Friday, July 06, 2012

A nutcase American spouts anti-semitism on Iranian TV


Following are excerpts from a TV program with the participation of Holocaust denier Joachim Martillo, who was presented on the show as a financial analyst. The program aired on Press TV and was posted on Youtube on June 26, 2012.

Joachim Martillo: […] 90% of the people that were convicted of fraud with regard to the S&L meltdown were Jewish. Now, I have worked in Wall Street, I do consulting there. I am always asked whether I am Jewish, so I can take part in the social networks on Wall Street, and whether I can share insider info and help protect other people, and basically exchange critical information that could be extremely valuable.

We have these vast, essentially ethnic networks on Wall Street. They have been there for a long time. People have written articles about them, but we are not allowed to talk about them.

Well, guess what - the people that Obama brought into his administration to deal with the crisis were people like Larry Summers and [Peter ] Orszag, and it goes on and on if you look at the names, people who belong to these social networks. And they protected themselves, because if anything, the percent that should have gone to jail was higher than the 90% that we saw in the S&L meltdown. But these people were all shielding one another, and therefore, they are protected, and it is quite possible that they will get away with it totally.

So we have to start looking at the ethnic manipulation, the corruption, and conspiracy on Wall Street in a serious way.


This is not real capitalism, This is crony capitalism, and we have to understand how this whole mortgage construction developed.

What was the big event of the 1970’s? That was the Arab oil embargo, which sent up the prices of oil, and basically gave your Arab oil countries a great deal more money to invest in the US.

These financial instruments for securitizing mortgages were used, essentially, as a way to bring Arab oil money into the US as investments and, essentially, loot it for the private gain of a rising class of Eastern European Jewish bankers.

They basically supplanted the older German-American Jewish bankers on Wall Street. So there was sort of an inner conflict on Wall Street.

Once this took place, you saw Wall Street policy - if you can talk of that - being directed to the benefit of serving an international Zionist class, and I know this all sounds like conspiracy theory; but why not? There have been conspiracies on Wall Street since the 19th century.


There is an intimate connection between the collapse of the financial system both in the United States and worldwide and US international policy and its manipulation by a class of hyper-wealthy Jewish Zionists.
Full PressTV interview here.

The only reason that I'm posting this is because Martillo was a famous nutcase in Usenet in the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1985, he called himself "Yehoyaqim Shemtob Martillo" or simply "Yakim Martillo" and claimed that he was a Sephardic Jew whose grandfather was a dayan or, minimally, hakam. He espoused extreme hate for pretty much everyone who was not a pure Sefardic Jew - all Ashkenazim, all Muslims, and he antagonized people on newsgroups far and wide from India to Malaysia.

But sometimes he would call himself "Joachim Carlo Santos Martillo Ajami". In the 1990s, he started claiming to be a Muslim, I remember a post (can't find it now) where he claimed that the earlier Sefardic posts were written by a friend of his who used his account. Of course, his vitriol and style was identical to his "friend's."

I remarked in 2005 that he had married a Muslim named Karin Friedemann who would write things like "Don't trust any kaffirs."

Then in 2008 I noted a blog he started called "Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel" where he now claimed to be an "Ethnic Ashkenazic" Jew. He claimed that  the Holzbergs, murdered in Mumbai, were spies for the international Chabad spy organization.

After all this time, I had never seen what he looked like until now.

Even though this is unsubstantiated, here is a hilarious post by someone who did a bit of research on Martillo around 1991. And, yes, he did work for Prime:

Some time ago, joakim martillo was hired as an ISDN
telecommunications expert by a company named Prime Computer in
Framingham, Massachusetts. In the one and half year that he
worked there, he did not complete a single project. When
professors were invited to visit Prime Computer, he would
purposely go through the texts they had written to find some
minor point that was arguable and make the professors look
stupid in public. (Sounds familiar?)

One sunny day, one of his supervisors happened to read one of
martillo's postings, you know the ones with the flames(what
else?). The rest is history. Martillo was considered "a
security risk due to his sociopathic personality" and was
forced to resign(that's how I heard it, they didnt say FIRED,
they said "Forced to resign".

Martillo-darling didn't give up though. He had stock in
Prime, and is now suing the Board of Directors of Prime
because he lost money on the stocks. He is suing not for
the money, but for the "principle". Aha! Sure! I buy that!
(I'll give you twice as much as you are asking, if you go jump
from some bridge martillo)

He never took baths - for weeks at a time. He would never
change his clothes. He would have old underwear laying around
his office!! Two of his fellow employees that had to work near
him in a cubical transferred out of the department because of
the smell. A "rodent expert" was called in to check if it was
possible that an animal died in his office.....

Martillo also claims to have attended Harvard, MIT and Yale,
and that he has worked for the NSA(yes that's right, the
National Security Agency). Sure babe, tell us more, now we
know you have also attended PRIME COMPUTER!

Martillo married a moslem Chinese Indonesian out of convenience.
Yeap, yeap, she was going to get deported. Hey man, how much
did you charge her? Tell us, oh please tell us...

Is it not true martillo that in your place right now, your "wife"
lives and sleeps upstairs, while you sleep downstairs? Pretty
convenient way to have the same address martillo, but now you
know that you can't fool all of the people all of the time!

I haven't seen his Holocaust denial that MEMRI mentions, but it is entirely in character for this lunatic.

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