Monday, July 23, 2012

Today's horrible photos of Jews on the Temple Mount

Palestine Today reports about how Jews are brazenly ascending to their holiest spot during the nine days of commemoration for the destruction of the Temples.

According to the article, "extremist groups have today been performing Talmudic rituals and prayers in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa under the protection and escort of special occupation police units."

Qudsmedia says that they expect more Jews to "storm" the courtyards of the Mount as the upcoming Tisha B'Av fast day approaches next Sunday. 

Fatah's Palestine Press Agency also covered this, as did Hamas' Palestine Times, which captioned the photo "Al Aqsa is in Danger." All of them emphasized the heebie-jeebie "Talmudic prayers" supposedly said by the visitors.

Because everyone knows that Talmudic prayers are especially heinous.

Since this is Ramadan, this essentially daily occurrence of Jews peacefully visiting the Temple Mount is being published far and wide in Arabic media, from Egypt to Jordan to the UAE. You see, they are upset that Jews, by breathing holy Al Aqsa air, are disregarding the feelings of a billion Muslims as they play soccer on Judaism's most holy site.