Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top EoZ posts of the week

It was a very busy week for the blog.

By far the most popular story was "Switched at Birth in Gaza?" which I updated with new information on Friday. It received thousands of hits and was linked to from many other blogs and news sites.

The mainstreaming of anti-semitism: Salon partners with Mondoweiss was also very popular, as was my coverage of the Bulgaria terror attack.

I expanded on my post about Bob Costas planning his own moment of silence in The Algemeiner, suggesting what the Israel Olympic delegation should do.

I showed that the UNDP made a big deal over problem of AIDS in Gaza, and then said that there were only eight living patients. And OCHA preposterously pretends to be "neutral."

Iran has been doing its own cyber-attacks against Israel.

Also at the Algemeiner, I expanded on a post from last year about The Fake Child Artists of Gaza, which generated a large amount of traffic to the older post. This time the story got more attention than last time.

A lot of people liked my article about the HuffPo writer who publishes bizarre anti-semitic conspiracy theories on fringe websites.

Finally, thanks to a popular German news blog, my "Apartheid?" posters received thousands of new views.