Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Israel's PMO website removes The Levy Report. Here it is. (updated)

Up until a day or two ago, the official Hebrew copy of the Levy Report, as well as the English translation of its Conclusions and Recommendations section, could be found on Israel's Prime Minister's Office website.

They are no longer there.

So while there has been no announcement saying that Netanyahu would reject or accept the report's recommendations, perhaps this indicates that he chose to reject it in a passive-aggressive way.

On the other hand, the earlier Sasson report that had far different conclusions than Levy has also gone missing from the site.

Someone should ask the PMO whether this was deliberate.

For reference, I added the English text of the conclusions and recommendations to my existing post with (now two) unofficial translations of the legal arguments given in the report.

For those who want to access the Hebrew original, here it is:

Levy Report in Hebrew

(h/t Avi)

UPDATE: It looks like the site was redesigned; the Levy report files can now be found here. (h/t AT)