Sunday, July 15, 2012



In the [IDF] Civil Administration they were hard at work in the last few weeks, preparing a special summer camp for cancer-stricken children from Judea & Samaria and from Gaza. 24 Palestinian children along with their parents departed, from Monday, July 2nd until Thursday, July 5th, for four days of fun in the Jordan Park, financed by the Civil Administration. These included horse riding, activities on inflated contraptions, music workshop and various other attractions.

The Jordan Park contains a combination of tourist, recreation and archeological facilities. The park, which extends over an area of about 1000 dunam, belongs to the Jewish National Fund and is administered by the Economic Association for Golan Settlements. The Health Coordinator in Judea & Samaria, Mrs. Dalia Basa, coordinated the children’s visit with the park management after having verified that the facilities in the park and the basic medical services exist and are adapted to the children’s special needs.

“We were happy to see how the children forgot, even if for a short time, the disease and connected to the summer camp experience during their summer vacation, just like all children throughout the world and in Israel.” summarized the Health Coordinator in Judea & Samaria, Mrs. Dalia Basa.

The civil Administration reported that different groups of Palestinian children and teenagers go out daily on excursions and visits of Israeli sites and that every year the wish increases to participate in summer camps, workshops, vacation days, etc., which combine visits in Israel and mainly organized excursions to the water sources in the North and in the Tel-Aviv area.
Obviously the IDF helps out cancer-stricken Palestinian Arab kids only to whitewash their crimes against, um, Palestinian Arab kids.

Only one problem: they do a really poor job publicizing it. Not a single story in any major Israeli newspaper about this. The only other places I saw it was the IDF website copying this article and a Christian organization.

So I guess that I am the main purveyor of Israel's evil onco-washing.

This joins Israel's evil pinkwashing, snow-washing, eye-washing, quake-washing, tech-washing, hunger-washing, med-washing, heart-washing, infection-washing, breast-washing, tumor-washing, germwashing, robot-washing....

All done, as any trendy Lefty knows, to cover up Israeli crimes.

Because that is the only way for tolerant über-Lefties and anti-Zionists to understand Israelis doing anything that is not a war crime.

(h/t Yerushalimey for robot-washing)