Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A clear case of - snow-washing

From Israel's COGAT:
 3 Palestinian children went to Mount Hermon in Israel on March 19th, with a group of Israeli children, to enjoy the mountain and the snow.

The children, treated in Schneider Hospital and Sharei Tsedek Hospital were accompanied by soldiers from the Alpine Unit of Tsahal, who enjoyed the day with them.

The event was organized by the Civil Administration and the Israeli NGO “Tikva u'Marpeh”.

Last year I made a poster and video about this (or possibly a similar) program.

To those who look at Israel through their "occupation glasses," this is obviously an attempt by the IDF and Zionist groups to put a human face on their relentlessly evil society and distract the world from Ziocrimes. In fact, doing good things for sick Palestinian Arab kids may even be worse than "occupation" itself - because it makes the job of the Israel-demonizers so much harder, and making them look like the bigoted haters they are is an unforgivable crime.