Thursday, July 12, 2012

Latest things that offend Islam: Playstation and Ikea

Kermalkom.com reports that a Saudi citizen was outraged at seeing a Playstation game -apparently Resident Evil 5 - where on one of  the levels, the heroes are supposed to shoot a Koran.

The man was outraged that such a game was available for sale in the Kingdom, where chldren could easily buy it.

Maybe the Saudis should institute a ratings system.

In other news, Ikea is selling a wine carrier with one of those interesting Scandinavian names they like to use for their products.

The Omar wine shelf is being sold in the Ikea store in the UAE, causing a lot of consternation.

Omar was the name of a major caliph, and to associate him with forbidden wine is insulting.

The article about this lamented at other insults to Islam that happened in the UAE recently, like Madonna's concert .

(h/t Jihad Watch via Ian)