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From Ian:

If this is peace, what is war?
The stabbing murder of an Israeli soldier by a Palestinian terrorist on a bus in Afula on Wednesday was not the result of an "atmosphere." To the best of my knowledge, an atmosphere has never killed anyone. Inhumane, savage murderers kill people. Placing the blame for the attack on an atmosphere shows disrespect for human life and a lack of understanding of the role that murder plays in the Palestinian ethos.
This ethos is based on spilling the blood of innocent people as a means of achieving nationalistic and territorial goals.
The Palestinians are no different than their brethren in Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan, countries that massacre their own people without mercy.
Thousands of mourners attend funeral of slain IDF soldier
Thousands of mourners attended the funeral Wednesday night of murdered soldier Private Eden Atias who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian teen in Afula earlier in the day.
The 18-year-old Atias was laid to rest at 11 p.m. Wednesday at the military cemetery in Upper Nazareth.
'I Pointed My Weapon and Ordered Him to Surrender'
As an officer who commands soldiers just like Atias, Meimon says the tragedy really hit home. Nevertheless, he has no doubt that, despite the recent spike in terrorist attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, the security forces are in control of the situation.
"I share the suffering of the family, and feel their pain," he said. "As an IDF commander I am confident that we are doing our best to protect the lives of the citizens of this country."
Media response to soldier stabbing shames us
When one of our own, off-duty, British soldiers died by a knife-attack on the streets of London, the world’s media focused on the terrorist incident. And rightly so. While the response of some politicians and journalists may have been farouche on the Islam question, at least it can be said that the global media, and not just our own, reacted with the relevant outrage at the incident in question.
Over 42% of BBC report on murdered Israeli soldier devoted to Israeli building tenders
The BBC’s report is 236 words long. One hundred and thirty-five of those words relate to the terror attack itself, although of course as can be expected, the writer refrains from using the term ‘terror’. A further one hundred and one words – 42.7% of the report – are devoted to the subjects of what the BBC describes (for the second time in days) as “faltering peace talks” and building tenders.
Hamas Spokesman Celebrates the Murder of an IDF Soldier
“Congratulations to the Palestinian West Bank hero who killed an Israeli soldier in Afula this morning,” Hamas spokesman Fawzy Barhoom wrote on his Facebook page.
“This is a heroic act of resistance showing that all methods of oppression and terror have not and will not succeed in stopping our people from carrying out jihad and resistance. We call on our people and the Palestinian youth to take part in the movement of the resistance, no matter the sacrifice.
Report: Palestinian Authority Negotiators Quit Peace Talks
The Palestinian Authority team tasked with negotiating peace with Israel has resigned its role, apparently because of newly announced West Bank settlement plans, international media reported on Wednesday.
In an interview with Egyptian CBC television, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas suggested the negotiations would continue.
Noah Beck: Can Israel Survive Obama?
In the spring of 2012, when I wrote ”The Last Israelis,” I thought that the pessimistic premise of my cautionary tale on Iranian nukes was grounded in realism. I had imagined a U.S. president who passively and impotently reacted to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, leaving it to tiny Israel to deal with the threat. But something far worse is happening: the Obama Administration is actively making it harder for Israel to neutralize Iran’s nukes, and more likely that Iran will develop a nuclear arsenal.
Soldiers come under mortar fire from Gaza
Palestinians fired two mortar shells at IDF soldiers who were patrolling along the border with the Gaza Strip on Thursday morning.
There were no reports of injuries to the soldiers or damage caused in the attack.
PMW: Palestinian football teams named after terrorists
Two different Palestinian football tournaments recently included teams named after terrorists. Four teams were named after terrorists who were behind some of the most lethal attacks murdering Israeli civilians.
Although these were not official Palestinian Authority tournaments, the fact that the Palestinian organizers chose to name teams after these terrorists testifies to the success of the PA policy to present terrorist killers as role models for Palestinians.
Kerry Wants Congress to Ignore Israel; It May Ignore Him Instead
“It was fairly anti-Israeli,” Kirk said to reporters after the briefing. “I was supposed to disbelieve everything the Israelis had just told me, and I think the Israelis probably have a pretty good intelligence service.” He said the Israelis had told him that the “total changes proposed set back the program by 24 days.”
A Senate aide familiar with the meeting said that “every time anybody would say anything about ‘what would the Israelis say,’ they’d get cut off and Kerry would say, ‘You have to ignore what they’re telling you, stop listening to the Israelis on this.’”
JPost Ed: Keeping Israel in the loop
Implicit in this pronouncement, Israel is not entitled to voice any reservations and misgivings about whatever transaction is being negotiated in Geneva until it is a done deal or, in the language spoken locally, a fait accompli. Surely Kerry must realize that by then – by the time exceedingly vulnerable Israel is faced with a fait accompli – it would be too late to preempt or mitigate the ill-effects of any agreement, even if it’s very bad, even if it’s the worst possible.
Paris and Washington call on Iran to accept nuclear deal
US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday called on Iran to accept a proposed interim deal that would freeze Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief.
According to France’s ambassador in Israel, the P5+1 world powers adopted the French position on a possible agreement with Tehran, which required more far-reaching concession by the Iranians.
‘Netanyahu open to interim Iran deal — if the terms are right’
Israel is willing in principle to consider an interim agreement with Iran — but only if it entails a complete cessation of uranium enrichment by the Iranians, an Israeli government official said Wednesday. In exchange, the international community could offer not to add additional sanctions, he said.
“We’re not a priori opposed to an interim deal. I heard [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] say that many times,” the official told The Times of Israel, insisting on anonymity. However, he added, in any such deal, Tehran would not be allowed to continue enriching any uranium, not even to a low degree, and would receive in return a suspension of further sanctions, while all existing sanctions would remain in place.
Most Israelis distrust US on Iran, poll finds
A full 55 percent of Israeli Jews felt that the US cannot be relied upon to safeguard Israel’s security during the Iranian talks, with 31% saying the Americans could be trusted on the issue and 14% stating that they did not have an opinion on the matter, according to the poll, which was commissioned by Israel Radio and conducted among a representative sample of Jewish Israeli adults by the Rafi Smith Institute.
A clear majority of both self-identified right-wing and left-wing respondents said the US could’t be relied upon when it came to Iran, a result that the institute described as “significant” and displayed the public’s general feeling that the Obama administration was “not pro-Israel.”
Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune: Keep Pushing Sanctions Until Iran Folds VIDEO
Sanctions on Iran should be escalated until the country volunteers to halt its nuclear program, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said Friday, speaking on Real News TV.
“Keep pushing the sanctions further and further [...] until Iran comes and says we are going to stop on our own,” he said.
Obama formally extends US-Iran ‘emergency’
President Barack Obama formally reminded Congress this week that relations between the United States and Iran are not normal.
“Our relations with Iran have not yet returned to normal,” the US president wrote bluntly in a short letter, extending an executive order signed in 1979 that classifies the relationship as “in emergency” for yet another year.
Guardian evokes caricature of powerful Jewish state manipulating Western leaders
These passages of course strongly suggest that US congressional leaders take their marching orders from Jerusalem and that the French government’s position was not motivated by what it saw as its own national interests but, rather, as a result of the influence of the Israeli prime minister.
However, the deal was fatally flawed, according to many experts, due in part because it would have fallen short of the requirements in six resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council over the years which called on Iran to suspend ALL uranium enrichment – resolutions passed under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, rendering them binding under international law.
MEMRI: Head of Iranian Think-Tank Advising Khamenei: The Jews Want Nuclear Bomb to Kill Muslims and Achieve World Domination VIDEO
Therefore, all the Muslims must be killed because they do not accept Jewish supremacy. They must all be killed. Let me tell you something... In this world, who is in need of an atomic bomb? Who would benefit from an atomic bomb? The only ones who need an atomic bomb in order to become global are the Jews. We Muslims number 1.4 billion people. No Muslim accepts Jewish supremacy.
With Help From Tehran and Moscow, and Inaction by the U.S., Assad Is Poised To Stay
The efficient division of labor between Russian arms provision and diplomatic support and Iranian financial assistance, strategic advice, and training and provision of fighters enabled Assad to halt and turn back the rebel advances of late 2012. But Assad may well have paid a price for this assistance: Arguably, he is no longer the undisputed master even of the 40 percent or so of the country that remains under government control. Some reports have suggested that Qassem Suleimani of the Iranian Quds Force is the real “director” of the regime’s war in Syria today, not Bashar Assad.
Satellite pics from day of Syria strike show advanced Russian arms
Taken at 10 a.m., roughly nine hours before the strike, the photos show two possible targets: an upgraded and deployed battery of S-125 missiles and six very large trailers that could carry missiles. The photos were first published by intelligence analyst Ronen Solomon along with a co-authored accompanying article in Israel Defense magazine.
The S-125 battery, the photos revealed, had been upgraded to a point that it posed a serious threat to Israeli or US aircraft and could, like the US-made Patriot systems, destroy incoming cruise missiles. (h/t Yoel)
Saudis bemoan soaring labour costs after migrant exodus
Nearly a million migrants — Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Indians, Nepalis, Pakistanis and Yemenis among them — took advantage of the amnesty to leave the country.
Another roughly four million regularised their situation by finding employers to sponsor them but in so doing virtually emptied the market of cheap freelance labour.
MEMRI: Kuwaiti Cleric: The World Cup Is Jewish Conspiracy to Distract Muslim Youth, in Keeping with "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" VIDEO
The Jews, the Christians, and their hypocritical, mercenary lackeys have invested great efforts in cutting the nation off from its glorious history. They want Muslim youths to fumble about in the darkness of Western culture, which is promoted by the sinful media.


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