Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Supreme Islamic Council declares that Jews have nothing to do with the Western Wall

Qudsmedia reports:
The General Authority of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem confirmed that the Wailing Wall is part and parcel of the Wall of Al Aqsa Mosque... It has nothing to do with the Jews, and it is the yard of the Islamic Buraq, with reference to the League of Nations in 1930, which acknowledged that the Wailing Wall is Islamic and the property of the Muslims.

...It is known a priori that the yard of any house is a part of it. And that the repeated incursions of occupation will not give them any right to the Al Aqsa.

The Commission stressed that the lifting of the Israeli flag in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa is a blatant attack and affects the sanctity of Al-Aqsa and provokes the feelings of Muslims.

...The Commission concluded its statement by emphasizing that "Al Aqsa is for Muslims alone, whose claim is superior to any decisions by the courts, we cannot negotiate, nor abandon it, nor to give up a single grain dust from it."
The anti-Israel Kairos USA recently issued a document that essentially ignores Judaism as a religion and claims that Jews have no rights to Israel. It was taken apart by Adam Gregorman and by Dexter Van Zile.

Here's one of the least offensive parts of their document, even though it is plenty offensive:
Now, if they believe that the Land has a "universal mission" that includes "all of humanity" then they must believe that Jews have the absolute right to worship on the Temple Mount and build their own synagogue or Temple there as long as it does not impede on the ability of Muslims to worship there as well.

Will any of them say that publicly? Or are the just using a bizarre theological justification for minimizing Jewish rights to the land of Israel while justifying Muslim supremacism n Jewish holy sites?

In other words, do they believe that only Jews are part of this wonderful, utopian "realm of God" that limits their rights to self-determination but Muslims and Arabs can still do what they want?

Because it sure sounds like that is exactly what they are saying.

(h/t D.)