Friday, January 24, 2020

  • Friday, January 24, 2020
  • Elder of Ziyon

This was published by the official Palestinian Wafa news agency, an essay by Fatah's representative to Poland that is a sickening example of Holocaust inversion, revisionism and minimization.
The Jewish Holocaust and the Palestinian Nakba

Written by: Dr. Khalil Nazzal / Secretary of the Fatah Region in Poland

The seventy-fifth anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz that German occupiers set up in Poland during the Second World War is approaching. ...The world was appalled by the horror of the crimes committed in this large prison, which killed huge numbers of citizens of the countries of the occupied Europe, especially the followers of the Jewish religions of various nationalities, in the context of a systematic Nazi policy that was aimed at the Jews. This includes the use of toxic gases as an effective method of mass killing. Not a single justification can be found that reduces the burden of the crimes that the peoples of Europe and the world were subjected to during the Second World War, and these crimes dealt with the Jews in particular, but they did not justify others, so dropping atomic bombs on Japan is a crime, and the destruction of Warsaw and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people 1944 is a crime, and the rape of thousands of German women by soldiers of the invading armies towards Berlin is a crime. We reject all these crimes, and we reject the crime of attacking Jews just because they are Jews, and the first reason we reject it is that it is a crime against humanity, and we cannot accept the persecution, prosecution, and killing of innocent people because of their religion, national affiliation, or the color of human beings.

Accounts differ on the number of victims of the Jewish religion who fell as a result of Nazi crimes during the Second World War, while some historians say that the number reaches six million, others reduce this number and limit it to hundreds of thousands. Despite our conviction that every soul is being unlawfully destroyed, as all human lives are lost, the debate over the number of victims does not stand up to logic and morality. Here we must emphasize the following issues:

First: The state of the Zionist settler occupation is not an heir to the pain and suffering of the Jews. It is a state based on racist ideology that despises human life and practices racial discrimination against our Palestinian people for no reason other than because they are Palestinians, and this is the thought that led to the Palestinian catastrophe, and it is what the Palestinian crime is still suffering. In this way, the thought that caused the Nakba practically aligns with the thought that caused the Holocaust. The minds of the perpetrators are identical in all times and ages, while the pain of the victims is similar, whether in Auschwitz or in Deir Yassin..

Second: While the hideous massacre against the Jews in Europe lasted for six years, the Nakba and Zionist crimes have continued against Palestine and its people for decades, and Western leaders still shy in the shameful silence when it comes to Palestine. The Second World was eighty years ago but they don't  bother to stretch the sight a bit above the apartheid wall to see the victims of their ongoing crime since they planted in Palestine this entity where professional murder, terrorism, racial discrimination, and ethnic cleansing is practiced on a daily basis.

Third: No matter how large the number of Jewish victims, this does not give anyone the right to practice racial discrimination and national oppression against our people, as crime does not justify other crimes, and the tendency to dramatize the numbers of Jewish victims cannot be a smoke cloud to cover the daily Israeli crimes against legitimate Palestine, which is an attempt to ruminate the charge of "anti-Semitism" and attach it to all who possess the courage to reject occupation policies and to solidarity with the just struggle of our people. Just as courage and justice in World War II meant saving the Jews from the threat of genocide, today it means aligning with the Palestinian right and rejecting the crimes committed by the occupation army and its settlers against the Palestinian people. "Antisemites" and humanity are aligned with the policies of the occupation state and defenders of its crimes.

Fourth: [Those who reduce] the number of [Holocaust] victims rely on studies and research that aim only to seek the truth. Here, we must pay attention to the fact that those who practice reducing numbers fall into the Zionist trap and Israeli propaganda that uses intimidation to blackmail the world and force it to accept the occupation policy of racism. "Intimidation" does not justify the crimes of occupation, and "understatement" does not diminish the ugliness of the crime committed against European Jews! [This is a reference to Mahmoud Abbas' contention that only a few hundred thousand Jews were killed - EoZ]

Fifth: Our people were not a party to the Second World War, so why are we being blamed for the consequences of the crimes practiced by Europe against its citizens of different races and religions, especially against the Jews? The far and near know that Palestine during that war was subject to the British occupation seeking to establish a state for the Jews of the world at the expense of our people and the ruins of our homeland. The effort of our people at that time was focused on resisting the Zionist project and confined to the historic borders of Palestine without losing its human affiliation and siding with the oppressed wherever they were.

Jews have the full right to recall the pain that Nazi crimes have left in their memory. And because we are a victim of Zionist racism, we are biased without hesitation to the sufferings of the victims, Jews and others, and we refuse that those pains to be a justification for the continuation of the historical injustice to which our people are subjected. We are with the victims. As for the state of occupation and settlement, it is a sinful plant that poisons our lives and tarnishes the memory of the victims of Auschwitz, with the disgrace of racism, persecution and killing of innocent people of Palestine and its legitimate owners.
In short:

* Nazis killing Jews is a crime, whether it is six million or 200,000.
* There were lots of crimes in World War II by allies as well.
* The Palestinians are the real victims, and have been for 70 years.
* If you hate Nazis you should hate Zionist Jews.

This essay is a sickening attempt to co-opt and invert the Holocaust, to justify Palestinian terror against Jews and to say that the very existence of a Jewish state as a refuge for Jewish victims of antisemitism is a crime akin to the Holocaust.

The problem is that this sort of propaganda, as transparent as it is, is attractive to today's modern antisemites, and ignorant people who are influenced by anti-Zionist propaganda will read this and feel sympathetic towards its message. After all, many of the points made here are made every day by the anti-Israel crowd.

The article is also an illustration of how antisemitism and anti-Zionism are the same. Even as the anti-Zionists claim that they are against (only) Nazi-style antisemitism they are eager to say that today's Nazis are Jews.

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