Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When a tree falls on the Temple Mount, does it blame the Jews?

The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation site reports that some Temple Mount trees fell down during last week's rainstorms.

And it is the Jews' fault.

A preliminary examination by agricultural engineers hired by the Waqf determined that the reason the trees fell is the storm and strong winds in Jerusalem.

But the Al Aqsa Foundation knows better.

They report that engineer Mahmoud Abu Venema has formed a committee of engineers to determine that the trees really fell because of Zionist digging under Al Aqsa.

He also called on the Jordanian government to form an independent scientific committee, examining samples of roots of trees that fell January 7, and soil samples, to determine the exact causes of the fall of the trees, and to look at the possibility of the presence of chemicals or solvents, or traces of excavations under this trees, and to announce the result to the public.

As usual with these sorts of committees, the results are known way before the committee is even formed. Because the truth might be nice, but it too often gets in the way of the cause.