Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jordanians take biggest falafel record from "the Jews"


Jordan entered the Guinness Book of World Records on Saturday for the largest falafel weighing 74.75kg.

A representative from Guinness was present and confirmed that Jordan created the world's largest falafel.

"This is a great achievement and a difficult record to beat for years to come. We welcome everyone who successfully took part in the family of Guinness World Record holders," Annabel Lawady, adjudication manager at Guinness, said after announcing the results.

According to the Guinness World Book Record's official website, the previous record was set last year in the US when a 23.95kg ball of falafel was made at the Santa Clarita Valley Jewish Food and Cultural Festival in California.
In Arabic, the organizers make it clear that the idea that Jews had made the biggest falafel was an insult.

Jordan's Dostor newspaper describes the real impetus:

General Manager of Hotel Landmark Acer Batayneh told reporters that "the hotel managed this feat of stripping Jews of the claim to the Guinness world record for a falafel ball, as [Jews] try to market themselves to the world that they are the owners of heritage and roots in Palestine by stealing the culture of its inhabitants associated with the indigenous Palestinian dress and food to make it appear that they are the owners of the culture and roots in Palestine and the region. "

Batayneh said "We were able to break the record and to beat the Guinness record instead of the Jews to thwart the goal of the Jews aimed to introduce the impression in the minds of the West and the world that they are the makers and the heirs of Palestinian culture."
In other words, if some Chinese had decided to break the record, they wouldn't have minded so much, but when Jews did it, then they were all fired up.

Just more evidence that the Arab love of "Palestine" isn't real, but rather just a manifestation of hate towards Jews and Jewish nationalism.

As I've mentioned before, people who are secure in their own heritage aren't so quick to be insulted when others borrow it for whatever reason. I cannot imagine such hate coming from Jews or Israelis if Arabs decided to create the biggest gefilte fish or Bamba.

They would just laugh, which is the proper reaction to the constant Arab attempts to one-up Jews in order to assuage their own feelings of inferiority.