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From Ian:

Melanie Phillips: No rainbow’s end for the Jews of Oz
Australian Jews woke up this week to a new and unsettling reality. Scott Morrison’s conservative, pro-Israel Liberal Party government was defeated, and the new prime minister is the Labour Party leader, Anthony Albanese.

Albanese has a history of anti-Israel positions. He has declared himself a “strong advocate of justice for Palestinians,” called Israel an “oppressor” and accused it of collective punishment against the Palestinian Arabs.

In 2019, he traveled to Britain, where he met the British Labour Party’s hard-left former leader Jeremy Corbyn. Afterwards, he posted a photograph of himself and Corbyn smiling together with the caption: “Great to catch up with @jeremycorbyn today in #Westminster at a critical time in British politics.”

Like his friend Corbyn, Albanese is rooted in radical socialism. He would have taken note, however, of how Corbyn and his hard-left cronies made the British Labour Party unelectable through their extremist policies and omnipresent anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

So Albanese has now taken care to tone down his Israel rhetoric. Earlier this month, he declared that “Israel will have Australia’s friendship and support” from a Labour government, and said he was “passionate” about opposing the movement to boycott Israel.

Yet last year Penny Wong, who is expected to become the new government’s foreign minister, moved an amendment at a special platform conference cementing a 2018 commitment for “the next Labour government to recognise Palestine as a state,” and expecting “that this issue will be an important priority for the next Labor government”.

This means that Albanese’s party supports the unilateral denial of political and legal reality with which the Palestinians seek to establish a terrorist state on Israel’s doorstep working for its destruction under the imprimatur of the west.

It means that Albanese’s party supports the agenda of a Palestinian Authority that pumps out incitement to kill Israelis and steal their land, teaches its children to hate Jews and rewards the families of those who murder them.

Yisrael Medad: An Historical Desecration of the Haram A-Sharif
In January 1939, the London Times published documents such a letters and reports of Arab terrorists found at Bani Naim by British forces. The Palestine Post then republished the story on January 25, 1939.

The highlight was the extensive use made of the Haram A-Sharif compound as a base for the terrorist gangs, sniping positions, arms storerooms, etc. as well as the presence, within the compound, of security personnel of the Mandate.

An extract:
Rebel Arab documents seized by the troops in some recent engagements,, particularly that at Beni Na'im on December 15, when the Worcestershires. with R.A.F. cooperation, engaged a large band, provide sensational proof that the sacred Haram esh-Sharif has been the scene of murder, bomb-throwing, and rebel courts-martial, and evidence that even the rebels themselves are disgusted and alarmed at the terrorism of Arabs by Arabs which has marked the lateit stages of the campaign.

The documents are from the files of 'Abu Mansur," the nora de guerre of Abdel Khader Husseini. With such evidence as this of the Moslems' violation of their own sanctuary, and the proof , witnessed by members of the Moslem Supreme Council , after the recapture' of the old city of Jerusalem on October 19, that the Haram has been used as a vantage point for snipers. As the sheikhs have locked the old police post next to the Dome of the Rock, the present post has been placed in a sheikh's room farther from the sacred rock...

The following day, the paper's editorial read, in part:
the desecration of the Haram esh Sharif for terrorist attacks both against individual Arabs and against the police and the troops.The propaganda agents of the Mufti and their helpers in the foreign press launched a wide campaign of insinuation and slander against the security authorities in this country when the latter found themselves obliged to station a small post of Moslem and British police in the Haram area in order to prevent its being used as a point of vantage for gunmen. It is now revealed from the files of the terrorist leaders themselves that not only was the Haram turned into a haunt of snipers, but that it also served as a venue of trials by terrorist "courts" and that the "holy warriors" murdered fellow Arabs within its sacred precincts.
6 ways the world changed after the 1967 Six Day War
The actual State of Israel was established 74 years ago in 1948. However, the modern State of Israel as we know it was launched in 1967. The Six Day War was so revolutionary and so transformative, that in many ways, it surpassed the achievements of 1948. Thousands of years ago, God created our natural world in six days. Fifty-five years ago, He reshaped history in six hurried days. Here are the six major revolutions of those stunning days in June 1967:

1) The return to the biblical “corridor”
In 1948, Jews were graciously “permitted” to return to a carved-up parcel of Israel. The formation of a homeland for the Jews soothed the world’s conscience after the horrors of the Holocaust. Additionally, it solved the prickly issue of unwanted Jewish refugees. By contrast, in 1967, we returned to the biblical corridor – a passage of land that cuts through the heart of Israel and the heart of Jewish history.

This territory stretches from Nablus in the North, snakes its way through Jerusalem, bends toward Bethlehem and Hebron, finally leveling off in Beersheba. Our history, narrated in the book of Genesis, was launched in these lands, and our return to this biblical passageway signaled the resurgence of the Jewish history in a manner that the important but indefinite events of 1948 did not.

2) An emergent superpower
Life in Israel between 1948 and 1967 was spartan and unforgiving. Riddled by food rationing, strafed by numerous wars of attrition, and stifled by diplomatic isolation, life in Israel was harsh. Our beloved state provided a respite from the tumult and tragedy of the Holocaust, and it certainly fulfilled a centuries-long dream of resettling our homeland. However, reality in Israel still left a lot to the imagination.

The miracles of 1967, the courage of our soldiers, and, of course, the palpable divine intervention created a swell of national pride or komemiyut, which transformed the fabric of Israeli society. Ironically, the War of Independence in 1948 is sometimes referred to as komemiyut because, for the first time in thousands of years, Jews defended themselves from military aggression.

In truth, the miraculous events of 1967 established far more significant komemiyut than the ambiguous victory of 1948.
The Israel Guys Daily: The Untold Story of a Paratrooper Who Captured Jerusalem in 1967
This is an incredible story that has never been told - until now. You will be with Shlomo as he walks through Lion's Gate, which he has not entered in almost 39 years, and in places in Jerusalem that he has never been. Relive the moment when he called his father to tell him that they had liberated the Temple Mount and Kotel. Feel the emotion with Shlomo as he steps back in time to the War of 1967.

Originally filmed and released in 2016, this video was part of our TV series The Joshua and Caleb Report. We are rereleasing it now in honor of Jerusalem day coming up, and in honor of this incredible hero of Israel.

New State Department Antisemitism Envoy Lipstadt Delivers First Address
Giving her first address as the US State Department’s new special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt told a gathering in New York City that she insisted on ending her oath of office with “so help me G-d.” Lipstadt will need every bit of support she can get, she said.

Speaking on Thursday at an antisemitism conference hosted by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Lipstadt laid out her perspectives on the interconnectedness of antisemitism and her plans for changing its course. It was her maiden speech, coming nearly two months after she was confirmed by the Senate.

“We are reminded, almost daily, by the news we read and watch, in the conversations we have with each other and through our work, that antisemitism is on the rise—and tragically, it is on the rise here at home in America, not just overseas, where I am tasked to tackle the problem,” said Lipstadt, noting the avenues through which antisemitism is linked to other hatreds, including those on the far-left and far-right.

“We must recognize and identify that interconnectedness because unless we fully understand this aspect of the malicious poisonous nature of antisemitism, we cannot see it for what it truly is. And unless we see it for what it really is, we cannot fight it,” she said.

Lipstadt recalled her testimony before told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during her confirmation hearings, in which she warned of ignoring or minimizing the dangers of antisemitism when it came from one’s preferred political wing.

“We must never delude ourselves that antisemitism comes from only one political, social, ethnic or religious direction. One of the striking features about the ubiquitous nature of antisemitism is that irrespective of where it is coming from, it relies on the same template of charges. People who agree on nothing else or, better put, disagree on everything else agree on the evils of the Jew. The fact is that some extremists on both ends of the political spectrum share a diabolical view of the Jew strengthens antisemitism,” she said.

PodCast: Robert Nicholson warns that Middle East Christians at risk
Christian communities in the Middle East remain at risk of persecution, warned Robert Nicholson, executive director of the Philos Project, a Christian advocacy group focused on advancing pluralism in the Middle East. Appearing on Jewish Insider’s “Limited Liability Podcast,” Nicholson said that despite “a lot of advocacy for these communities over the last few years, especially since ISIS, [there has been] unfortunately very little in terms of impact.”

“Part of our work at the Philos Project is trying to build a community of Christian leaders from different backgrounds [and] denominations to understand better and engage better on Near East or Middle East issues,” Nicholson said of his advocacy work in the region. “[A] big part of that is [the] Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the other big part, as you can probably guess, is the plight of these Christian communities, all of which go back, you know, 2,000 years.”

“Even if the American people care about this issue, it is never going to be a top foreign policy priority for any administration, Republican or Democrat,” Nicholson, a former Marine, admitted. “Even [former President Donald] Trump, who arguably did the most on this front, didn’t actually do that much.”

Nicholson specifically cited Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan as the countries of particular focus to Philos. Even in Lebanon, where Christians make up 35% of the population and have in recent years been represented in government, Nicholson, who has been banned from entering the country for life, said the community has been “squeezed” by restrictions.
New York Times Serves as Stenographer for Bernie Sanders Attack on AIPAC
Left-wing Democratic politicians are buying into the old Soviet “Zionism is racism” lie. They are siding with Palestinians who want to wipe Israel off the map. And they are backing the brutal Iranian theocracy that wants hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief for its fossil-fuel industry in exchange for unverifiable temporary promises to slow progress toward nuclear weapons.

Rather than skeptically challenging those politicians on any of that, the New York Times is serving as an uncritical mouthpiece for these far-left socialists, who are faulting the American Jewish community for being politically active to defend Israel.

A Times news article is headlined, “Bernie Sanders Prepares for ‘War’ With Aipac and Its Super PAC.” The article reads like a press release from the Sanders campaign, or from PLO headquarters (or dictated by the Kremlin to PLO headquarters).

The Times quotes Sanders as saying of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, “They are doing everything they can to destroy the progressive movement in this country.” This is just a flat-out lie. But the Times doesn’t call out the baseless claim or fact-check it; the newspaper just mindlessly parrots it, like stenographers instead of news reporters. Actually, AIPAC members like nothing better than to support pro-Israel progressives — candidates like Ritchie Torres and Hakeem Jeffries in New York, Nancy Pelosi in California, and the late John Lewis of Georgia.

A good story would be: who is behind this coordinated campaign against AIPAC? Who set the Sanders strategy of trying to fight, rather than on the Israel- and Iran-related questions, on domestic economic issues? The Times quotes Sanders as saying of AIPAC, “In my view, their goal is to create a two-party system, Democrats and Republicans, in which both parties are responsive to the needs of corporate America and the billionaire class.” This is so outlandish as to be comical, yet the Times lets it slide basically unchallenged. Why doesn’t the Times ask Sanders what his goal is — to create a system where both parties see corporate America and the billionaire class as targets to be punished or taxed out of existence? Or why doesn’t the Times push Sanders on why so many of the losing candidates he has endorsed have been taking an obsolete, Soviet-style, oppositional approach to both capitalism and Israel?
Meet Rashida Tlaib’s Favorite Anti-Israel Publisher
Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) spoke at a rally this month with a pro-Hamas newspaper publisher who urged Palestinians to attack Israel.

Tlaib shared the stage with Osama Siblani, the publisher of the Dearborn-based Arab American News, at the second annual Metro Detroit March for Jerusalem Palestine on May 15. Siblani, whose newspaper cosponsored the event, urged Arabs in Michigan and elsewhere to "fight within [their] means" against Israel, whether it be with "stones," "guns," or "their hands." He sang the praises of the "fedayeen"—Islamic militants—for "striking [Israel] with knives and with their bare hands."

In her speech, Tlaib railed against what she called the "apartheid" Israeli government and urged Arab Americans to run for office in order to advance the Palestinian cause in Washington, D.C.

Tlaib has emerged as one of the most vocal anti-Israel activists in Congress and is a strong backer of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to inflict economic harm on Israel. Tlaib has accused Jewish supporters of Israel of holding dual loyalties, a term widely considered anti-Semitic in nature.

Siblani has an extensive history praising the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas. He told the Washington Post in 2003 that he viewed Hamas and Hezbollah as "freedom fighters" rather than terrorists. He told the Chicago Tribune in 2006 he would "be willing to go to jail" if the FBI decided to round up supporters of Hezbollah. Tlaib's campaign has accepted $1,250 in contributions from Siblani since 2018, including $500 on March 13, according to Federal Election Commission records. Tlaib's campaign spent $1,025 in 2020 on ads in Siblani's paper, which has a history of publishing anti-Semitic content.

The Michigan rally featured other controversial speakers, including Rabbi Dovid Weiss. The anti-Zionist activist has attended Holocaust denial events with former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Weiss gave a gift to the head of Hezbollah at an event in Beirut in 2018.
Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Unfamiliar With BDS Campaign Against Israel
The vast majority of Americans have heard nothing or very little of the international campaign to boycott Israel, according to polling released by the Pew Research Center on Thursday.

Of all US adults surveyed, 84 percent heard nothing at all (53%) or not much (31%) about the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign, which tries to influence public opinion against Israel. Conversely, 15 percent of respondents heard some (12%) or a lot (3%) about it.

The minority of respondents who heard at least some about the BDS campaign were then asked to give opinion of it. In total, five percent of American adults said they somewhat (3%) or strongly (2%) back the effort, while six percent oppose it, the majority strongly (5%).

Some variation was seen based on political, religious, and age differences. The BDS campaign was most popular among atheists, 13 percent of whom supported it, and most disliked by those who identify as Republicans or lean that way, with 12 percent opposing.

The survey was carried out between March 7-13, and included a total of 10,441 respondents, with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 1.5 percentage points.

Founded in 2005, the BDS campaign seeks to garner international support for isolating Israel, with the stated aim of securing justice and equality for Palestinians. Its leadership opposes a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, having denounced the establishment and continued existence of a Jewish state in Israel, and expressed support for replacing it with a single, Arab-majority state.

Although it is largely unknown among the general American public, the BDS campaign — which has been condemned for fostering antisemitism by leading Jewish communal groups and figures worldwide — is much more familiar among the Jewish community. A survey of American Jews carried out by Pew Research Center in 2020 found that 56 percent of respondents heard some or a lot about the BDS campaign, versus 43 percent who did not hear much or anything about it at all.
Jewish students are fighting anti-Semitism at this university
University of California San Diego recently sponsored two events featuring controversial American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) Director of Outreach Taher Herzallah.

Herzallah is known for his inflammatory rhetoric against Israel and its people.

In response, senior Blake Dickman organized a peaceful sit-in in front of Chancellor Pradeep Khosla’s office.

The purpose of the sit-in, Dickman told Campus Reform, was to get the Chancellor to “recognize what we as Jewish students have been going through, and to explicitly express our concerns for our safety by having a Hamas affiliate-Mr. Herzallah's- presence on campus.”

“Inviting a speaker who openly incites violence against Jews is blatantly anti-Semitic and poses an extreme threat and danger to the Jewish population on campus,” he continued.

Recent San Diego graduate Nov Dubnov told Campus Reform that Khosla “only gave us 15 minutes of his time.”

“I personally believe [that] was kind of rude and inconsiderate,” he continued.

Concerns from students were motivated by Herzallah’s long history of rhetoric against Israel and Israelis.

In 2010 Taher Herzallah, along with nine other students, disrupted Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren's speech at UC Irvine.

Herzallah and the others were charged and found guilty for unlawfully disrupting the speech, and put on three years of informal probation.

At a 2014 AMP con­fer­ence, Herzallah said that “Israelis have to be bombed, they are a threat to the legit­i­macy of Pales­tine, and it is wrong to main­tain the State of Israel. It is an ille­git­i­mate cre­ation born from colo­nial­ism and racism”, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League.

BBC ME editor Jeremy Bowen’s annual Lebanon story
As we have had cause to point out on the many occasions in the past when Bowen has told this story in interviews or on Twitter, early on the morning of Tuesday May 23rd 2000 – the day before the completion of the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon – a tank crew stationed on the border fence near Kibbutz Menara received an intelligence alert concerning the likelihood of terrorists firing anti-tank missiles at IDF tanks and armoured vehicles.

Later in the day, the crew spotted a Lebanese vehicle transporting men in civilian clothing and suspected that these were Hizballah terrorists carrying equipment for firing an anti-tank missile. The tank crew was given permission to fire at the suspected terrorists.

Subsequently it emerged that the men were actually a BBC film crew headed by Jeremy Bowen and that driver Abed Takkoush had been killed. The IDF investigated the incident and issued an apology. Understandably, that tragic incident appears to be still very much at the forefront of Bowen’s mind, although he clearly still does not accept that it was possible to mistake three men travelling in a war zone in a car with Lebanese plates and carrying camera equipment, for Hizballah terrorists dressed – as was very often the case – in civilian clothing.

Bowen’s account of the trauma he experienced 22 years ago must however be considered within the framework of the position of Middle East editor which he chose to accept a few years later. That role makes him the gatekeeper of all “accurate and impartial” BBC reporting from the Middle East.

Yet as we see, in his fairly frequent accounts of that day in May 2000, Bowen continues to publicly promote a version of events that calls into question his objectivity on Israel.
New York state lawmakers pass Holocaust Education Bill
The New York State Senate unanimously passed a bill on Wednesday that will ensure that schools across New York are teaching students about the Holocaust, as required by law.

The bill, which unanimously passed the State Assembly earlier this week, will now be sent to Gov. Kathy Hochul for consideration.

The legislation authorizes the New York State Education Department to survey schools to determine if they are teaching students about the Holocaust appropriately at each grade level, as required under existing law. It will also examine whether a school district is meeting learning standards about the Holocaust.

Districts not in compliance will be required to submit a “corrective-action plan” on how they expect to comply with learning standards. The survey’s findings will be accessible to legislative leaders.
French Prosecutor Will Examine Antisemitic Motive in Brutal Murder of Elderly Jewish Man After All
The public prosecutor in the French city of Lyon announced on Friday that he would examine whether the brutal killing on an elderly Jewish man was motivated by antisemitism, one week after local police dismissed the possibility in their own investigation.

89-year-old René Hadjaj was pushed to his death on May 17 from the balcony on the 17th floor of the apartment building where he lived in the Duchère district of Lyon. His fate brought to mind the murder in April 2017 of Sarah Halimi, a Jewish woman who was beaten and tortured in her Paris apartment by an Islamist intruder, who then ejected her from her third-floor window.

In a statement on Friday, Lyon’s public prosecutor, Nicolas Jacquet, said that after being alerted to social media posts authored by Hadjaj’s accused killer, he had decided to “extend the referral to the investigating judges to the aggravating circumstance of an act committed for reasons of the victim belonging to a specific ethnic group, nation, race or religion.”

Jacquet explained that while the initial police investigation had ruled out the killing as an antisemitic act, to the dismay of the French Jewish community, “no investigative hypothesis” had been ignored.

“The judicial investigation is therefore now continuing on the count of intentional homicide on the grounds of the victim’s belonging to a specific ethnic group, nation, race or religion,” he reiterated.

Hadjaj’s accused killer has been named as 51-year-old Rachid Khechiche, who regularly received visits from Hadjaj at his home in the apartment building where they both lived.
Israeli-owned eatery in London hit with ‘free Palestine’ graffiti
Unidentified individuals spray-painted the words “Free Palestine” on the facade of an Israeli-owned cafe in London.

The incident, which the owner Michael Levi suspects was an antisemitic hate crime, occurred on May 14 at Michaels Brasserie, the Jewish News of London reported on Tuesday.

The graffiti was painted there late at night on a Saturday, the report said.

Police arrived at the café and documented the incident and are looking into it, Levi told the Jewish News. Levi said that there was nothing Jewish about the cafe’s facade when it was vandalized.

”I can’t really get angry with people who choose this path. I just feel ashamed and hurt, and upset. We are just trying to live our lives doing the best we can .. and then this,” he told the newspaper.

The café serves Middle Eastern foods popular in Israel and in Arab countries, including shakshuka, shawarma and smoked eggplant.
2 Jewish cemeteries vandalized in Germany amid reported rise in antisemitic crimes
Two Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized in Germany this month as both the country’s interior ministry and a prominent watchdog group have published statistics suggesting an increase in antisemitic crimes.

On Monday, swastikas were found spray-painted on a wall in Hamburg’s centuries-old Altona cemetery, German news site t-online reported Tuesday.

Earlier this month, unidentified individuals knocked down 16 headstones at a Jewish cemetery and four others at a Catholic one nearby in Köthen, a town about 80 miles southwest of Berlin.

In a third incident, Nazi symbols were scrawled on a plaque commemorating Jewish victims of a concentration camp in Dresden, DNN reported on Tuesday.

A report published on May 10 by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community recorded 3,027 antisemitic incidents in Germany in 2021 — a 28% increase over the 2020 tally.

The report recorded a drop in the number of other types of hate crimes, including anti-Muslim crimes (a decrease of 28% to 732 incidents); anti-Christian crimes (down 22% to 101 cases) and anti-foreigner hate crimes (down 10% to 4,735 cases).

The RIAS anti-discrimination watchdog group, which writes independently annual report about antisemitic incidents in Berlin, on Tuesday published its annual report on 2021, which counted 1,052 incidents. It was a slight increase over 2020, the the Jüdische Allgemeine Jewish newspaper reported.
“Resist Jewish Power” United States Supreme Court refuses to hear two separate cases regarding protests outside synagogue
The United States Supreme Court is reportedly refusing to hear two separate requests to take up a lawsuit against a group of protesters who regularly appear outside of a synagogue Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The protestors, who have conducted weekly rallies outside of the building since 2003, are alleged to be holding signs with inflammatory slogans, including “Jewish Power Corrupts” and “Resist Jewish Power”.

The plaintiffs belong to two separate congregations – the Beth Israel Congregation and the Pardes Hannah Congregation – whose services are both held in the same synagogue, with one of the complainants being a Holocaust survivor.

The result of the declined requests is that all remaining legal options against the demonstrations are seemingly now unavailable. The petitions argued that, because the protests were held outside a Jewish place of worship, the Jewish congregants’ First Amendment rights to freely exercise their religion were being violated.

After much legal debate, an earlier version of the case was dismissed by lower courts on First Amendment grounds. This led the presiding judge to order the plaintiffs to pay the protestors’ legal fees. However, earlier this year, the Ann Arbor City Council published a formal resolution condemning the protests and calling them antisemitic.
Uber Drives Threatens to Kill 30 Jews at Toronto Yeshiva
An armed man was arrested after threatening students at the Yeshiva Gedolah of Toronto on Wednesday May 25th.

The man, a driver for ride-hailing company Uber, pulled up to the Yeshiva and began aggressively threatening the students, including yelling that he wanted to “kill 30 Jews today.”

An IDF veteran who now serves as a cook in the yeshiva, approached the man and ordered him to leave, only for the suspect to respond by punching him in the face. The cook quickly tackled the man and pinned him down until police arrived.

Police who arrived at the scene searched the man and found a knife on his person. He was subsequently placed under arrest and now faces possible hate crime charges.

UAE-Israel trade exceeded $2.5 billion since Accords were signed
Trade between the United Arab Emirates and Israel has exceeded $2.5 billion since the Abraham Accords were signed, the UAE's Minister of State for Foreign Trade Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday.

The minister made the comments during a panel titled "The Future of the Abraham Accords," alongside former Bahraini foreign minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Chief Product Officer at Check Point Software Technologies Dorit Dor and American diplomat Stuart E. Eizenstat.

"In the last two years, the trade volume between the UAE and Israel exceeded $2.45 billion just in two years. Only in the first quarter of 2022, we already exceeded $1 billion, which means this year we're going to exceed $2 billion," said Al Zeyoudi.

The Emirati minister pointed to the slew of agreements and Memorandums of Understanding that have been signed between the two countries in recent years, saying that over 65 agreements have been signed so far.

"We already have some of the offices for our main sovereign wealth companies based in Israel and many of the Israeli companies are opening their licenses within the UAE," said Al Zeyoudi, with over 1,000 Israeli businesses expected to base themselves in the UAE this year.
Israeli TV drama 'Queens' sold to France, Germany
The Israeli TV crime drama "Queens," which saw success on HBO Latin America under the title "Mafia Queens," has been sold in its Israeli version to the European channel ARTE and will be broadcast in France and Germany.

Produced by HOT, "Queens," which focuses on a fictional crime family, opens at a bachelor party for Eyal Malka, head of a local mafia empire. Hitmen board the family's yacht and kill all the male members, leaving the women of the family to cope on their own.

The "queens," led by Dori – played by Israeli singer Rita – who had been fighting among themselves, lose their status and their power in one fell swoop in a world that reveres only one thing – force.

Nadav Hanin, VP of content and innovation at HOT, said, "It's an honor to bring HOT's unique content to so many viewers all over the world.

"After [the series] was sold to HBO, HOT does it again and is reaching additional international platforms," Hanin said.
Actor Liev Schreiber Says Jewish Grandfather’s Roots Inspired His Relief Efforts in Ukraine
Jewish actor and director Liev Schreiber told a radio program that his Jewish maternal grandfather’s ties to Ukraine pushed him to help residents of the country during the ongoing invasion by Russia.

The “Ray Donovan” star was in Poland last month serving food to Ukrainian refugees for Passover, and in March, he co-founded the BlueCheck Ukraine organization, which identifies, vets and provides financial support to frontline aid groups aiding Ukrainians.

At a recent fundraiser for BlueCheck Ukraine in Washington, DC, Schreiber spoke to NPR‘s “All Things Considered” about his grandfather Alex Milgram, a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine and Poland who survived the Holocaust.

“My mother and father separated when I was very young. And so in many respects, Alex … raised me in New York City,” Schreiber explained. “And he was a huge influence on me. And he died right after I got out of graduate school. And I had this kind of powerful, emotional feeling about him when he died that I hadn’t bothered to get to know him. And it was something that really motivated and inspired a lot of the work I did from that time forward.”

He added that when he saw images of the conflict in Ukraine, he connected to the crisis, and compelled to act. “It made me feel like I was related,” he said.
New Digital Exhibit Features Photos of Holocaust Survivors Taken by Kate Middleton
An exhibition featuring more than 50 contemporary photographs of Holocaust survivors and their families taken by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and 12 other photographers will be permanently available for viewing on a new website.

“Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors” was previously exhibited at the Imperial War Museum in London and UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The new site showcases portraits of the Holocaust survivors and their descendants, along with details about their lives. Two images were shot by the Duchess of Cambridge while the others were taken by 12 photographers who are all fellows or honorary fellows of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

“We owe it to those who were murdered, and those who survived, and even future generations – to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive,” said Olivia Marks-Woldman, CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, as reported by the UK’s Jewish News, which was a partner in the project. “We’re thrilled that this online gallery will enable so many more people to view some truly amazing images. This project will ensure that the truth about this chapter history of incomprehensible human evil remains shared and accessible to everyone.”

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