Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Obama's failure at UN, fatwa against puppies and more links

From Ian:

Obama Turns His Back on Israel at the U.N. By Anne Bayefsky
“Today, at the United Nations, the Obama administration is turning its back on Israel. For the very first time, the U.N. Security Council has invited the U.N. high commissioner for human rights to “brief” the Council specifically on the subject of Israel and the commissioner’s list of trumped-up sins. Though the U.S. is a veto-holding power, the extraordinary move has full American approval, despite the fact that the global soapbox will be handed to Navi Pillay, a notorious anti-Israel partisan.
Moreover, the American-backed action exposes President Obama’s profound weakness on the international stage. It turns out that the deal to sponsor an Israel-bashing session at the highest levels was a trade-off for having the high commissioner brief the Council on the subject of Syria.

Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter on Art, Women, and Israel
"In an exclusive interview with Tazpit News Agency at Jerusalem’s Inbal Hotel, Sandys explains that Israel is one of the most suitable places in the world for such a sculpture. “Israel is at the forefront of women being treated equally, relative to other areas of the world.”
“There are shining examples of women advancing here, if you look at the army, politics—Prime Minister Golda Meir. The responsibilities that women have here are impressive. I look at Israel as a forward, progressive country which has done much in the advancement of women’s rights in all stations of life,” notes Sandys."

The acquiescence of the Israel boycott movement and its damning implications
“Is it really going overboard to suggest this “activism” is simply a malicious expression of hatred packaged under the guise of Human Rights concerns rather than born out of a deep, genuine concern for the Palestinians? A convenient platform from which to launch a constant avalanche of de-legitimisation activities aimed at demonising Israel whilst accusing the more objective observers of every conceivable evil?”

Syria The Background
“Journalist Yossi Klein Halevi (...)"Last year, I was part of a group of Israelis who met in Jerusalem with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Mr. Kerry had just come from Damascus with excellent news: Bashar al-Assad was ready for peace with Israel. When one of the participants mentioned that demonstrations had begun to challenge Mr. Assad’s legitimacy, Mr. Kerry’s response was: All the more reason to negotiate while he’s still in power. In other words: Israel had the golden opportunity to give up the strategic Golan Heights to a dictator who might be deposed by a popular revolution, which might or might not recognize whatever peace agreement he signed. That kind of wishful thinking has resulted in Western policy toward the Middle East that is strategically incoherent."

Where’s Reuters On Its Own Photographer’s Brutal Beating?
“A Ramallah protest got ugly yesterday when PA police started cracking skulls — including reporters. Maan News reports that several reporters were beaten up, had their cameras confiscated or destroyed, and that two journalists were even taken into custody.”

PMW "Brave" Palestinian prisoner responsible for suicide attacks sentenced by Israel to 54 life sentences
"Song dedicated to Palestinian prisoners honors arch-terrorists, on PA TV"

A Meme is born: CiF reader comment of the day On “Zionist Keyboard Brigades” From: CIF Watch

Assad says he would have preferred if downed jet were Israeli
“Syrian president tells newspaper he regrets his forces blasted Turkish plane out of the sky last month”

The unfolding destruction of Timbuktu
“Timbuktu's cultural heritage is at risk of being lost forever at the hands of Islamist fighters”

Romney to visit Israel this summer, aide confirms

Iran says Death to Infidel Puppies!
Iran cleric issues fatwa against dogs
Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani said some people who are tricked by or are partial to foreigners are trying to change society's religious appearance into one like that of "Western deceivers."
But frogs are protected?
Egyptian Fatwa: Hunting and eating frogs is forbidden