Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Another anti-peace rally in Ramallah

From Ma'an:

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Ramallah on Tuesday calling on the Palestinian Authority not to negotiate with Israel.

Protesters gathered in Manara square, chanting "The people want to bring down Oslo," referring to the 1993 agreement that established the PA as a 5-year interim administration to govern until a final treaty was reached.

Demonstrators headed to President Mahmoud Abbas' headquarters, the Muqata, carrying Palestinian flags and denouncing talks with Israeli vice premier Shaul Mofaz.

Abbas had been scheduled to meet Mofaz in Ramallah, sparking protests on Saturday, but the meeting was canceled.
Where are the pro-peace rallies in Ramallah?

Just something to keep in mind the next time a clueless diplomat or reporter tries to say that most Palestinians support a two-state solution.

And remember that these aren't Islamist fanatics protesting against the PA. But the Islamic fanatics are very happy about these rallies, and will reap what these protesters sow.