Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nice shooting

From YNet:
The Israeli Air Force attacked an armed terror cell in Zeitoun, east of Gaza City, killing one person and wounding others, Palestinian sources reported Thursday.

The IDF confirmed that the IAF struck a target there.

Earlier the army said Armored Corps forces, accompanied by military aircraft, opened fire at a Hamas terror cell that was preparing to launch an antitank missile at Israeli soldiers patrolling the Israel-Gaza border.

Palestinian sources reported that an IDF tank fired at the terrorists' vehicle as it was travelling in the Sajaiya neighborhood east of Gaza City. The sources said three terrorists were injured - one of them seriously.

On Monday bullets that were fired from Gaza hit two vehicles and the wall of a restaurant at a commercial plaza near the Yad Mordechai Junction in south Israel. No one was injured in the incident. IDF forces returned fire.
Hamas' Al Qassam Brigades are celebrating the martyr Mahmoud Alhiqi, who "went to Allah after a great and honorable jihadist career, after hard work and sacrifice and Jihad."