Friday, November 25, 2011

Med-washing: Doctors worldwide, including Muslims, study for year in Israel

From the Rambam Medical Center, not sure what date:
Last month, Rambam’s Spencer Auditorium resembled the UN in New York. Fifteen doctors and scientists from throughout the world – graduates and participants in the hospital’s International Fellowships and Training Program – came together, and were joined by Rambam department directors and administrators.

A Nablus doctor at Rambam
Operating for four years, this program has drawn some 20 doctors from different countries, who have come to reap Rambam’s experience in orthopedics, pediatrics, oncology, neuro-surgery, surgery, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, gynecology and other areas. Participants stay at Rambam for roughly a year.

According to Dr. Zohar Keidar, deputy director of the Dept. of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT, and Chairman of the International Fellowship Committee, Rambam’s knowhow and experience will be disseminated by these doctors. “Despite the fact that they come from different cultures, religions and backgrounds and work in different departments, they are here for one reason: the desire to be better physicians,” he says. “Rambam helps them acquire knowledge, which they apply in their home countries.”

These activities also serve diplomatic purposes. After a year-long stay at Rambam, the doctors know Israel, far more than the average person who derives information from foreign news networks. “Project participants act as ambassadors of Israel,” says Dr. Keidar.

Among those who take part are citizens from neighboring areas: from Hebron, Nablus and Jenin, as well as from Cyprus and Jordan. Others come from the European countries of Moldova, Bulgaria and Italy, from Ghana in Africa and from the Asian nations Vietnam and Nepal.
Arabic media is quoting the Israeli MFA site saying that there have been 28 doctors in the program so far, including Muslims from Indonesia. Israel gave the doctors tours of Yad Vashem and other places. They don't sound too happy about it.

In the wake of the "pinkwashing" charge, this must be a classic case of med-washing.

Look out also for examples of sand-washing, classical-music-washing, history-washing, religion-washing and bikini-washing as Israel keeps coming up with its evil schemes to distract the world from its single-minded determination of ethnically cleansing Arabs from the Middle East.

In fact, I think the Rambam hospital was built specifically to institute this one program just to act as a hasbara mouthpiece and to embarrass Muslims worldwide.

Those Zionist Jews stop at nothing to make themselves look human, and we need clear thinking progressives - Mearsheimer's "righteous Jews" -  to inform the world of the truth that they are nothing of the kind.