Sunday, July 15, 2012

PalArab suspected of selling land to Jews "falls out of window"

From Now Lebanon:
A retired Palestinian security officer died on Sunday of injuries sustained after falling from a window while in Palestinian custody, security sources told AFP.

The unidentified 63-year-old man was pronounced dead at a Ramallah hospital, where he was transported suffering serious injuries, with one source saying it was unclear if he had fallen or was pushed to his death.

"This citizen is a retired security officer who was being held by the intelligence services in Ramallah on suspicion of corruption involving the sale of land," a security source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

"He fell from a building and died, but we do not know if he fell or was pushed," the source added.

The details were confirmed by a second security source, who said the man was being investigated on suspicion of having "manipulated land records and sold land to Israel."
Ma'an adds:
Osama Akel Hassan Mansour, 49, was detained by security forces on June 19 as part of an investigation against corruption, a security statement said.

Mansour's wife told Ma'an that she believes her husband did not die naturally or commit suicide but was killed.

She had visited him on Friday and said he was in good spirits, joking and making people around him laugh.
That's a neat way to have the death penalty for selling land to Jews while keeping pesky human rights groups off your back.