Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here's some "quake-washing"

From the IDF:

Lt. Col. Dr. Ofir Cohen-Marom receives a delegation from Japan that came to Israel to thank the IDF for their efforts in helping the residents of Minamisanriku, Japan after it was devastated by a heavy earthquake in April 2011.
There are real people out there whose blood boils when they see photos and stories like this. They would prefer that Israel never does anything admirable, because to them, demonization of the Jewish state is their entire raison d'etre, and this stuff makes it harder. for them to do their job.

In other words, there really are people out there who would prefer that a few more Japanese would die than to have Israel save them.

They wouldn't admit it, of course, but it is a fair bet that anyone who ever uses the term "XXXwashing" in a derogatory way towards Israel is, deep down, one of these who would prefer to see the victims of disasters die than have to deal with Israel saving their lives.