Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Jews are everywhere in the Biden administration. If you are Jewish, you may see this as a source of pride or shame, depending upon whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Non-Jews, in particular antisemites, may, on the other hand, see the preponderance of Jews surrounding Biden as demonstrating his supposed affinity for Israel/Zionists, perhaps even proof that the Jews are well on their way in their quest for world domination as per the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A Turkish social media site, for example, referred to Jews as being “overrepresented in [the] Biden cabinet.” This, according to the Jerusalem Post, is “part of a rising crescendo of antisemitism and anti-Biden media coverage in Turkey.”

The Suspicious Jew

Then there are the suspicious Jews like this author, who think about what impression we are meant to form on seeing so many Jews appointed to positions of power at once. No doubt we are supposed to look at all those Jews and think: “Joe Biden cannot possibly be an antisemite. Look how many Jews are in his cabinet! Look how many Jews he has appointed to positions of power!”

This is important, because of Jewish concern over antisemitism by such malevolent far-left forces that Biden must appease, for instance The Squad. Being surrounded by so many Jews, we are meant to understand that far from being an antisemite, Biden is actually a philosemite. Furthermore, with so many Jews surrounding him, Biden must be good for the Jews and for Israel—or those Jews would not be onboard with his administration. The Jewish appointees, are themselves, proof of Joe Biden’s goodwill to the Jewish people and to Israel at large.

Suspicious Jews, however, see these intended takeaways and impressions as a smokescreen. Whenever Joe Biden does something that is bad for Israel, we will be told that on the contrary, it can’t be bad for Israel: look at all the Jews who are directly involved in helping the Biden administration form these policies. Why would Jews do something that harms their own? Ergo: any policy harmful to Israel, for instance reinstating the JCPOA, must instead be deemed as beneficial—a total inversion of the truth.

As a suspicious Jew, I also believe a closer look at the Jews populating Biden’s court is warranted. No doubt, the Jewish Biden appointees are largely progressive, as are most Jewish Americans, among them the Jews who overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden. Progressive Jews do not place Israeli security above such issues as, for instance, gun control, abortion, the LGBTQ community, climate control, and illegal immigration. Jewish progressives don’t put “Jewish” issues first. Instead they place all their most important issues—whether sanctioned by the Torah or not—under the rubric of “Tikkun Olam.” In this manner, progressive Jews make issues “Jewish.”

Jew "ish" Values

Being pro-choice or supporting illegal immigration is therefore “Jewish” because these are positions that are in synch with the sensibilities of the society that Jewish progressives inhabit. Supporting these issues makes them feel good. Supporting Israel, on the other hand, makes them feel uneasy. That’s because of the very loud voices telling them that Israel oppresses Arabs and occupies their land. They should know better, and they would if they would read beyond the news they are spoon-fed by CNN and MSNBC. Instead, however, they feel they have to work double-time to show they do not support Israeli “occupation.” They do this through initiating and supporting legislation that is harmful to Israel.

That means that while Biden is working hard to give the impression of a philosemitic, pro-Israel government, what he actually has is a cabinet and administration that will work extra hard to show they do not favor either Israel or the Jews.  They want to be seen as having the right sort of politics. This, they call “Jewish.”

One or Two Good Eggs?

I don’t know enough about the Jews in Biden’s court to tar them all with the same brush. There may be one or two good eggs in the bunch. If there are decent, honest Jews among the appointees, they may be a smokescreen for the others. 

I may not know all the Jews in Biden’s court. But I do know enough about Joe Biden, his appointees, and his intended actions, to know that so many members of the tribe in his administration is not a portent for good. This is in contradistinction to the Trump administration which had Jews aplenty, but enacted a great deal of philosemitic, pro-Israel policy. The differences are stark:

Trump starved the Iranian nuclear machine, Biden wants to feed it cash by reinstating the JCPOA.

Trump made warm peace with the Abraham Accords, Biden wants to revive the dead two-state solution and invigorate and empower the corrupt, terror-inciting Palestinian Authority.

Trump made the settlement- and sovereignty-supporting David Friedman, his ambassador to Israel. Biden renamed the ambassadorial position (though he later changed it back) from U.S. ambassador to Israel, to “U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.” Biden did this to suggest he doesn’t accept Israel’s hegemony in the region. He did it to suggest he supports the creation of an Arab state on Jewish land.

Trump pulled support to the corrupt UNRWA, which perpetuates the Arab refugee problem, and inculcates Arab children with violent Jew-hatred through UNRWA schools, so these children grow up with a lust for killing Jews. Biden appointed former UNRWA official and “Palestinian-American” Maher al-Bitar to be director of the NSC intelligence service.

Who exactly, are the Jews in Biden’s “court?” Here is a list of Biden appointees and nominees (in no particular order), with some yet to come (for instance, Jews are in the running for ambassador to Israel, and Robert Malley is shortlisted to be appointed special envoy to the Iran nuclear negotiations):

·         Tony Blinken, secretary of state

·         Ron Klain, chief of staff

·         Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of homeland security

·         Avrail Haines, director of national intelligence

·         Janet Yellen, treasury secretary

·         Merrick Garland, attorney general

·         David Cohen, CIA deputy director

·         Eric Lander, Office of Science and Technology policy director

·         Rachel Levine, deputy health secretary

·         Anne Neuberger, National Security Agency cybersecurity director

·         Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state

·         Stephanie Pollack, deputy administrator of the Federal Highway Administration

·         Jared Bernstein, Council of Economic Advisers

·         Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

·         Jeffrey Zients, COVID-19 response coordinator

·         Jennifer Klein, co-chair Council on Gender Policy

·         Jessica Rosenworcel, chair of the Federal Communications Commission

·         David Kessler, co-chair of the COVID-19 Advisory Board and head of Operation Warp Speed

·         Polly Trottenberg, deputy secretary of transportation

·         Isabel Guzman, administrator of the Small Business Administration (claims to be of Mexican, Jewish, German and possibly Chinese descent)

Special mention of those married to Jews:

·        Vice President Kamala Harris, married to Doug Emhoff

·        Samantha Power, director of United States Agency for International Development, married to Cass Sunstein

By way of offering balance, we end this column with one more special mention: that of non-Jewish Biden appointee Cecilia Rouse, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers. Rouse is married to Ford Morrison, son of Toni Morrison, who denounced Israel’s right to self-defense and claimed that Israel’s sole aim is the “liquidation of the Palestinian nation.” I don’t know anything at all about Rouse or her husband, but the latter’s genealogical “inheritance” does not bode well for Israel. 

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