am Yisrael Chai—“the Jewish People Lives.”

The Commentary Magazine Podcast: The March for Israel Today
William Daroff, the CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, joins the podcast to give us genuinely helpful advice about how to get around Washington today as so many of us will be traveling to be at the March for Israel on the Mall—where not to park, what Metro stop to use, where to get in, and generally how to have the best time at the most important event for American Jewry since the days of the Soviet Jewry protests.

Israel's actions in Gaza: What proportionality actually means
The proportionality of an attack, according to the laws of warfare, is not measured by comparing the number of civilian casualties on both sides. The legal requirement is that a military objective should not be attacked if the expected harm to civilians is excessive in relation to the anticipated military advantage from the attack. The proportionality of the attack is not measured by the l number of civilian casualties that it resulted in; rather it is determined by what the commanding officer knew or should have known in real time when the attack was planned and executed.

War is a "realm of uncertainty." A specific location might end up having more civilians than expected, while in another area, an attack on a tunnel might impact an unknown stockpile of rockets that would end up blowing up and causing collateral damage to civilians. The IDF is committed to employing reasonable measures to minimize harm to civilians as a result of its attacks. This is especially evident in the calls for residents of northern Gaza to move south to reduce the risk from the Gaza conflict. These calls have included precise guidance on the timing and safe evacuation routes.

An external observer cannot effectively assess the proportionality of the attack without being privy to the information pertaining to the anticipated military advantage and the planning process that such an attack involves. It's no coincidence that there has never been a case where the international criminal courts convicted a soldier for carrying out a disproportionate attack. However, this doesn't guarantee that in the prevailing anti-Israel bias, there won't be attempts to use the Jewish state to create a global precedent.

In the international legal framework, some elements hinder while others assist. Indistinct calls from ministers and Knesset members, even if marginal and influential, such as the call to "conquer" Gaza, are well received among those who seek to portray Israel's intentions as non-proportionate. On the assisting side, there are the military prosecutors and the legal advisory system to the government.

Israel has long realized that the legal dimension is crucial for achieving the military objective and for its translation into long-term diplomatic achievements. Despite the misconceived notion that this involves arm wrestling, this process is conducted through an ongoing dialogue between the legal, military, and political echelons from all levels – from the division commander to the special War Cabinet – aiming to find the most effective way to achieve the objectives of war within the framework of Israel as a law-abiding state. International law allows the attacking of a legitimate military objective and only prohibits unnecessary brutality. If we emphasize this, we will prevail in this campaign as well.
British Military Expert Col. Richard Kemp : A Ceasefire Now Would Be "Very Dangerous"
JNS Jerusalem Bureau Chief Alex Traiman and Col. Richard Kemp, former British Army officer and commander analyze the complexities Israel faces when fighting terrorists in difficult urban environments, and while under intense international scrutiny.

Kemp draws similarities and differences between Israel’s military campaign and the Western military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan that he helped lead. Kemp posits as to whether the war will expand to tackle Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and gives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strong grades on his handling of the war effort following the Hamas attack on October 7.

Former British head of forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp on Israel's war strategy
In a recent, Former British head of forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp spoke to WION's Jodie Cohen on Israel's war strategy and more.

Caroline Glick: Is Hezbollah Joining the War Against Israel
More attacks on Israel's north from Hezbollah, a senior Iranian general says that the US is playing nice, and Israel's fate hangs in the balance.

"IDF Destroys Memorial to Arch-Terrorist Yasser Arafat" ‘Appalling’ UN record on Israel, explains longtime New Jersey congressman

‘Zero Appetite’ in Israel for Cease-Fire With Hamas, Embassy Official Says

IDF hits 200 targets in Gaza; Troops uncover tunnel shaft in mosque

Two wounded in rocket attacks on Tel Aviv

IDF jets strike Hezbollah terror infrastructure in Lebanon

The other debacle: Israel's cyber front

IDF walkthrough claims to show Hamas terrorist tunnel near children's hospital
The Israeli Defense Force has posted a video of what it claims is a walkthrough of a Hamas terrorist tunnel near the Rantisi Children’s Hospital in Gaza City.

IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari shows explosive vests and hand grenades, among other munitions, which he says belong to Hamas and which is claimed to have been found within a room in the hospital.

“Look at what Hamas is holding inside the hospital,” he said.

“I want you to understand, this kind of gear is a [sic] gear for a major fight.”

Israel Defense Force Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner spoke to Sky News Australia about the latest unfolding events as the war continues.

“We’ve been evacuating the Rantisi hospital now for about four or five days,” Mr Lerner said.

He discussed the Hamas tunnels found and the efforts to combat the terrorist ground.

Biden Mulls Approval of Fresh $10 Billion for Iran

The IDF is Helping PALESTINIANS ESCAPE From Hamas in Gaza
The IDF delivered several hundred liters of fuel to the Shifa hospital yesterday to be used for emergency medical purposes. The only problem is that the Head of the Gaza Health Ministry, the same Health Ministry that most of the world uses for “reliable” civilian casualty numbers in the Gaza strip, prevented that fuel from actually reaching the hospital to those who desperately needed it.

Also, it just became crystal clear on who Hamas actually is, in case anyone was still in doubt, The IDF just found an Arabic copy of Mein Kampf in a children’s bedroom in the Gaza Strip.

The US must designate Qatar as a state sponsor of terrorism

'Where Are You?': Israeli Hostage Families Call Out Women's Rights Groups, Silent on Kidnappings

Children as Young as 10 Took Part in Hamas's Oct. 7 Terror Attack, Survivors Say

The Art of the Teardown

One survivor of the Israeli terror attacks tells her incredible story and why she still hopes for peace: 'My neighbour shot one terrorist, then grabbed his Kalashnikov and shot dead several others... I am only alive by a series of miracles'

Ben Shapiro: The Barbarians Are In The Gates
Armistice Day and Veterans Day are marked by massive pro-Hamas rallies across the world; British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fires Home Secretary Suella Braverman for speaking truth about the terrorist supporters at home; and Donald Trump goes to a UFC match.

‘Her Behavior Has Been Disgraceful!’ Ben Shapiro Destroys Colleague Candace Owens for ‘Ridiculous’ Israel Rhetoric
A video making the rounds on social media appears to show Daily Wire founding editor Ben Shapiro slamming his colleague Candace Owens for her “disgraceful” commentary on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“The question is about Candace Owens,” acknowledges Shapiro at the start of the video before declaring “I think her behavior during this has been disgraceful, without a doubt.”

His next few words were mostly drowned out by the audience, but he did grudgingly acknowledge that Owens “still works at my company” before again turning his attention to her views on Israel.

“I think that her faux sophistication on these particular issues has been ridiculous,” continued Shapiro who expressed his displeasure with her “disreputable” statements.

Owens has been criticized by many conservatives and pro-Israel activists for her rhetoric over the last month and change, including a not-so-subtle social media post suggesting that Israel was committing a genocide in the Gaza Strip.

In an episode of her show devoted to defending herself from the charges of anti-Semitism that followed her post, Owens was corrected by Jewish comedian Ami Kozak, who was utterly befuddled by her claim that Muslims in Jerusalem are only allowed to lived in the “Muslim quarters” and her subsequent argument that Israel was therefore not a “bastion of freedom.”

Kozak informed Owens that she was mistaking a historical ethnic neighborhood, the Muslim Quarter, for a ghetto. While over 300,000 Muslims live in Jerusalem, the Muslim Quarter has a total population of somewhere around 22,000.

Megyn Kelly: Disgusting Pro-Hamas Displays w/ Konstantin Kisin
Megyn Kelly begins the show by discussing some of the most disgusting anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas displays around the world over the weekend, New York's anti-Israel protest over the weekend and their disturbing chants, dangerous protests in the U.K., some positive developments with pro-Israel demonstrations in Paris, and more. Then Megyn is joined by Konstantin Kisin, co-host of the TRIGGERnometry podcast, to discuss why the lies about how great immigration is for the U.S. and the U.K. have led us to anti-Israel protests now, the scary concept of decolonization pro-Palestinian groups say they want, the dangerous Islamist and “woke” ideology and why it has invaded college campuses and schools, disturbing Hitler references from anti-Israel protesters, how the real "far right" brainwashed into racist ideology are those supporting Hamas and displaying anti-Semitism, why multiculturalism is not multiethnicity, why "smart" people can become the most radical, why he now supports an end to the Ukraine war and what a peace deal could look like, and more.

“We Need To Stop Listening To These People” - Douglas Murray
Douglas Murray is a journalist, author and associate editor of The Spectator.

As the turmoil of global events dominates the media, it can feel as though the world is spiralling into chaos. If we can't agree on what's happening, how can we make sense of the world? What's the solution in a post-truth world?

Expect to learn how Victoria’s Secret betrayed the body positivity movement, why people are struggling to agree on what's true anymore, how the “Gays for Gaza” movement will get on, whether we are past peak wokeness, why there is such a huge increase in conspiratorial thinking, what the most recent South Park episode has to say about our culture and much more...

‘Sadistic and barbaric’: Hatred of Israel manifests as anti-Zionism
Israeli author and activist Noa Tishby says a deep-rooted hatred and suspicion of the Jewish people globally has manifested as “anti-Zionism”.

“Israel not only is not a coloniser, Israel is literally a refugee state that was de-colonised from Great Britain, absolutely nothing to do with colonialism,” Ms Tishby said.

“It used to sound something like this, ‘the Jews have … killed Christian babies and now it’s changed to the Zionists have … killed Palestinian babies; both of them are untrue, both of them sourced from deep-rooted hatred and suspicion of the Jewish people.

“That has now manifested as anti-Israel hatred and anti-Zionism and it’s to grave concern; there has been a massacre that occurred in Israel, the most sadistic and barbaric we have ever seen in our lifetime and yet people in the West are turning around and saying, well but Israel kinda had it coming.”

Ms Tishby sat down with Ms Markson to discuss the Israel-Hamas conflict and the rise of anti-Semitism in the West.

Sky News host blasts Penny Wong’s Israel comments
Sky News host Andrew Bolt has blasted Foreign Minister Penny Wong for saying a “very stupid thing” on Sunday about Israel.

Mr Bolt says her comments “help the Hamas terrorists” and “hurts Israel”.

“First, she said Israel and Hamas should take steps together to work for a ceasefire,” Mr Bolt said.

“Even though a ceasefire is exactly what Hamas wants – to buy time to regroup and whip up international pressure on Israel to pull out.”

Mr Bolt was joined by Israeli Defense Forces Lieutenant Colonel Amnon Shefler to discuss the Israel-Hamas conflict.

‘Simply unacceptable’: Labor suggesting some type of ‘equivalency’ in the Israel-Hamas conflict
Former prime minister Scott Morrison says there have been these statements from the Labor government that suggest "some type of equivalency" in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Mr Morrison’s remarks come after Foreign Minister Penny Wong called for steps toward a ceasefire in the Middle East.

“Any suggestion or implication left hanging out there, that there is some sort of equivalency, moral equivalency between the atrocities committed by Hamas on Israelis and what now is Israel doing in its self-defence… is simply unacceptable,” Mr Morrison told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“There would be no possibility of Israelis being able to live in that part of their country.

“Of course, they need to pursue this, of course they are providing the necessary warnings and humanitarian corridors and pauses that you would expect.”

Penny Wong’s ceasefire comments countered by EU and Shadow FA Minister
Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong’s comments calling on Israel to initiate a ceasefire in Gaza have been countered by Shadow Minister Simon Birmingham and EU Foreign Affairs High Representative Josep Borrell.

Ms Wong had called for steps to be taken towards a ceasefire on Sunday as she sought to remind Israel they should be held to a higher standard than Hamas.

Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Birmingham gave his take on the situation, saying a ceasefire is not possible until Hamas is stripped of any ability to launch another terror attack.

EU Foreign Affairs High Representative Josep Borrell called on Hamas to release all hostages immediately.

The European Union also condemned Hamas for the use of hospitals as human shields.

'Stop the immoral pronouncements': Australia slammed over Israel position
Author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has slammed the Australian government after Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s call for a ceasefire in Gaza and for Israel to stop attacking hospitals.

Israeli tanks have reportedly reached Gaza city’s largest hospital Al Shifa where around 650 patients are trapped amid gunfire exchanges between Hamas and the Israeli army.

The IDF says the Palestinian terror group is using the hospital as a cover for its command post in underground tunnels, elevating it as a top target in Israel’s efforts to eradicate Hamas.

“What is the world’s problem about Jews just living safely and securely? What is it about Australia that you have an issue with us protecting ourselves?”, Rabbi Shmuley told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

"Australia has a massive Jewish community – 100,000’s pretty big for our small numbers – most of whom are Holocaust survivors.

"So stop the immoral pronouncements to Israel that they should allow a Hamas command and control centre – a terrorist base – under a hospital to go untouched."

United Kingdom’s marches for Palestine were ‘not peaceful’
Former Labor MP Michael Danby says the marches on the weekend in the United Kingdom for Palestine were “not peaceful”.

“Jeremy Corbyn was and is a disgrace … the marches on the weekend were not peaceful,” Mr Danby told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“There were Jewish homes … slatted with red paint.

“There’s a terrible YouTube (video) … of a young … woman … coming onto a bus and questioning all the passengers, are you a Jew?”

Mr Danby sat down with Ms Credlin and Sky News contributor Kosha Gada to discuss the increase in Jew hatred across the globe.

‘Completely outrages’: Sky News host blasts ‘disgraceful’ student protest for Palestine
Sky News host Rowan Dean has called an organised school strike for Palestine “disgraceful”.

Mr Dean says it is “completely outrageous” this is happening.

“If these children are being taken by their teachers and demanding a ceasefire … you would tell the kids to listen, we think all wars are bad, and in order to make sure there’s no further suffering, it would be good to have a ceasefire,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“The conditions for a ceasefire … is that the murdering bastards who ruined so many lives give themselves up and hand back every single hostage.

“That’s the moral thing that we should be teaching.”

Mr Dean joined Sky News host Andrew Bolt to discuss the calls for a ceasefire and pro-Palestinian rallies.

'Serious lack' of political leadership on anti-Semitism: Sharri Markson
Sky News host Sharri Markson says anti-Semitism has reached emergency levels in Australia, prompting questions about where our political leadership and law enforcement are.

Ms Markson said there was a new low of devastating anti-Semitism over the past weekend in Sydney and Melbourne.

“This anti-Semitism we're seeing is getting worse, not better, and that's in part because of a serious lack of political leadership in this country.

“Where is the Prime Minister standing up to unequivocally say this needs to stop?

“He’s just not doing it.”

Marcia Langton slams Blak Sovereignty Movement over Palestine solidarity stance
Sky News host Caleb Bond says Marcia Langton has condemned the Blak sovereignty movements’ stance on Palestine.

“Marcia Langton who we disagreed with a lot during the Voice to Parliament campaign is eminently sensible,” Mr Bond said.

In tomorrow’s The Australian’s paper Marcia Langton slams the Blak sovereignty’s stance on Palestine.

“Saying, moral outrage, simply untrue … Marcia Langton has condemned the Blak sovereignty movement proposition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians feel solidarity with Palestinians is simply untrue.

“Saying there is very little that is comparable in the two people’s situations.”

Far left anti-Israel reporter claims he was 'thrown off' Amtrak train for confronting Democrat Senator from Biden's home state about his opposition to Hamas ceasefire Jeremy Corbyn refuses FIFTEEN TIMES to call Hamas a terror group when asked in explosive interview with Piers Morgan

Poll reveals more Aussies support Israel in Middle East conflict
In a poll released by Nine newspapers on Tuesday, Australians expressed divided opinions on whether the Middle East conflict has compromised the country's safety.

However, 31% who, in the face of differing views, side in principle with Israel's right to defend its citizens.

The poll also reveals that 36% of respondents feel Australia is less safe due to the ongoing turmoil, while 32% disagree, and an additional 32% remain uncertain.

Conducted among 1602 eligible voters from November 1-5, the survey delves into public sentiments regarding Australia's role in the conflict.

When asked about supporting either side, 31% expressed support for Israel, while only 7% leaned towards Palestine.

The findings underscore a noteworthy inclination among Australians to back Israel in principle.

Noah Rothman: Violent Antisemitism Is the Language of the Privileged
It is no coincidence that so many of the prosecutors of the campaign of antisemitism to which we are witness are some of American society’s most comfortable, most affluent, most cosseted citizens. Islamist violence is not the language of the desperate and dispossessed. It is a product of indoctrination, and its perpetrators are often the well-heeled products of a misbegotten education.

A number of studies of the phenomenon of Islamist terrorism support that conclusion. A World Bank study found that nearly 70 percent of Boko Haram’s terrorists completed at least a secondary level of education. Higher levels of education closely corresponded with support for the first intifada, according to a Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research study. Research published in the journal Applied Economics found “a positive association between education and terrorism, which suggests that more educated people are more likely to engage in terrorism.” “All leaders of Hamas,” the Israeli journalist Ronni Shaked told terrorism researcher Bruce Hoffman, “are university graduates, some with master’s degrees.” He continued: “This is a movement not of poor, miserable people but of highly educated people who are using poverty to make the movement more powerful.”

As the late Justice Antonin Scalia observed, there is a reason why the Holocaust was the innovation of one of the most literate, progressive, and cultured societies on Earth. It is a myth that desperation is the fuel that produces episodes of hateful, terroristic violence. After all, you’ve got to be carefully taught.

‘Police need to get tougher’: London’s Armistice Day pro-Palestinian protest ‘very unsavoury’
The Sunday Times’s former editor Andrew Neil says the pro-Palestine protest in London, which occurred on Armistice Day, was “very unsavoury”.

Mr Neil said the crowds at the pro-Palestine march who were shouting anti-Semitism and race hatred in the context of whipping Israel out was “not acceptable”.

“There is a right to protest but protestors also have obligations, and their obligations is to stay within the law and within the bounds of Democratic legitimacy and proper protest,” Mr Neil told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

“I’m afraid anti-Semitism and race hatred and shouting jihad and a clear context of whipping Israel out is not acceptable.

“The police will need to get much tougher on that and leave the bulk of the peaceful demonstrators to get on exercising the Democratic rights.”

‘Racist taunt, after racist taunt’: Anti-Semitic protesters ‘march for peace’
Spiked Online Editor Tom Slater says British people are scared after seeing the rise of an “anti-Semitic street protest movement”.

“I think British people are scared by what they’re seeing because what we’re witnessing here really is the birth, or the explosion of an anti-Semitic street protest movement,” Mr Slater told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“We shouldn’t mince words about it … this supposed march for peace was people repeating Arabic War slogans about the slaughter of Jews in the 7th century.

“There’s video footage of people saying kill all the Jews quite openly.”

Mr Slater sat down with Ms Credlin to discuss anti-Semitism levels rising in Europe.

UK's former home secretary was 'speaking the truth' to the Tory base
Former Liberal MP Tim Smith says it’s a shame Suella Braverman was sacked as the UK’s home secretary as she was “speaking the truth” to the Tory base.

“Sacking Suella Braverman had been on the cards since she made some unfortunate comments equating people living in tents outside to a lifestyle choice,” Mr Smith told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“But the simple fact is, Suella Braverman was articulating Tory policy to the Tory base better than anyone.

“And I fear for Suella that she probably argued the case a bit too loudly in a way that’s probably not the done thing here.

“But from an Australian perspective, I thought she was doing a brilliant job.”

Met Police question ex-Labour activist who waved placard showing the Star of David enmeshed with the Nazi swastika at Poppy Day pro-Palestine march

Council member of British tennis' governing body is SACKED for saying 'Adolf Hitler would be proud of Benjamin Netanyahu'

‘Right to protest’: Calls to support student strike for Palestine

Anti-Israel protester banned from central London after throwing paint at Israeli embassy

Jewish-owned businesses in Montreal targeted with antisemitic profanity Pro-Palestinian jumping castle business owner boasts about banning Jewish children: 'There's no way I'm taking a Zionist booking'

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