Tuesday, July 03, 2012

More Gaza clothing exported to Britain. How can they be boycotted?

Palestine Press Agency reports that a Gaza company exported 2000 pieces of clothing to Britain yesterday.

As in May, this is presumably shipped from the Ashour clothing company - located on Izzedine al-Qassam Street, Gaza City - to the British JD Williams Company.

Looking at the JD Williams site, however, one cannot find that they tell us which clothes were manufactured in Gaza. I think this is one of the sweaters but I'm not sure.

If it is so important to label goods that are created by Jewish-owned companies in the West Bank, why is it not important for consumers to know that their clothing is made in Gaza? That way if they want to buy it they can, and if they want to boycott it they can do that as well.

After all, Gaza manufacturers pay taxes and help legitimize the Hamas government, which ignores human rights and freedom of Gazans. Every pro-Palestinian activist should think twice before doing anything to help Hamas.

Yet for some reason Europeans (and others) are only keenly interested in knowing the origin of goods made by Jews in the historic Jewish homeland.