Monday, July 30, 2012

Objectivity, Palestinian Arab-style (Arafat death edition)

An unintentionally funny story from Ma'an:
The investigation into late President Yasser Arafat's death is ongoing, director of the committee responsible for the inquiry said Sunday.

Tawfiq al-Tirawi told Ma'an that a medical committee headed by Abdullah al-Basheer is undertaking research in coordination with international specialists and will brief officials on the results once investigations reach their final stages.

"We haven't initiated the investigation based on the hypothesis that Arafat was killed by poison, but we agreed to begin an investigation searching directly for the killer regardless of the medical reports which will eventually show the method of killing and name of the toxin," al-Tirawi told Ma'an.

"All Palestinian people know the truth about Arafat’s death," he added, stressing that the committee needs time to get produce results.
See how objective al-Tirawi is? The investigation into Arafat's death is completely unbiased, except that he already knows that Arafat was killed and who did it.