Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday links

Yeah, I know, there's a lot going on, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of other things going in...

From Ian:

Fmr. Israeli Ambassador: Patience Running Out, Israel Will Soon Have to Retaliate
“Gillerman warned that there’s only so much more Israel can take before the country will retaliate. He said, “Patience is running out. Israel every day, I think, feels more and more like a villa in a jungle. We have hundreds of rockets being launched at schools and kindergartens and homes in the south. We have Assad butchering over 30,000 civilians and slaughtering his own people in the north.”

Photographs show Israel Electric Company worker hiding behind a large metal wall hoisted by a crane as he fixes Gaza power cable.
"The operation, which of course is carried out by Israel for the benefit of Gazans, has to be carried out with military protection, because Gaza terrorists regularly target Israelis on the perimeter fence, including those they know are trying to assist them by fixing infrastructure or letting in goods. Numerous Israelis have been killed and wounded in precisely this way since 2000."

Years after infamous intifada ‘hoax,’ French-Jewish crusader fights on
Despite an ever-growing list of enemies, Phillipe Karsenty won’t back down in one-man campaign to exonerate Israel in Mohammed al-Dura killing
"Karsenty speaks of the al-Dura affair as a quest for justice and truth, but the businessman in him knows it has not been cost-effective. Karsenty says he has spent an “obscene” amount of money — so much he will not quantify it. Though he earns some money from lectures he has delivered in Europe, the United States, China, India and Australia, he says he has still registered a huge loss.
He says he would let the matter drop were it not for the fact that so many, especially Israel’s enemies, still believe al-Dura died at the hands of Jewish soldiers."

FM threatens to overthrow Abbas, cancel Oslo Accords if Palestinians go ahead with UN statehood bid
By seeking the status of a nonmember state, the PA declares all agreements with Israel ‘null and void,’ government official says; opposition MK slams the idea as ‘ridiculous’

“Palestine” Does Not Qualify as a “State”
"Once again, “Palestine” is all set to be a failed state, no more ready for statehood than it was a year ago. Article 10 of the Montevideo Convention provides that the “primary interests of states is the conservation of peace.” The Palestinian gambit at the UN is not intended to produce peace, but to provide a platform for law-fare. It will do nothing to bring the Palestinians closer to the state they could have had long ago, if a state were really what they wanted, and it will in fact put peace further away."

‘Absolutely no way’ Arafat was poisoned, says top doctor who teaches at Paris hospital where Palestinian leader died
Arafat was tested for radioactive poisoning, and symptoms would have been ‘impossible to miss,’ Roland Masse, a specialist on radioactivity and professor at Percy military hospital, tells Times of Israel

Israel Bombarded by Rockets, Human Rights Watch Nowhere in Sight by Arsen Ostrovsky
"While Israel is being bombarded by rockets from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, placing more than one million civilians in danger, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is nowhere in sight. Apparently the human rights of Israelis are just not a concern to them. This is just another example of how HRW has not just lost its moral compass, but how the anchor has been thrown overboard as well."

On Winning Re-Election to the UN Human Rights Council by Elliot Abrams
“The United States was elected to membership again, with 131 votes; and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela was elected, with 154 votes. Besides telling us something about how much popularity Obama foreign policy has won the United States, this vote and the election of Venezuela tell a good deal about the Council and how it is seen around the world. By the way, despite its human rights record Pakistan was also elected to membership.”

Egypt's Brotherhood slams Israel over Gaza strikes
"The killing of tens of our innocent Palestinian brothers is part of a link in a chain of oppression and Judaization that seeks to impose itself on the ground, and that will never materialize with God's will," it said.

Egypt lawmaker: FJP working on draft to amend Israel treaty
"The legal committee of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is working on a draft law to amend the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, FJP member Osama Suleiman was quoted by Egypt Independent as saying Tuesday."

Egyptian Daily Details Sinai Arms Trade
An article published today in Egypt’s Al-Akhbar daily provides a comprehensive look into the booming arms market that has arisen in the Sinai Peninsula over the last decade.

Syrian rebels seize territory north of Golan Heights

NATO chief says alliance will defend Turkey over Syria

Did the BBC Purposely Fail to Warn Hungarian Jews of Nazi Threat?
"The conclusion the article arrives at is that Macartney’s “policy of silence on the Jews was followed right up until the German invasion in March 1944. After the tanks rolled in, the Hungarian Service did then broadcast warnings. But by then it was too late.”

Norway nixes award for 'anti-semitic' charity head
Linstad, 69, is a former communist activist who converted to Islam and has published texts warning of Jewish influence on media and lobbying.

German Jews slam party for working with Fatah
The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany blasted the country’s second-largest political party, the Social Democrats (SPD), for forming a “strategic partnership” with Fatah.

Punking Anti-Israel Activist MP George Galloway
For a while I’ve had a theory that opponents of Israel will get behind anything anti-Israel, without giving the accuracy of it a moment’s thought. So, on Sunday evening after I wrote this post about rocket attacks on Israel, I thought I’d put my theory to the test.

Israel Daily Picture: Calling on Jerusalemites: Can You Find These Buildings 110 Years Later?

Also, Jacob's Sons in the Bishop's Palace at Jewish Ideas Daily

And some humor: Hamas Accuses Israel of Stockpiling Civilians at Mightier Than the Pen
The Islamist Hamas movement unleashed a new round of criticism at Israel today, accusing the Jewish state of amassing over seven million civilians.

“The Zionist enemy’s military power comes from its civilians,” said Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, using the organization’s term for Israel, whose legitimacy it does not recognize. “The enemy has been amassing them for decades, while the international community does nothing to stop it. But the Islamic Resistance will continue to strike at this vital Zionist resource,” he told reporters.