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From Ian:

NYPost Editorial: Biden betrays Israel with Hamas ‘deal’ that wasn’t
Joe Biden betrayed Israel last night.

Hamas announced with great fanfare that it had accepted a ceasefire proposal. There were celebrations in Gaza, and the White House said it was “reviewing” the deal.

Except: The Israelis knew nothing about it.

The supposed agreement wasn’t even on the table. Hamas had changed the terms of a previous treaty to one more favorable to the terror group. To take just one horrific alteration: Rather than turn over hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, Hamas would surrender dead bodies of the hostages it had killed.

That Hamas would try to pull this ruse, with the help of negotiators in Egypt and Qatar, is typical. It wants to pretend that Israel was the one “rejecting” a ceasefire it never knew about. Anti-Israel protesters in the US and a compliant media would eat it up, and they did.

But there’s a shameful twist. Axios reports that the US was aware of the Hamas deal but did not brief Israeli officials.

“Two Israeli officials said the feeling is that ‘Israel got played’ by the U.S. and the mediators who drafted ‘a new deal’ and weren’t transparent about it,” the outlet says.

Just as those same officials are willing to give Iran everything and more for the terrible nuclear deal, so Biden would bend over backwards for Hamas if only it will placate the Israel-haters on his left.

But this is beyond the pale. To push through an agreement without Israel’s input? To let Hamas, which attacked Israel, killed, raped and took hostages, dictate the terms? The US is siding with terrorists!
Seth Frantzman: 'The Godfather' in Gaza: What a mafia movie tells us about Hamas war
Again, it’s worth going back to that scene in The Godfather when the heads of the mafia families meet and Don Corleone finally realizes that it was “Barzini all along” who had been behind this war. The war that Hamas launched on October 7 was not just launched by Hamas in Gaza. This is evident from the fact that the Hamas leadership in Doha was not surprised by the attack. They didn’t run and make frantic phone calls to their hosts, saying, “We didn’t do this; we had no idea.” Their hosts didn’t call their allies in the West and say, “Hamas has betrayed us; we hosted them but they have carried out this terrible attack.” In fact, if you go back to October 7, there is no evidence that anyone linked to Hamas was surprised by this attack. Moscow didn’t make frantic calls. Tehran didn’t. Ankara didn’t.

Back on October 6, Israel was being sold a story that portrayed Hamas as “deterred.” Back on October 6, Israel was being sold a story that portrayed Hamas as “deterred.” After October 7, we are told that it is almost impossible to defeat Hamas because of how strong it is, and that defeating most of its 24 battalions is enough of a “win” in Gaza. The two narratives don’t make sense. If Hamas was deterred and incapable of doing much damage to Israel, then how is it also so powerful that it is almost impossible to defeat? And, if Hamas was actually known to be very powerful, with 24 battalions of fighters – 30,000 terrorists – then why was the border left almost undefended against a genocidal terrorist group?

Clearly, the answer to that question is that Israel trusted Hamas because Hamas was filtered through a kind of Don Barzini character. After Hamas lied about being deterred and carried out a huge massacre, it continued to rely on its hosts and backers abroad during the war on Israel. For instance, Israel was told in December to transition to a lower intensity war in Gaza. In February, Israel was told it should do a ceasefire for Ramadan. Then Israel was told to postpone a Rafah offensive. At each stage, Hamas got the breathing space it needed and was able to Shanghai the hostage talks. We now understand that Israel was likely deceived throughout the entire process using a strategy of bait and switch. The macabre talks have been prolonged by Hamas, which continues to refuse to hand over a list of living hostages. Hamas has said that it wants to release one hostage for each day of a ceasefire so that it can parade them to get applause in the region.

It now wants up to a weeklong ceasefire for each hostage. Hamas’s goal and the goal of its backers is to use the hostage deal as an end to the war in order to take over the West Bank in the long run.

It’s now fair to say that it was Barzini all along. The powers that stand behind Hamas and have been influencing this war from the start, in order to keep Hamas in power in Gaza and bring it to power in the West Bank, are Barzini.
24 States Urge Congress To Permanently End Funding for ‘Anti-Semitic’ UNRWA
A coalition of 24 state attorneys general are calling on Congress to permanently end all American funding to the United Nations’ chief Palestinian aid group, citing its anti-Semitic bias and links to the Hamas terror group.

Led by Iowa attorney general Brenna Bird and South Carolina’s Alan Wilson, the state officials want Congress to enact a permanent ban on American funding to the United Nations' Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), saying that lawmakers must step forward to "stop funding anti-Semitic education efforts run by the United Nations body tied to terror organization Hamas," according to a copy of the letter sent Tuesday to congressional leaders and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

"Not one more dollar should go to fund this organization so long as it is committed to spreading anti-Semitism—much less an organization 10% of which had links to foreign terror organization Hamas," the attorneys general write, citing information indicating that UNRWA employees participated in Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror rampage through Israel. The letter follows similar calls from outside advocacy groups, as well as efforts by Republican lawmakers to permanently freeze UNRWA’s funding as a result of its ties to Hamas.

The letter signals a growing appetite on the state level to hold UNRWA accountable for its history of promoting anti-Semitic educational materials and allowing Hamas to overrun its facilities in the Gaza Strip. Earlier this week, Israel struck a Hamas command center located in an UNRWA facility, one of several that have been discovered over the course of the seven-month war. At the state level, some officials and advocacy groups have floated the possibility of stripping the tax-exempt status enjoyed by UNRWA USA, the aid group’s American fundraising arm.

"The U.S. should not be funding terrorism. Period," South Carolina’s Wilson told the Free Beacon. "We’ve known UNRWA is used by terrorists and has helped facilitate terror attacks for decades. The UN’s own investigation confirms what we’ve been raising the alarm about for months. It’s time to permanently cut funding for UNRWA, and we need to do it before they receive another dime."

UNRWA, the state officials say in their letter, has mainlined anti-Semitic propaganda to a generation of Palestinian children that have become radicalized supporters of Hamas’s campaign to eradicate Israel. American funding—which totals millions and accounts for a sizable portion of UNRWA’s budget—is responsible for spreading anti-Semitic hatred, the attorneys general say.

Kerem Shalom Attack Proves Rafah Action Is Necessary
The barrage of rockets and mortars towards Kerem Shalom on Sunday that killed four IDF soldiers is Hamas' response to those who question the necessity of an Israeli military operation in the Rafah area. The results of the attack also illustrate the danger of prolonged waiting and hesitation on the Israeli side.

Hamas draws great encouragement from the attitude of the U.S. regarding the war in Gaza. The Biden administration is striving to end the war through a deal involving the release of the Israeli hostages, without achieving any of Israel's objectives; a deal that would allow Hamas to recover militarily and upgrade its status not only in Gaza but also in the West Bank and the region as a whole.

In the meantime, this administration is tying Israel's hands from taking action in Rafah, forcing it to increase humanitarian aid despite it reaching Hamas' control, pressing it to open the Erez Crossing that was attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7, and implement ideas like the maritime corridor the terrorist organization could only dream of. In addition, it allows the international community to make decisions that undermine Israel's status and hints that the stockpile of pressure tactics at its disposal has not yet been exhausted.

All that remains for Hamas is to continue insisting on its exaggerated demands in the negotiations, buy time, exploit the supply to equip its fighters, re-establish its rule, and prepare its forces for the continuation of the campaign. Israel must act forcefully to crush Hamas in Rafah and shape a new reality in the area, without relying on international arrangements that have never proved themselves.
WSJ Editorial: A Bad U.S. Weapons Message to Israel
The Administration is squeezing Israel hard to abandon its plan to take Hamas' last Gaza stronghold in the city of Rafah.

Axios reporter Barak Ravid said Sunday that the U.S. put a hold last week on a shipment of U.S.-made weapons to Israel.

The fact that the U.S. didn't deny the report is telling. The Israelis view Ravid as the Biden Administration's preferred media conduit for its leaks about U.S. policy on the Israel and Gaza conflict.

Israel's government can't end the war with Hamas' military brigades intact, and that means going into Rafah, as difficult as it may be.

The U.S. should be putting pressure on Hamas to surrender and release the hostages.

The more Hamas thinks it might be saved by U.S. pressure on Israel, the less likely Hamas is to agree to a ceasefire. That's a recipe for extending the war.

Mr. Biden's strategy of pressuring Israel to make concessions that its government and citizens are united against hasn't worked. It hasn't won concessions from Hamas and its allies in Iran and Lebanon.

Mr. Biden was in a stronger position, politically and strategically, when he spoke with moral clarity about Hamas and in support of Israel after Oct. 7.

The fastest way to end the war is with an Israeli victory, and withholding weapons is exactly the wrong message to send an ally under siege.
Richard Goldberg: Biden may be holding up ammo to Israel — Congress must stop him
President Biden appears so desperate to stop Israel from destroying Hamas in Gaza that he’s reportedly delaying munition shipments to put even more pressure on Jerusalem to let the terrorist organization stay in power.

Just as they did when Biden recently threatened sanctions against the Israeli military, Congressional leaders must put the White House on notice: Mess around with congressionally-directed military assistance for Israel and suffer the consequences.

A report in Axios cited two Israeli officials saying that a scheduled US weapons shipment did not arrive in Israel last week. Logistic delays can happen, but this hold-up didn’t seem to have an explanation.

Lips are sealed in both capitals as to the contents of the shipment, but Israeli sources believe the move was a veiled threat that Biden intends to use every available lever to hamstring further Israeli military operations to destroy the Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

Biden fears the chaos today on college campuses will spill over to his party’s convention in Chicago this summer.

The president’s pro-Hamas left-wing base is in all-out revolt, while most Americans are souring on a sense of chaos both at home and abroad.

His solution? Pressure Israel to stop defending itself and pay whatever price Iran sets for six months of quiet through the November election.

Biden’s strategy, however, works against his objectives.

Every time he puts pressure on Israel to cut a deal with Hamas and hold back military operations, Hamas feels less pressure to cut a deal — opting instead for head fakes like Monday’s claim that it would accept a ceasefire proposal Israel had never offered.

Every time he makes cash available to Tehran, Iran’s terror proxies escalate against the United States and Israel — from the Houthis in Yemen to militias in Iraq to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Hamas Agrees to Free Just 18 Hostages unless Israel Ends the War
Hamas says it will only free 18 hostages unless Israel agrees to end the war, according to a report on CNN. The report said Hamas refused to release only live hostages in the first phase of the deal. It also demanded that Israel would not be able to oppose the freeing of any prisoner from its jails, and that Palestinians released by Israel would be allowed to remain in the West Bank and not be exiled to Gaza.

Hamas wants 30 Palestinians freed - up from 20 - for every Israeli hostage released and 50 - up from 40 - for every female soldier. Israel said Hamas has put forth a radical proposal, which it was turning down.
Hamas claims Israeli hostage killed in IDF strike in new propaganda video
Hamas spokesperson Abu Obaida claimed on Telegram that Israeli-US-Canadian citizen Judy Weinstein, 70, and another unnamed hostage held in Gaza succumbed to their wounds as a result of Israeli bombardment.

Kibbutz Nir Oz already confirmed Judy Weinstein's death on October 7 in December.

In a later video published to Telegram, the Hamas spokesperson stated in the caption, “Your army's destruction of hospitals and putting them out of service is what caused the suffering and death of your detainees, just as our people suffer,” in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

In the video, text appears again in all three languages saying, “Judith Weinstein was seriously injured on October 7 and was given intensive treatment in a hospital in the Gaza Strip. Immediately upon her recovery, she was returned to her place of detention.”

The video continues to show a series of videos of buildings struck in Israeli airstrikes.

WSJ Editorial: Why Israel Must Take Rafah
The battle for Rafah in Gaza is an essential part of Israel's war of self-defense against Hamas. The terrorist group's leaders have dragged out negotiations for a ceasefire for months. The invasion of Rafah was made necessary on Oct. 7, when Hamas slaughtered 1,200 Israelis. At that moment it became impossible for Israel to allow Hamas to control territory, remain in power and plan the next massacre, as the terrorists pledge.

Mr. Biden's decision to set himself against any move on Rafah is hard to understand. Since there was no other way Israel could achieve its objectives, it put the President on the side of Israeli defeat and Hamas victory. He now has a chance to support Israel so it can finish its Hamas campaign as quickly as possible. As a senior Israeli official points out, "This Administration never supports anything we do until we do it." In October, the White House opposed any ground invasion of Gaza. Israel did what it had to do - as it's doing now.

Despite media reports, Hamas hadn't "accepted" a genuine ceasefire-for-hostages deal. It made its own offer that Israel end the war, which means accepting defeat.

The US's hypocrisy is infuriating
One report I read brought the total of innocent civilians killed by the United States via drone and missile strikes to 140,000. That may be an exaggeration, but nevertheless, the numbers are huge.

In January 2022, the Pentagon pledged to be more transparent about these mistakes, which is why we are hearing about them now. No doubt, that is a good thing. It also clearly points out that the United States and the Pentagon know full well that, sometimes, innocent civilians are hurt in war. And yet, they are not offering that same understanding to Israel.

Actually, the United States is refusing to extend that same understanding to Israel – the country that has, by all other accounts, set the gold standard for civilian death ratios.

Instead, the United States persists in publicly chastising Israel for civilian deaths, knowing full well, as we all do, that Hamas hides behind civilians and civilian institutions like schools, mosques, and hospitals. Knowing that Hamas uses their own innocent civilians, as human shields.

More than simply a double standard, the constant haranguing of Israel by the United States over the deaths of innocents – the accidental deaths of innocents, the unavoidable deaths of innocents during wartime – constitutes an immoral attack against an ethical army that is doing its best to prevent civilian casualties.

The IDF is doing its best to prevent civilian deaths even to the point of often endangering its own forces – and the United States knows that fully well.

So, while I applaud the Pentagon for admitting that they mistakenly killed a Syrian shepherd, I just wish they would apply the same standard to Israel that they apply to themselves. But for now, that act of understanding and global recognition doesn’t seem to fit their agenda.

It’s more than infuriating – It’s shameful.
Israel achieved a ‘very impressive’ civilian-military casualty ratio
Former British army commander Richard Kemp says Israel has achieved a “very impressive” civilian-military casualty ratio through “extraordinary measures”.

Mr Kemp joined Sky News host Andrew Bolt to discuss Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza.

Ceasefire negotiations are currently underway between Israel and Hamas.

“Every death of a civilian is terrible but it’s very hard to avoid at all,” Mr Kemp said.

“It’s impossible to avoid, particularly when Hamas are doing everything they can to try and maximise the deaths of innocent civilians inside Gaza.”

PM: Goal of Rafah op is to return hostages and eliminate Hamas
Hamas’s unilateral ceasefire proposal failed to thwart the Israel Defense Forces’ operation against the terror group’s last bastion of Rafah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday evening.

“Hamas’s proposal was intended to torpedo our forces’ entry into Rafah. It did not happen,” the premier stated in remarks shared by his office.

“Last night, with the approval of the War Cabinet, I gave the order to operate in Rafah. Within hours, our forces raised Israeli flags at the Rafah Crossing and took down the Hamas banners,” said Netanyahu.

“Seizing the Rafah Crossing is a very significant step towards destroying the remaining military capabilities of Hamas, including the elimination of the four terrorist battalions in Rafah, and an important step to damage the governmental capabilities of Hamas,” he continued.

The Israeli leader reiterated that the ceasefire terms proposed by Hamas, which Egypt and Qatar devised without consulting with Jerusalem, are still “very far” from what the country’s War Cabinet deems acceptable.

“Israel will not allow Hamas to restore its evil regime in the Gaza Strip, Israel will not allow it to restore its military capabilities and continue to seek our destruction. Israel cannot accept a proposal that endangers the security of our citizens and the future of our country,” he explained.

The premier said he instructed the delegation to Cairo to “stand firm on the conditions needed for the release of our hostages; continue to stand firm on the essential requirements for guaranteeing Israel’s security.”

Meanwhile, the operation in Rafah will help achieve the destruction of Hamas and the return of the 132 hostages, according to Netanyahu.

“We have already proven with the previous release of the hostages—military pressure on Hamas is a prerequisite for the return of our hostages,” he charged.
IDF takes operational control of Rafah crossing
The Israel Defense Forces took control of the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing with Egypt on Tuesday morning, as tanks from the 401st Armored Brigade of the 162nd Division rolled right up to the station.

The Israeli flag was raised at the Rafah crossing and video showed an armored vehicle arriving at one of the buildings there, next to a sign that says “Gaza” in English. The IDF shared pictures and video of the moments that the Rafah crossing was captured.

“Following intelligence that indicated that the Rafah Crossing in eastern Rafah was being used for terrorist purposes, IDF troops managed to establish operational control of the Gazan side of the crossing,” the IDF said on Tuesday morning.

Israel’s War Cabinet on Monday night decided unanimously to “continue the operation in Rafah to exert military pressure on Hamas in order to promote the release of our hostages and the other goals of the war,” per the Prime Minister’s Office.

A source familiar with the Israeli plans told CNN that the operation in Rafah would be “very limited” in scope and is intended to pressure Hamas to agree to a hostage-release deal. The source said that the operation is not the full-scale ground offensive that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared will take place and that U.S. President Joe Biden opposes.

The Crossing Points Authority has announced a complete halt to passenger traffic and aid into the Gaza Strip.
Success in Gaza: The IDF's New Eitan Armored Personnel Carrier
The IDF's new Eitan heavy armored personnel carriers (APC) began their operational deployment on Oct. 7 when they were brought to the combat zones in the Gaza envelope and deployed as a barrier between the terrorists' infiltration routes and the communities close to the border.

Initially, in the combat in Gaza, they mainly served for the rapid extraction of wounded from the battlefield. So far, over 250 wounded soldiers have been evacuated with the new APCs.

Subsequently, as proficiency with them increased, they were also used for operational incursions deep into the war zone.

The Eitan APC is capable of speeds of 100 km/h, two to three times faster than the older IDF APCs, which allow it to evade Hamas anti-tank rockets.

"No soldier was harmed inside the Eitan APC, because it is a very fast vehicle that can deal with various threats," says a Defense Ministry source.

Security forces reveal and demolish tunnels in Beit Hanun area, Gaza Strip
In recent weeks, IDF soldiers, led by the Gaza Division's engineering unit, along with the Southern Command's engineering corps, Yahalom Unit, and the Northern Brigade, have mapped and dismantled two additional attack tunnels located in the Beit Hanoun area in the northern Gaza Strip.

These tunnels have been under continuous intelligence and technological surveillance.

One of the tunnels was revealed in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge.

At that time, it was used by Hamas terrorists to cross into Israeli territory and was destroyed immediately afterward. Addition section of tunnel targeted during the current war

Another section of the tunnel, located deep in the Gaza Strip and part of Hamas' extensive tunnel network, was targeted several times during the current war with Hamas.

After the IDF conducted research and mapping work in recent weeks, it was determined that airstrikes destroyed the tunnel route.

The second tunnel was part of the same extensive tunnel network of the Hamas terrorist organization.

It was dug about 150 meters from the security fence but never crossed into Israeli territory. This tunnel was demolished.

The IDF continues to dismantle underground infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and to target terrorist organizations, especially Hamas, in order to protect the surrounding communities.

Former Gaza hostage drafts into Israeli army
Five months after being freed from Hamas captivity in the Gaza Strip, Noga Weiss enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces on Monday morning.

Weiss, 18, was kidnapped by Hamas from her home in Kibbutz Be’eri during the terrorist group’s Oct. 7 massacre, along with her mother, Shiri.

Be’eri was one of the hardest-hit areas in the attacks. Some 30% of the kibbutz’s inhabitants were murdered or taken hostage by terrorists.

Noga’s father, Ilan, defended the kibbutz against the terrorist invasion but was murdered by Hamas, the community announced earlier this year following an investigation by the National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Tel Aviv’s Abu Kabir neighborhood.

Noga and Shiri were released from the Gaza Strip on Nov. 25, as part of a week-long truce agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Noga will serve as a mashakit tash, an officer responsible for soldiers’ service conditions and general well-being, the IDF said on Monday.

“After a very turbulent period, I feel that enlisting in the army to the position of a mashakit tash is the right thing for me. Mashakit tash has been my dream position for years. I feel that I can contribute a lot, be significant and help others,” Weiss said in a statement.

“I always wanted to enlist and dedicate myself to the country. The army for me is a combination of a distraction from what happened, a framework and a daily routine, but mainly carrying on with my life as it would have been before all this happened,” she explained.

“I remember that the day my mother and I were released, they took us to Kerem Shalom, and there was a hangar full of soldiers. The presence of the soldiers made me feel safe and it only strengthened my desire to be a part of and serve in the army,” added Weiss.
Freed Israeli hostage to leave hospital after five months
Some five months after being freed from Hamas captivity in the Gaza Strip, Elma Avraham is set to be released from hospital, Beersheva’s Soroka Medical Center announced on Tuesday.

Avraham, who celebrated her 85th birthday during her hospitalization, will go home on Wednesday following a press conference that will include statements by family representatives and medical staff.

Avraham, who has complex health issues, was taken hostage from Kibbutz Nahal Oz on Oct. 7. Although in generally good health when captured, she deteriorated in captivity.

Released on Nov. 26 as part of a weeklong ceasefire deal with Hamas, Avraham was airlifted to Soroka in serious condition, with a pulse of 40 and a body temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

“They held her in terrible conditions,” daughter Tali Amano told reporters outside the hospital at the time, noting that her mother was released from Gaza mere “hours before we would have lost her.”

“My mother didn’t need to return this way and I have no idea how she will make it through these days,” added Amano.

Following Avraham’s release, the Red Cross was accused of denying her medicine. IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari charged, “She was denied life-saving medications. She was not visited by the Red Cross.”
Nova Music Festival Massacre ‘Being Forgotten and Ignored,’ Says Jewish Music Executive After NY Exhibit Opens
A new exhibition in New York City that features items and firsthand videos from the Hamas terrorist attack at the Nova Music Festival in southern Israel on Oct. 7 is not meant to be political and sets out to ensure that the massacre is remembered, according to organizers of the project.

“I think the events of Nova are not only being forgotten — they’re being ignored,” Jewish record executive and entrepreneur Scooter Braun, who helped bring the exhibit to New York after its 10-week run in Tel Aviv, told CBS’s Sunday Morning. He added that the exhibit has nothing to do with politics and is instead “about music.”

“Why are musicians not screaming from the top of their lungs that music should be a safe place?” he asked. “Just stop for a minute and ask yourself, on either side, do kids dancing deserve to die? And the answer is no. So just give [the exhibit] an opportunity and have empathy in your heart for all sides.”

The exhibit, titled “Nova: Oct. 7 6:29 AM, The Moment Music Stood Still,” takes a venue over 50,000 square feet near the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan and attempts to recreate the scene of the deadly terrorist attack at the music festival.

Artifacts salvaged from the site of the Hamas massacre are featured in the exhibit, including bullet-riddled bathroom stalls, scorched cars, signage, attendee tents, and personal belongings left behind such as shoes, clothes, and hats. The exhibition has a “healing tent” filled with artwork, and other works made by Nova Festival goers and survivors, and visitors can participate in a painted rock installation. The exhibit also highlights testimonies from survivors of the terrorist attack and a photo gallery of those murdered by Hamas on Oct. 7. Donations from the exhibition go to the Nova Healing Journey, an initiative that supports mental health treatment for victims and families of the Oct. 7 attacks. Over 360 festival-goers were killed by Hamas that day at the Nova Music Festival in Re’im, Israel, and more than 40 others, including American citizens, were taken as hostages back to the Gaza Strip.
The Commentary Magazine Podcast: Israel Moves on Rafah
Hosted by Abe Greenwald, Christine Rosen, John Podhoretz & Matthew Continetti
Today we sort through conflicting accounts of the Hamas ceasefire agreement that wasn’t and discuss the leverage that Israel will now gain by going into Rafah. We also reflect on the straightforward anti-American fury of pro-Hamas protests and the Kristi Noem trainwreck.
Ben Shapiro: Follow The $$$
Joe Biden can’t dissociate from radical campus protesters because of cold, hard cash concerns; diversity, equity and inclusion gets a rebrand; and the European backlash to multiculturalism and weakness is in full swing.

US Election Expert: Jewish Vote is Turning Against Biden | The Caroline Glick Show
As Jews are being attacked on campus and the Biden administration continues to distance itself from Israel, will the ironclad Democratic Jewish vote be affected? Will liberal Jews break with the Democratic Party because they feel unsafe in Biden's America?

Journalist and author Caroline Glick talks with US election expert and political analyst Richard Baehr to break down the numbers and trends and to understand if this coming US election will be unlike any other.

"Jewish insecurity has become a dominant theme among Jewish voters."

The Israel Guys: Biden Administration Officials CAUGHT COORDINATING with Highly Anti-Israel Group
The Biden administration was just caught coordinating with a highly anti-Israel group. Is this an effort to launder specific talking points to achieve their goal of the Palestinian State?

World witnessing a ‘shocking’ and ‘terrible’ outbreak of anti-Semitism
The Australian Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says the world is seeing a “shocking” and “terrible” outbreak of anti-Semitism.

Mr Sheridan’s comments come as pro-Palestinian protests occur across university and college campuses with concerns some have become aggressive.

“These fit into the real corruption, the real moral and political corruption of our universities," Mr Sheridan said.

“They have become agents now of anti-Western hatred.

“You’re seeing this astonishing hatred and intolerance of these demonstrators."

Apostate Prophet: What REALLY Happened on October 7? Destiny vs Sulaiman DEBATE REVIEW - AP & ADIN HAYKIN
I am joined by Adin Haykin to review Destiny's debate with Sulaiman Ahmed on October 7.

House subcommittee chair: Hamas ‘solely responsible for what is happening in Rafah’
Hamas, and not the Jewish state, is responsible for bringing Israel’s attack on Rafah on the people of Gaza, Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart (R-Fla.) stated on Monday.

“Hamas is solely responsible for what is happening in Rafah today,” stated the chair of the Subcommittee on the Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs—part of the House Committee on Appropriations.

“It is Israel’s absolute right and duty to protect itself and its citizens from terrorist organizations and take out and destroy the evil that is Hamas once and for all,” Díaz-Balart said.

It is “vitally important” that Washington stand “unequivocally” with Israel “as it confronts existential challenges from dangerous anti-American regimes and state sponsors of terrorism like Iran,” the Florida congressman said.

“We must stand by our ally, Israel, to stop the scourge of Hamas, which has now plagued our higher education institutions, NGOs and even the halls of Congress,” he added.
‘Far-left has serious anti-Israel problem,’ says US House committee chair
For months, Democrats have refused to condemn the “violent, antisemitic, un-American and pro-terrorist mobs” that have taken over U.S. college campuses, “endangering Jewish students and other innocent bystanders,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) stated.

“Sadly, this is no surprise. Antisemitism is a disease that the far-left, along with liberal university leaders, has allowed to spread,” said the chair of the House Committee on Appropriations.

“Over the past year, we have watched Democrats spread anti-Israel rhetoric time and time again. Some have called for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to be replaced,” he added. “One said it was an ‘honor’ to visit with the pro-Hamas protestors at Columbia University, one defended the phrase ‘from the river to the sea,’ which implies the destruction of Israel, one denounced Israel as a ‘racist state’ and more.”

“The recent actions of the Democrats with respect to Israel are both outrageous and inappropriate,” he said. “They truly seem to have lost all sense of moral and political clarity and have made it very clear—the far-left has a serious anti-Israel problem.”

Condemning Israel not enough, Ilhan Omar says on Yom Hashoah
Hours before the Israel Defense Forces began targeted strikes in Rafah on Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) stated that it can not be overstated “how catastrophic a ground invasion in Rafah would be for Palestinian civilians in Gaza.”

The member of the so-called “Squad” cited the United Nations, claiming that hundreds of thousands of people would be at “immediate risk of death” amid a ground operation in Rafah.

Omar said that “anyone who believes in the sanctity of human life” ought to see an IDF operation in Rafah as a “red line,” as U.S. President Joe Biden said it would be.

“The administration must use its most potent leverage and restrict military aid to Israel,” Omar said. “Condemnations and warnings are not enough.” She added that the Biden administration’s reported decision to “hold on a shipment of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel” was “a step in the right direction to use all political leverage to end this impending invasion and looming war crime from taking place.”

Omar’s remarks came on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Palestinians have endured decades of occupation, displacement and apartheid, watching their dreams of self-determination and dignity grow more distant with every American-backed escalation,” she accused.

Why are pro-Palestine protesters heckling Holocaust survivors?
What on Earth could compel a person to travel to Auschwitz to yell at Holocaust survivors? As incredible as it sounds, this is precisely what a group of ‘pro-Palestine’ protesters did yesterday. In Poland, half a dozen activists gathered around the former site of the Nazis’ largest extermination camp in order to disrupt a remembrance march for victims of the Holocaust. Seemingly, this was to make some sort of point about the war in Gaza.

The International March of the Living is an annual silent walk between two former death camps, Auschwitz and Birkenau, to honour the victims of the Nazis. This year, 56 Holocaust survivors took part in the march. They were joined by survivors of the 7 October pogrom in Israel and by relatives of those still held hostage by Hamas.

Anyone with an ounce of compassion or common sense would have let these marchers commemorate history’s most brutal genocide in peace. And yet, covering their faces with keffiyehs, protesters aligned with a movement that claims to be about ‘peace’ decided it was a good idea to turn up waving Palestinian flags and chanting ‘Stop genocide’ at those taking part in the remembrance march.

This is a sickening display of either mind-numbing ignorance, staggering tone-deafness or outright anti-Semitism. Of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, an estimated one million of those died at Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945. Then, last October, in the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Hamas slaughtered 1,170 people, mostly civilians, and kidnapped 250. What message, exactly, were the pro-Palestine protesters hoping to convey by heckling the people commemorating these awful anti-Semitic crimes?

To make matters worse, the protest at Auschwitz comes at a time of increasing anti-Semitism, both in Poland and across Europe. Just last week in Warsaw, the Nożyk Synagogue was attacked and set alight with Molotov cocktails. This was the city’s only synagogue to have survived the Holocaust.
Alex Brummer: How grotesque of pro-Palestine protesters to besmirch Auschwitz, the place where my grandparents died
Nothing could be more grotesque than the sight of pro-Palestinian protesters at the gates of Auschwitz yesterday as Jews around the world marked Yom HaShoah.

That's the day of remembrance for the six million souls who perished at the hands of the Nazis.

As the son of a refugee from the horrors of the Holocaust, I can feel nothing but contempt for the ignorance, gross insensitivity and misguided hatred which inspired such a protest.

Auschwitz, which I have visited several times, is at the heart of my own personal story. My dear grandparents Sandor and Fanya perished in the gas chambers there. Sandor is a Hungarian version of Alexander – and I am named after him.

They were transported in horrific conditions from their home on the Hungarian-Czech border to Auschwitz as Adolf Eichmann, architect of the so-called Final Solution, rushed to kill the Jews of Hungary in the desperate last days of World War II.

Auschwitz, where these disgraceful protesters gathered, is the unmarked burial ground for my grandparents' ashes.

My elderly aunt Sussie and cousin Sheindy had been teenagers at Auschwitz and Belsen but survived and are alive to this day. What they will make of the protesters who waved flags, heckled and chanted as Israelis took part in the March Of The Living – the annual walk from Auschwitz to Birkenau – I cannot imagine.

The images now circulating of the protesters are indescribably disturbing. They can only bring back memories of those final moments Sheindy shared with my grandparents when my grandmother Fanya squeezed her hand and told her to lie about her age to avoid the gas chambers. Claiming she was older, and could work, meant that Sheindy lived, not died. The outrage perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 has brought back the most terrifying memories for these two women – memories of pillage, mutilation and starvation.
Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt Holocaust Remembrance Day Event at Auschwitz
Anti-Israel protesters on Monday disrupted an event at Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi concentration camp in Poland, commemorating the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust by the Nazis.

The International March of the Living, an annual Holocaust education program founded in 1988, brings people from around the world to Poland each year for Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day — known as Yom HaShoah — to march on the path leading from Auschwitz I to Auschwitz II-Birkenau, the Nazis’ largest death camp where 1 million Jews were murdered during World War II.

Survivors of the Hamas terror group’s Oct. 7 massacre across southern Israel joined 55 Holocaust survivors in this year’s march. However, amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and the coinciding record surge in global antisemitism, anti-Israel protesters gathered near the grounds of Auschwitz, sparking outrage.

Local police put up a barricade to prevent dozens of demonstrators from approaching the marchers, who passed by as the protesters shouted slogans including “stop the genocide.”

Marchers, many of whom carried Israeli flags, responded by changing, “Free Gaza from Hamas!” and singing “Am Yisrael Chai.”

Danit Ben David, 87, said she was “outraged” at the scene.

“How dare they come here, on this day,” she told The Algemeiner.

For many of the thousands of marchers this year, the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day has taken on less of a historic tone and more of a current one, in light of the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel that launched the war in Gaza.

“I have always feared for Jewish existence in the face of antisemitism,” Phyllis Greenberg Heiderman, president of the International March of the Living, told The Algemeiner. “But never has the fear and dread of the Holocaust been more palpable in our times.”

Rabbi Sues Pro-Palestinian Agitators for Assault During Prayer Session
A Washington, D.C., rabbi is suing two pro-Palestinian agitators for assaulting him last month during a prayer session outside of the Israeli embassy, according to a copy of the complaint obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, an Orthodox rabbinic leader at the Yeshivas Elimelech Jewish school, says he was hosting a small prayer group outside the Israeli embassy in late March when two pro-Palestinian protesters began blaring sirens and bullhorns, interrupting the session and ultimately causing damage to Herzfeld’s hearing.

Herzfeld is charging the two protesters—named as Hazami Barmada and Atafeh Rokhvand—with "assault, battery, outrage, and other violations" as a result of their actions. Herzfeld claims he "suffered acute acoustic trauma and other harm" following the incident, which the filing dubs a hate crime. Both Barmada and Rokhvand are identified in the suit as the leaders of ongoing demonstrations outside Israel’s Washington embassy and in front of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s private residence.

The case comes amid a flurry of clashes between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators across the country, where violence has repeatedly broken out. Herzfeld’s case highlights the aggressive tactics being used by some protesters as they seek to disrupt pro-Israel gatherings and foment unrest.

Herzfeld and his group were praying for the Israeli hostages still being held by Hamas, as well as for the innocent Gaza Strip residents caught in the violence, when "they were surrounded" by the alleged "pro-Hamas protesters" who were sporting "earplugs or sound-canceling headphones—and who were already encamped in front of the embassy," according to the suit.

The sound equipment deployed by the pro-Palestinian demonstrators was "intended to prevent any speech or other support for Israel," the suit charges. When the group continued its prayer session, the protesters allegedly "increased the volume of the siren-like sound being generated by the bullhorns, sirens and loudspeakers to levels that are far in excess of those allowed by District of Columbia law."
Is nothing sacred? Anti-Israel mob torches American flag and sprays graffiti on WWI memorial in Central Park
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators defaced a World War I memorial in New York City's Central Park on Monday evening, daubing the base of a statue with graffiti and lighting an American flag on fire.

The demonstrators - part of a crowd of 1,000 people - also added Palestinian flags to the 107th Infantry memorial at the intersection of East 67th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The act of wanton vandalism was part of a 'day of rage' protest with those taking part showing no respect for the Stars & Stripes or the war memorial above.

Only a few protesters could be seen in video footage, but a chant of 'free Palestine' could be heard in the background. The word 'Gaza' was spray-painted onto the base of the statue in both black and red paint.

Its unclear if police have made any arrests for the vandalism.

The desecration of the memorials occurred when demonstrators could not get near the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as police blocked protestors access to the event.

Videos and photos showed police ordering protestors out of nearby streets and arresting those who didn't comply.

Almost 30 anti-Israel protesters were arrested close to the Met Museum.

Other protestors turned their attention to the 107th Infantry Memorial, pulling out marker pens and spray paint in order to make their mark. Some stuck Palestinian flag stickers onto the statue's bronze soldiers.

As footage of the desecration made rounds online, several onlookers - some of whom actually had relatives who served in WWI - made their distaste known.

'My great grandfather died over there,' one commenter wrote. 'Wish I was in the vicinity.'

'Seeing this is upsetting,' added another. 'My Dad served in the US army in Vietnam during the war. My uncle served in army in Panama during the Vietnam war. Also my great great uncle served in World War One. I find it very offensive.'

More than 1,000 pro-Palestine protestors descend on Met Gala as riot-gear cops make dozens of arrests and drag people from street near star-studded event
More than 1,000 pro-Palestine protestors clashed with the NYPD just blocks away from New York's Met Gala on Monday evening.

Hundreds were seen marching from Hunter College a mile away but they were met with a swift response from the NYPD who had been bracing for the possibility that demonstrators might make an appearance at the star-studded event.

Dozens of protestors were arrested along Madison Avenue as the police attempted to ensure none of the demonstrators spilled over onto neighboring Fifth Avenue where the Met Gala was happening.

Initially, the police appeared to be successful in diverting the protestors away from where the Gala was taking place leaving the bulk of protestors marching down Park Avenue several blocks away - but it wasn't long demonstrator smashed through metal barriers and began walking down Fifth Avenue.

Protestors could be seen holding placards, banging drums, waving flags and chanting 'free, free Palestine!' Others set off flares and red and green smoke - the colors of the Palestinian flag.

The protests — officially billed as part of a 'Day Of Rage For Gaza: From The Encampments To The Streets' — began earlier on Monday afternoon at Columbia University and NYU downtown with the two groups merging close to the Gala.

Anti-Israel protesters beat man, steal Star of David headscarf near Met Gala: video
A mob of unruly anti-Israel protesters was caught-on-camera snatching a man’s Star of David head scarf and beating him in Manhattan as demonstrations near the Met Gala descended into chaos on Monday night, video shows.

The clip — shared on Instagram by the Jew Hate Database page — showed a group of pro-Palestinian protesters in an apparent confrontation with the lone man in the middle of the Upper East Side street.

“Get the f–k out of the way,” one person could be heard screaming, as the protesters appeared to force the man away from the Palestinian-flag-waving group.

As the Jewish man retreated slowly and stepped over a flowerbed, one of the rowdy anti-Israel protesters was filmed leaning over and snatching his scarf — or sudra — from his head and fleeing.

The mob continued to force the man backwards before he managed to grab hold of his scarf from the taunting protester.

A scuffle quickly broke out and several men were caught on camera repeatedly pummeling the Jewish man in the face and head as he tried to back away.

Nearly a dozen men could be seen trying to chase down the Jewish man when he eventually broke free and fled the scene.

NYC bartender who allegedly refused to serve Jewish patron, 26 others arrested at anti-Israel Met Gala protest
More than two dozen anti-Israel protesters were arrested overnight in the latest unrest to plague the Big Apple, including a serial demonstrator and Brooklyn bartender who once allegedly refused to serve a Jewish patron.

At least 27 people were cuffed as demonstrations near the star-studded Met Gala on the Upper East Side descended into chaos Monday evening – ending with a mob vandalizing a World War I memorial in Central Park and burning an American flag, cops said.

Among those nabbed was repeat offender Alvin Dan, 32, of Staten Island, who was one of the anti-Israel protesters busted for disrupting last year’s iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, according to police sources.

Dan was also accused of harassing a conservative Jewish journalist out of the Bedford-Stuyvesant bar where he worked in April last year because of the patron’s Zionist views, a lawsuit alleged at the time.

The serial anti-Israel protester was slapped with a resisting arrest charge and cut loose on a desk appearance ticket following Monday’s unrest, police sources said.

Gas tanks hurled at pro-Israel activists: Chaos ensues on Amsterdam
Ongoing chaotic scenes from universities across Amsterdam have gone viral in the past couple of days, reminiscent of the footage from US campuses, including encampments and violence toward Jewish students and police forces.

On Monday, riot police were called in to break up the encampment, and on Tuesday morning police officers were seen using batons against protesters who tried to block roads to the University.

Police used a bulldozer to knock down barricades early on Tuesday morning and detained 140 people in violent clashes, according to statements given to Reuters.

The main encampment was set in Roeterseiland campus, where pro-Palestinian activists hurled chairs and gas tanks at pro-Israel activists on campus and beat them with wooden planks.

On Monday, the encampment received an honorary endorsement from Samidoun, designated by Israel as a terrorist organization for serving as a proxy of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).PFLP itself is designated as a terrorist organization according to the European Union, yet its tributary Samidoun is allowed to act freely across the continent, apart from in Germany, which banned Samidoun in October 2023 following years of German authorities monitoring its inflammatory, terror-supporting activities.

In its letter of endorsement, Samidoun accused Amsterdam universities of having “various ties to the genocidal apartheid state,” adding that “it’s high time that these ties are broken.”

The group lauded the encampment’s activity, threatening Dutch security forces that “attempts to repress or break up the encampment by the authorities will be met with resistance.”

Hezbollah Has a Brutal Message for 'Queers for Palestine' Protesters
Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a DM clip of Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah’s message for what would happen to members of Queers for Palestine under sharia law

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