Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer re-runs: EoZ's most offensive video, from 2008

From August 2008, here is "Rachel Corrie", the EoZ song spoof video, that was banned on YouTube:

Here's the background behind the song as well as the lyrics, based on the Simon and Garfunkel classic "Richard Cory."

For those who don't get it, it is written from the perspective of a jihadist who uses clueless Westerners like Corrie to achieve his violent aims.

And, yes, that is me singing, badly, with a lot of purposeful audio distortion. I was trying to make it sound like I had two voices without singing it twice. But I could not hit those high notes.

UPDATE: If you follow my link above a couple of generations, you can see that I was inspired to do this from a "peace activist" named Anis Hamadeh who threatened to sue me for mocking one of his songs. 

I wondered what ever happened to Anis, and came upon this unintentionally hilarious video he made for a 90-minute cabaret show he created for "Palestine." It is so bad, it is brilliant.

Good old Anis, always good for a laugh!