Tuesday, November 07, 2023

From Ian:

Gadi Taub: We Will Defend Ourselves
What Hamas has now done has not just buried the two-state solution and killed all hopes for peace in our lifetime, or in our children’s lifetime. It has also tripped the wire that triggers the deepest of Jewish fears, the fears that run so deep that they precede reflection or even verbalization. That is why you hear from most of the left what you would normally hear only from the right: calls to see this all the way through to the complete destruction of Hamas as a functioning organization.

Modern antisemitism has learned to hide in its moral opposite: the language of human rights. Old blood libels claimed Jews kill Christian children to use their blood for the baking of matzot, the Passover bread. Contemporary blood libels claim the IDF is uniquely murderous and deliberately kills Palestinian children to satisfy its bloodlust. The form is new, but the content is not.

The contemporary versions are peddled by organizations claiming to uphold human rights, while undermining the universality of that principle, which is its very essence. They do this by applying one standard to the Jewish state, and another to all others, especially those belonging to groups with a postmodern moral badge of official victimhood, which supposedly grants them a waiver from moral imperatives.

This corruption of morality relies on marginalizing the evidence of the actual behavior of such groups toward their own members (especially gays, women and nonbelievers), toward minorities in their midst (such as Jews and Christians) as well the outside world.

This application of double standards has caused Israel to voluntarily impose on its army a stricter code than any other army does, a task made all the more difficult by the increasing sophistication of its enemies in manipulating these very vulnerabilities. As Benjamin Netanyahu succinctly put it: We use rockets to protect our women and children. They use women and children to protect their rockets.

Israel should be done with this game. It is an immoral one, and it has enabled our murderous enemies to escape responsibility. It has led to the sacrifice of our own men to save the lives of those who would turn their own children into cannon fodder. Israel should insist that those who have tied together Jewish children with rope then burned them alive, will not manipulate us in the name of human rights. It should insist that only those who put their own children in harm’s way to protect the weapons they use against our innocent civilians, are responsible for their safety. It should insist that Hamas has committed crimes against humanity and we will not sustain its rule under the guise of “humanitarian aid.” International law prescribes that if the enemy does not separate civilians from combatants it alone bears responsibility for the lives of the innocent. Israel should insist on that rule and not flinch.

This is a chance to begin restoring moral clarity, and the gore from this attack, much of which was recorded by Hamas’ sadistic antisemitic terrorists, should serve to remind us of this.

Those who have not lost their conscience to the auto-immune disease of wokeism, to conformity and cowardice, would do well to leverage the horror that befell Israel to clean their own house, too. It is, perhaps, not yet too late to save the Judeo-Christian tradition from the self-inflicted destruction of postmodern pseudomorality.
I watched Hamas hack innocents to death. The worst part was their glee
Over the span of 43 minutes, I watched 138 humans be murdered or witnessed their corpses, many brutalized beyond recognition and others clearly tortured, in the direct aftermath of Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attacks on Israel.

That’s 3.2 bodies per minute— and less than 10 per cent of the more than 1,400 people killed that day.

The Consulate of Israel in Toronto screened the footage, taken from a mix of body cameras, dashboard cams, CCTV tapes, and victims’ cell phones, some used by Hamas to record and livestream their sadism, for a small group of media on Monday. Not everyone made it through the full 43 minutes, with others moved to tears and outbursts of emotion.

There were babies. Toddlers. So many children of all ages. Young men and women dressed for a music festival, not the wanton slaughter that saw their bloodied bodies piled atop one another in scenes reminiscent of some of the Holocaust’s worst images.

Parents. The elderly. A dad who, attempting to hide from Hamas attackers with his sons, all three of them still in their underwear, was blown up by a grenade in front of his children. The two young boys, covered in blood, crying, throwing themselves on the ground in grief, as a Hamas gunman raids the family’s fridge and takes a swig of soda. One of the sons’ panicked voice as he realizes he can no longer see out of one eye.

The man’s wife as kibbutz security bring her to identify her husband’s remains. The moment she literally collapses and has to be dragged away from the scene, thrashing wildly, her legs folding under her like every bone had simply vanished from her body.

A family attempting to decipher whether the burned remains in front of them, skirt hiked up above bare genitals, is the loved one they’re looking for.

The literal streams of blood, the hacked off arms and legs, the infant missing part of its skull, brain leaking out. The dog shot over and over again as its limbs splay in every direction until they don’t anymore. Mickey mouse pyjamas on a young corpse, skull fragments on floors, victims shot point blank. So much blood.

But none of what I’ve detailed so far was the worst part of those 43 minutes. The worst part was the glee.

The pure jubilation of Hamas terrorists as they filmed themselves killing and torturing; their excited voices bragging about their atrocities. The videos of them playing with victims’ heads with their feet, and excitedly shooting out the tires of a kibbutz’s ambulance before massacring its residents.

I’ll never forget the gore, but it’s the look of euphoria and pride in the terrorists’ eyes, cheering for the cameras as if they were the ones partying at a music festival that day, that will haunt me.

MEMRI: How To Rescue The American Hostages As Quickly As Possible
In the so-called negotiations to free the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, Qatar is serving Hamas. In fact, Qatar is Hamas and is not an honest broker. The hostages guarantee Hamas members' lives; thus, they aren't interested in releasing Israeli hostages, just Americans – and Russians, who will be freed under pressure from Russian President Putin, to whom Hamas owes a lot.

Hamas murdered at least 32 Americans on October 7, and kidnapped at least 13. How can these American hostages be freed? Certainly not by pleasing the Qataris, who are demanding, and receiving, constant praise from the Americans.

The release of the American hostages will be achieved in precisely the opposite way: through pressuring Qatar.

There are problems, though. For years, U.S. administrations, including this one and the previous one, have been aligned with Qatar.

In order to save the hostages, we must first set the record straight. Qatar has been playing a deadly double game with the U.S. for many years. It supports all Islamist terrorist organizations (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, and Hezbollah). Worst of all, in 1996, it hid future 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) in Doha, and when the FBI came to arrest him, informing only the Qatari Emir, KSM disappeared within hours. Richard Clarke, adviser to two U.S. Presidents, attested to this in his book and in the media.

Many Americans believe that they owe Qatar for its hosting of the U.S. CENTCOM base. The truth is precisely the opposite: It is Qatar that owes the U.S., for locating this base there. Without this base's presence in the country, Qatar would disappear within less than a week – its neighbors would eat it up.

A single statement by a U.S. Department of Defense official, about relocating – or even considering relocating – this base from Qatar to another country that is not a state sponsor of terrorism is all it would take to get the American hostages released. Even indicating that the U.S. has other options besides Qatar would do it.

The Qataris would have Hamas quickly dispatching the Americans on a bus to freedom, no ceasefire required. And this is what the American families of the hostages should be demanding from their members of Congress.

Qatar exists today only because the American administrations have accepted their double game. Criticized for hosting Hamas commanders in Doha, the Qatari prime minister hastened to say that it was the Americans who asked Qatar to bring them there. This may be true; American administrations are capable of damaging their own interests. But America should now ask Qatar to expel the Hamas commanders – or, better yet, extradite them to the U.S. to stand trial for murdering Americans.

To the families of the hostages, I say: The American administration will do none of this. Like its predecessors, this administration is too closely linked to Qatar’s interests.

UN Watch: Report: U.N. Teachers Celebrated Hamas Massacre
As war wages on between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, a watchdog group is releasing a new report that reveals how UNRWA teachers in the enclave, funded largely by the U.S. and EU, indoctrinate Palestinian children and promote terrorism and antisemitism.

Entitled “UNRWA: Hate Starts Here,” today’s report uncovers 20 UNRWA teachers and other staff members who celebrated the October 7th Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians on their social media accounts, collected by the non-governmental organization UN Watch, an independent human rights monitoring group based in Geneva.

The new cases are in addition to 133 UNRWA educators and staff who were exposed for promoting hate and violence in UN Watch’s last report, released in March 2023.

UN Watch’s Executive Director Hillel Neuer will be presenting the report on Wednesday before U.S. Congress.

UN Watch today submitted the report to EU foreign affairs commissioner Josep Borrell, and U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, whose governments are among the top funders of UNRWA, as well as to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini.

UN Watch is calling on the agency’s major funders—including the U.S., Germany, the UK and the European Union—to ensure that none of their combined $1.2 billion of donations to UNRWA will fund teachers of hate, and to hold the agency accountable to its own standards and commitments.

Among the educators who used their personal social media channels to propagate hate and celebrate the Hamas terror attack on October 7th:
UNRWA Gaza teacher Osama Ahmed posted “Allah is Great, Allah is Great, reality surpasses our wildest dreams” as the massacre was unfolding.
UNRWA school principal Iman Hassan justified the massacre as “restoring rights” and “redressing” Palestinian “grievances.”
Director of the UNRWA Khan Younis Training Center Rawia Helles, who is featured in and UNRWA campaign, glorified one of the terrorists as a “hero,” “raider,” and “prince of Khan Younis.”
UNRWA English teacher Asmaa Raffia Kuheil excitedly posted “7th, October, 2023! Sculpture the date!” adding a heart emoji.
UNRWA school administrator Hmada Ahmed posted “welcome the great October.”

The report only examined a sample of Facebook users who publicly identified themselves as UNRWA employees, and therefore UN Watch estimates that the number of UNRWA staff who incite violence and hatred includes hundreds if not thousands among the agency’s 30,000 staff.

Over 150 UNWRA graduates are recognized members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad

Piers Morgan vs Israeli President Isaac Herzog | Full Interview On Israel-Hamas War
Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Israel's President Isaac Herzog to discuss the London pro-Palestine march planned for Armistice Day, Angelina Jolie's comments defending the people of Palestine, Queen Rania of Jordan’s recent calls for a ceasefire and more.

Herzog also opens up to Piers Morgan about up about his father’s fight against the Nazis in World War II and described the moving scenes he witnessed in the Kibbutz Be'eri in the aftermath of the October 7th attack.

The Commentary Magazine Podcast: The Escalation Is Here
Today we talk about the ramped-up anti-Semitic violence exploding almost simultaneously across the country, including the fatal attack on a Jewish man in Los Angeles. What’s going on and how did we get here? Give a listen.

Hillel Fuld: UNITY IS OUR STRENGTH | Israel-Hamas war

Netanyahu: Israel will have ‘security responsibility’ for Gaza

I’m an expert in urban warfare. Israel is upholding the laws of war

'We are going to win': Israel Hayom reporter joins troops in Gaza
On Friday, I joined the IDF soldiers operating in northern Gaza, accompanied by brigade commander Col. Yisrael Friedler. The main threats against the troops here are anti-tank missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, drones, and snipers. "All of the 'heroes' of October 7 are now hiding in their tunnels," said Col. Friedler.

For all the soldiers, this is their first war. For a large portion, this is their first experience of conflict. "During the first encounters there's a bit of shock, but afterward they got it together," Friedler said. They were able to train intensively before entering Gaza.

He adds that if the IDF is given the time it needs, it will supply the goods. "This is the most justifiable war in the world, and we mustn't stop until we win."

I asked the soldiers if they missed home. They all answered that they were focused on the mission. At one of the IDF positions were two soldiers who ask not to be filmed. "My mother doesn't know I'm here," one of them explained.

Lt.-Col. Ran Canaan says the soldiers' motivation is at its peak. Everyone wants to fight. The shock left by the Oct. 7 attack clarified for everyone that they must fight and win.

From the inside, it seems that the IDF knows what it's doing, or what it wants to do. The soldiers are facing a real enemy and real threats. But neither they nor we have a choice: Whoever doesn't defeat Hamas today will receive them on steroids tomorrow.
IDF takes control of another Hamas compound in Gaza

Hamas tunnel demolition dedicated to slain Israeli council head

Lebanese terrorists fire 20 rockets into Israel

CIA Chief Pressures Israel for ‘Pause’ in Fighting — as Hamas on the Ropes

Judea and Samaria leaders outraged as US sets conditions on rifle sales

‘Hamas Refused to Cooperate’: Egypt Shuts Gaza Border After Agreeing to Free Foreigners

Israel lashes UN chief, as Security Council fails to make headway

'Shocked & devastated' Jewish man's death investigated as homicide, hate crime after altercation with pro-Palestinian protesters

Holocaust survivor saved from Hamas buries son, fears for captive family

'We want to hug her again:' Heartbroken father who mourned the death of his eight-year-old daughter for a month says reports she's still alive in Gaza has given him hope

Woman banned from TikTok for posting peaceful pro-Israeli content
TikToker Ramona Chrapot has been permanently banned from the popular social media platform for posting peaceful pro-Israel videos.

Over the past few weeks, Ms Chrapot communicated back and forth with TikTok as many of her videos were taken down.

On Friday, she woke up and saw a message that her TikTok account was banned for supposedly breaching community guidelines.

“I was quite upset, but I was mainly quite confused,” Ms Chrapot told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“My videos shed a light on how Hamas is not only hurting innocent Israelis but also hurting Gazans too.

“I invite you and other viewers to go look at my videos and question what exactly in the videos breached these community guidelines.”

From the scene of a bloody massacre to the sea
Hagal Sheli has shifted their mission to focus on the children affected by the October 7th massacre. Providing space for healing and a brief moment where they can forget what they went through and surf with friends.

Ben Shapiro: Obama And The Pseudo-Sophisticates Help Hamas
The world tries to pin dead Palestinian Arab civilians on Israel as Hamas uses them as human shields; hundreds of thousands of pro-Hamas protesters blanket Western cities; and Joe Biden’s 2024 bid is in serious trouble.

SpectatorTV: Will Hezbollah start a war with Israel?
Sarit Zehavi, founder of the Alma research centre, on Israel's border with Lebanon, talks to John Connolly about the threat of Hezbollah. Will Nasrallah start a war? How strong are the militants? Is Israel ready?

Sen. Ted Cruz Calls "Bullsh*t" on Former Pres. Obama's Comments About Israel's "Occupation" of Gaza
Megyn Kelly is joined by Sen. Ted Cruz, author of "Unwoke,” to discuss the deep dissatisfaction with President Biden’s current policies that show him losing support in key swing states, Biden’s poll numbers tanking compared to Trump for the 2024 election, whether the Democratic Party leaders may try to swap in Michelle Obama next year, shocking demographic shifts that show Trump gaining support with Hispanics and Black Americans, what Trump trials may do to Trump's poll numbers, the “woke” infection in colleges across the U.S., the chilling and radical anti-Israel riot in Washington D.C., cultural Marxism on college campuses and in Congress, why Donald Trump “broke” the corporate media, how the American media have became Hamas propagandists since the terror group attacked Israel, former President Barack Obama’s recent comments about Israel’s “occupation” of Gaza and why we are all "complicit" in the conflict, how the Obama administration empowered Iran and Hamas, terror threat warnings at the border, and more. Then Jordan Belfort, author of "The Wolf of Investing," joins to discuss how everyday Americans can invest like the rich and finance experts, the importance of not gambling when investing, why you should ignore advice from Jim Cramer and others on CNBC, how to overcome the terrible economy under the Biden presidency through the right investing decisions, the pros and cons of Trump, using psychedelics to help his addiction, and more. And Megyn remembers Dr. Roland Griffiths, who told his story on The Megyn Kelly Show in January about his psychedelic research and cancer diagnosis, who passed away last month.

The Israel Guys: Young Palestinian Girl EXPOSES the Truth About the FREE PALESTINE Movement
A Palestinian girl last week posted a statement that exposed the FREE PALESTINE Movement for what it truly is. The true face of Palestine and the ugly Pro-Palestinian and Hamas rallies around the world are now bared for all to see. While Israel fights Hamas in Gaza, the United States is meeting with the head of the Palestinian Authority promising to help them establish another Gaza-like State that would threaten the State of Israel.

Iranian Canadian politician condemns ‘pro-Hamas’ rally in powerful address
Iranian Canadian politician Goldie Ghamari has condemned a “pro-Hamas” rally in Canada as she expressed concern about the rising hate and anger she has witnessed in her community.

Ms Ghamari delivered a speech in the Canadian Parliament about her family escaping Iran after the Islamic Revolution, drawing comparisons to the terrorist regime in Gaza under Hamas.

“That’s the same regime that spreads anti-Semitic information and propaganda,” she told the Ontario Legislature in Canada.

Demonstrations which took place shortly after Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel on October 7 have been condemned by the Canadian Prime Minister and other authorities after some protesters glorified the terrorist group’s violence.

The Canadian MPP said the rallies were the first time in her life she felt “uncomfortable” as a Canadian.

“That is the kind of behaviour you see in radical, fundamentalist countries – not in Canada.

“That is not the Canada my parents emigrated to, that is not the Canada that we were raised in.”

‘Hatred rallies’: Pro-Palestine protests a ‘real concern’
The European Commission has come out and said anti-semitism is “as bad as it was in the 1930s,” says Sky News host Peta Credlin.

This comes as the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to grow, with protests occurring across the world.

“We’re seeing all these pro-Palestinian rallies here and overseas – this is a real concern,” Ms Credlin said.

“This anti-Semitism you can feel it out there – it’s palpable – I saw it in the rallies in London.

“They weren’t just pro-Palestinian rallies they were hatred rallies.”

Merri-bek city council slammed for Gaza ceasefire motion
Sky News host Andrew Bolt has slammed Melbourne’s Merri-bek city council for their calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Merri-Bek city council will meet on Wednesday to “tell the Albanese government to tell the Israeli government” that the war in Gaza “has got to stop,” Mr Bolt said.

The Merri-bek Council’s motion will be debated on Wednesday night.

“Some of these councils seem to think they’re in charge of Australia’s foreign policy as well,” he said.

Mr Bolt was joined by Sky News host Rowan Dean to discuss the council’s calls for a ceasefire.

Australia's efforts to stop radical Islam 'starting to fade': Paul Murray
Sky News host Paul Murray says all of the efforts Australia has made to go after radical Islam are “starting to fade”.

Mr Murray’s comments come as two Muslim preachers in Sydney and Melbourne have claimed the Israeli civilians killed by Hamas on October 7th “weren’t innocent.”

“I want to know whose job it is in the Federal Police, or ASIO to monitor what’s being put on social media, because this stuff is still widely available on the websites, on the Facebook page, these people are so brazen, so brazen in their evil, they think they can get away with posting it in Australia,” Mr Murray told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“All of the efforts Australia has made to go after radical Islam have now started to fade or fail, or look the other way as progressives have attempted to say that the threat to violence in this country is 'right-wing extremism'."

1,400 Israelis were killed and 240 seized as hostages in the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th.

'Angelina Jolie does not offer the Israeli people any ability to defend themselves': President Isaac Herzog hits back at the actress Speaking out

Individuals with ties to Hamas plan Armistice Day protests in London

Here’s How The Liberal Money Machine Is Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism

The brave poppy seller 'punched and attacked' by pro-Palestine mob: How British veteran, 78, served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles before he was 'attacked by pro-Gaza activists' while fundraising at Edinburgh Waverley

New York lawyer apologises after ripping down posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas

Jewish students in London are 'terrified,' harassed for being visibly Jewish, says local rabbi
At the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference in London, I spoke with Rabbi Moshe Friedman about alarming rising antisemitism in the West and whether or not Jews may actually be safer in a war zone. While reporting on the frontlines of the Israel-Hamas war last month, my cameraman Benji and I experienced close calls with rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli cities and towns. But I've felt more unsafe walking around major cities where enormous protests in support of Palestine — that are silent on the issue of terrorism — are taking place.

'Hamas is our freedom fighters': Anti-Israel protester speaks out in support of Hamas
On Saturday, November 4, a protest called the "100K March for Gaza" was held in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Rebel News' Alexa Lavoie spoke with attendees about their motivation for protesting.

'War Criminals Work Here': Pro-Palestinian Activists Vandalize Israeli Company's Virginia Office

Meet the Nike Marketing Specialist Who Says Israel, Not Hamas, Is 'Massacring Civilians'

Pro Palestine rally erupts at Melbourne Cup
Sky News host Caleb Bond has criticised the pro-Palestinian protesters who erupted at the Melbourne Cup.

“These pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas protestors decided that they would rock up to Flemington,” Mr Bond said.

“What could make more sense than the intersection between one of the greatest horse races on earth and war in the Middle East?

“There were multiple arrests – many of them had to be dragged away because they couldn’t move them on – they had a vehicle blocking the road,

“Did they really think that they could rock up to the Melbourne Cup and anyone going to the Melbourne Cup could give two hoots about the crap that they’re carrying on with?”

Protesters shout and hurl objects at Melbourne woman’s home after hanging Israeli flag

Bondi police warn Israeli hostage mobile billboard driver ‘people from other places may take exception’

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