Friday, February 17, 2012

"Israel weakening Al Aqsa with underground chemicals"

The Hamas-run, British-based Palestine Info site "reports":
The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is using chemical materials to accelerate excavation underneath the Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem, Kamal Al-Khatib, the deputy leader of the Islamic movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, said.

He said in a press release on Tuesday that the use of chemical materials was meant to speed up the erosion of the rocky layer or foundation that protects the Aqsa mosque.

He opined that the IOA was planning to weaken the foundation of the holy site in preparation for demolishing it and building the alleged temple in its place.

The network of tunnels underneath the mosque had caused a big hole and any explosion of any kind or a minor earthquake could pose a dangerous and permanent threat to the Aqsa mosque, Khatib warned.

He charged that the IOA was hoping that such a natural phenomenon would occur in order to appear as if the mosque was destroyed due to a natural cause.
Challah Hu Akbar reported on this a couple of days ago; Arab media even ran photos of the tunnels that are adjacent to the Temple Mount and the newly re-opened Roman-era Jerusalem water channel as "proof" somehow of this chemical attack.

I'm sure that people who build tunnels underneath mountains would be most interested in this new, high-tech method of excavating tunnels using only chemicals.

And who is pushing this absurd story in English? Why, Mondoweiss, of course! Because according to the high journalistic standards of the anti-Zionist crowd, any accusation against Israel must be true by definition.

(h/t Dan C)