Sunday, April 29, 2012

The sacred soccer stadium on the Temple Mount

At the very end of an AP story about the dispute within the Islamic world of whether Muslims should visit Jerusalem or not, it says:
The compound is sacred to both Jews and Muslims. It is one of the most sensitive religious sites in the world.

Palestinians use the area to worship and rest - one of the few open spaces in the intensely crowded walled Old City of Jerusalem.

They sit under the soaring pine trees and walk among the intricately painted turquoise tiles adorning the Dome of the Rock. Children play football nearby.
We've shown videos of Muslim children playing soccer there before:

They even set up a volleyball net on this "sacred" site:

But AP has a new meme to justify this desecration of the holy place: it is a park, too, and there is nowhere else for Palestinian Arab children to play!

Of course, AP doesn't say that Jews who live in the Old City have the right to use this wonderfully beautiful park, even though they live in the same crowded spot. No, only Muslims have permission to use a sacred site as a soccer stadium.