Monday, July 02, 2012

Palestinian clowns upset at Cirque du Soleil performing in Israel

Cirque du Soleil is scheduled to perform in Israel, for the first time, from August 8-18.

So naturally there is a protest - from a Palestinian Arab circus school:
The Palestinian Circus School sent a letter to the General Management of Cirque du Soleil calling on it not perform in Israel, according to statement issued Monday. Cirque du Soleil is scheduled to perform in August.

We do not take lightly calling for Cirque du Soleil, or any circus for that matter, to not perform in Israel, especially since we ourselves are totally committed to the art of circus and are committed to bringing the circus everywhere we can,” said the letter.

“However, for circus to be faithful to its art form, we are also unrelentingly committed to human rights. Thus, we write to request that Cirque du Soleil reconsider its planned performance in Israel, a military occupying power and violator of international law and human rights, and join other artists from around the world who have called on you to support human rights and the right of all people to be free from military occupation,” said the letter.

“Your visit to Israel will be fully facilitated by the Israeli authorities, at the time when our movement as students and artists of the Palestinian Circus School is permanently crippled by military law that denies us entry to Jerusalem, Jaffa, Akka, Haifa or Nazareth, not to mention the completely closed Gaza Strip,” added the letter.
If they want a two-state solution, then why do they object to Israel treating them like a separate state by restricting how they can perform in Israel?

Ah, but the premise of the question is wrong.

This was published by the official PA WAFA news agency, meaning that the PA really does support boycotting Israel - against signed agreements - even though they are careful not to say it too loud.