Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From Ian:

'Our enemies haven't learned: Terrorism will not defeat us'.
On the same day that Palestinians carried out four terrorist attacks against Israelis, leaving a teenage boy in critical condition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the Knesset's winter session Monday with a fiery speech against ongoing incitement to violence.
"A hundred years of terrorism, a hundred years in which they have tried to destroy the institution of Zionism, and yet our enemies haven't learned: Terrorism will not defeat us, in fact just the opposite," Netanyahu said.
"'The more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew,'" he said, quoting Exodus 1:12.
"We will also overcome the current wave of terrorism. We will punish every attacker, Jew and Arab alike, to the fullest extent of the law."
Netanyahu also addressed the tensions on the Temple Mount.
"They spread propaganda filled with lies about the Temple Mount to spark riots," he said. "We are committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and we rigorously safeguard the holy sites of all religions."
All the Knesset members belonging to the Joint Arab List left the room at the beginning of the prime minister's speech. Netanyahu criticized members of the party for encouraging the violence and undermining the state, singling out MKs Basel Ghattas and Hanin Zoabi.
3 killed, over 20 injured as terror attacks rock Jerusalem, Ra’anana
Two separate attacks hit Jerusalem in a matter of minutes Tuesday morning, when two Arab men attempted to stab passengers on a bus before being shot and a car rammed into a group of people in the center of the capital.
One person was killed and another wounded as a driver rammed into a crowd on Malchei Israel Street in the Makor Baruch neighborhood in the center of the city. The attacker reportedly stepped out of the crashed vehicle and attempted to stab the wounded. He was subdued by police, but was not killed.
In a separate incident minutes earlier, two male passengers were killed — a 60-year-old who died at the scene, and a 45-year-old who died in the hospital — and three others suffered gunshot wounds in a combined shooting and stabbing attack on Egged bus 78 in the neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv in southern Jerusalem.
Two assailants were involved in the Armon Hanatziv attack, and were shot and subdued by police. One terrorist was said to have been killed, and the other was caught by police.
Some 15 people were said to have been injured in the attack.
Cleric Tells Palestinians to Stab Jews: ‘Cut Them into Body Parts’
A cleric directed Palestinians to stab Jewish Israelis during a sermon last week at a mosque in Rafah, a Palestinian city in the southern Gaza Strip.
Sheikh Muhammad Salah “Abu Rajab” during a sermon at Al-Abrar Mosque on Friday directed listeners to attack Jewish Israelis in groups and “cut them into body parts,” according to video obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute.
Days after the sermon, Israeli authorities said that a young Palestinian man waged a knife attack on a border officer in Jerusalem. Police shot and killed the individual near Jerusalem’s Old City. The incident followed days of deadly confrontations in the city.
“Brothers, we must constantly remind the world and everyone who has forgotten … This is Gaza! This is the place of trenches and guns! This is the West Bank! This is the place of bombs and daggers!” Salah told his audience.
“Today, we realize why the [Jews] build walls. They do not do this to stop missiles, but to prevent the slitting of their throats.”
A few minutes into the sermon, he began wielding a knife.

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the Brutal Lynching of 2 IDF Soldiers in Ramallah
On October 12, 2000, two IDF reservists were lynched; brutally beaten and mutilated by a Palestinian Arab mob in Ramallah, Samaria. Yosef Avrahami, aged 38, was the father of three; Vadim Novesche, the other victim, was a 33 year-old newly-wed.
The 2 soldiers accidentally entered Palestinian Authority-controlled Ramallah, and were captured by PA police forces. The PA police took them to a police station where the soldiers were brutally beaten. The PA police then handed over the soldiers to a mob, while the Police watched the scene. One of the Israelis was thrown out the window into the midst of the bloodthirsty mob who continued to beat and dismember the body, all the while cheering.
A “proud” Arab-Muslim “hero”, Aziz Salha, his hands covered in the blood of the Israelis, waves in a bragging manner through the window to the larger crowd anxiously waiting in the public square.
During the lynch, one of the Arab murderers paused in his savage beating to answer a cell phone belonging to one of the dying soldiers. He told the worried voice on the other end of the line, “We are killing your husband.”
Not much has changed in 15 years. May the memories of Yosef Avrahami, and Vadim Novesche be a blessing.
Clueless About a Religious War
What those who keep saying that more concessions from Israel that will give hope to Palestinians don’t understand is that for those who go into the streets to seek martyrdom while killing Jews, the location of a future border between Israel and a state of Palestine is irrelevant. After all, Israel offered the Palestinians independence and statehood in almost all of the West Bank, Gaza, and a share of Jerusalem in 2000, 2001 and 2008. And even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered them the West Bank in 2010.
But if the goal of the Palestinian leadership and the angry mobs with knives, rocks and gasoline bombs in the streets don’t care so much about statehood as they do about destroying Jewish rule in any part of the country, then this conflict is about religion and not land. That’s not a message most Israelis, who would like nothing better than a compromise that would bring them peace, want to hear. But that is the message of the hibat al-Quds that is coming through loud and clear.
The focus on saving the mosques on the Temple Mount from a mythical Jewish threat or the notion that, in the words of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, “filthy Jewish feet” are present at holy sites in Jerusalem is a clear sign that faith is what is driving Palestinian anger. Unfortunately, that faith is not so much one of peace, as we would like to believe, as it is one that regards a Jewish state, no matter how much land it possesses, as anathema.
Those who blame Israel for what is happening aren’t merely wrong about the nature of the conflict. They are blaming the victims and mistaking jihadist intentions for a desire for peace. Protests about land and negotiations can be met with diplomacy. Religious wars that seek to spill the blood of infidel Jews must be with decisive force, not talk. Those Americans who don’t understand this are part of Israel’s problems, not advocates for a viable solution.
Why Are Palestinians Doing It?
More than a week into what is increasingly looking like the start of a third intifada, Israelis are angry. The daily stabbings along with the shootings, gasoline bomb and lethal rock attacks, as well as at least one documented attempted suicide bombing, have taken the lives of several Israelis and shaken the country. They want their government to take action. Many of them would also like the world to note the fact that the supposed moderates that are supposed to be their partners for peace have been inciting the violence. Though he fears the consequences of another all-out conflict, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s lies about threats to the mosques on the Temple Mount are geared toward fomenting the kind of religious hatred that motivates individual Palestinians to seek to murder random Jews on the streets. But if Israelis are expecting a wave of sympathy because of Abbas’s talk about keeping “filthy Jewish feet” off of the Temple Mount or the murderous rampages from Palestinians that have sadly once again become daily fare again, they are bound to be disappointed.
The narrative of the second intifada was shaped by the myth that a walk on the Temple Mount enclosure by Ariel Sharon set off that violence when the truth is that it was a calculated response of Abbas’s predecessor Yasir Arafat to an Israeli offer of peace and an independent state. If the Palestinians have their way, the narrative of the third one will be that this was begun by Jews plotting to divide the Mount or to take over the mosques as Palestinian leaders have been claiming for a century whenever, like Abbas is now, in need of a way to distract their people away from their plight or their leaders’ refusal to make peace.
The Palestinians have a long way to go to convince most in the West that an Israeli government that has zealously guarded the status quo on the Mount (including a ban on Jewish prayer) is at fault here, especially when all of the provocations at the site have come from radical Muslims who harass non-Muslims that visit the site (which is the holiest in Judaism) or use the mosques as staging areas for attacks.
But even if they can’t sell that lie, Israel’s foes have what they think is a stronger argument going for them that could serve to excuse even the kind of bloodthirsty attacks that have horrified Israelis. It’s simple. The Palestinians are suffering from Israeli oppression and have no choice but to lash out. If the Israelis had offered Palestinians hope for a better life and independence, we are told, then none of this would be happening. What’s to blame for the latest round of terrorism? Blame it on settlements, they say. Blame it on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. Blame it on the Israelis that elected him. From this perspective, even the most heinous terrorist crime is the fault of its victim and the perpetrators and those that incite and cheer them on, are innocent.
Israel’s efforts to eliminate international terrorism
“Terror and violent extremism are a threat we cannot ignore. Unfortunately, for Israelis it is part of our daily reality. Over the past two weeks, my country is facing a relentless and brutal campaign of terror, including car bombs, stabbings and stonings.
We must agree on a clear definition of terrorism that includes all forms and manifestations of terror. Any failure to do so would compromise our ability to combat terrorism effectively and send a victory message to terror organizations throughout the world.”

American Tax Dollars Funding Jihad Against Israel and Paying Terrorists
The Palestinian Authority clearly provides “economic incentives for carrying out terrorist acts” – and “..those who sit in jail for longer periods of time get more money, meaning that “the more gruesome the terrorism, the more money will be paid.”
This includes attacks which have killed Americans.
Yet the U.S. sends $400 million per year to the Palestinian Authority. As Jay Sekulow of ACLJ said recently, “American tax dollars are funding the PA as it pays terrorists. Our tax dollars should never be blood money for terror.”
The enemies of Israel are the same jihadists who are the enemies of the entire Western World. America funding terrorism must come to an end.
Security source: Jerusalem attacks seem like 'a planned and timed assault'
A security source said that the two terrorist attacks that killed three people and wounded several others in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning seem to be "a planned and timed assault."
"There is no doubt that the source of incitement of the sequence of terrorist attacks this morning is east Jerusalem," the source added.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has convened an emergency meeting of the security meeting, scheduled to take place at 3:00 p.m, in light of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and the central city of Ra'anana.
Two separate terrorist attacks were waged in the capital Tuesday morning, in which three people were killed and several wounded. At the same time, five people were wounded in two terrorist attacks that were carried out in Ra'anana.
Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is holding consultations to determine a number of immediate steps to deal with the terror wave, including a closure on east Jerusalem neighborhoods - from where many of the attackers originate - and also making it easier for civilians to receive gun permits, according to the Public Security Ministry.
15-year-old terrorist attack victim thanks civilian who saved her
Liat Naor, 15, was still wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair and holding her own birthday cake when she was attacked by a terrorist with a knife outside a shopping center in Gan Shmuel in northern Israel on Sunday.
She was saved when a bystander, Adi Eshet, helped subdue the terrorist, who had begun the attack by ramming his car into a female soldier, 19-year-old Orel Azuri, before jumping out and stabbing people nearby.
"I was sure I was going to die," Naor said, speaking in the hospital room where she is recovering from her stab wounds. She thanked Eshet "for the amazing birthday present."
"Thank you for saving my daughter," Naor's mother, Yael, told Eshet.
Teen critically hurt in Pisgat Ze’ev attack in stable condition
A 13-year-old boy who was stabbed and critically injured while riding his bike in East Jerusalem Monday was in stable condition, hospital officials said Tuesday, after performing an emergency surgery that may have saved his life.
A second victim of the terror attack, a 25-year-old man seriously injured in the knife attack in Pisgat Ze’ev, was also listed in stable condition after spending the night at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus.
Both victims are sedated and attached to a breathing apparatus.
The 13-year-old boy suffered multiple stab wounds to his upper body, and underwent resuscitation and emergency surgery, doctors said.
In the evening, doctors said the surgery may have saved his life, but he was still in very serious condition, having lost a great deal of blood. They praised the Magen David Adom rescue service for the speed with which the boy had been evacuated to the hospital, with one of the surgeons telling Channel 2 that he would likely not have survived otherwise.
Ordinary citizens become heroes using everyday objects to fight off terrorists
In a terrorist attack that happened on Tuesday morning on Malkei Israel Street in the haredi neighborhood of Geula in Jerusalem, a Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into a group of several people waiting at a bus stop. He then exited his car with a meat cleaver and began attacking the wounded and others with the implement.
Matan Chocron, a bystander who was on the way to pick up his suit for an upcoming wedding, managed to subdue the terrorist using pepper spray and a selfie stick.
Also on Tuesday morning, a 22-year-old male terrorist from east Jerusalem approached a bus stop in Ra'anana outside of city hall and stabbed a 32-year-old man in his neck and stomach.
Mickey Ruhani was standing at the bus stop when the terrorist attacked. Ruhani quickly rushed into the scene and began to hit the terrorist with an umbrella until the terrorist was subdued.
"I heard a woman screaming hysterically, and without thinking too much, I took my umbrella, because I didn't have a weapon, and began to hit the terrorist," said Ruhani.
All hail the Israeli Nunchucks Hero who subdued terrorist
The terrorist was stopped by Yair Ben-Shabat, an Israeli Seniors martial arts expert … with his nunchucks.
A terrorist attempted to snatch a soldier’s weapon on a Jerusalem bus on Monday evening before another passenger tried to overpower him; he was ultimately shot dead by police….
According to police, the terrorist went to the back of the bus when he boarded and sat next to a soldier. He then stabbed him with a knife and attempted to snatch the gun.
A policeman on the bus ran towards the altercation and tried to pin the attacker to the floor….
Yair Ben Shabat, a passerby who helped overpower the terrorist, recounted the incident: “I jumped onto the bus and helped them struggle with the terrorist. I took nunchucks out and hit him where I had to for them to be able to pry loose the weapon he held.”
Self defense tips: What you can do in case of a stabbing
In a situation in which someone around you is stabbed, "shout and draw the attention of those in your surroundings," Graber said.
If you come under knife attack, and the attacker is still distant from you, "you can use objects to strike, or you can kick. If your attacker is close, use your forearms to block the stab, not the palm of your hands. The palms provide less protection than the forearm, and forearms can be used to block a stabber's attack from 360 degrees."
"When attacked with a knife, it is best to defend and move forward. Not to defend and retreat, because if you move back, the attacker will continue stabbing and gain momentum against you. Try to go forward, and try to place both of your hands on the attacker's hand that is holding the knife. While you're doing this, shout for help," Graber said.
"It is very important to understand that in most cases, the first stab is not fatal. Most people do not die from one stab wound. You can continue to function. Even if you're stabbed in the back or in the torso, in the first seconds you will be probably be able to function. Try to channel the adrenaline toward safeguarding your life. Catch the attacker's knife-holding hand with both hands, and shout for help," he said.
"If you do end up in a situation in which you are kicking or punching, target sensitive areas, like the groin or throat," Graber said.
Dramatic Footage: Security Guard Shoots Jerusalem Terrorist
Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment a security guard gunned down the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky in Jerusalem, after plowing his car into a bus stop and emerging wielding a knife.
The attacker - named as Alaa Abu Jamal, a resident of Jabal Mukhaber in eastern Jerusalem - also injured another man before being killed. The attack was the second deadly terrorist incident in the capital Tuesday, and the fourth terrorist attack nationwide, following a deadly shooting and stabbing attack aboard a Jerusalem bus, and two separate stabbings in Ra'anana.
The quick-thinking security guard who shot Abu Jamaal likely saved many other lives, as dozens more innocent bystanders looked on.
The footage shows the terrorist - apparently still dressed in the uniform of the Bezeq telephone company where he was employed - scrambling to his feet after his initial attack, only to be shoved into a wall by a pedestrian and immediately shot by the security guard.
'No Warning Signs'? Terrorist Praised Har Nof Massacre on TV
The Bezeq telephone company responded to the car attack conducted in Jerusalem Tuesday by its employee Alaa Abu Jamal, claiming there were "no warning signs" of his lethal terrorist leanings - but an interview he gave just one year ago would seem to prove that wrong.
Well before he used his company car to murder Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky and wound another person - running into passersby with the car and then getting out with a butcher's knife before being shot - Jamal appeared on Yedioth Aharonoth where he gave an interview about the Har Nof massacre last November.
Jamal was in fact the cousin of the two terrorists who conducted the brutal attack with hatchets, knives and guns in western Jerusalem, in which four Jews were murdered at prayer - with two of them reportedly beheaded - in addition to a Druze police officer who was also killed in a subsequent shoot out with the murderers.
Two stabbing attacks in Ra'anana
The first attack happened around 8:50 am, when an attacker stabbed a 32-year-old man at a bus stop on Ahuza Street, outside a shopping center in the middle of town. The man was moderately wounded with injuries to his stomach and neck, but managed to fight off his attacker and once other civilians came, they were able to subdue the man until police arrived.
One of the civilians – a real estate agent with an office on Ahuza Street - reportedly began attacking the terrorist with an umbrella that he had in his office. That followed an incident last night in Jerusalem when a passerby wielding nunchakus subdued an attacker, and a man in Jerusalem on Tuesday who reportedly attacked a terrorist using a “selfie stick”.
Dep.-Ch. Kobi Shabtai , commander of the Sharon subdistrict said Tuesday morning that police forces who arrived at the scene found a 32-year-old local man lightly wounded and a terrorist from east Jerusalem in his 20s.
The quiet didn’t last long, and at 10:40 am police received a report of a stabbing outside Beit Levinson hospital further down Ahuza Street, where a 28-year-old man from East Jerusalem stabbed four people sitting at a café, wounding one seriously and three lightly.
'I Saw the Terrorist Chase the Driver With a Huge Knife'
A resident of the southeastern Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem who asked not to be identified gave Arutz Sheva her eyewitness account of the lethal terror attack on the 78 bus line Tuesday morning.
"I got on the 12 line, Yisrael (the driver) was ahead of us in the 78 line," said the eyewitness, recalling how she got on the bus driving right behind the one targeted in the attack, in which two people were murdered and 15 others wounded, eight seriously.
The witness noted that before getting in the 12 bus, she went to the 78 line bus which pulled up first and spoke with the driver.
"I told him, 'Yisrael, may G-d protect you and all the drivers' - because I know him - 'protect yourselves.' He told me 'thank you,' and I got on the 12 line," she recalled.
"We got to the station, suddenly Yisrael began to run from there (his bus) to here, he started to shout 'terrorists, terrorists!'"
"I saw the terrorist chase after Yisrael with a knife this big," she said, holding her hands nearly two feet apart.
15 Wanted Palestinian Arab Terror Suspects Arrested
IDF soldiers arrested 15 Palestinian Arab terror suspects in operations across Judea and Samaria late Monday night and into early Tuesday morning.
Some of the fugitives taken into custody were arrested in connection with stone-throwing and were transferred to security personnel for questions.
Others were suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and rioting against Israeli civilians and security forces.
Israel closes Gaza crossing after rioting on border
Israel closed the Erez border crossing into Gaza on Tuesday after some 200 Gazans rioted nearby, the army’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories said.
At least seven Palestinians were injured when the protesters approached the border fence, drawing tear gas and rubber bullet fire from IDF troops patroling the fence.
Travelers entering or leaving Gaza have been stranded on either side of the border, according to reports.
On Monday, rioters cut the border fence and briefly entered Israel before IDF troops repulsed them, mimicking a similar incident on Friday, when dozens of Gazans managed to make it into Israel. Six people were killed and dozens more injured in the clash with troops on Friday.
NGO Monitor: Most Human Rights NGOs Avoid Clear Condemnations in Latest Terror Wave
Since October 1, when an Israeli couple was murdered in front of their children, terror attacks have intensified. Shootings, stabbings, Molotov cocktail and rock throwing, and other forms of violence are unquestionably illegal and deliberately violate the most fundamental human right to life.
Yet, with few exceptions (see below), most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that claim a human rights mandate and frequently condemn alleged Israeli violations of Palestinian rights failed to immediately condemn these attacks.
Rather, they released statements days later and primarily condemned Israeli security forces’ responses to the attacks and to rioting in the West Bank and Gaza. Some of the NGOs also noted that Israeli rights had been violated. However, this was almost exclusively in the context of creating (im)moral equivalence between terror attacks and defensive responses, discussing at great length Israeli settlements and settlers, and placing blame on Israel for Palestinian violence.
Prevalence of Female Attackers in Terror Wave Is ‘Tactic, Not Coincidence,’ Says Israeli Terror Expert (INTERVIEW)
Likening the phenomenon to the sense of community that other kids get from belonging to otherwise benign youth groups, Berko said, “It is important to know that most of the parents of these teenagers do not want their kids to commit acts of terrorism, because doing so endangers their future.
“Even those parents whose ideology, and perhaps behavior, as well, is radical, want to keep their own children out of the fray. It’s similar to hardened criminals who want a different life for their offspring,” she argued. To back these claims, Berko adduced interviews she conducted with numerous terrorists and dispatchers, among them the notorious Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Yassin, a founder of Hamas, who served as its spiritual guide, was killed in an Israeli helicopter strike in 2004. Figures such as Yassin expect their children to attend the best universities and have full family lives, not strap explosive belts to their bodies or put themselves in the line of IDF fire while hurling firebombs.
But she also pointed out the “benefit” of using children, particularly girls, to carry out acts that get them killed. “There is nothing better for portraying victimhood in the international media than wounded or dead youngsters,” she said. “It is a tactic, not a coincidence.”
Meanwhile, women from the Shuafat refugee camp in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of the same name – a camp built by Jordan in 1965 – told Israel’s Channel 2 News on Monday evening that they are proud to participate in the “resistance” against Israel.
Stores shuttered as Palestinians, Arab Israelis mark ‘Day of Rage’
Palestinian groups and Arab Israelis in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and northern Israel have declared Tuesday a “Day of Rage,” urging mass demonstrations against the Israeli government and its policies, amid a series of daily terrorist attacks carried out against Israeli civilians across the region.
At the same time, leading Arab Israeli politicians called on municipalities and local authorities to participate in a general strike on Tuesday to protest changes it accuses Israel of planning to make to the status quo on the Temple Mount, home to the al-Aqsa Mosque — considered to be one of Islam’s holiest sites and the holiest site in Judaism.
The Israeli government has repeatedly denied that it intends to make any such changes. Jews are currently allowed to visit the Temple Mount but not to pray there.
All businesses and educational institutions in Arab communities across Israel shut down Tuesday, with lawmakers from the Joint (Arab) List set to lead a large demonstration in the northern Israel town of Sakhnin. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were also holding a parallel strike.
Times Square Rally for Israel
On Sunday evening, October 11th, over five hundred Israel supporters gathered in Times Square to show their solidarity with the Jewish State in the wake of the recent wave of terror. The event which began at 7:00 p.m. continued until after 11:00 p.m.
As people approached the rally location at the “red steps” on West 47th Street, a participant stood before the growing crowd and shouted , “We must let the world know that terror cannot be permitted to happen, that Jewish blood is not cheap and it’s unacceptable to attack Jews!”
That message was vigorously expressed with chants, singing, dancing, and prayers, all in the middle of Times Square.
According to one of the event organizers, Nofar Avigdor, the rally was organized just three days earlier with the creation of a Facebook event, which drew an enthusiastic response. By planning the event, Avigdor hoped “to bring a message of encouragement to the people of Israel that we too, here in the United States are deeply concerned about what is going on.” Avigdor stated that more rallies will be held in the near future.
Yawn. Another Protest in front of the Israeli consulate
Today, a 13 year old Israeli boy is fighting for his live after he was stabbed by terrorists. He was targeted because he was a Jew, living in the nation-state of the Jewish people.
The UN is silent. The world media is silent.
The latest series of attacks is gleefully heralded by some as a new “Intifada”, glorifying the violence and unrest that has led to dozens of unprovoked attacks on the Israeli public. It is a direct result of incitement in the Palestinian media, government and in its religious institutions.
In response to this new wave of terror targeting Israeli civilians, several local hate groups are getting together to shout their empty slogans on an empty financial district street. The inflammatory rhetoric from the groups publicizing this local protest echoes the false claims we hear from the extremist elements all over the Middle East
The group of jihadi-wannabees, miscreants, and spare change from various failed social movements will be gathering in front of the Israeli consulate in San Francisco on Thursday October 15 at 6:00pm.
Quoting our old friend ATBOTH "If a Jihadi falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?"
Joint List head Odeh: Put Netanyahu on trial for anti-Arab incitement
Joint List head Ayman Odeh wrote a letter on Tuesday to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be tried for incitement against Arab lawmakers.
"Instead of disseminating lies, the prime minister should have supported members of Knesset from the Joint List who strenuously condemn ISIS and at every opportunity oppose the killing of innocents and bloodshed," Odeh wrote to Weinstein.
"In light of the tense situation in which Israeli society finds itself, the prime minister's statements are within the bounds of incitement to racism and constitute the repetition of deceitful stigmas," he wrote.
Arab MK: We're the landlords here -- if you don't like it, leave
Despite Israel's calls to Arab leaders to denounce the recent wave of terrorism, Joint Arab List MK Ahmad Tibi used Monday's Knesset plenum session to fan the flames.
Speaking with reporters ahead of the plenum, which ushered in the Knesset's winter session, Tibi said, "Recent events will probably make for a stormy session in an already heated environment." He expressed concern that "new Likud MKs would incite against us," meaning Arab MKs.
Addressing lawmakers on Monday evening, Tibi lambasted Israel's policies in Judea and Samaria, eliciting heckling from right-wing MKs, to which he retorted, "We [the Arabs] are the landlords here, and if you don't like it, leave."
The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee declared a one-day strike in the Arab sector Tuesday, encompassing all Arab municipalities and businesses, as well as the Arab school system.
Palestinian Cleric from Gaza Calls on PA Security Agencies to Turn Their Weapons against the Jews

Terrorist's relative: Funeral is “a wedding, a celebration"

Fatah official posts song encouraging dying for the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with visuals of Fatah fighters

PA teachers’ union calls for Martyrdom: “We will redeem Al-Aqsa… and sacrifice our soul and blood”

Mother of terrorist who killed 2 expresses joy: “O mother of Martyr, let out cries of joy”

Palestinians to mother of murderer of 2: “Let out cries of joy... your son is a bright candle”

Parents of murderer of 2: “I am blessing my son, on his Martyrdom-death”

PreOccupiedTerritory: Cruel IDF Siege Keeps Gazans From Celebrating Israeli Deaths With Candy (satire)
Residents of this coastal territory are fuming over the Israeli blockade, saying it restricts their access to the sweets and ingredients necessary to properly celebrate the rising Israeli death toll in the current wave of violence.
After Hamas ousted Fatah in a brief conflict in 2007, Israel imposed a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip to prevent the importation of weapons, and continues to inspect goods entering the territory through Israeli border crossings. While in practice almost no commercial goods are restricted, the sense of siege has only been reinforced in recent months as Egypt has acted to destroy many of the hundreds of tunnels connecting Gaza and Egypt, and locals suffer both a depressed economy and a repressive Hamas regime. The despair has fed animosity toward Israel, and a desire to participate vicariously in the wave of stabbings, shootings, and automotive attacks targeting Israeli Jews in recent weeks. However, the customary distribution of sweets to celebrate the attacks has been tainted by an apparent shortage of candies, further inflaming the populace.
Ali Abdel Khader, 35, was forced to order more expensive confections than his typical sucking candies to mark the dozens of Israeli civilians killed or wounded in this morning’s (Tuesday) four attacks in Jerusalem and Raanana, and blames Israel for the additional expense and inconvenience. “I work hard, and I can’t afford to spend even a little bit more on specialty items,” he said. “I used to be able to get a huge bag of gummy candies to distribute to my family and neighbors, but today I had to go all the way to the bakery on the next street to get knafe and baklava, which of course costs a lot more for a similar amount. This immoral siege cannot continue.”
Honest Reporting: Terror in Jerusalem and the Media

The Return of Casualties as a Moral Barometer?
During the 2014 Gaza War, nearly every news report contained an obligatory paragraph listing the number of Palestinians and Israelis killed in action. The numbers, which invariably showed a substantially higher number of Palestinian casualties than Israeli, ultimately served as justification for those who wished to claim that Israel was the real aggressor in the war since so many more Palestinians had been killed.
It didn’t matter that the violence really began when three Israeli teens and a Palestinian teen had been murdered, followed by a sustained barrage of rockets from Hamas aimed at Israeli civilians. The raw numbers, stripped entirely of context, were pushed as moral truth behind the headlines.
It also made no difference to the media that Israel took extensive steps to protect its citizens while Hamas used Palestinians as human shields. Some media outlets presented the numbers as a “scoreboard.” HonestReporting called it one of the five media fails of the Gaza War.
Wall St Journal “Alleges” Terror Took Place
The focus of the headline is on the deaths of and injuries to Palestinian terrorists at the hands of Israeli police, effectively turning them into the victims.
Then there is the sub-header that refers to the attacks as alleged, effectively casting doubt on the Israeli version of events.
In fact, according to the WSJ, where Israeli actions are clearly stated, Palestinian acts of violence are consistently “alleged.”
IsraellyCool: Palestinians And Supporters Redefine Word “Execute”
There’s been a lot of talk about a video showing an alleged “execution” of an innocent Palestinian woman at a bus stop in Afula.
It was “reported” in RT,
and in the “Palestine Chronicle.”
What’s less immediately obvious, though, is that the woman didn’t actually die. The Jerusalem Post reports:
In the clip, police officers and security guards are seen aiming their weapons at the woman, who had pulled out a knife and refused repeated instructions to place it on the ground.
Seconds later, the woman is shot in her lower body. She was listed in moderate condition and transported to Poriya Hospital in Tiberias for treatment.

And yet, the Post continues,
Arab lawmakers roundly denounced the police on Friday, accusing it of “executing” the woman, a 29-year-old citizen of Israel from Nazareth.
Do words still mean things?
Euronews Corrects Headline Which Blurred Terrorists, Victims
CAMERA prompts correction of another headline which falsely depicts Arab assailants as victims. The euronews headline Sunday was: "Four hurt in new Israel stabbing attack as Palestinians bury their dead."
Readers would most likely conclude from this misleading headline that an Israeli carried out a stabbing attack, resulting in Palestinian dead. In this case, an Israeli Arab rammed his car into a crowd at a bus stop, exited his vehicle and repeatedly stabbed a female soldier, injuring a total of four people.
After CAMERA staff contacted euronews via Twitter, an editor commendably responded that the headline would be changed.
Palestinians Attack Israelis, Fox News Reporter Blames the Victims
And here are the more serious omissions and false claims in Powell's Oct. 12th report, followed by the facts:
Powell: Most [of the attacks] have been stabbings, though two Israelis were killed in a gun attack by an alleged Hamas cell about a week or so ago.
Fact: Powell omits the particularly brutal nature of the gun attack, which shocked even an Israeli public that has seen many terrible murders. The two Israelis killed were a young father and mother, Rabbi Eitam Henkin and his wife Naama. They were shot while driving with their four young children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 9 months, who saw their parents being murdered in front of them. Reporting this brutal murder in such an offhand incomplete way, of course, serves the Palestinian narrative, rather than the truth.
And what is "alleged" about the Hamas cell that committed this crime and that Israel has captured?
Powell: More than two dozen Palestinians have also been killed, including several attackers.
Fact: Powell again distorts the facts to favor the Palestinian side. The Palestinians killed include seven attackers who directly tried to kill Israelis, not "several." Many of the other Palestinians killed were part of mobs attacking Israeli security forces, including some who tried to rush the fence separating Gaza from Israel.
Forty two words of BBC News coverage for terror attack which injured four
Later on in the report, readers were provided with the following forty-two word description of the attack.
“Later in the day, an Israeli Arab drove his car at a group of people near the northern Israeli town of Hadera, then stabbed four of them, police said.
One, a 19-year-old female soldier, is said to be seriously injured.”
A caption to one of the photographs illustrating the article states:
“The latest stabbing attack against Israelis happened close to a kibbutz in northern Israel”
Apparently BBC editors believe that the phrase “drove his car at a group of people” is an accurate and adequate description of the terrorist’s attempt to kill a young woman by first deliberately running her over and then getting out of his car to further inflict multiple stab wounds.
BBC’s Guerin portrays wave of terror in Israel as ‘DIY unrest’
The flags of the terrorist organisations Hamas and the PFLP are seen in the footage shown as Guerin speaks, although she does not clarify that fact to viewers.
Guerin’s narrative of “DIY unrest” and “low-tech” terror attacks fuelled by “anger and frustration”, together with her categorical statement denying “involvement by militant groups” obviously does not meet the BBC’s obligation to “enhance […] audiences’ awareness and understanding of international issues”.
In all of the BBC’s reporting on the current wave of terrorism in Israel, the issue of the quotidian incitement on social media, in mosques, from Hamas, from Fatah and from the Palestinian Authority has been completely ignored. There is, of course, nothing surprising about that: since long before the latest surge in violence began, the BBC has habitually avoided the issues of Palestinian incitement, glorification of terrorism and indoctrination of Palestinian children.
Although those issues are a crucial part of the story the BBC claims to be telling with reports such as this one from Orla Guerin, they do not fit into the narrative adopted and promoted by the BBC. Hence, even when a Palestinian Islamic Jihad banner is flying above her head, Orla Guerin ignores it. The trouble is that she would have BBC audiences ignore it too.
Egyptian TV Host against Stabbings by Palestinians: We Haven't Learned from Our Mistakes

Egyptian TV Host Uses Stones, Daggers in Studio to Show Solidarity with Palestinians

IDF hits Syrian army posts after shells land on Golan
The IDF fired artillery and anti-tank rockets at two Syrian military posts in the central Golan Heights Tuesday morning after three mortar shells exploded in Israeli territory on the northern end of the plateau hours earlier.
The fire on Israel had been ruled to be spillover from fighting between Syrian regime forces and rebels on the Syrian side of the Golan.
“The IDF holds the Syrian army responsible and accountable for this blatant breach of Israeli sovereignty, and will not tolerate any attacks emanating from Syria, intentional or not,” the army said.
There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties from the Israeli attack. No damage or casualties was reported from the mortar shells.
Saudis sentence frail British grandfather, 74, to 350 lashes for making his own wine - even though his body is weak from cancer treatment, he suffers from asthma and his wife is dying
The family of a British grandfather sentenced to 350 lashes for making wine in Saudi Arabia have accused MPs of 'putting business dealings' ahead of their father until they contacted the Press.
The children of Karl Andree, 74, fear the barbaric punishment will kill him after he has already spent a year in a notorious prison in the strict Islamic kingdom.
His son Simon said today that the case had been at the 'bottom of the pecking order' while Mr Andree's daughter-in-law Sally Webb said the family went public as a last resort after her partner appealed to MPs for help.

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