Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Links

From Ian:

Hamas debates declaring Gaza a ‘liberated territory’
"PA fears the move would play into Israel’s hands; Egypt had also been opposed, but may change tack under its Islamist president, Hamas hopes
"Hamas is considering declaring the Gaza Strip “a liberated part of Palestine” and cutting all commercial ties with Israel. According to the London-based Arab daily Al-Hayat Sunday, the idea was discussed in a meeting between Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi last Thursday, and will be discussed further in a meeting between Morsi and Hamas’s prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, this Thursday, July 26."
UPDATE: Hamas denies this.

Prime Minister’s Office to BBC: We insist you call Jerusalem Israel’s capital
British broadcaster has already changed its Olympics website once, now brands Jerusalem as ‘seat of government’
“A quarrel between the Prime Minister’s Office and the BBC over the broadcaster’s disinclination to list Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is rumbling on, with the PMO’s spokesman sending a second letter demanding the BBC change its Olympics website to explicitly refer to the city as the country’s capital.”

Still refusing moment of silence, Olympic head says memorial will be held in Germany
Jacques Rogge says he will lead an IOC delegation to Munich’s Furstenfeldbruck airbase in September

Israel denies its agents are hunting Olympic terrorists
“Israel reportedly "hunting Iranian-backed terrorists in Europe" to avoid repeat of Munich Defense Minister Ehud Barak: We are working to minimize chance of attack Security chief Amos Gilad dismisses story, says there are always general warnings.”

Store sorry for selling toy Katyushas
Rocket launchers made by Dutch company available in pink, yellow or beige at London’s Liberty department store
Still on Sale?

UNWatch: The Guardian’s Ian Williams Lobbied for Bashar al-Assad’s Syria to Join UN Security Council
“Using the same methods as the Assads themselves, Williams reframed the discussion away from Syria’s despicable record by pointing at the Israeli bogeyman. It worked: Syria was elected by a huge majority of 160 out of 177 votes.”

Honest Reporting: Romney Trapped by the Israel Lobby Spider?
Commenting on US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s upcoming visit to Israel, The Independent’s Rupert Cornwell employs some disturbing imagery to describe the so-called “Israel Lobby.”

Fighting anti-Semitism at the U of California
“For a university to solve its anti-Semitism problem, it needs to acknowledge that it has a problem.”

From Zvi:

The author has a number of facts wrong, but he has an interesting and different perspective.

"Why we must challenge double standards on Israel"
By Carol Hunt, in the Irish Independent

(A slightly older piece by Ms. Hunt, also worth reading)

Iran's War on Israel
(For WSJ articles, do a search in Google on the title and then it should show up in full.)

The Musta’arib Jews Who Have Lived In The Land Of Israel For More Than 3300 Years

Israeli bus comes under fire in Eilat

What's the most popular name in Gaza? Isn't it obvious? (Arabic)

Germany had a tip-off three weeks ahead of Munich massacre, Der Spiegel claims

The battle over the "occupation" narrative, by Dore Gold

Store sorry for selling toy Katyushas

(h/t Yoel, Leo dam Hofshi)