Thursday, July 26, 2012

UAE confiscated shoes "with ‘Allah’ printed on the soles"

From 7 Days in Dubai, and lots of Arabic media:
FOOTWEAR with ‘Allah’ printed on the soles has been confiscated from a shop in Ras Al Khaimah.

The Department of Economic Development in RAK seized the shoes following a complaint by a woman who bought a pair from the shop.

The inspectors from the department raided the shop and confiscated 21 pairs of the shoes.

Omar Al Bayed, head of the complaints section at the department of economic development in RAK said: “The shoes have been seized because they bore words deemed to offend the Islamic Religion.

“The shop owner has also been warned not to sell such items again as it’s against the country’s commercial laws.”

The officer said that inspections of shops and retail stores in the emirate will continue to ensure that all traders comply with the laws.
Are you ready to see these offensive shoes?

Let's look a little closer, and reverse the image so we can see what imprint the shoe would leave in soil:

Not sure if it says "Rre" or "Rie"  - or perhaps even Rio - but I know this isn't Arabic.