Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today's linkdump

From Ian:

Latma summer series: The social protest's pure motives

President Jihad: Jailed terrorist leads Palestinian presidential race, poll shows
“In a three-way race between Barghouti, Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, and Mahmoud Abbas (the current president), the vote would be split 37, 33, and 25 respectively. In a direct matchup between Barghouti and Haniya, the former would win overwhelmingly, 60-34.”

In apparent flip-flop, Palestinian official now says no final decision yet on Arafat autopsy

A sign of the times: Iron Dome battery stationed near Eilat
"Defensive weapon system, which has reduced the threat of Kassam rockets to communities bordering the Gaza Strip, is set up near Israel’s southern resort city"
Anti-Semitic photo wins Iranian 'Occupy' competition

Heart-rending face of protest: Woman scarred by acid attack joins protest march after Afghan woman was executed by Taliban for 'adultery'

Shocking a BBC (sports) journalist calls terrorist, terrorists!
Barry Davies' Olympic Moments: Black September, Munich 1972

Who Will Speak for the Ahmadi Muslims? by Arsen Ostrovsky

Man charged with 'planning to car bomb London's Olympic Park during Games'

And more!

"Arafat had been telling his people that anyone who makes concessions to Israel is a traitor. Like Arafat, Abbas does not want to go down in history as the first Palestinian leader to make concessions, especially on sensitive issues such as refugees and Jerusalem."

"Calling for a boycott of Israeli products is treated in the same manner as would be a call for the boycott of Islamic products. Publicly calling for the boycott of Israeli products is a case ofincitement to discrimination on the basis of nationality."

"The various campaigns by British BDS groups have been noisy and sometimes messy,but in practical terms, they have been a complete failure"

Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara reveals for first time that Israeli government representatives are working in Jordan on aiding injured Syrians who escaped the Assad regime.

"Lobby group undercuts Obama, misrepresents top Israelis, and misleads its supporters in its stance against last-resort US military option, says top law professor; J Street rejects critique"

A Palestinian refugee story: myths vs. facts, at Warped Mirror

That same writer is now saying that "non-violent resistance" is a stupid Western concept that Palestinian Arabs should reject. (ht @ArsenOstrovsky)