Sunday, July 08, 2012

Today's PressTV anti-semitism

Iranian state media loves to push anti-semitic memes, but it almost always hides them behind interviews with Western crackpot "experts" to shield the Iranian government from charges of explicit anti-semitism.

Today's example:

Kevin Barret, an American author and expert in Islamic studies, said Washington and its allies have already succumbed to the agendas set forth by extremist Likud Zionism which seeks to destabilize the entire Middle East.

“I think the Likudniks want to plunge the Middle East into a big war, which would allow them to finish the ethnic cleansing in Palestine and to escape prosecution for 9/11 and the wars it triggered,” Barrett said. Likudniks are members of the Israeli Likud party led by its extremist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Barret believes that Israeli Likud party does not serve Israeli interests but supports the cause of international Zionism worldwide, instead.

According to the American expert, Tel Aviv is behind the current unrest in Syria and want the United States and allies get involved in domestic affairs of other independent countries surrounding Israel.

“I think master and slave is more the relationship (between Tel Aviv and Washington) these days.” The leading author said.
Barrett's Wikipedia page is entertaining, to say the least, with Trutherism, other bizarre conspiracy theories and a restraining order by his wife. His Truther book on 9/11 includes fantasies about him being "martyred" for telling the "truth" (p. 24.)

Always on the lookout for new synonyms for "Jews," I liked the line about how Likud is promoting the cause of "international Zionism" rather than Israeli interests. The only way to parse that sentence is to conclude that "international Zionism" is akin to what Henry Ford called "the International Jew."

I also love how every Muslim and anti-semite is totally convinced that Israel is backing whichever side they are against in Syria.

There is no shortage of anti-semitic crackpots in the US, and PressTV seems to find them all.