Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PA loves foreign protesters - until they protest the PA

From JPost:
Anti-Israel foreign nationals living in the West Bank participated in recent protests against the Palestinian Authority, a senior PA official in Ramallah charged Tuesday.

The official told The Jerusalem Post that at least 10 Western activists who came to the West Bank to take part in demonstrations against Israel participated in two anti-PA protests in Ramallah.

“The involvement of Western nationals in protests against the Palestinian Authority is completely unacceptable,” the official said. “We will be forced to cut off all ties with non-Palestinians who incite against the Palestinian leadership.”

The Western activists who took part in anti-PA protests are affiliated with a number of anti-Israel NGOs, the official revealed.

In the past two weeks, Palestinians staged a number of demonstrations in Ramallah in which anti-Israel Western activists were involved.

A PA security source in Ramallah said that a number of Western nationals took part in all three protests.

According to the source, a special commission of inquiry set up by Abbas to investigate the assault on protesters and journalists in Ramallah has discovered that “non-Palestinians” played a role in organizing and leading the demonstrations.

Hundreds of Western activists live in Ramallah and surrounding villages and take part in weekly protests against settlements and the West Bank security barrier.
An entire subculture of Westerners dedicated to destroying Israel live happily in the PA, paid by NGOs that often receive money from the EU and other governments. And the economy of the Palestinian Arab territories is, to a large extent, dependent on these foreign anti-Israel NGOs.

When Israel turns away these inciters at the border or the airport, they scream bloody murder, claim "free speech," and write lots of nasty articles at Electronic Intifada about how Israel hates freedom.

Will we be hearing anything from them if the PA cracks down on them?

(h/t Challah Hu Akbar)