Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Muslims upset at Hebrew translation of the Koran

Al Wafd reports about Ahmed Salah Albehnsa, a "specialistin Israeli affairs," who discovered a 2005 Hebrew translation of the Koran that was filled with "falsehood and lies."

According to Albehnsa, who revealed this important information at a conference in Egypt, this version of the Koran does the unspeakable.

It says that the text is not Divinely inspired, nor is it original, but the text is adapted from earlier books of Judaism, Christianity, and some of the myths that were prevalent in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and the Levant and ancient Egypt.

Moreover, this version says that the Jews have a right to Jerusalem and the Quran never mentioned any mosque or place of worship for Muslims in Jerusalem.

As any reader will have no doubt figured out by now, the Hebrew translation of the Koran is a scholarly, critical work, not a religious one. The author is Uri Rubin, who has taught at Tel Aviv University for over forty years.

But the al-Wafd article makes it sound like this is a Jewish plot to hijack the Koran.

It says "Intelligent and ambitious initiatives are continuously committed by the Jews to control human brains in order to reach their goal to impose complete control of the land, and they used all the methods to create an illegal and falsified history and to violate all conventions; ignoring the evidence and the cultural, religious and historical constants that can not be infringed."

I love performing Zionist mind control, myself.