Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jordanians upset at Jews praying

JordanZad and other Jordanian media report on a group of yeshiva student "settlers" who managed to get permission to visit the traditional tomb of Aaron in Petra.

The Jews had to climb a mountain using camels and donkeys to reach the site, according to the rabbi who led the trip.

And the locals weren't happy.

According to the article:

Citizens are upset: The fact that the extremist settlers are practicing their religion in Jordan shows great disregard for the feelings of the people. The government must take all the responsibility of allowing them to enter Jordan and visit places dear to us and practice their religion in it.

Most of the commenters are upset too. One of them defended the Jews, saying that Jordan has freedom of religion and theyshould be allowed to visit - but he quickly said that he wasn't defending the Jews who are arrogant and disrespectful people, but their religious rituals should not be disturbed.

Another commented that Jews were burying fake archaeological artifacts in Petra in order to claim the land, and others keep trying to buy it.