Sunday, July 22, 2012

Complaint against Temple Mount soccer

Last year, for Tisha B'Av, I posted an article with videos and photos about the daily desecration of the Temple Mount done by Muslims, symbolized by the fact that they routinely play soccer in their supposedly "third holiest place."

And a couple of months ago I showed how AP justified the soccer (and volleyball!) by saying that it was one of the few open spaces for Muslims in Jerusalem, so it is essentially a park, not just a holy place.

One Israeli has apparently had enough:
David Vazna filed a complaint, Thursday, with the Moriah police in Jerusalem, regarding Arabs playing soccer on the Temple Mount. He says the game is an insult and desecration of a holy place, which carries a sentence of a year in prison.

He said that friends serving in police positions at the holy site asked for his assistance in dealing with the daily phenomenon. Vazna says the office of Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin told him it would respond to his request to use its influence to get the police to act to eliminate the practice.
The article is over a week old, and I haven't heard anything since, but we need more people to complain about this constant desecration of Judaism's holiest place.

(h/t Judge Dan)