Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Egyptian "researcher" claims Israel using chemicals to destroy Al Aqsa mosque

Yesterday I noted a report that an Egyptian "researcher" Dr. Rahim Rihan determined that there were no Jewish Temples in Jerusalem, using evidence that shows otherwise.

It looks like this bogus "expert" is making other stuff up, too.

Last Friday, Rihan - who from all appearances has never stepped foot in Jerusalem - said that Israel was in its final stages of destroying the Al Aqsa mosque.

He says that in order to accelerate the demolition of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel is placing corrosive chemicals in the foundations of the mosque to achieve rapid erosion of rocks and columns.

This is not the first time the Arabs have charged Israel with using nifty chemicals that can corrode rocks to destroy the Mosque. They did it in 2009, claiming that Israel was using the chemicals to create an "artificial earthquake," and again last year, more than once.

While these Arabs (and the Mondoweiss crowd that repeats the claims) are clearly delusional, the purpose of these rumors is simply to incite Arabs against Jews.

Not that you will know this from reading the Western media.