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From Ian:

Has the Palestinian 'apartheid assault' backfired?
Today, as Israeli Arab affairs commentator Jackie Hugi has noted, Abbas and the PA sit isolated, alienated, and bankrupt among the leading members of the Arab League.

The PA committed political harakiri in 2020 when Abbas condemned Arab signatories to the Abraham Accords including United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, as well as Morocco and Sudan, for normalizing relations with Israel. In Abbas’ unprecedented public assault against Arab allies, he accused them of “stabbing the Palestinians in the back and betraying the al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, and the Palestinian cause.”

Palestinian fury at Arab-Israel normalization brought the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheik Mohammed Hussein, to issue a fatwa -an Islamic religious ruling- prohibiting leaders from Arab states, or any Muslim who normalized relations with Israel, from worshipping at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque. Arab countries reacted with unparalleled contempt towards the PA. Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan branded the PA and its leadership “failures,” and called Abbas’ snub a “transgression” and “reprehensible discourse.”

Abbas convened Palestinian terror group leaders including arch-rivals, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, to coordinate responses and actions in opposition to the accords. Arab powers viewed Abbas’ destabilizing moves with contempt, particularly his outreach to Arab League's adversaries Turkey and Iran.

In 2022, Arab countries continue to loosen ties with the PA while tightening them with Israel. The UAE recently announced a 100-million-dollar investment in Israel’s high tech sector. Morocco seeks security cooperation. Libya’s Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, reportedly met with the Mossad Chief Barnea in Jordan to discuss normalization and security cooperation. Even Saudi Arabia, that quietly “green lighted” the Gulf states’ normalization agreements, has itself moved closer to Israel, reportedly weighing normalization.

Palestinian apartheid propaganda may still find supporters in the West where Jew hatred has reached new heights and animosity towards the Jewish state poses as political criticism.

However, from a Middle Eastern perspective, the Palestinian leadership and its ongoing political assaults have hit a brick wall both among the Israeli public and most of its Arab neighbors. The PA’s weakened position among the Arab powers and its pivot to the “rejectionist front” led by Turkey and Iran, cast an even darker shadow over its already fading prospects for political viability and independence.
Human Rights Watch: Australia, Like Israel, Is Guilty of Apartheid
The title of this article is a teaser. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has not labelled Australia guilty of apartheid. I also do not believe that Israel is remotely guilty of apartheid. However, based on the criteria that HRW outlined in its recent report stating the Israel is guilty of crimes of apartheid, there is no doubt that Australia is an apartheid state. HRW’s charge against Israel is based on a newly invented definition of apartheid and a deeply flawed analysis of the conflict that willfully ignores vast evidence that contradicts their thesis. The purpose of this article is not to provide a direct rebuttal which has been handled well elsewhere[1] but to demonstrate the absurdity of HRW’s charge against Israel by demonstrating that the same criteria applied equally to other nations – in this case Australia – would show that many, and not just dictatorships, would also have to be considered apartheid, rendering their report against Israel as grossly biased garbage solely intended to isolate and punish Israel.

An April 2021 report issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW) titled “A Threshold Crossed, Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution” concluded that Israel commits crimes of apartheid, both within Israel and the West Bank & Gaza, a charge that is eagerly endorsed by anti-Zionists and those who loathe Israel.[2] The report suggests aggressive international sanctions against Israel and its officials for these alleged crimes. The misuse of the word apartheid and the inflammatory language against Israel has infiltrated the conversation where even a poll of American Jews showed a higher than expected number believe that Israel is an apartheid state.

The only country in history that has been universally recognized as an apartheid state is South Africa, where this Afrikaans term originated, and no other nation except Israel has ever been similarly labelled by recognized organizations. In order to formally apply this term to Israel, HRW unilaterally developed a new set of criteria to assess what constitutes apartheid. These criteria are of course completely subjective, decided upon solely by HRW, flagrantly contradicts international law that clearly defines apartheid, and importantly, have never been used before to evaluate any other nation.

HRW deliberately avoids comparing Israel to South Africa, which would be the most obvious method to evaluate if a nation is currently apartheid. HRW deals with this logical flaw by claiming that South Africa is conveniently no longer the model for apartheid: “The international community has over the years detached the term apartheid from its original South African context.” HRW does not explain how or when this “detachment” from the South African precedent of apartheid occurred, who comprises the “international community,” or why this new definition emerged but was never used to examine another state. In a report that HRW touts as extensively researched with over 800 footnotes, not one source is provided for the supposed shedding by the international community of the South African precedent for apartheid. In fact, a key source that HRW relies upon to support its definition of apartheid, the 1973 International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (the “Apartheid Convention”), specifically states that the crime of apartheid “shall include similar policies and practices of racial segregation and discrimination as practised in southern Africa.” HRW admits that “Few courts have heard cases involving the crime of persecution and none the crime of apartheid, resulting in a lack of case law around the meanings of key terms in their definitions,” but still decides that the only know precedent enshrined in international law – South Africa – is not useful in evaluating Israel. To further obfuscate its strategy of ignoring established international legal language defining apartheid, HRW offers this vague explanation attempting to separate “crimes of apartheid” from “apartheid state” as if an entity could commit “crimes of apartheid” but somehow not be an “apartheid state”:

The report does not set out to compare Israel with South Africa under apartheid or to determine whether Israel is an “apartheid state”—a concept that is not defined in international law. Rather, the report assesses whether specific acts and policies carried out by Israeli authorities today amount in particular areas to the crimes of apartheid and persecution as defined under international law.

PreOccupiedTerritory: Fund Makes Bank By Investing Only In Stocks BDS Urges To Divest (satire)
A securities-trading firm announced today that its most successful package of equity issues for the last five years consists only of shares in companies that have resisted the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement targeting Israel, outpacing its next-most-profitable offering by nearly eight percent in an already-lucrative period for the firm’s clients.

Diamond-Romm, LLP, which handles portfolios that include private equity, government-issue bonds, corporate bonds, and stocks, among other fiduciary assets, reported Monday that their Blue and White Fund, which restricts itself to stocks of enterprises that BDS has targeted, grew a cumulative 341% over the last half-decade, dwarfing the achievements of even its most profitable aggressive-growth fund, which grew by a comparatively paltry 195% over the same period.

DR executives attributed the success of Blue and White to a number of factors. “To begin with, Israel is just an excellent investment market,” explained Vice President for Research Vincenzo Giamatti. “The tech sector, and not only high-tech, keeps innovating in imaginative, lucrative ways. But its not only Israeli enterprises per se – international companies that partner with, or do significant business with, Israeli entities both civilian and governmental, report tremendous gains. The Israeli economy in general weathered the financial crises of the last decade-plus better than almost anywhere else. The growth potential remains enormous. Real estate alone is exploding. Any reasonably smart Israel portfolio is going to do well, and any reasonably-conceived presence of a multinational in Israel is going to do well.”

Robert Kennedy Jr: COVID-19 vaccine mandates worse than Holocaust
Addressing an anti-vaccination rally in Washington, DC, American environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Sunday compared COVID-19 vaccination mandates to the Holocaust, saying that "Even in [Adolf] Hitler's Germany... you could hide in the attic like Anne Frank did," according to a tweet by NBC News senior reporter Ben Collins.

Kennedy, who is a son of assassinated senator Robert. F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy, has been outspoken in his opposition to vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kennedy's organization Children's Health Defense has disseminated various conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus pandemic, particularly via social media; Its COVID-19 vaccine-related posts have been shared more often on Twitter than vaccine-related reports from mainstream sources such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CNN, Fox News and NPR, according to a report by the Associated Press.

At the Washington rally, dubbed "Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming," another speaker, TV producer Del Bigtree, suggested that there should be a Nuremberg trial for medical workers and journalists, referencing the war crimes trials for Nazis that were held after World War II, according to the independent.

Throughout the pandemic, numerous public figures have drawn comparisons between COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates to the genocidal Nazi regime.

Israel's Foreign Affairs Min.: Is Holocaust denial dangerous?
UN Resolution to combat Holocaust denial & distortion:

80 years ago, the Wannsee Conference laid the groundwork for the systematic murder of Jews throughout Europe.

On January 20, 2022, the UN adopted a resolution (led by Israel and Germany) against Holocaust denial and distortion.

This is an important step in the fight against antisemitism.

Wagner and the Anti-Semitism of ‘the Ring’
Sir Roger Scruton’s passing almost exactly two years ago reminded me, sadly, of a conversation that we never had. Scruton and I did not know each other, despite the fact that we shared a number of friends and enthusiasms in common. Of the latter, the most obvious was political philosophy, but perhaps the most interesting was a preoccupation with the Ring operas of Richard Wagner. Scruton addressed this dauntingly vast subject in The Ring of Truth, which I read with admiration on its release in 2016. There was, however, one aspect of Wagner’s art about which I thought Scruton was importantly wrong: the relationship between the composer’s anti-Semitism and his music dramas, chief among them the Ring itself. I by no means took Scruton to be alone in this respect, but in his case I felt instinctively that, if I could lay out my argument for him over a glass of whiskey one evening, I would be able to bring him around.

The experience of reading his posthumously-published Wagner’s Parsifial: The Music of Redemption has now converted my instinctive feeling into a near-certainty. For in the opening pages of this new book, Scruton recognizes that “in his mature operas” Wagner meant to reject the bourgeois, liberal “world of deals and transactions”—a world characterized, as Wagner saw it, by the perverse “‘commodification’ of human relations,” rather than the longed-for “dissolving of the self in the experience of community.” This is indeed a central ideological preoccupation of the Ring. Scruton misses only the crucial fact that, for Wagner, this pathological world of bargains was essentially “Jewish.” Wagner’s anti-Semitism was therefore inextricably bound up with his critique of bourgeois liberalism. And since this distinctive style of Jew-hatred has recently returned to prominence on the political left, getting to grips with its character is, alas, no longer an imperative for deranged Wagnerians alone.

For those who have been fortunate enough to miss the past 70 years of scholarly debate about Wagner’s anti-Semitism, a brief primer is in order. Combatants have, in general, defended one of three positions. According to the first, Wagner was not an anti-Semite at all, despite whatever unpleasant things he may have said or written about particular Jews. This claim is so absurd that no serious Wagner scholar has defended it for quite some time. The second position, in contrast, goes as follows: Yes, Wagner was an anti-Semite, but, then again, so was Chopin, so was Degas, so was Virginia Woolf. The important fact, on this view, is that Wagner’s anti-Semitism had nothing to do with his music dramas, which must be seen to have completely unrelated artistic and philosophical ambitions. This is the position that Scruton defends in The Ring of Truth, thereby echoing many distinguished Wagnerians who have argued similarly over the years. The popularity of this position in the literature is partly to be explained, I think, by the highly problematic nature of the third position on offer. For beginning in the 1980s, some scholars began to argue, following Theodor Adorno, that Wagner’s undoubted anti-Semitism does in fact inflect his operas, insofar as certain characters within them are intended as sinister caricatures of Jews. Thus, Alberich and Mime, the two dwarf protagonists of the Ring, are meant to appear Jewish; ditto the pedant Beckmesser in Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, the seductress Kundry in Parsifal, and several others.
Is bureaucracy stumbling Israel's fight against BDS?
Israel is treading water in the fight against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, over stalled budgets and cumbersome bureaucracy, Israel Hayom has learned.

Created in 2006, the Strategic Affairs Ministry's main mission was heading Israel's public diplomacy efforts on the global stage, and in 2015 it was tasked with leading the campaign against the BDS movement.

The ministry's efforts to counter the BDS movement's efforts to delegitimize the existence of the Jewish state saw it invest tens of millions of shekels in setting up intelligence, research, and information systems to combat the phenomenon. These efforts, for example, allowed Israel to expose links between various charities and terrorist organizations.

The latter led to last year's decision by the government to designate six groups affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as terrorist organizations and to a subsequent decision by several European nations to suspend their donations to these groups.

The ministry was shuttered in 2021 and merged into the Foreign Ministry as part of the 36th government's downsizing efforts. Only 30 staff members were brought on to the corresponding department in the Foreign Ministry, its budget was dramatically slashed, and many of the Strategic Affairs Ministry's running initiatives have been suspended – all while Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has warned that "2022 will likely see Israel designated an apartheid state."
CAIR Not Only Inspires Terrorists. It’s Historically Linked to Them
A recent report from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), "Islamophobia in the Mainstream," is a case study in projection—the psychological process of attributing one's own defects to others. In this case, the defect is hate, and the target is an all-too familiar one: the Jewish people and their allies.

It is not difficult here to discern the hater from the hated: Just days after CAIR issued its report, Malik Faisal Akram pursued CAIR's antisemitic agenda by entering a Texas synagogue with a gun. In a speech delivered to a Muslim audience in November, the executive director of CAIR's San Francisco office, Zahra Billoo, identified "Zionist synagogues" like Congregation Beth Israel and all "polite Zionists"—essentially all Jews—as "your enemies," both Islamophobic and opposed to "human rights." Billoo further advised those listening and watching to "fight back."

Rather than disavow her hateful and antisemitic remarks, CAIR claimed that Billoo was "misquoted" and the victim of an "online smear campaign." Sadly for CAIR, the video is available for all to see.

In just the past two months, CAIR also organized a series of rallies in Texas for the release of Aafia Siddiqui, just as Akram demanded. The connection between CAIR's statements and Malik Akram's beliefs is undeniable—and this is true regardless of whether Akram watched Billoo's speech or was aware of the rallies. This is because CAIR is part of a global network that promotes a hateful agenda that has targeted both Jews and democratic institutions for decades.

CAIR's report is an exercise in disinformation, dishing out terms like "hate group," "misinformation" and "propaganda" without, in most cases, even a single purported example of "Islamophobia." It is just a projection of CAIR's own bigotry, which frequently takes aim at a list of prominent pro-Israel advocates, the Israel Defense Forces and the international Jewish community at-large.
Canary Mission: The Antisemitic Trope That Inspired The Texas Synagogue Siege
Colleyville Synagogue Terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram took Jewish hostages because he believed "Jews control everything." This antisemitic trope is shared by the Far-Left, the Far-Right and anti-Israel leaders alike. This old myth is still very much alive and antisemitism can have deadly consequences. Share this video to expose the antisemites that keep spreading this dangerous trope.

Sky News Australia: Anti-Semitism 'lurking behind' campaign against Sydney Festival
Sky News host Rowan Dean says anti-Semitism is “lurking” behind the anti-Israel boycott of the Sydney Festival.

The boycott began after the Sydney Festival accepted $20,000 from the Israeli embassy for a dance performance.

“Events this month have proved militant activists like nothing better than getting useful idiots to do their bidding,” Mr Dean said.

Mr Dean pointed out one of the organisers behind the festival boycott was Sara Saleh, who sits on the board of the far-left activist group GetUp, but was introduced by the ABC as a Palestinian poet and writer.

“If you can't see this hypocrisy for what it is, or the anti-Semitism lurking behind this BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign, you are an even bigger fool than the cowardly artists that she and her ilk manipulate,” Mr Dean said.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper Must Apologize For Publishing Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory
On the heels of the antisemitic terror attack at Colleyville’s Beth Israel Synagogue last week, the Toronto Caribbean (TC), a paper which regards itself as “Canada’s leading Caribbean newspaper,” has published a column which outrageously utters an antisemitic conspiracy theory claiming that “Canadian, American and British politicians continue to kowtow to their populations Jewish Lobbyists…”

A January 19 column by reporter Steven Kaszab makes this odious claim in a commentary that also draws the offensive and inaccurate comparison of Israel to apartheid South Africa and that supports the one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also known as a ploy to destroy Israel demographically by allowing the so-called Palestinian “right of return” which would make Israel no longer a Jewish state due to the influx of millions of Palestinian-Arabs.

This situation is further compounded by the fact that we know that the terrorist who attacked Beth Israel synagogue last week did so as he believed that Jews have the power to control world governments and to that end, he thought that the Jewish worshipers could call President Biden who would do their bidding by releasing Aafia Siddiqui, an Al-Qaeda operative who was convicted for attempting to murder American soldiers and officials in Afghanistan.

Aside from its print distribution which it claims reaches major Ontario cities including, but not limited to North York, Vaughan, Scarborough, Brampton, Ajax and more, Toronto Caribbean News has over 77,581 combined followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
BBC presentation of JC recording of Texas gunman’s last phone call
However also on January 20th, the same 21-second clip was published separately on the BBC News website’s ‘US & Canada’ page under the title “Texas synagogue: Last phone call between hostage-taker and brother”.

“This is believed to be the last conversation between the Texas synagogue hostage-taker and his brother.

Gulbar Akram pleaded with gunman Malik Faisal Akram to surrender and come back to his hometown Blackburn.

Listen to the recording of the phone call obtained by the Jewish Chronicle.

The BBC is unable to vouch for its authenticity but experts believe it to be genuine.”

That report makes no effort to inform viewers that there are parts of the recording that the BBC chose not to promote and that they include “an antisemitic rant” in which “Akram rails against Jews”.

That of course means that BBC audiences viewing this report are not provided with an accurate representation of its content which would help them understand the whole story.
AP Corrects Former US Consulate Not in East Jerusalem
CAMERA Israel’s office last week prompted correction of an Associated Press article which erroneously placed the former American consulate in the eastern part of Jerusalem. The Jan. 20 article, (“Palestinian minister: Biden moving too slow on pushing peace”), had erred:
But while the Biden administration reversed several ”unlawful and ill-advised” Trump policies, he said it has been slow to act, especially on the U.S. commitment to reopen the U.S. consulate in east Jerusalem which would restore Washington’s main diplomatic mission for the Palestinians in the contested city.

In fact, the Palestinian Affairs Unit of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem was located on Agron Street, in the western part of the city, not in east Jerusalem.

Reuters and Haaretz have previously corrected the identical error.

In response to communication from CAMERA, AP commendably removed the erroneous reference to the eastern part of the city. The corrected text now refers to “the U.S. commitment to reopen the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem.” CAMERA’s quick follow up in the same news cycle meant that secondary media outlets which carried the AP story, such as US News & World Report, published the correct information.

Knesset speaker to address Bundestag on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy arrived in Berlin on Monday for a state visit that will include an address to the Bundestag in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Levy’s visit is also slated to include meetings with new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. He is also scheduled to visit the historic House of Wannsee, the Berlin villa where the Nazis planned the Final Solution, as well as meet with two of his European counterparts, Bundestag President Bärbel Bas and Austrian National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka.

His slated address to the Bundestag on Thursday will mark the first time a Knesset speaker has addressed the full German parliament.

“For the first time in history, the Speaker of the Knesset – the democratically elected parliament of the only Jewish state – will stand where more than 80 years ago Nazi oppressors called for the annihilation of our people before executing the most horrific crime in mankind’s history — the Holocaust,” said Levy following his arrival in Berlin. “I will stand proud being Jewish, with six million silent souls by my side and deliver the speech in Hebrew, the eternal language of the Jewish people.”

On Thursday, Israel and Germany served as “co-facilitators” on a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly aimed at combating Holocaust denial.

“It is Germany’s historical responsibility to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and we are fully aware that we carry a special obligation in this regard,” the country’s UN envoy Antje Leendertse said in a statement after the adoption of the resolution.
Growing Antisemitism Around the World

From the KKK To Human Rights Activist

Only Finland Ignores the Jewish Holocaust on Holocaust Remembrance Day
On January 27th, most western countries mark the liberation of the concentration camps as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On that very day in 1945, the Allied Forces entered the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp near Krakow, Poland, which started a domino effect that exposed the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis throughout Europe.

In 1995, The European Commission recommended that all its member states mark January 27th as Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ten years later, in 2005, the United Nations General Assembly designated January 27th as the international commemoration day in memory of the Holocaust victims.

The Government of Finland adopted Remembrance Day in 2002. Unfortunately, they translated it in Finnish as “Remembrance Day for the Victims of Persecutions.”

It seems Finland is the only European country whose official name for the international Remembrance Day fails to refer to the Holocaust. However, and as a notable discrepancy, the government uses the name “Holocaust Remembrance Day” in its communication in English.

For years, the Finnish Holocaust Remembrance Association has tried to lobby Finnish authorities to change the name, albeit in vain. The argument has been that, under the existing name, people will forget the Holocaust and be able to hijack the day to mark any persecution, big or small.
Australian Jewish Group Calls for National Ban on Nazi Memorabilia After Latest Discovery at Antiques Market
A top Australian Jewish group is calling for a blanket national ban on the sale of Nazi memorabilia after the grandson of Holocaust survivors discovered Nazi items being sold in New South Wales.

The items were seen at Dirty Jane’s Antique Market in the town of Bowral, Australia. Advertised as “militaria,” they included Nazi insignia such as a Luftwaffe pilot’s patch and coins from the Nazi era bearing swastika symbols.

Dr. Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, which is involved in a campaign to ban such items, said Saturday, “You would think that by now, antique stores would understand that it is perverse to put a price tag on extermination, and if they took the time to think about the 1.5 million children murdered by the Nazis, perhaps they would think twice about trafficking in these instruments of death.”

“If Hitler were alive today, he would be applauding them for glorifying his barbaric crimes and keeping his monstrous legacy alive,” he asserted, adding that contemporary white supremacists would likely be inspired by such items and use them as recruitment tools.

Trade in such items, he stated, “is poisoning our society and violating our nation’s core values.”

“We know very well that in the real world, antisemitic propaganda, as represented by these items, often results in violence and deadly attacks, and as we monitor the growing threat of extremist organizations, we know that such groups have an appetite for these satanic relics,” he noted.
Everyday Antisemitism. Jew Hate in San Francisco
Antisemitic propaganda has moved from the social media into our neighborhoods.

From the NextDoor Neighborhood App Posted earlier today.

I picked up 20 of these weighted baggies filled with antisemitic COVID propaganda at ~8:30am today along Pacific Ave. (mostly between Baker and Scott). There were quite a few more I couldn't grab. Apparently the acting organization (Goyim Defense League) has carried out the same campaign several times in Berkeley (beginning during the week of Hanukkah). I texted SFPD's tipline with pictures; not sure if there's anything else I should do? Check your lawns, driveways, and sidewalks if you live nearby!

If you receive one of this packets, please report it to the ADL's tipline. And please check your security cameras for footage of those spreading this trash.

Cartographer views Auschwitz from the air
In the years following World War II, historians and many others have examined the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps.

Now, on the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau – marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 – Pavel Belsky will turn his attention to the layout and function of the camps from his unique perspective as an Israel Air Force veteran and cartographer.

His virtual talk is being hosted by Holocaust Museum LA, the oldest survivor-founded museum in the United States, and will take place on January 27 at 6 p.m. (4 a.m. Israel time) in partnership with the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles. It will also feature remarks by Dr. Hillel Newman, Israeli Consul General to the Pacific Southwest Region of the US.

To register for the virtual talk, visit:

Belsky, 34, an expert in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), specializes in planning and architecture. He first became familiar with aerial imagery while serving in the Israel Air Force from 2006-2010. He received a B.A. degree in Geography from Bar-Ilan University.

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